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Monday, October 19, 2020

The Semi-Calm Before The Storm

I read a lot, in English, also somewhat in Spanish. I monitor a lot of websites. I pay attention to my dreams and visions, and the dreams and visions of others. I watch the sky. I assess my intuition. I observe the official lies, and official policies and public works and projects. I watch what the cops, military and intelligence agencies do. I pay attention to the birds, fish, butterflies (I rarely see one anymore), bees and dogs. I observe the street people, the thieves, the street urchins and beggars, the homeless, the informal merchants, the drunks and drug addicts, the shoeshine boys. It's all encoded. Some are real humans, many are not. When I see UFOs -- and I sometimes see them right here in Quito -- I watch them to see what they do and where they go. 

I watch the clouds, both the natural and artificial ones, to see where they come from, where they're going; if they intend to rain, or if they are just passing by; if they are benevolent or malevolent. I walk barefoot on the grass. I look at the Moon. You can gather meaningful intelligence from all of these things.

I occasionally comment on a few forums and sometimes there are sneering, negative, mocking rejoinders, that essentially validate my points! -- though the arrogant, condescending people who deride me think that they have put me in my place. Virtually to a person they have no idea how cringe-worthy their fast approaching exit interview with God will be (because many of them even sneer at the very idea  of the Creator), and how they will snivel and grovel and plead for mercy --and there may be no mercy at all forthcoming for many of them, because they themselves have shown little or no mercy to others during their lifetime(s). If some of the information that I have recently run across is correct, this upcoming judgment of humanity may be a final summing up of as much as 50 billion years of repeated incarnations.

And it is all about to be irrevocably judged, impartially judged, judged with total finality, without any possible hope of appeal whatsoever, on the bedrock principle that all involved -- EVERYONE -- have over a period of time of billions and billions of years been given myriad chances to learn, to change, to repent, to forgive, to do better, to show mercy, to demonstrate kindness towards other living beings, to show remorse for harm done, to demonstrate concern for the biosphere and the planet, etc.

I read a pithy comment recently. Someone sneered: "If God is real, why doesn't he show himself to us??!!" The quiet response was: "He does. It's called 'death'."

A lot of mockers and scoffers will be brought face to face with their own abject humiliation, which they could easily have avoided simply by being humble all along. Humility is something they mock in others, a supposed weakness -- but to their complete shock humility will be summarily forced upon them on terms dictated by God. They will be 
forced to their knees before God. Humility and genuine gratitude for the incalculably precious gift of life are the only possible response to grand beings such as God and Jesus.

Any other attitude is just stupid. Be that as it may, a lot of people have worked very hard, very diligently, for a very long time to go to Hell. God will grant them their heart's desire. It's a free will Universe and God will accordingly freely grant them their free will choice.

Their bone-chilling horror in that moment will know no bounds, when they see that: a) God is really real!, and b) God really does grant the heart's freely chosen, deep desires. God truly will allow the entities that he created to reap the fruits of their free will choices; or else of what value is free will? Imagine 50 billion years in the demonic, satanic, HORROR pits of Hell. Some people are going to get that. It's sobering. Even 5 seconds there would be unbearable, and yet some will spend tens of billions of years there. 

Their free will decision!

Now you know why I went out on the nuclear missile silos again and again and again -- and was handcuffed, chained, jailed and imprisoned again and again and again.

This is for all the marbles, Dear Readers, every last one. It's no small thing what is about to happen.

The first days of November are just the beginning. Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about November the 5th. As time goes along November the 5th ..... and 6th and 7th .... will unquestionably recede into the mists of the past, as all days inevitably do, but the entirety of November and well beyond will be quite eventful. Whatever is going on now is but prelude to much more to come. 

It wouldn't have had to be this way, and I was hoping that it would not be. I and a comparatively small handful of others went to great personal lengths to try to steer this time-line onto a different probability tree, time-space, cause and effect branch, albeit with limited results. We and our message were harshly rejected, and so dark times and events lie just ahead.

We called the question! Up front and publicly. Repeatedly, openly, over decades. We talked to the press, we talked directly to the military, to the courts. We went right to the scene of the crime to plead our case. And by their resounding silence, passivity, failure to act and concerted acquiescence -- by the millions and tens and hundreds of millions! -- in great evil, the people voted. They voted at a soul level. I will answer for what I have done -- all of it -- and they equally will answer for all that they have done. We will all stand before God, even the ones who mockingly sneer at the very idea of God. We will all answer. I will and you will and everyone else will.

In Minot, North Dakota in July of 2010, when I went to trial for my nonviolent, peace protest on a Minuteman III nuclear missile silo at Minot Air Force Base, I forthrightly said in open court to the Federal Magistrate, that I had appeared before him to personally offer him a rare opportunity to do something extraordinary, by finding me innocent! --  thereby ratifying what I had done and bringing a Federal judicial challenge to preparations for industrial, nuclear warfare.

He looked at me, then gave me a little lecture about nuclear weapons and USSA military policy, and banged his gavel. Guilty! Sentenced to jail time served of 100 days. Yeah, 100 days = 3.3 months, that pesky Masonic 33.



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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Remote Viewing The "Great Reset"

In recent days the Cryptoviewing team has put out a brief video on YouTube as a promo for their "Great Reset" remote viewing target. I don't have Patreon or I would get it myself. If you do have Patreon and can afford it, it just may be worth your while to take a look at their "Great Reset" remote viewing findings.

The YouTube promo video is only 2:13 long, but quite interesting in and of itself. These are some of the best remote viewers out there on the Internet, viewing what is coming in the very near future, in politics, economics, technology, massive Earth changes, and more. Please take a look:

The bottom line is that something REALLY BIG is just about to happen. In fact, more than just one REALLY BIG thing is about to happen. As dramatic as the first nine months of this year have been, what is yet to come will be more dramatic still. That's a firm guarantee.

Disclaimer: I have inwardly seen some of the same things that this group of remote viewers talk about in this short YouTube video; and have been in touch with a couple of them in the past, though I am not part of their remote viewing team. It is simply the case that certain future and near-future events have a very high probability of occurring, given the global trajectory of events in the Earth realm, and anyone who inquires deeply and diligently into the course of future events will perceive them. That is the way this realm is programmed.

