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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Father Bugnolo: Two to Three Billion Will Die

Father Bugnolo's sobering video is all over the alternative news sites, in which he says that two to three billion people are going to perish from the side effects of the so-called "v(@)xxscenes".

Listen to what he has to say. Here's the link:

Though from what I have seen I believe that Father Bugnolo's estimate may be conservative, maybe even very conservative.

I have recently said that 2022-2023 will see a great wave of death. The military-industrial complex, the medical-pharmaceutical complex, the mass media-political complex, the satanic WEF-secret society complex -- all want to slaughter great masses of humans and have aggressively set about doing so.

In fact, they want to extinguish the biosphere on this planet and replace it with a demonic, A.I. operated, artificial reality, hooked into a global 5G grid -- the so-called, Internet of "things" -- that is designed as a false, phony, fake, satanic simulacrum of Divine Reality.

That's what is being set up. For the wicked scheme to take over the world, the Satanists need to eliminate natural, organic humans with souls, and the rest of the living, biological creation. Their global sterilization program of humans and the rest of the biosphere is ruthlessly underway at this time.

A lot of people are going to be dying. One of my visionary friends was shown that front-end loaders and dump trucks will circulate through the streets collecting cadavers and dumping them into huge, mass graves. There will be so much death that funerals and coroner's inquests will not be held. There will not be the time, personnel or funding for that. The urgent priority will be to get overwhelming numbers of corpses into the ground ASAP.

I reiterate: the coming, great wave of death is due to the v(@)xxscenes. If someone is adamantly urging you to get the "Fizzer" jab, or the other mRNA jabs and/or boo$ter$, they are either dangerously stupid, slimily compromised or unctuously evil, or maybe all three. It is prudent to avoid those persons. They are a mortal menace to personal well being.  

Father Bugnolo is pointing to March of 2022 as the time when the numbers of deaths will dramatically increase. From what I am hearing, the period of February-March-April 2022 is when the human herd, even those who are presently in deep denial will realize: "Oh, my God!!!  They intend to kill us all."

In truth, this process has already begun, but give it another 100 days, as the cadavers really begin to pile up, and the societal blow-back will be intense.

We are about to live through something without equal in all of recorded history, those of us who survive the coming time of troubles, at any rate.


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Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Days of Humankind Are Numbered

I was just watching the following YouTube video by a Christian prophetess, and parts of what she said definitely got my attention, because they correspond with what has also been revealed to me. 

Now to be honest, I haven't attended any sort of regular church services for half my life. I reached the point where there were too many games going on which absolutely failed to interest me; so I checked out and quietly slipped away, and have never gone back. 

But that doesn't mean that I don't believe in a Prime Creator, if you will, and other, Higher Order Beings like Jesus, because I firmly do. 

Setting all that aside, when she says in the time stamp from about 3:00 to 6:00 that it has been revealed to her that: a) there will be an Earth altering earthquake; b) when the missiles come down, we will go up; and c) man's days are numbered -- well, you betcha, lady! I've been shown and told similar things.

I've inwardly seen enough missile launches (both from silos and from submarines) and nuclear detonations, that I'm clear on the concept. A nuclear conflict is programmed to occur, and if the masses of ordinary people and politicians do not change their war-like behavior and mentality, then nuclear conflict appears likely. It is exactly as the lady in the video says. If people do not repent, i.e., stop planning for war, stop preparing for war, stop going to war, stop sending their children to war, stop paying for war, stop voting for war-mongering politicians, and the like, then there will be war.

It's just that simple. And yet the slippery slide towards major warfare continues, which means, as she makes clear, that people are not repenting. They've got their beer, their Netflix, their salted pretzels, their recliner, their big, wall mounted TV screens, and their superficial mentality. Most of them are oblivious. Out to lunch. Evidently many people do not care very much, if at all.

She says, "When the missiles come down, 'we' will go up." 

No joke, because "we" will be dead. Millions of people will be vacating their physical bodies. They clearly will not be here anymore. If their physical bodes are vaporized by nuclear fireballs, they'll have to move on to another realm of reality. The big Netflix in the sky, as it were. A Really Big Show, as Ed Sullivan used to say half a century ago, where God and Jesus -- what a shock! -- will decisively help people's unbelief.

That's the fact of the matter.

She also mentions the Great Earthquake that is coming. Many people have been shown this. From what I was shown, it will be so astonishingly violent that the geography of North America will be permanently changed. Florida will be gone, vanished as if it never were. The entire, southeastern and southern coastline and coastal plain, from Delaware Bay, right down and around to Del Rio, Texas will be gone. An enormous inland sea will extend upward into the Dakotas from where the northwestern coastline of the Gulf of Mexico currently is. There will also be major inroads by the sea on the western and northeastern coasts of North America. Though I live in South America, for some reason I was shown what will befall North America. The changes I was shown absolutely imply the deaths of many millions of people, and the cataclysmic fall of the so-called USSA government. Washington, DC, New York City, Norfolk, Newport News, Baltimore, Annapolis, Dover, Hampton, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Tallahassee, Orlando, Corpus Christi, Beaumont, Houston, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mobile, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Omaha, Saint Louis, Memphis, and a lot of other places are going beneath the waves.

The last two or three times that I drank ayahuasca, the visionary, South American, shamanic tea, the scenarios it was showing me were so horrific and gut wrenching that I spewed uncontrollably in response. I could feel the giant earthquake coming from way, way, way down inside the Earth. It progressively came up into the crust of the Earth. I could feel it beneath my feet, and then it came up into my feet, my ankles and legs. My whole body was shaking. The shaking and monstrous heaving of the Earth kept rising, up and up. When the upheaval reached my abdomen, I hurled like nobody's business. Along with the Great Earthquake came a tremendous wave of Pure Evil, as if the Earth has been storing all of humanity's evil in its geological strata, like a long play record, a vast terraqueous record or archive of all of humanity's vile and evil deeds. Thousands and thousands of years, maybe millions of years of humanity's Ur-alt archives of war, slaughter, slavery, torture, murder, economic exploitation, theft, lies, ecological destruction, and more, all locked into the guts of the Earth's geological memory and soon to be played back for humanity's greater edification, as the Earth itself vomits up all the horror and evil sin that it has had to endure at humanity's hands for so very long.

