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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Coming War

First of all, please note that automatic e-mail notification to my numerous subscribers is not going to be supported by for much longer. In fact, I think it is already being phased out. So please bookmark my blog site and check it periodically for new posts, as going forward you will not be receiving automatic, e-mail notifications. This is another intentional step in limiting the outreach of dissenting voices like mine.

Why is this happening? Because of the coming war. This is it. We are rapidly going deeper and deeper into Bone Lady Time. I've written about her before, the female entity who appeared to me in 1958, when I was a sickly, three year-old little boy. She warned me of this coming, grim, end-of-age time. I spontaneously named her: The Bone Lady.

The War Preparation Dream

Last night I had a vivid dream of multiple, parallel, high-speed, train tracks, choked full of long, freight trains, double-stacked with large shipping containers full of war materiel, barreling down the tracks, side by side, one after the other, headed for the war zone.

I was in a huge crowd of people watching the massive war preparation rumble by with a thunderous roar. I recognized brewing trouble. I edged towards the side of the crowd where there was a fence penning everyone in. I lifted a section of the fence aside and made my way out of the crowd and away from the penned in throng. Three other people followed me out. The rest remained hemmed in, inside the fenced in area.

My subconscious thinks there is imminently going to be a war, and few there be who will escape it -- or even try to escape!

I have abandoned the likely kill zone(s) in the northern hemisphere. Twelve years ago, I was thinking of possibly relocating to western Arkansas, western Pennsylvania, Nebraska, South Dakota, etc. to avoid the coming storm, or alternatively to rural northeastern France or southwestern Germany. But ultimately, after a deliberate decision-tree process, I opted to pursue a vision quest in northwestern South America. In light of what is likely to soon transpire I am glad not to be anywhere in the Lower 48 or in western Europe.

I feel no need to be involved in the slaughter, in any way, shape or form.

Vladimir Putin's Speech Next Week

Next Wednesday, 21 April 2021, Vladimir Putin is scheduled to make a major address to the Russian people and national government. In light of the large, ongoing build-up of troops and war materiel by NATO + the USSA + the Ukraine on and near Russian borders, it is entirely possible (likely?) that President Putin will announce to the Russian nation that war is imminent, that it will be a large war, and that Russia will aggressively fight to win, because the invasion and subjugation of Russia by NATO + the USSA + the Ukraine would mean the end of Russia, and he will never permit that. 

USSA and NATO military transport aircraft have been bringing in unknown, undisclosed cargoes to Ukrainian airfields in recent days and weeks. The Russian military may well be presuming the worst-- that there are "noooks" being delivered virtually to the borders of Russia. The USSA + NATO have also been sending other war materiel and military "advisors" into Ukrainian territory.

Mind you that the Ukraine is not a member of NATO or a formal military ally of the USSA, and yet NATO and the USSA have been militarily arming the Ukraine and publicly promising military and diplomatic support for the Ukraine against Russia in recent weeks. All of this has been covered, albeit not extensively or well, in the news media over the last month or so. 

It is obvious to me that the Russians have watched NATO + the USSA + the Ukraine build up a major military force and thousands of heavy weapons on their borders and have reached a military conclusion: war is coming.

The Bone Lady knows. She wanders the endless time-space corridors, looking, looking, seeing and observing everything. Cause and ruinous effect.

The peerless seer.

She's nobody's fool. She's seen it all -- 1958. 2021. Underground. Langley. Arlington. Raven Rock. Mt. Weather. Camp David. Manzano. China Lake. Los Alamos. White Sands. All of it. Everything. Everywhere. Everywhen. The Fall of Atlantis. The Fall of Rome. Ages come and ages go. Timeless wisdom beyond knowing. The Bone Lady endures, on and on. World(s) without end.


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