Many people, including me, have been shown the tremendous Earth changes that are on the way. Get ready to have your reality rocked, because the entire planet will be shaken in a huge way. See time stamp 1:12 for an example of what I mean. Note that North America looks radically different than it does now; Florida is gone, as is a large part of the southeastern region of North America, much of Texas, and a huge part of Canada. 

A few years ago I was also inwardly shown dramatic geographic changes to North America, including the disappearance of Florida, inundation of a large part of the southeastern USSA and the inundation of a huge part of the interior of the continent by an enormous bay or inland sea that will extend northward from the Gulf of Mexico for about 1,000 miles, starting from where Texas and Louisiana are at present. Though I had already moved to South America at that time I was not shown the geographical changes to South America. If what the remote viewer has seen is correct, then the region where I currently reside is also destined to be catastrophically submerged. If that should happen some near future week or month -- oh, well! I absolutely lack the financial means to move elsewhere, so I am where I am. As of this moment I have $5.80 to my name, not enough to even catch the bus to another province in Ecuador, but as small as that sum may be,  I am grateful for it. Every month there are more and more people who are expelled from their apartments or rooms, lose their jobs, soon run out of money, and in greater numbers all the time are reduced to begging on the sidewalk and sleeping in the cold and rain, not knowing where their next meal is coming from. On this day, I have more than that and so I am thankful for what I have. It's a blessing! What is coming will be absolutely devastating and life ending for teeming hordes of people, for many millions of people, way beyond what is now the case. It's sobering. 

But of course, this is remote viewing and the object was to capture the broad brush, global changes, so maybe the higher elevation areas of the Andes where I live  will be spared. Or not. We'll see.

As for the coastal plains and lower elevations all around the world, with the sort of global flooding event that so many people are seeing in their dreams and visions, I would guess that an elevation of at least 1,000 ft or even 2,000 feet and up would be an absolute, bare minimum for anyone who hopes to escape the tsunamis and water level rise. It appears that the seas and oceans will be sloshing in their basins in a very major way. I have been shown various aspects of this upcoming, global, flooding event multiple times in my own dreams. It seems highly likely that there will be stupendous, mass mortality along with it.

I tell you what, I really, really do not like the Skynet grid that Dick Allgire presents at the 1:19 time stamp, though ayahuasca already showed me that  upcoming, green, control grid hovering overhead in 2012. I got a very negative, dystopian, control feeling from it at the time. I had specifically asked ayahuasca inwardly to show me what would happen in the near future, meaning in the coming years. My inner visual screen went blank for about 30 seconds, and I thought nothing would happen, when I suddenly realized that I was viewing a starkly totalitarian scene, as if I were seeing it on a high-definition, flat panel TV screen, with a concentration camp, high security fence, military-like trucks and vehicles, bright floodlights on the perimeter, high gun towers or guard towers along the fence, and overhead a green, control grid vividly shimmering in the air. I was given to understand telepathically that the green control grid was to lock down the Earth and completely enslave all humanity, body, mind and soul. It made a very nefarious, even diabolical or satanic impression on me. It had a dark, depressing, grim aura or feel to it. It was deeply threatening and foreboding. 

Not good. Not natural, and not elevating or helpful for humanity and the planet, quite to the contrary. I would guess that this control grid has to do with the 42,000 5G satellites that Elon Musk's Starlink  space communications program is now putting into orbit. Far from being a freeing, liberating, technological advance, this is a major link in the harsh, enslaving, technocratic chains that are intended to bind humanity into rigid captivity under the guise of being uniquely free. 

An iPhone in every hand, and a global, 5G technology grid to bind them all! (with apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien)

By the way, I have noticed that some people who use cell phones have started acting very strangely around me and to me recently. People whom I have known well for years, even decades, suddenly want nothing to do with me or with my thinking. My analysis: what I am saying hits way too close to home and they want rid of me, just want me to go away -- but they don't want rid of their cell phones and iPhones! They don't want to see me, they don't want to receive e-mail from me, they don't want to talk to me -- nothing. The "world wide web" has already ensnared them and is pulling them deeper and deeper into its grid. And when 5G is rolled out, they'll use it. 

You see, this reset is really going to separate people out, and you'll find out who your real friends are, as opposed to those who go just so far, and no further, because what is coming will be so uncompromising. The real and the unreal will be very starkly revealed. The scared and the superficial are legion and they will make themselves known.

You want to be enmeshed in the Borg? Use that cell phone, baby, keep that iPhone close at hand.

As for what Daz Smith saw at time stamp 0:20 to 0:26, it looks like an assassination of a prominent, public figure that has a major impact on the global news cycle. We'll soon see. Daz Smith is quite a topnotch remote viewer.

In any event, thank you very much to my loyal readers, the hundreds who have stuck with me through thick and thin for many years now, ever since my arrival in South America and the founding of this blog, almost exactly ten years ago. It's been a real, hard slog for me, that brought me right to death's doorway in the closing days of 2012, and a lengthy hospitalization and subsequent, many years-long physical and emotional recuperation which is still ongoing. Your readership and support therefore mean everything in the world to me.

There are those along the way who have abandoned me or told me to go away, that they don't want to see or hear from me again. And I respect that. They don't want me to have anything to do with them and so I will not. Anyone who walks away has their reasons -- fear, perhaps unacknowledged or unexamined fear, distaste for me and my way of thinking, arrogance? -- they have land, money, bank accounts, a vehicle, a pension, passports, etc. and I don't, so they look down on me as less worthy, as someone not worth their while, dislike of me as a person, cognitive dissonance, mind control, aversion to the truth, social conformity, rigid mindset, inability or unwillingness to entertain a challenge to conventional political views, or on some level deep personal **complicity** in the system or undisclosed loyalties?

If they cannot handle the truth, and don't want any challenge to their preconceptions -- well, O.K., then -- just wait, and not very much longer, either.  What is coming will exceed by far what any of us have experienced in our lifetimes.