But no more, as the Earth purges itself and releases the ugliness back to the ones with whom it originated! Many people have seen this Great Earthquake, including one of my friends, who experienced it so vividly that he had to sit down to keep from falling over. Mind you, these are just visions -- the real thing will be off the Richter Scale. I first experienced a vivid forewarning of what is coming in about 2008. I no longer live in the city, or on the continent, where I received that warning.

There are a lot of people, including many supposedly high and mighty people, who will lose control of their bowels on that day. The shaking will be so intense that they will shit themselves uncontrollably. The excrement will stream down their legs and puddle in their shoes. Their terror will be extreme, because they will know deep in their bones what comes next. They will die, and have an exit interview with God and Jesus, or similar Higher Order Beings, who will make them an extraordinarily chilling, sobering, unimaginably tough love, eons-long, multi-billion year offer that some of them will nevertheless accept as being better than the alternative. As for the rest? Oh, well .... 

Between the Great Earthquake, major warfare and massive mortality due to secondary effects from the so-called v(@)xxscenes that are being/have been pushed on probably half (or more?) of the human population of the Earth, the numbers of Homo sapiens on this planet are going to precipitously decline in the coming years. The Immense Die Off has already begun and will grow much, much more severe in 2022 and 2023. Things have drastically changed all over the world in just the past year and a half, and not for the better. 

What is coming in the next two years will be even worse. The days of an awful, huge lot of humans are numbered and counting down, barring repentance on the part of the great mass of humanity. Mass, global repentance opens the door to all sorts of marvelous possibilities on this planet! But if widespread repentance by humankind is not soon forthcoming, then very grim, very harsh, really bad scenarios will play out in the near future.


I absolutely need and gratefully accept any and all donations. Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is about to go bye-bye and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate it is a very great help for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.

Friday, November 12, 2021

3:33 -- That's What Time It Is! Now As To The Year ....

You think you know what year it is? 2021 you say?

Gullible you.

I was recently browsing government websites in search of anomalous factoids. There are plenty of them, both anomalous factoids and government websites.

Among others, I was looking at the website of the USSA Capitol's architect, with regard to the laying of the cornerstone by George Washington, on 18 September 1793. Note to the uninitiated: it was a Free Masonic shindig, up, down and sideways. 

To begin with, the much-beloved, Masonic number 333 is right there: September is the 9th month of the year, and 9=3+3+3. Similarly, in esoteric numerology, 18 can be rendered as 1+8, which again yields 9, or 3+3+3. Activities began at 10:00 that morning; 10, of course, can alternatively be construed as the product of 3 x 3.3˙(with 3 repeating), and there again you have three threes.

So the time was Masonic 333. From the very beginning the USSA has been on 333 Masonic time. That is abundantly clear. As for the year?

The website states:

The ceremony proceedings were reported in an article in The Columbia Mirror and Alexandria Gazette, which remains the only known eyewitness account of the event. Activities began at 10:00 a.m. with the appearance of President Washington and his entourage on the south bank of the Potomac River. Crossing the river with the president was a company of volunteer artillery from Alexandria. The procession joined Masonic lodges from Maryland and Virginia, and all marched two abreast, "with music playing, drums beating, colors flying, and spectators rejoicing," to the site of the Capitol about a mile and a half away. There the procession reformed and Washington, flanked by Joseph Clark (the Grand Master) and Dr. E. C. Dick (the master of the Virginia lodge), stood to the east of a "huge stone" while the others formed a circle west of it. Soon, the engraved plate was delivered and the inscription read:

This South East corner stone, of the Capitol of the United States of America in the City of Washington, was laid on the 18th day of September, in the thirteenth year of American Independence, in the first year of the second term of the Presidency of George Washington, whose virtues in the civil administration of his country have been as conspicuous and beneficial, as his Military valor and prudence have been useful in establishing her liberties, and in the year of Masonry 5793, by the Grand Lodge of Maryland, several lodges under its jurisdiction, and Lodge 22, from Alexandria, Virginia.

Thomas Johnson, David Stuart and Daniel Carroll, Commissioners
Joseph Clark, R. W. G. M.—P. T.
James Hoban and Stephan Hallate, Architects
Collen Williamson, M. Mason

The plate was handed to Washington, who stepped down into the foundation trench, laid the plate on the ground, and lowered the cornerstone onto it. With the president were Joseph Clark and three "worshipful masters" bearing the corn, wine, and oil used to consecrate the stone. Chanting accompanied Washington’s ascent from the trench. Clark gave a speech punctuated by numerous volleys from the artillery. Following the formal exercises, a 500 pound ox was barbequed and those in attendance "generally partook, with every abundance of other recreation." By dark, the festivities had ended.

My remarks:

a) Notice the presence of Masonic Lodges from Maryland and Virginia, including a Grand Master, a master Mason, and three worshipful masters. George Washington was himself also a prominent Free Mason.

b) The cornerstone laying was sponsored by: the Grand Lodge of Maryland, several lodges under its jurisdiction, and Lodge 22, from Alexandria, Virginia.

c) In reality, the ceremony did not take place in 1793 a.d. No, sir; no, ma'am. It took place in the Masonic year 5793. 

d) The ceremony was held in the City of Washington, not in Washington, District of Columbia.

e) Note well: Chanting accompanied Washington’s ascent from the trench (where he laid the cornerstone). What phrases were the Free Masons chanting? To whom or to what were they chanting? What words? What language? 

f) A 500 lb ox was barbecued and consumed. Of course, in order to barbecue the ox, it first, obviously had to be slaughtered. It was a very high level, Masonic ritual ceremony. The slaughtered ox was a blood sacrifice.

g) The event took place in the thirteenth year of American Independence. Thirteen is another very important Masonic number, e.g., the original 13 colonies became the original 13 states.

h) ... those in attendance "generally partook, with every abundance of other recreation." Probable translation: afterwards the liquor flowed. This is not likely a reference to badminton, lawn bowling and croquet.