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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Shake, Rattle and Roll -- It's Coming

The Internet is full of scores and hundreds, if not thousands, of Near Death Experience visions, waking visions, lucid dreams, and dreams of all sorts in general from a host of people from all walks of life, who have seen and are seeing upcoming, huge tsunamis on both coasts, asteroid strikes, nuclear mushroom clouds, massive earthquakes, mega-volcano eruptions, invading Chinese troops, and more. Among some of the most common, recurring visions/dreams are the following: a) a sudden nuclear strike on New York City, b) a sudden, towering tsunami -- 500 to 1000 feet tall -- that sweeps in from the sea and swallows New York City, or c) first a devastating nuclear strike, followed by a destructive tsunami that engulfs New York City. Take your pick: a ) a nuclear fireball, b) a 500 ft tall tsunami, or c) both -- nuclear HELL fire followed by a Come to Jesus water baptism.

Your basic cataclysm, in short.

As for me, I've seen, heard and felt it all in my dreams and visions: huge tsunamis, M10+ earthquakes, a large asteroid inbound to the Earth, multiple nuclear strikes on the mainland USSA, MASSIVE volcanic eruptions, a pole flip, the sudden arrival from elsewhere of multiple, large moons or planets that inexplicably show up in near-Earth space, ETs, UFOs, and more.

I would not give you a nickle bet that New York City and Los Angeles will still be there five years from now, and maybe not one year from now, or even one month from now. The times we are very shortly going to live through (those of us who survive the near future events, that is) are going to be tumultuous in the extreme. The past half year has been very trying; what is coming will be even more so.

From what I have been told, forewarned about and read about, the earthquakes that are coming to North America -- to the Cascadia, San Andreas and New Madrid seismic zones will be in the M8+ to M10+ range. They will knock down skyscrapers, collapse highway and railroad bridges, buckle airport runways and railroad tracks, wreck nuclear power plants, bust up water mains, aqueducts, large dams, electrical lines and petroleum and natural gas pipelines, and kill people by the millions and tens of millions. And that will just be early days. Things will get much worse 
from there. 

By the way, the rift valley that runs from southern Colorado down through central New Mexico is geologically active and could also catastrophically slip and/or yield unexpected, large volcanic eruptions. That whole region is seismically and volcanically active, as are much of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada. There are ancient volcanoes in Arkansas and Texas, even in Virginia and Georgia. If the whole North American craton moves massively, there could be large earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions in a lot of unexpected places. For instance, there is some fragmentary evidence that there was a small volcanic eruption in the hills of north Georgia as recently as the 1700s, when the region was still relatively sparsely populated and record keeping was poor to non-existent.

We'll feel the shaking here in Ecuador, where I live. Not to worry, Ecuador will also have its own set of issues to deal with, but at least here there are no nuclear power plants.


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When Obama and His "M" Were Young

Dear Readers, either you see the fraud or you do not. Please click:

Mr. O and his "M" -- whatever it really is, or thinks it is, or falsely proclaims itself to be.

At the least it is a con game, a fraud, a charade, a put on, a swindle.

We are in a fake reality, a falsely engineered reality designed to deceive and confuse the onlookers and other participants in the phony reality. The plentiful evidence is everywhere for those who care to see.

In a word, it is as if we were, as if we might be -- or actually are! -- in a bad sci-fi movie.


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Sunday, September 27, 2020

USSA Aircraft Carriers Going Right Back To Sea

I was perusing the military news today, and what do you know? -- it looks like the Pentagon has something up its sleeve. Big surprise, right? Please read the following two news items.

A few months after getting home, the Theodore Roosevelt is about to deploy again

After a grueling deployment, the carrier Eisenhower gets set for a dubious ‘double pump’

The USSA Navy aircraft carriers, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower, are both getting sent right back out for new deployments in the near future. The articles report that crews are stressed, both ships have major maintenance issues and needs, and yet they're going to go to sea right away again after comparatively brief periods in port.

Obviously war is planned. These are not routine deployments. Something is brewing.

The Navy knows very well that their aircraft carrier battle groups are extremely vulnerable to modern, anti-ship missiles, and stealthy torpedo attacks. So why bother with extensive maintenance and repair of large ships that have a high probability of being sunk anyway, in the early phase(s) of the upcoming, planned conflict(s)? Why worry about how well rested crews are who very well may soon be dead? Is the Navy planning on using the ships and their crews as pawns, ordering them to fight for as long as they can-- or at the least to threaten to fight -- knowing full well that the ships are likely to be sunk and their crews killed early on? And then would/will the USSA Navy use the sinking of the ships and the deaths of thousands of sailors as the casus belli that the Pentagon needs to make its (false) public case for major warfare?

All the while, the boomers (large nuclear-missile-firing-submarines) and ICBMs lie in wait, all ready to go, on all sides. The missiles already have their targets programmed.

Oh, yes, the mundane astrology is extremely war-like and bellicose over the November to January period. This is no coincidence. I learned years ago first-hand that the military-industrial-espionage complex have their astrologers. King Arthur had his Merlin, Queen Elizabeth I had her John Dee, and the CIA and Pentagon have their remote viewers and astrologers. They wait for the negative astrology and then they use it. Look for the upcoming false flags, the troop maneuvers, the military aircraft movements, the naval deployments, the military provocations. A great deal of this is astrologically timed.

You can see war coming or simmering everywhere you look. The next 120 days will be fraught with geopolitical and military tension, even higher than now, if not the outbreak of full-on warfare. Armenia-Azerbaijan, China-India, India-Pakistan, China-Taiwan, China-USSA, USSA/NATO-Russia, Israel/Saudi-Arabia/USSA-Iran, Turkey-Greece, Libya-Turkey-Egypt-Russia, Syria-Russia-USSA, USSA-North Korea, and more. You can feel and see events ramping up.

Any given day of the next 120 days could see spectacular false flag attacks and/or the outbreak of major, military conflict. The mundane astrology is extremely hyper-combustible right now and over the next few months.

Wait for November-December-January. The threat of a military coup d'├ętat in the USSA in that time-frame is nontrivial. That would be quite the geopolitical-military wild card.

As for the rest of 2021 beyond January? -- we'll be in a different world by then. One year at a time.

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Friday, September 25, 2020

Near Future Events Have Long Been Planned By the Major Players

Osher, the astrologer, is calling this October the month of Divine Judgment. This is reminiscent of a recent ayahuasca session of a friend of mine that also featured the Divine Judgment theme for the world.

In October and November Mercury and Mars are both retrograde for significant periods of time. Mercury retrograde has to do with failure of communication, lost messages, undelivered communications, faulty data, failed negotiations, etc. Mars is the planet of war. So add aggressive, war-like, military, violent energies to communications, data and negotiations difficulties and you have the worst of combinations.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio & Libra: October - November 2020

Mars Retrograde Is About To Make Our Lives (& The Upcoming Election) A Chaotic Mess

Last night I had a long and involved dream featuring interaction with significant people from my past, in the USSA, Europe and South America. There was no drama whatsoever between me and the other persons; everything was very relaxed and on an even keel. In fact, I mentioned to one of them: "No worries. Take your time. I play a very long game. Time is not an issue."

But what was especially interesting was how the dream ended. I was riding along in a bus in Quito, and looming up really huge on the horizon was the planet, Mars. It kept appearing, disappearing and reappearing as the bus drove along, and the urban landscape blocked the view. I would see it clearly, then the bus would pass a block of apartments that would block the view. The bus would continue on and come to an open space and there it would be again.


Hanging huge and low, right above the horizon. This happened repeatedly as the bus rumbled along and I looked out the window.

Mars is the planet that represents war, chaos, conflict and mayhem. My subconscious was clearly signalling to me that I will observe the episodic influence of Mars on near future events from my vantage point in Ecuador. It repeatedly emphasized: Mars! Front and center: Mars!

We live in a very highly programmed, virtual reality, and astrology is one of the meta-programming languages that codes world events in this "Earth" realm. It's like a computer code, a programming language. It's like virtual reality HTML. It's the way this reality has been set up; it's a big part of the underlying structure.

Get ready, Dear Readers. War, conflict, chaos and mayhem are looming up over the horizon.

The evil rulers of this world know this and are licking their chops with glee. They feed off of war, conflict, chaos and mayhem. They have their own astrologers, and are very well aware of the negative astrology that lies dead ahead. We're going deeper into it now. They cannot wait to unleash the hounds of Hell. They've been waiting and preparing for this time.

The Vatican, the CIA, the Mossad, the Kremlin, the Chinese Communist Party, the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, the Pentagon, MI-6, the BND, 33rd Degree Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, the CFR, Bilderbergers, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Dr. Fauci and other riffraff of that ilk, they all know.

Everything that is about to happen has been scripted and preplanned well in advance -- years, decades and even centuries in advance. They've known these days were coming for a long time.

Nothing is ever going to be the same again. It's a bittersweet time. Sadness for what could have been, yet never was and never will be, so much promise unfulfilled.

And dread and also anticipation of what is to come, the good, the bad and the ugly. We won't have to wait long. It's starting now and will greatly intensify going forward into this coming November and December. We'll deal with the events of 2021 in their due course.

In The Cold November Rain


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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Near Future Chaos For The USSA

A close friend of mine went ayahuasca walkabout recently. What ayahuasca showed him was alarming. As regards the USSA: continuing chaos right through October, rising to a chaotic, violent crescendo in November and beyond. The wheels come off. Civil war. Violence. Economic turmoil. Food supply issues. Hyper-inflation of the dollar going forward, with all that that entails. What followed hard on the heels of the hyper-inflation of the currency in the Weimar Republic in Germany a century ago? (Hint: major geopolitical mayhem.)

Batten the hatches. Major turbulence lies just ahead. The USSA is apparently headed for Mad Max time, or something like it.

Great Depression + 9/11 + World War-II + Fall of Rome + 1861-1865 (Civil War) = near future time for the USSA. Very chaotic, confused, violent, noisy, economically depressed.

Geesh. Sweet Jesus Mother of Mary.

There will also be issues here in Ecuador, where I live, but not nearly as severe as in the USSA.

Get ready. As my friend has told me: "As bad as it gets in Ecuador, we will be grateful to be here and not back in the USSA!"

I imagine the remote viewers are right now telling very much the same thing to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, the DIA, the Kremlin/Putin, the Chinese Communist Party/Xi Jinping, the Mossad, Merkel, Macron (3M) and the Quee*$#BGTX of England (that ghastly creature cannot possibly be a natural, biological, genetic feminXX). Those in the "know" know what is coming, so don't you be caught flat footed.

The next 120 days will not be dull, noper. And the rest of 2021? We are going to see highly unusual events, there is no doubt.

The Bone Lady (who appeared to me in my infancy and downloaded information about this time to my mind) nailed it hard, way back in 1958. She's the real deal. She strides through the time-space corridor(s) -- looking, looking, looking, evaluating the time lines. The Bone Lady is nobody's fool. She's a peerless seer and scryer of reality, a sort of Nagual or ally, in the sense elucidated by Don Juan Matus.

But there's also a good side, and ultimately the Good does prevail, with a karmic time lag to be sure, because in the final analysis Good is not terminally destructive, whereas Evil **is**.

Dave Hodges and Mike Adams have recently posted lists or timelines of likely events in and/or for the USSA over the next three or four months. Please see:

Some (or even many) of the events that Dave Hodges and Mike Adams are warning about may potentially occur. The USSA is very rapidly entering << very strange days >>, shall we say.

Don't expect a normal national election on November 3rd. It will not be normal in any way.

Don't expect a normal Christmas and Holiday Season this year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, or college football bowl season -- NONE of that will be happening as normal. Just will not.

In fact, don't expect normalcy from here on. Things have changed and they will never be going back to the way they used to be.


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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The November Election Has Already Been Rigged

What is going unmentioned by almost everyone is that most votes in the upcoming November election in the USSA will not be counted fairly — or at all, in many cases!

There is an apocryphal statement attributed to Joseph Stalin that goes something like: “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

It doesn’t matter if Stalin ever said such a thing or not. The truth is that the thrust of the observation is accurate.

Ever since the publication of “Votescam: The Stealing of America”, by James and Kenneth Collier almost 30 years ago, those who have wanted to know have understood how modern elections are rigged and the outcomes decided by corrupt, hidden hands.

With easily hackable, electronic voting machines, votes can easily be, and are! — flipped electronically to whatever candidate the hackers and/or programmers have decided will win.

The Diebold machines are notoriously easily programmed to flip votes — and do!


Hacking voting machines: Easier than ever imagined

And now there are millions upon millions of mail-in votes, and voting without I.D.