There you have it. The USSA was and is a Masonic thing, from the start. If the laying of the cornerstone of the USSA Capitol took place in the Masonic year of 5793, then I suppose for the Free Masons this present year is 6021. Clearly they have a different concept of time and history than is taught to the hoi polloi in the schools and universities. The plebes get the "styoopid" version; the Free Masons hold back the real history for themselves.

Oh, yeah: Masonic year 6021. 6 = 2x3. Two threes. Throw away the zero as nothing, separate 21 into 2 and 1, and 2+1 = 3. Another 3. Just like that there are three threes.

333, baby! In Free-Mason-Land it's always 333 time, and this year is one of those times; in case anyone has not noticed that we are waaay down Alice's Rabbit Hole, and precipitously plunging headlong down to still deeper, Stygian, satanic levels of death, destruction and horror. And there are still 7 weeks to go. 

The Elon Working

How many times have I said in this blog that it is all scripted? This Earth realm is choreographed and programmed. In plain sight, for those with the eyes to see, is a sort of A.I. routine that has a meta-structure, a programming language, a reality grammar and vocabulary, if you will,  that is known to, managed and executed by the world controllers. I have previously written about some aspects of this here, and on many other occasions, as well. It's all an artificial show. It is a long-running, endlessly looping, carnival sideshow from Hell. This demonic circus has a ringmaster: Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, aka, Demonic A.I., and it detests natural humans and the natural world.

Haven't you noticed how everything is trending towards A.I. control of everything? The A.I. is coming out of the closet all over the world, and it is grotesquely hideous.

The truth is that we are in some sort of weird, fake twilight, a pretend copy of genuine, organic reality; a kind of artificially generated, Vorticular Madness of the Dark Magicians, as I have called it. I don't know any other way to put it than that.

I wrote a long blog post ten years ago about a variety of strange, albeit documented aspects of this vorticular madness, having to do with the nexus, or welter of connections, between elements and personnel of the Third Reich, NAZI science and technology, esoteric Egyptian ties, 33rd degree Freemasonry and NASA. I very strongly encourage you to please read: 

I also devoted a few pages of my out of print book, Kundalini Tales, to the strong NAZI and 33rd degree Masonic roots of the NASA space program. In brief, nothing is as it appears. The deception goes very deep and runs to unexpected places. One thing is certain: we have not been told the truth about "space" or about the multiple "space" programs.

I mention these things, because I could not help but
notice that just a few days ago, one of Elon Musk's Space-X, Dragon space capsules returned a crew of astronauts to Earth at 22:33 Florida time, or 3:33 Greenwich Mean Time. The Masonic numerology is ever with us, lo, these unknown centuries later, even, or especially, in the so-called "space" program(s). As for the Dragon space capsule, would that be "dragon", as in the infamous Draco Reptilian E.T.s, the bad boys of the galaxy. Is Elon Musk in cahoots with them? Or would that be "dragon", as in Revelation 12:9 in the Christian scriptures? -- "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the Earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” Is that who Elon is working with, or for, and so has named his space capsules after him? Is the Elon Musk psy-op in league with dark forces?

In any event, this planet is being run on Freemason 333 time and has been for a very long while. To cut to the chase, Elon Musk is self-evidently all in on the whole operation. He's an artificially made man who popped up like a South African mushroom after a spring rain. The whiz kid, the boy wonder who came out of nowhere to be one of the richest tycoons of this, or of any era. Is the "Elon" psy-op even an organic human, or would it perhaps be a bio-engineered clone artificially animated by A.I., with a fictional life story? 

Yes. The allegedly "brilliant" engineer who is on the way to colonize Mars. It's been in the news for years:  Elon is going to colonize Mars! Here, read this one; it lays out some of the details. 

SpaceX's Mars Colony Plan: How Elon Musk Plans to Build a Million-Person Martian City

I'll save you the suspense: the reusable rocket boosters that will carry fuel, colonists and everything else to Earth orbit, to be assembled there for the long voyage to Mars, will loft 330 tons per trip. 330 tons. 33 x 10, or 33 x (3 x 3.3˙)33rd degree Freemasonry rears its head again.

The centuries scroll slowly by, but 333 is ever with us.

The fiendish plan of the dark controllers is also ever with us, at least so far, in this demonic year of 2021, and Elon is their boy.

Please consider that in 1952, Wernher von Braun, a former NAZI SS officer and one of the greatest and most influential aerospace engineers of the 20th century, who built V-2 rockets for Hitler during WW-II, and ballistic missiles and Moon rockets for the USSA military and NASA after WW-II, wrote a book entitled, Project Mars. In the book, Mars is colonized and ruled by a leader named Elon.

As the French say: Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. We are in a time loop, an artificially programmed reality. It's scripted, choreographed, pre-arranged. That's the way it looks to me.

Wernher von Braun was a high level player in the game. So is Elon Musk. We are in a 333 charade. That's what time it is. As for the year, it's whatever year the controllers of the false reality decide that they want it to be.

6021. 2021. Whatever.


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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Bloody 2022-2023

I am amazed at the deer-in-the-headlights trance that so many people are in these days. It's very revealing, it really is, both of their low intelligence level and their soul discernment, assuming that they still have souls, recognizing that many of them may have effectively sold their souls long ago for a bowl of porridge, or 30 shekels of silver, just to feel like they were part of something important and were getting ahead in their profession. You know, the little-big man syndrome that leads first to selling out, and then eventually ending up in a spiritual, No Man's wasteland, with ghoulish vultures circling overhead awaiting the inevitable.

It's astonishing that anyone with two spare neurons to rub together would think: a) that things will ever be returning to "normal", or b) that the v(@)xxscenes are good, and that transparently satanic, psychopathic monsters such as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and Klaus Schwab have the best interests of humankind at heart.

And yet, I have just described countless millions of people, many with money, university degrees and professional credentials, who stupidly, idiotically have knuckled under to the demonic v(@)xxscene agenda that is taking humanity down. Even worse, they often condescendingly berate those who are too intelligent, informed and spiritually aware to submit to the demonic jab -- to do so!

Sadly, very sadly, a man whom I have known my entire life, has taken 3 rounds of the Pfizer jab -- the very worst of them all -- and has repeatedly, strongly urged me to also get v(@)xxscene8ed! 

I am agog, I truly am, at his undying faith in Dr. Fauci and the schemes of Big Pharma, the nefarious, vile characters of which can easily be uncovered with even a cursory key word search online.