And yet The Saker, Paul Craig Roberts, Catherine Austin Fitts, Jeff Rense, John B. Wells. Sean at, Dave at X-22,, the Drudge Report, Alex Jones, CNN/NBC/ABC/CBS/Reuters/RT/Sputnik/ BBC/AP/WSJ/WaPo/NYT and countless millions everywhere implicitly appear to believe that votes are truthfully counted and that the vote of the people decides the election.

No. Emphatically no.

What is true is that there will be something called a “national election.”

But it is a show. It is a form of popular entertainment, or of mass mental and social entrainment. The result has already been determined. It has been bought and paid for. It has been arranged.

It has been PROGRAMMED to happen. The outcome is already known by the system managers who operate at a level above the public, political discourse. It has been predetermined. What is going on now is a carnival sideshow to flummox and bamboozle the masses.

The big show is just about to start. Think of Donald Trump as a TV reality show actor (oh, wait! …) brought in as ring master to do the honors, or as a sacrificial bull at a gory bullfight, destined to charge dramatically around the ring as the assembled multitude oohs! and aahs!

But the script has already been written. The bull, the picadors, the matador, the roaring crowd, the pontificating commentators, etc. all play their appointed roles, while in the back room the promoters of the show are busily counting their take from the paying gate.

Mass violence has programmed. It has all been arranged. The show has been centuries in the making, at least since the 1800s, and the drama will very soon run its tumultuous course. The denouement fast approaches.

No, it does not matter for whom anyone votes in November, or if they even vote at all.

The next phase of the drama has already be programmed and set in motion. It will run its inevitable course without regard to whether or not you vote, or for whom or what.

Ballot boxes will be lost, tossed into dumpsters — or magically found! — as necessary. Electronic voting machines will flip votes to one candidate or the other as they are programmed to do. Mail-in ballots will be mailed in — or somehow not delivered! — return to sender! — as desired.

Free and fair and honest elections are a charming, romantic notion that bear not the slightest correspondence to harsh, modern world reality.

The election has already been decided by its owners — and that ain’t you or me!

In all honesty, I’m not in that loop, so I cannot say with precision exactly who the owners are. It is, however, likely that they never show themselves publicly, not in any identifiable way. Anyone at all who appears in public is line management, at best middle-level management of global affairs. That includes the Rothschilds and anyone else who ever appears publicly as an influential person. The owners are someone or something above the level of multi-billionaires, above the World Economic Forum, above the United Nations, above heads of state, above kings and queens, above the IMF, World Bank and Communist Chinese Party, above the Vatican.

The election is an important, commercial property. It’s an expensive show, a major entertainment venue -- for the hoi-polloi -- designed to funnel off their money, attention, emotional energy, spirit and time. The voters do not determine the outcome of the election, which is thoroughly rigged, well in advance, but they do pay for it, very heavily.

So what have the owners decided on?

Violence, chaos, mayhem. That is evident.

Just wait, things are only getting started. The owners will select whomever or whatever best advances their agenda of violence, chaos and mayhem. If an indecisive outcome, or split decision, best advances the owners’ agenda then there will be a declared (or undeclared) tie and the contest will go to a tumultuous, riotous, violent, contentious, fractious, noisy, confused overtime period to decide the matter. If the owners want to violently Balkanize North America then they will make the Federal government in Washington, DC to chaotically collapse or will simply vaporize the place, by one means or another, and move on to the next phase of their “Earth” drama. The “show” must go on.

The charade of voting means nothing, nothing at all. It merely perpetuates the illusion and delusion of popular control of the extremely anti-human, inhumane control system.

The voters are numbered and tagged chattel, human livestock. The vote is managed, not counted. The people are made to swarm hither and thither. Decisions of their governance and social control are made for them, not by them.

Please see:

Global 5G roll-out
Global Covid-19 mandatory lock-downs
Obvious preparations for upcoming civil war in USSA
Obvious preparations for coming WW-III
Obvious, upcoming, rigged, electoral muster-fluck in 7 weeks in USSA
and on and on …


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Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Coming Red-White-and-Blue Dictatorship

Well, speak of the devil. In my last blog post, mere days ago, I predicted that the end game of the current, violent chaos and mayhem that is convulsing the USSA, would be to impose a harsh, authoritarian, totalitarian police state or martial law regime to quell the unrest by both the Left and the Right; that, in fact, both sides are being played, and set at each other's throats, in order to usher in a ruthless dictatorship that shadowy controllers behind the scenes have long wanted. Now they see their opening and they are moving swiftly. Here you go:

Roger Stone Calls For Trump To 'Declare Martial Law' To Seize Power If He Loses
It's a perfect plan. \sarcasm\

Even if Trump loses the election, or especially if he loses the election. all he has to do is declare martial law, you see? -- suspend the Constitution and unleash the hounds of hell against whomever he and his henchmen decide needs to be brought to heel.

That could be Antifa or BLM, or  .... maybe it could be your Wednesday, home prayer meeting, because of not wearing masks, not practicing social distancing or not getting prior authorization from your local Covid-19 contact-tracing council. You could be declared a mortal menace to community health and well being, and carted off in handcuffs.

But, but you say .... Big Daddy Trump is going to drain the swamp! He's going to send all the bad guys to Guantanamo in chains. There are going to be military tribunals for all the traitors. There are -- what is it now? -- supposedly something like 161,000 sealed Federal indictments in courthouses all over the country targeting the worst of the worst of the swamp creatures. Donald Trump wouldn't arrest Christian people who voted for him!! Would he?? Right? RIGHT???

Look here -- it is a pathetic scene that is playing out, very pathetic. It's well known that the so-called Christian Right voted for Donald Trump in very large numbers, 4 years ago. These nominal "Christians" somehow conflated Donald Trump in their fevered minds with Jesus, the America of Norman Rockwell paintings, democracy and personal freedom, the Savior of all that is good and true, defender of liberty and fairness in government, valiant restorer of Constitutional order, and much more along those lines.

By the millions, politically conservative Christians voted for Donald Trump with romantic illusions and delusions of "Make America Great Again!" dancing in their heads. It was most remarkable, the more so as Donald Trump in his professional career has been two things: 1) a very wealthy, corrupt, New York City, real estate tycoon, and 2) a smug, arrogant, TV reality show star.

That's it. But all Trump had to do was stand up on stage in front of the TV cameras and bray: "Make America Great Again!" and conservative "Christians" practically wet themselves in their frantic scramble to the polls to cast ballots for the corrupt, double-talking, Big City real estate tycoon and network TV reality show star.

I know many of these people and you do too. Many of them have been or currently are in the military. Many of them (most?) have blind faith in the goodness of an idealized "America" that exists nowhere, and in all honesty has never existed anywhere but in their own confused minds.  They blindly support the Pentagon military troops, essentially on a "my country, right or wrong" basis, they fervently swear allegiance to the flag, they sing the national anthem (a war anthem, by the way) with real gusto and feeling,  with tears in their eyes and a lump in their throat, and swear binding oaths of loyalty to the government.

And yet ... and yet! All of this flies very squarely in the face of, and directly contrary to, the very "Christian" values that they profess to hold so dear.

Did Jesus not say: "My kingdom is not of this world!" And yet so many "Christians" are fervently praying for God to save the USSA -- to "Make America Great Again!" -- which last time I checked is very much a kingdom of this world. So I suppose these nominal "Christians" have already chosen sides, haven't they? -- and it's not the side of Jesus, who has NO worldly kingdom, as per his own explicit statement.

This goes for all of those all across the political and "Christian" spectrum. There are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of every political and "Christian" stripe who have gotten secret governmental "security" clearances which entailed swearing a binding oath of allegiance to the USSA government, including the massively, criminally corrupt alphabet soup agencies like the DIA, CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI, IRS, etc. This also calls to mind another pithy saying of Jesus: "No man can serve two masters; else he will love the first and despise the second, or despise the first and love the second." And yet myriad "Christians" swear a binding oath of allegiance to a temporal kingdom, which has means, methods and objectives that are in stark contradiction and opposition to the means, methods and objectives of Jesus, The Prince of Peace. 

Not the Prince of War. Not the Prince of America. Not the Prince of Career Success or Prince of Big Mega-Churches. Nope -- The Prince of Peace!

So who is it that these supposed "Christians" really serve? Earthly rulers or Jesus? Remember that according to the Christian scriptures, Satan, the ruler of this world, tempted Jesus with Earthly power when he was fasting for 40 days in the wilderness -- and Jesus flatly rejected his offer of political power and bluntly rebuked him.

Probably none of this is lost on Jesus, who is very real so far as I can tell; but also seems to be very different than so many "Christians" appear to think that he is. They think they can bullshit Jesus and it doesn't work like that. Jesus has seen every game that there is, and you just do not and cannot fool him. He's very direct, ultra-honest and excruciatingly fair. You'll get exactly what you have coming to you, nothing less. Depending on the person, this can be very good news, indeed, or alternatively, a bone chilling, horrifying tiding.

Once the physical, meat suit dies, the human spirit is one on one with higher level beings -- like Jesus, for instance -- and there is no hiding from them/him. Their playing field, their rules.

Disclaimer: I have not attended services of the various Christian cults for decades. In fact, the last I heard I was excommunicated from at least one, and maybe even two or three(!) of them. It's disappointing, it surely is. I think the grounds were falling away from the faith, or not attending services with sufficient frequency or fervor, or something substantially along those lines; but whatever the case, I was never actually, officially served notice by Jesus himself that he wanted nothing more to do with me, and that matters, because even according to the Christians themselves, he's the one with the final say, so there is that. I should note that I have had a few, brief, interior encounters with Jesus over the years and he's astonishingly majestic, authoritative, unblinkingly direct, supremely confident, radiant and thoroughly loving and humble; in brief, an exceptional being who notwithstanding all of the foregoing seems as completely, personally familiar as an immediate family member whom you have always known, ever since you can remember.

Final observation: nothing of what I have written here should be construed as support for Joe Biden and others of his ilk, either, including Antifa and BLM. The criminal corruption in the USSA political structure/system is bipartisan, extensive and seamless. Countless thousands are caught up in the comprehensive, institutional criminality in the USSA. The same is true in numerous other countries as well, all over this planet.

The USSA Federal elections in early November, less than two months from now, will therefore resolve nothing. On the contrary, they may prove to be the country-destroying, powder keg that sends the USSA up in flames!


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Friday, September 11, 2020

It's Over For The USSA

Here's the way I see what is happening in the USSA.

Although at a superficial level it may not seem like it, the same forces behind 1)  the left-wing, BLM/Antifa rioting are also playing 2) the law & order right-wing. From what I have seen, a very complex, satanic A.I., self-aware program is ultimately behind this demonic, virtual reality in which we are embedded.

This is a multi-century or even multi-billion year program, that is rapidly being rushed to violent completion. And it is a program! This whole reality is heavily programmed. The broad brush program at work right now in the USSA operates something like this:

1) Create a rabid, gender-bent, dystopian, angry, confused, violent, ignorant, looting, burning, assaulting, murdering rabble Number 1, comprised of millions determined to "bring the system down" by any means necessary -- including -- amazingly! -- by destroying the very cities and neighborhoods in which they live, and in which the people they ostensibly want to help live.

2) Provoke an equally ignorant, dystopian, confused, rabid, "law & order" rabble Number 2 to confront rabble Number 1, in defense of the system (which **is** totally corrupt by the way -- Group No. 1 is not wrong about that). But many in group Number 2 stupidly have profoundly false delusions of the supposed nobility and goodness of "the system" and want to "Make It Great Again!"

3) In the face of ever more violent confusion and confrontation between group Numbers 1 and 2, roll out a draconian, authoritarian, totalitarian, Orwellian police state or martial law response to maintain social order. You know: concentration camps, armored personnel carriers on the corner, armed police smashing down doors and dragging away dissidents under summary arrest, door to door house searches by military go teams, targeted assassination of "enemies of the state," etc. 

This fascist, dictatorial response has been the desired outcome from the beginning by the shadowy, hidden hands manipulating events from the sidelines. Group Number 1 is too stupid to see the deadly trap that has been laid for them. Group Number 2 is also too stupid to see the trap that has been laid for them. Both groups blunder stupidly and blindly into the trap.