I hardly have words in my vocabulary to describe the depths of such stupidity. All of this, mind you, under the guise of feigned, pretend concern for my well being. I have drawn the obvious conclusion: the man is thoroughly compromised, and it has clouded his mind and soul. He has too much invested in the filthy, rotten, satanic system to admit the truth. So he has thrown himself headlong into the satanic lie put forth by Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the NIH, the WEF, Bill Gates and their hordes of satanic, demonic, mindless enablers.

I behold this man and his views with wonderment; he's like something out of a vomit-inducing ayahuasca vision

Though he's hardly alone. Replicate him by at least hundreds of millions, maybe a billion or two (or more?) -- the world over. Here in Ecuador, people have lined up by the millions to be v(@)xxscene8ed, most of them twice, and now they're bringing in young children to get the jab, with the intention of jabbing 95% of the population at least twice.

The "stupid" is unfortunately widespread in today's Alice in Wonderland world.

The Karmic Buzzards Are Already Circling

Forget about the chickens coming home to roost, the turkey buzzards, sewer rats and packs of feral dogs are going to feast for weeks and months, if they can survive the spike proteins in the festering carrion of the numerous millions of rotting, bloated cadavers that will litter city streets and rural lanes in country after country. The stench of death will fill the air for months on end as the Great Die Off proceeds to its ghastly end. It will not be a dystopian scenario that we will live through, at least a few of us; oh, no, it will be much worse than that; it will be a hellish time, Hades come to Earth.

I have already had a long list of dreams and visions that have brought home to me the dreadful time that lies just ahead. It will be awful. The body count is going to be very high, extremely high. The dying has already begun, but it will grow worse and worse and worse, until even the willfully blind will be forced to confront the horror, not least because many of them will suddenly find themselves physically dead, and abruptly having their "Come to Jesus!" moment. Imagine their profound surprise if Jesus says something like: "Why don't we take a look at the pro-Big Pharma work you did during your career, and the ripple effect that that had on the lives and untimely deaths of millions of people -- and what the implications are for your soul and theirs?"

Jesus is unbelievably transparent. It's why he's so great. There is no guile in him, no airs, no pretension. He's refreshingly direct. What you see is exactly what you get. And here's the fascinating thing: he's not mean spirited, not at all. He's scrupulously fair and honest, a real straight shooter. He also does not hold back. All the cards are face up on the table, every one of them, yours and his. Nothing is hidden. 

It's going to be downright brutal. A veritable slaughter. One of my visionary friends has been shown events for the next couple of years: a) a mind-numbing wave of mortality will wash over the world, due to adverse effects from the v(@)xxsceenashuns, and also due to the b) outbreak of WW-III. The "v" die off is now underway, but according to what he was shown will grow very many times worse. As for WW-III, if you follow the headlines in the global news cycle there are plenty of incidents and stories outlining the preparations for military conflict on the part of major powers such as Russia, the USSA, India and China, as well as minor powers such as North Korea, the Ukraine, Iran and Israel. You don't need a telescope to see the looming war clouds. Here's just one example from this week that illustrates the sort of geopolitical and military tension that exists in the contemporary international order. 

Joe Biden sends CIA Director Bill Burns to Moscow to warn Vladimir Putin off building up troops on Ukrainian border

A week ago the Russians broke off all diplomatic ties with NATO. Foreign Minister Lavrov dryly remarked at the time that relations with NATO were not catastrophic, they were "nonexistent".

From what my visionary friend was shown, the scale of death and violence next year will be orders of magnitude worse than this year. He's an educated man, so when he says "orders of magnitude" worse that means hundreds of times, maybe thousands of times worse. And 2023 will be worse than 2022, which will be dreadful.

Dark times lie just ahead, extremely dark times.

The New York City, Christian prophetess, Celestial, has seen the same scenario for the near future.

"Scorched Earth"

"The Lord said the truth is Satan himself is behind the entire process of these vaccines and his main protocol is to KILL. His objective is to leave none alive. “Leave nothing alive”, that is his objective Celestial. That’s what the Lord said to me. “Scorched earth. This is a scorched earth approach to the flesh of humanity and those who have participated have nothing to look forward to but misery- even the ones who are well. There will be a rapid decline in population across the whole earth just as Revelation says..."

I don't disagree with my visionary friend's visions, or with the messages that Celestial says that she receives from God and Jesus. Over the course of my life I have also received my share of visionary downloads -- as recently as last night, in fact -- and they have certainly made an impression on me, whence this Event Horizon Chronicle blog of mine.

The information coming to me from multiple inner and outer sources indicates that the next couple of years will be virtually beyond human belief and endurance. There will be survivors, there are always survivors, but the toll of dead, dying and gravely injured is going to run into the hundreds of millions, maybe billions. 

We are headed into a new world order, ready or not. It wouldn't have had to have been this way, but for a multitude of reasons it is as it is. The slaves chose not to rebel, but to conform themselves to great darkness and evil, among other things.

Oh, well. It's a free will planet. The people have freely chosen evil or acceded to it, by the many hundreds of millions (billions?), and so they will receive a great outpouring of evil, death and destruction.


I absolutely need and gratefully accept any and all donations. Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is about to go bye-bye and will never be back again, not ever. If you are able and willing to donate it will be a great help for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

TyRANnoSaurus Wrecks & Iconic Jesus

You've been spot on all along - for years. -- from one of my Southern Cone -South American readers, who sent me the following link. Watch at the 3:32 to 4:28 time stamp, and any other parts that interest you. The demons are here, and they are in human bodies.

Life In The Shadow Of TRIBULATION

The satanic, TyRANnoSaurus wrecks (click the t(r)@**y wrecks link, watch it all, and you will see what I mean) litter the social landscape. You see their demonic influence everywhere: art, fashion, advertising, TV, movies, magazines, the Internet, music videos, mainstream news media, alternative news media, sports, academe; they are proliferating by leaps and bounds, and they are taking human society down.