Both groups are brought violently to heel, and ruthlessly subjugated by the harsh, authoritarian, police state, because BOTH GROUPS are no longer of use to the ruthless, shadowy controllers once the totalitarian, authoritarian, police state has been achieved and is operational.

The more ruthless and clever of the leadership of Groups Number 1 & 2 may be brought in as lower level, line managers in the Orwellian dictatorship that ensues, but the great mass of the "activists" and the general population are only seen as slaves, useful idiots who are easily programmable and expendable by the hidden hands running the Satanic carnival sideshow.

According to much of what I am hearing, sometime, somehow, within the next 110 days there will be such major events in the USSA that the government will probably fall, the dollar will collapse and there will be such chaos that Donald Trump's whereabouts will become entirely meaningless; i.e., the White House and Federal government will be the least of anyone's worries. They will simply become irrelevant as the chaos and mayhem deepen. The elections in early November may not even happen; and if they do the results will probably be violently disputed.

Betting the odds that the planet will still be here! -- and you will still have your life and wits about you 110 days from now, get ready. Prepare. Store nonperishable food for yourself, your family, your pets, etc.

This period of the next 110 days is a prime time for more, spectacular, false flag attacks like the infamous 9/11 attacks, but much worse. When you see those big, violent events occur, just remember: it's all rigged! It's a fake, virtual reality, A.I. generated sh!t show with millions and billions of extras, like a demonic, Hollywood feature film with major special effects and an evil, satanic script. Only we are right in the middle of the action and it seems very, very real! Love, hate, blood, guts, pleasure, pain, boredom, excitement, joy, fear, anxiety, relaxation, leisure, tension, fun, ignorance,  stupidity, enlightenment, attraction, repulsion -- we're deep into it, like it or not, however we got here.

Keep looking at Jesus' picture every day and chanting his name. He's the sort of higher-order being that you definitely want to know -- not low-level, demonic errand boys like Donald Trump or Joe Biden. They're nobodies who don't even matter in the great scheme of things; but Jesus does.


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Sunday, September 6, 2020

55 Very Eventful Days and Counting

Things are about to get real serious.

They already are serious, but they are about to get real serious.

I wrote last year (in 2019) that 2020 would prove to be such an eventful, impactful year that even if you were to live for 1,000 years you would never forget how momentous this year was. I had many reasons for saying that, but instead of going into them, suffice it simply to say that so far that has proven to be a completely accurate prediction. To this point, 2020 has proven to be a very historically significant year.

However, the last 115 days of this year will be even more spectacularly eventful and impactful than the first 250 days, not because I say so, but because that is simply the way it's going to be.

What is coming is going to be so ENORMOUS that, frankly, a great many people will not physically survive the upcoming travails. Now, I am perfectly well aware that the normal course of human events is that human beings die. Mortality is a fact of life -- and death. Every day, thousands are born, and every day thousands will die in myriad different ways. That's the way it is here in this "Earth" realm.

But I am talking about mass mortality events well beyond the "normal" state of affairs. 

You see, things have gotten so very serious that in the coming weeks and months, let us say, moving forward from early September 2020 (now) to mid-January 2021, a period of about 130 days, we are going to live through an extraordinary series of events unlike anything any of us have ever experienced.

One or more of the following are highly likely to individually or severally transpire over the next 10 to 130 days.

1) Perhaps the final federal elections in the history of the USSA, which will be so chaotic and fraught with such rancor and animosity, that the resulting brouhaha will lead to open civil war and/or martial law. (Presuming of course that there even are federal elections in November; we'll see what transpires over the next 55 days).

2) After the elections of November, a fractious, violent descent into a fratricidal, civil conflict in the USSA that quickly eventuates in the collapse of social order and consequent bloodshed, and may even lead to the fall of the central government in Washington, DC.

3) A general economic collapse in the USSA, concomitant with the collapse of national, social order. Railroads, bus lines, airlines and trucking lines will curtail their operations due to the societal chaos. Absent the normal movement of goods and passengers, which are essential to daily commerce, economic activity will sharply decline. Note: this may well entail the death of the USSA dollar, aka the Federal Reserve Note (FRN), and the abrupt end of the predominance of the USSA in the global political, economic and military order.

4) A heightened probability of nuclear war between the USSA and Russia. Just two days ago, the USSA military flew nuclear capable, B-52 bombers a mere 15 miles from the Russian border, in a blatant display of nuclear brinksmanship. If USSA nuclear bombers come much closer to Russian territory nuclear war would be a virtual certainty. If it happens it will be really, really fast and massively, mind-numbingly violent on a stunning scale. There would/will be numerous mushroom clouds on the mainland USSA. Count on it.

5) An EMP attack that disables the electrical grid of the USSA. In other words, literal lights out for the modern USSA, and a literal, modern, Dark Age: no electrical lighting, no TV, no Internet, no telephone service, no banking, no industrial production, no gasoline or diesel (re)supply, no (re)supply of grocery stores and supermarkets; in brief, a catastrophic collapse of modern life within mere hours or days, and inevitable, ensuing, mass, societal chaos and a high level of unavoidable death from myriad causes -- disease, accidents, violent crime, starvation, freezing to death, fires, absolute destitution, suicide, etc.

6) Major, devastating earthquake activity, including (but not only): a) the Cascadia seismic zone, b) the New Madrid seismic zone and c) the San Andreas fault. Here in Ecuador, where I have resided for many years, we remember very well the massive earthquake activity of April 2016 that created such devastation in this small country. The strongest movement was an M7.8. I was about 90 miles away from the epicenter, as the crow flies, and I'm telling you that it put the Fear of God into me. It went on and on. Everything was sharply jolting, heaving, shuddering, shaking, rocking and rolling. I don't even want to know what an M9+ feels like, which would be maybe 30 times worse. Lord have mercy! And yet, the west coast of North America from Vancouver island and Puget Sound all the way down to northern California is long overdue for a massive M9+ earthquake in the Cascadia seismic zone, a cataclysmic, telluric,  terraqueous movement that could occur literally any hour of any day. There has been a greatly elevated incidence of powerful earthquakes recently; just today the USGS website showed four earthquakes of M6+ around the world, as well as a spate of M5+ and M4+ earthquakes. The world's tectonic plates are clearly under a lot of stress.