Many other parts of the TRIBULATION video also made an impact on me, including the segments featuring empty store shelves and failing, global supply chains that feed the USSA's economy and population. Yes, they are being made to fail, that is very true, but that does not alter the fact that they are failing, and that the failure of the global supply chains feeding the USSA effectively means the abrupt end of the USSA and its consumer society. I have repeatedly said that the USSA is going to go down very, very hard and it absolutely will. That process has begun; it is now well underway.

To be sure, the v(@)xxscene mandates are a big part of the choreographed take down of the USSA. It's hard to know exactly, but maybe one-third of the adult population, the most intelligent third of the population, are refusing the Big Pharma demon jab. Airline pilots, first responders, medical personnel, municipal employees, military pilots, and employees and workers in other skilled sectors are walking off the job in droves rather than take the death jab.

The World Economic Forum global planners and their Big Pharma sidekicks will, of course, have anticipated the push back, and labor walkouts. They don't care. All they want is to get the body count up. The labor walk outs will further contribute to crippling national economies and deepening the social and economic misery for myriad millions the world over, all of which the demonic monsters at the WEF welcome.

To me, it is obvious what happens when the trucks stop running, when the stores have no food or close their doors, when crucial supplies such as gasoline, diesel and heating fuel are in short supply, or not to be had at any price. Everything grinds to a halt. That means that when it is -18 degrees Fahrenheit in Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Chicago, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, Omaha, Buffalo, Rochester, Bismarck, Fargo and Green Bay, and there is no heating oil, furnaces will fail in entire apartment blocks and millions of houses, pipes will freeze and burst, fires will break out; but fire departments will have no diesel to power their trucks and water pumps, and anyway there will be no water pressure, because so many millions of pipes will have burst that municipal water systems will be leaking like sieves.

I'm sorry, it pains me to write the words, but what is coming is going to be positively biblical in scope and impact. My conscious mind sees that, and my subconscious mind persists in showing me dream after dream that emphasize that reality. The immense, onrushing crisis will result in a global wave of suffering and death such as none of us have ever seen or lived through in our lives, and that is if the nuclear missiles remain in their silos. If the nukes are unleashed from submarines, bombers and missile silos, then everything will self-evidently ramp up to an even greater level of death, destruction and horror.

Eastern Orthodox Jesus In The Sky

In the very last days of October, I had a powerfully portentous dream that filled me with stupendous awe and anticipation. Jesus appeared in the sky. I had the impression that his appearance was astrologically timed, and was inev
itable; that it would occur like universal clockwork and is unstoppable. He was huge, depicted in iconic fashion inside an enormous picture frame that was thousands of feet tall, something like this:

He was the backdrop for a huge, Eastern Orthodox Christian-like basilica in the forefront, not unlike this: 

An hour or so later, I had a follow-up segment to the dream in which it was revealed to me that Jesus' appearance would be accompanied by major, natural disasters that would cost many lives.

This particular Jesus dream came exactly four months after the repeating dream I had four months prior, in which both God and Moses appeared to me to communicate: "In four." And now Jesus has appeared in impressive fashion. My subconscious is being vividly signaled by powerful, biblical characters, the biggest in the Judeo-Christian tradition: God, Moses and Jesus.

I am drawing the obvious conclusion: biblical events are in the pipeline, and headed towards us.

A week or so before that a woman appeared to my inner view to speak two words to me and then explain their importance: unconditional love. She was of a Caucasian race, fair haired and light skinned, but clearly not of terrestrial origin. Her facial features were different; her nose, mouth, eyes, ears and their arrangement on her head were sufficiently outside the range of the terrestrial norm, that she was clearly not of Earth. She was very calm, serene, self-assured, kindly and soft spoken. She exuded femininity.  I liked her!

She pointedly emphasized the crucial importance of unconditional love. She explicitly mentioned those two words. Love for the unrepentant alcoholics, the thieves, the murderers, the men who disembowel and decapitate other men in the prisons here in Ecuador, the narco-traffickers, the human traffickers, the Satanists?

This is a tough nut to crack, for sure. Love, but not a doormat, and not a compliant victim of evil doers. Can tough love also be unconditional love? Probably.

I'm working on that. Every situation is different. Take the man who almost killed me in December of 2012, for instance. I do not desire angry vengeance, though if the opportunity ever presents itself I would put him into prison. A man who did what he did to me is entirely capable of doing the same to others, or worse, and quite probably has. Does unconditional love also consider the well being of other (possible) victims of an evil doer? I think so.

Last year I was walking down the sidewalk right beside a well known park in central Quito. In mid-afternoon I was accosted out of the blue by a group of three young punks. The leader came right up to me, got into my space and pulled out a serious looking knife. He held it to my abdomen in a threatening manner. It was clearly a mortal threat, and not the first time my life had been threatened. I almost felt like telling him: "Hey, kid, you want to kill me? Take a number and get in line, like everyone else!"

Instead, I felt tremendous calm. I realized that the situation could go south in a split second, and yet I felt no great fear. I knew what to do. I defused the situation within seconds, by a combination of verbal and nonverbal, and specific, physical measures, none of which were violent, and all of which were calculated to put three, criminal, armed, young, street toughs with more testosterone than common sense, at complete ease. My response was along the lines of: "I'm not the droid you're looking for." They silently went their way.

Do I unconditionally love those guys? Weelll, let me just say that while I don't hate them, I do wish they would devote themselves to loftier pursuits than roaming the sidewalks of Quito robbing and sticking knives in people. I for sure do not desire to pal around with them. Armed assault/robbery is not my thing. But unconditional love for them? In a criminally insane, violent world how do we practice unconditional love? That's the question. How do we pragmatically do that?

Anyway, all of that is prelude to yet another dream I had a few nights ago in which I was weeping profusely, uncontrollably, with tremendous, indescribable, life changing RELIEF. I told someone standing nearby: "I always knew that this would happen in my lifetime! It's a really, very, very good day for me and for people like me, and simultaneously the horrifically most dreadful, worst nightmare imaginable come true for myriad others."

The bottom line is that my subconscious thinks that big things are going to be happening soon. My conscious mind is paying close attention.


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Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Sun Springs To Life: Massive Solar Belch Inbound

Dear Readers, here's a preview of coming attractions. The Sun has a diameter of 865,000 miles (1.39 million kilometers), so imagine the enormity of what the 2 second video below depicts. The size of the event on the Sun's surface looks to be about 200,000 miles across. It occurred earlier today.

The Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) will be here this weekend. It's a real big one. Possible​ effects: weird and wacky human behavior(s), electronic and electrical disruptions, and heightened natural disasters as the surge of energy from the Sun excites the Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere, and magma production and convection to the crust.

There will be more and more natural events on the Earth, and more and more powerful, as we go deeper into The Event Horizon. 

Solar alchemy. Injecting massive amounts of transformative, creative energy deep into the Earth. 

The Sun and the Earth will be heard from on a grand scale. Expect them. 


I absolutely need and gratefully accept any and all donations. Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is about to go bye-bye and will never be back again, not ever. If you are able and willing to donate it will be a great help for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Demonic Alcohol Programming

A few years back I read a comment by the rogue, Bulgarian archaeologist, Sylvie Ivanonova, to the effect that in her opinion alcohol is perhaps the single, greatest factor in the downfall of the human race. I really like her work, which I want to explore more extensively in another blog post. You can find a whole slew of her videos on YouTube:

She has another website:

Unfortunately, her comment about the deleterious effects of alcohol rings uncomfortably true. Alcoholism is certainly a huge societal issue in many countries all over the world, whether in Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Russia, the USSA, Mexico -- or Ecuador, where I live. 

Because of the prevalence of alcoholism in many countries, and my global readership, it is a statistical certainty that some of my readers struggle with alcohol abuse. 

That is both lamentable and painful. It is also very intentional on the part of the alcohol industry, which has deep roots, going back thousands of years. The alcohol dynasties have long since made a king's ransom off of promoting drunken mayhem, all while making a hypocritical, public show of urging people to "drink responsibly." Their satanic profit-taking continues to this very minute, while appealing to many people's worst impulses.

In English, alcohol has for centurie
s been referred to as "demon alcohol", with good reason. Alcohol does open the door to the demonic, hell realms. Just ask the many women who have been assaulted by their alcoholic husbands, who come home in a drunken rage and brutally beat them, sometimes fatally. Just ask the myriad victims of drunk drivers, in cemetery plots and hospital wards the world over. Ask the many millions of emotionally dysfunctional people who had the misfortune to have grown up in a home with physically and emotionally abusive, alcoholic parents. Go through the tiers and cell blocks of jails and prisons the world over, and you will encounter literally millions of men, and not a few women, who have committed stupid, often cruel, even savage and murderous crimes, while under the influence of alcohol.

The alcohol industry knows all of these ugly facts and still it continues to shamelesslly peddle its nasty poison -- for filthy lucre, nothing else. The destruction of human beings is a dark, money game; it's very big money, and a lot of people have their hands and fingers in the game.

Here in Ecuador it is as big a problem as anywhere. Alcohol is hammering this country really hard. And it is very much by design. A drunk population, a people physically and mentally enslaved by "demon alcohol" is very easy to subvert and control.

A couple of weeks ago, a neighbor, a man with a wife and young children, came home in a drunken stupor in the wee hours of the morning, and awakened the entire apartment complex with his incoherent, animalistic, alcoholic bellowing. His wife had locked him out!! -- and he was furious. He ranted and raved at the top of his lungs until he was able to pry open a window and climb into the house. Imagine the effect of his alcohol abuse on his marriage and on the emotional well-being of his children.

Last weekend, I awakened on Sunday morning to discover that during the night someone had messily vomited on the wall and sidewalk of the house directly in front of mine. The housewife was out with a bucket full of water and a broom, cleaning the unsightly, unsanitary yuckiness away. Her husband was the likely culprit. Yesterday, she made a show of giving me a handful of Alcoholics Anonymous literature to read. She knows very well that I do not drink alcohol. It was her way of tacitly admitting to me that someone in her household is struggling with alcoholism -- or else why did she have the Alcoholics Anomymous literature?

Later that day, I went to the bus stop to catch a bus into town, only to find a young man, maybe 25 years old, sprawled out on the grass beside the bus stop shelter. He was 100% unconscious, totally drunk to the world. He was lying there in the drizzle, without any shoes. I shouted at him: "Get up!" He did not budge. His eyes remained closed. I shouted at him again: "Get up!!" He stirred a little. Deep in his sleeping, drunken, reptilian brain stem it had dimly registered that someone was shouting at him. I shouted at him again: "STAND THE F*CK UP, DRUNKARD!!"

That got his attention. His eyes fluttered open and he weakly focused on my face. I told him again: "Stand up!" He laboriously rolled over and sat there in the wet grass and drizzle. I asked him: "Where are your shoes?" He blankly looked at his shoeless feet, agape, and then back at me. Someone had stolen his shoes -- perhaps his drinking "buddies". They had probably stolen his wallet, too, though I did not inquire. I forcefully told him: "Do not drink alcohol."  He nodded his head drunkenly in agreement and made a sign with his hand to indicate that he understood what I had said. I told him. " Alcohol is a poison. It destroys a man." He again drunkenly nodded his head in agreement and motioned with his hand to show that he understood. He wobbled shakily to his feet and took several steps before collapsing again to the grass. where he remained sitting when my bus came.

When I returned a couple of hours later to the bus stop on the other side of the highway, I encountered another young man, also completely drunk, 100% unconscious and oblivious to the external world, lying in a heap on the sidewalk. There were other people present, so I didn't make as big of a production with him, though I did bend over and loudly tell him to wake up. He stirred a little and opened his eyes to look at me. I crossed the highway on the pedestrian bridge. I looked back when I reached the other side of the thoroughfare, and saw that he had managed to struggle to his feet and was leaning blearily against the wall beside the bus stop shelter.

A lot of people disappear in Ecuador. I see missing person fliers all the time. An oblivious, unconscious, drunk man is an easy victim for vile, human traffickers. For all I know, I saved the lives of those two, young men. You never know.

Chances are very good that they had been drinking a cheap, fruity, vodka-based, alcoholic beverage that is widely sold in Ecuador, and which is very popular with young people. It is called "Switch" -- get it? It "switches" off the conscious mind, and switches on a drunken, demonic stupor in the place of conscious awareness.

This is all by satanic intent, on the part of the alcohol beverage company that peddles this particular devil's brew.

I collect plastic bottles to recycle, and I pick up this particular brand all the time. It is sold in 1.5 liter bottles, at either 8% or 10% alcohol content, which is the equivalent of drinking a pint of hard liquor of about, what? -- 26% or 33% alcohol content? It will get you well lit, for sure, and people are drinking this stuff by a liter and a half at a pop ( = 1.65 quarts). Carbonated, fruity, vodka.

I read the labels as I collect the empty bottles that the drunks fling down on the public staircases, in the weeds in vacant lots, in the parks and playgrounds, at bus stops, in the gutter along the streets.

This particular brand has a number of different labels. On one label there appear three, stylized faces, one of which is that of a young woman with her lips sewn shut, in the manner of a corpse with its lips sewn shut, though "her" eyes are open. This is not even subliminal programming. It is overt and it is a clear allusion to death. A whole bottle of death programming. Carbonated, fizzy, fruity, alcoholic, death juice.

Another label of this particular brand also has stylized faces on it, both wearing Covid-19 masks. The face that appears to be male has something like dark sunglasses on its face, and on both lenses appear the NAZI The double-sig rune insignia of the SS symbol, the symbol of the Waffen-Schutzstaffel.

And you thought that NAZI -ism was dead and gone. a mere historical footnote. This is more alcoholic programming, fascist programming in this case, straight to the subconscious mind, which is extremely susceptible to symbolic programming.

Yet another label is even richer in programming content, featuring a bunch of weird, colorful, parasite-like, worm-looking creatures, beside which are printed the English words: eat me and drink me. Clear enough?  Take the alcoholic parasites right into your body, right down the hatch. Where will that lead? Right down Alice's famous rabbit hole, that's where, to her bizarre Wonderland and the weird, white rabbit with the big pocket watch, who is "late for a very important date!" Because just above, higher up on the label, is printed in big, bold letters: DOWN 2 the Rabbit Hole. And speaking of the white, Wonderland rabbit with the pocket watch this particular label even informs as to the precise time, because just beside an ogre-like creature with big, yellow eyes, and a big, green tongue is a clock which conspicuously displays the time of 3:22.

Imagine: 322. That number so beloved of the Skull & Bones Society at Yale University which is linked to the Deep State power structure in the USSA. 

All of this verbal and symbolic programming is going straight to the subconscious mind of the millions of people in Ecuador who are imbibing the satanic, alcoholic "SWITCH" and plunging themselves into drunken stupors, "switching" off the conscious mind and "switching" on the drunken, demonic, alcoholic stupor.

It does not matter that the words are written in English. The subconscious mind understands all languages, and anyway, millions of Ecuadoreans have studied English in school, and millions have also lived in the USSA for years and speak a fair amount of English. Ecuadoreans come and go by the thousands between Ecuador, and Miami and New York all the time.

And finally, one more label, also from the vodka-based, SWITCH brand of alcohol which is so widely sold and guzzled here in Ecuador, which displays a genderless, human-appearing sort of creature, with a green hat, yellow Covid-19 mask and the words printed on its body in small print: Party Hells. Does that even need any explanation? Hell juice.

I used a magnifying glass to make out the words, but not to worry, the subconscious minds of those who swill this particular brand of "demon alcohol" will pick up the words and the blatant Hell allusion just fine. There are some other, very small symbols scrawled on the body of the creature, but I could not make them out, even with a magnifying glass, though I am sure that the subconscious perception picks them out loud and clear.

I'm done. That's it. That's all the news for today.

Live long! Live well. And please refrain from consuming alcohol. It is bad stuff.


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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Preparing The Harvest: Is It Already In Motion?

I have been having many puzzling dreams recently. Just two nights ago, in my dreams I had been delegated to harvest a grain field, but was frustrated to discover that there was zero yield of recoverable grain!

very personable, jovial man whom I know here in Ecuador was with me to lend moral support, looking on as I worked. I harvested 10% of the field, but was dismayed to see that for all my work, there was not one head of wheat, barley, rye, sorghum or oats to be seen, not one ear of corn, nothing. There was no crop to be had whatsoever.

As I prepared to harvest the next 10% of the field, I saw that the soil was compacted, very hard, and not fertile at all. The only plants to be seen were a few scraggly weeds.  The prospect for any crop yield was even worse than in the first 10% of the field, where the harvestable yield had been exactly zero percent.

At that point I suddenly caught sight of a woman who was observing the harvest. She identified herself to me as the owner of the field. I therefore appealed to her that if I could only till the field, aerate the soil, work in a few tons of manure to enrich the soil, and plant a new crop,  that the yield would undoubtedly be much better!

But she would have none of it. She adamantly instructed that I was to do nothing at all to the field, that it was now harvest time, and that I should for that reason proceed with the harvest of the field and crop as they were, without regard for the result.

And there the dream ended.  I have no idea whom the woman represented. Mother Nature? Demeter, goddess of agriculture and the harvest? The Holy Spirit? Sophia, goddess of wisdom? 

The dream is, of course, reminscent of Jesus's biblicable parable of the End Times harvest of human souls by analogy to a wheat field full of tares, and the arduous task of separating the good crop from the weeds.

If that is the case, then my subconscious clearly is signaling that the recoverable crop of good souls in the already begun End Times soul harvest will be very, very small, negligible, practically zero.

One does have to wonder, taking an unflinching look around at a world awash in every conceivable sort of crime and corruption: drug trafficking, drug addiction, alcoholism, human trafficking, widespread economic exploitation, slavery, theft, criminal business practices, corrupt police, attorneys and judges, religions riddled with all manner of criminal activity and abuse excused as "holiness", an epidemic of armed robbery, a global plague of physical assaults and murder, domestic abuse, official corruption and lying, outright, unabashed genocide, warfare and preparation for warfare, and on and on it goes. 

Meanwhile WW-III Draws Closer

A casual inventory of headlines from recent days reveals the perilous drift towards a hellish, global conflict that will separate hordes of people from their physical bodies, ready or not. They will be out of this world in a trice, by the many millions and possibly even by the billions.

Consider that Russia has this week announced that it is suspending diplomatic relations with NATO as of the first of this coming November. Breaking off diplomatic ties with a military adversary historically has sometimes been a prelude to the initiation of open warfare.

Russia continues to intercept USSA and NATO warships and military aircraft sailing and flying near to or attempting to cross into Russian airspace and waters. There are many cases that can be cited. Here are a couple of recent examples:

Russia scrambles fighter jets to head off American warplanes near country’s airspace, days after warship intercepted near borders

US warship intercepted by Russian Navy while trying to sail into country’s territorial waters

When will the Russians retaliate? Who knows? By closing the NATO diplomatic mission in Russia, undoubtedly their response will be military, at a time and place of their choosing, without any courtesy calls to NATO beforehand. They will simply act, and leave NATO to figure out what the use of Russian military force means.


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Monday, October 18, 2021

Coming Back From Near Death: A True Survival Tale

A number of readers have kindly written to ask how my recovery is coming along. The answer is that I am immensely better than I was back in May and June. I came very near to death, and I knew it. I got so weak that I realized one day that if I simply ate and drank nothing more, that I would peacefully die within 48 hours.
But when I awoke the next morning I noticed that I felt a tiny little increment better. To the present time, I continue incrementally improving, day by day.  
It has been a real slog. I have exhibited a long list of symptoms, which I will not bother to exhaustively detail here. The worst (so far) were the inability to draw a deep breath, and a tremendous sense of weariness, lassitude and weakness.  Along with that I lost 3 inches of muscle off of my legs, 2 inches of muscle off of my arms, and 4 inches off of my core, mid-region, a combination of muscle and fat loss off of my back, sides and gut. My muscular strength level is about one-third to half of what it was previously, though I am slowly getting stronger.
A puzzling part of the ordeal for me has been that there has been a series of paranormal and/or spiritual, personal events that have happened in parallel with the major, physical health crisis. I have positively no clue as to why that should be so. I cannot explain it.
One of my readers suggested to me that it is likely that I have been contaminated by spike proteins from people with whom I come in contact. I agree that that is very likely to be the case. Indeed, the thought had already occurred to me months ago. Most people in Ecuador have been v(@)xxeen8ted at least once; more than half of the population have been v(@)xxeen8ted twice. I use public transport, go to the crowded markets and parks, pass countless pedestrians and informal vendors on the sidewalks, and talk with neighbors; so avoiding contact with people who are shedding spike proteins is a complete impossibility, because most people in Ecuador and Quito are shedders of spike proteins. 

But I continue to slowly get better.

In no particular order, here are some of the salient elements in my ongoing recovery. 
* To begin with, I have a strong will to live. Not everyone does. A less sturdy person, with a weaker will to live, would have succumbed, no doubt about it whatsoever.

* I did not go to the hospital! Staying away from the Big Pharma-medical-complex, slaughter factories was unquestionably the correct decision in my case. People get killed in those places.
* I slept a great deal and drank a lot of water. I could hardly drink enough water, glass after glass. I slept as much as I wanted. I continue to hydrate and sleep long hours. My body needs the rest and hydration, so I do not stint on either. 

* For minor irritations like sudden skin eruptions, rashes, itches and such, I have resorted to topical applications of Lugol's iodine, over-the-counter, medicinal, anti-fungal and other therapeutic, skin lotions, and essential eucalyptus and tea tree oils, to good effect so far. I smear these things on the affected areas, and to date they have always knocked the symptoms back compleetely, or at least considerably reduced the severity.

* I have endeavored to spend more time on my feet, either standing or walking around, to improve my circulation, on the premise that if I am in motion I am not dying!

* I eat/drink a reasonably healthy diet, which for years has mostly consisted of the following sorts of dietary selections:

squash, celery, avocadoes, bananas, broccoli, fresh carrot juice, onions, red bell peppers, apples, papayas, limes, garlic, turmeric, peanut butter, rice, maca powder, lentils, walnuts, almonds, 100% dark chocolate, dairy butter, coco butter, sunflower and/or olive oil, milk, cheese, coffee, herbal teas (coca tea-- legal in South America, eucalyptus, green, anise and guayusa tea), eggs, whole wheat bread, and sundry Ecuadorean fruits sold by the indigenous women on the streets.

* I supplement daily with vitamin-C, vitamin-D3, magnesium chloride, zinc, boron, selenium, B-vitamin complex, apple cider vinager, Lugol's iodine and vitamin-A. I get vitamin-E from peanut butter, which is loaded with it. I buy food grade magnesium chloride, borax and vitamin-C powder (ascorbic acid) by the kilogram (2.2 lbs) in chemical supply shops. I have been doing that for years. I dissolve the three together in a glass of water and drink the solution down in one go. The magnesium in the magnesium chloride is readily assimilable by the body. Food grade borax (make sure the borax is natural, with no chemical additives) is mostly boron, which the body assimilates well. Attention: just a very tiny little pinch of borax will do you! The same goes for the vitamin-C powder and the magnesium chloride. I use maybe half a teaspoon of magnesium chloride powder and half a teaspoon of vitamin-C powder (ascorbic acid). Many degenerative diseases and medical crises are due to chronic deficiencies of the essential nutrients that I have mentioned in this blog post. Countless men have died from heart attacks attributable to severe magnesium deficiency, for instance. Chronic vitamin-C deficency is a factor in many heart attacks and strokes. Many cancers have root causes in chronic nutrient deficiencies, as well as a chronic sleep deficit, stress, obesity and/or low cellular, oxygen levels.
* I also whip up the following, daily concoction which seems to help a lot: in a large cup, I grate up a raw clove of garlic, and a raw piece of fresh turmeric, add a dollop of sunflower or olive oil, and the fresh juice of one lime, a little bit of apple cider vinager, a bit of oregano, and then mix it all up with a smushed up avocado. I slurp that all down early in the morning. 
Dear readers, please pay close attention: I am not a medical doctor, so absolutely none of the above (you follow me?) is to be construed as "medical" advice, and good thing, too! -- because most MDs are shameless hacks and quacks, and would never tell you all the things I have mentioned in this blog post, because it would be very bad for their highly lucrative, repeat business.

I absolutely need and gratefully accept any and all donations. Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is about to go bye-bye and will never be back again, not ever. If you are able and willing to donate it will be a great help for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.