7) A spectacular, notorious, catastrophic, false flag attack (or attacks), something like the infamous "9/11" attacks in 2001 against the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in northern Virginia -- only much worse this time and even more chaos inducing. The intent this time around is to create an immediate state of warfare, a stunning, reflexive (albeit criminally false and fraudulent) casus belli against the preferred enemy du jour. I assess the probability of this sort of attack to be very high, and maybe against more than one city at a time. You see, the Deep State -- the Pentagon, Federal Reserve Bank, CIA, State Department, etc. and their fellow travelers in NATO and Israel want war; and however demonic and insane that may appear to normal people, they want a really big war. And to get their really big war they are perfectly capable of resorting to really big false flag attacks to whip up a criminally manufactured, false, fake, war hysteria. It is what they do.

Instead of presenting a trail of documented evidence that lamentably points in that disappointing direction, which is all very readily available on the Internet for those who care to look and see and understand, I will instead present the recent remote viewing of Aziz Brown, who is a skilled remote viewer. The scenario that he has foreseen will unfold later this month very much fits a "false flag" type of attack in a major city. Though he does not say so in his public presentation, the depiction of the city in his remote viewing  bears a resemblance to Washington, DC.  If there should be a major, false flag attack in Washington, DC (and/or other cities) expect the wheels to come off of the normal life that most of us have known during our lifetimes. Here is the video of Aziz Brown's remote viewing of events to transpire sometime this month, in a city that resembles Washington, DC. We'll find out soon enough if it happens. Look at time stamps (minutes) 15:25 to 24:50.

Remote Viewing News Forecast for September 2020

Finally, without respect to what happens or does not happen during the course of this month of September 2020, BIG events are already baked in the cake for November and will occur -- political, social, economic, military, law enforcement, etc. -- not because I say so, but because that is simply the way that it will be. This period of time has been programmed that way -- karmically, astrologically, politically, militarily, socially, etc. --- and the program will run its course. The events of the next 55 days, as incredible as they may prove to be, are but prelude to what transpires in November.

I personally do not anticipate anything remotely resembling a normal Holiday Season this year.

The holidays will not be happening this time around. They just won't. I wish it were otherwise, I truly do, but I am not the one pulling the strings on this global muster-fluck.

Dear Readers, prepare yourselves for very trying and difficult times that lie just ahead.


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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Trump Is Very, Very Unwell: Troubling Video From Monday, 31 August 2020

Dear Readers, look at this video of Donald Trump from yesterday:

Trump is in obvious, bad shape. He has an evident neurological issue with consequent muscular/motor impairment. Stroke?

He slings his right leg when he walks; his right arm hangs limply. He has had recent trouble holding a water glass in public, descending a ramp with difficulty, and from time to time has had trouble pronouncing ordinary words clearly and correctly.

His deteriorating condition is clearly being covered up. 

Anyone who has had experience with an elderly family member with a stroke history recognizes the signs: strength and mobility issues and impairment, loss of function or reduced function on one side of the body, and recurrent problems with verbal expression.

Typically the first major stroke is followed by others, resulting in further physical and mental impairment. Trump is on a downward trajectory. 

We're looking at a sick old man.

To be fair about it, Joe Biden is also obviously a sick old man in declining health.

Is this what it has come to? Two, weak, sick, geriatric cases slugging it out for the presidency, vying to see who is still alive on election day in November?

At this rate there will be no presidential debates and precious little public campaigning by either of these doddering, frail, rapidly declining, old men. They're too weak and sick for much else!

They're the perfect metaphor for a sick society which has thrust two sick, old men to the top of the political heap to be national leader. Profoundly sick old men to lead a sick society.

Relax! Things are only getting started. November will not disappoint, not at all, you'll see.

As for inauguration day in January 2021?  -- I shudder to think.

One of these decrepit, old fools will have been elected President by then and will shuffle to the podium, if he's still alive in January, and will give an incoherent speech to the watching nation and world.


One does get the feeling that the wheels are about to chaotically, completely fall off of the corporate USSA entity.

Theatre of the absurd. Every day is curiouser and curiouser.


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Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Long Good-Bye

Things are moving faster now, much faster.

The ongoing, heavy flooding in China has wiped out a large percentage of Chinese agricultural production this year. Additionally, there has been heavy flooding in many other countries, notably in India. 

The recent damaging weather in the Mid-West of the USSA has also ruined millions of acres of productive cropland.

The upshot of all of this is that global food production has suffered enormous setbacks in recent weeks and months. The large drop in food production, coupled with the major hit to national economies occasioned by the Covid-19 crisis and the concomitant, global economic crisis, is a double, or even triple whammy that will produce tremendous suffering and social strife in the coming months.

Count on it. 

Millions of desperate, penniless, unemployed, hungry people will soon take to the streets in country after country. It's inevitable.

Along with the desperate hunger and poverty that accompany the collapse of the present world system, comes the likelihood of major warfare. A simple scan of the daily headlines in recent weeks reveals potential military flash points all over the world: the South China Sea, the Himalayan frontier between China and India, the Pakistan-India border region, Kashmir, the Persian Gulf, the eastern Mediterranean, the southern Caribbean, the Black Sea and Baltic regions, and more.

Global economic collapse, hunger, geopolitical and military power plays. These are a few of the important elements in the time of Great Trouble that lies just ahead.

There are people who write to me and mock me for saying these things.

More and more, I take those criticisms less and less seriously. I understand that a whole lot of people these days are demented and not thinking clearly. Drugged up, hopped up on alcohol, confused by all sorts of propaganda or even demonically possessed in some cases.

Very well. I am revealing my thinking and they are revealing their "thinking" -- such as it is.

By Christmas, or even before, momentous events will occur that will set the stage for still more events in 2021. I said in this blog before this year even began, that if you lived to be one thousand years old, you would never forget the events of this year. I stand by that observation, and remind you that there are four and one-half-months still to come in this year. The second half of this year will prove to be even more memorable than the first half, which has already turned the whole world on its ear!


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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Shake, Rattle and Roll -- It's Coming!

Dear Readers, my 161.8 loyal readers! I've seen such things, not because of any talent of mine, but because what is coming is so immense that it causes the time-space corridor(s) to literally tremble as it draws closer and closer. My ayahuasca experiences called the imminent, global trembling to my attention last year and the year before, as the stupendous vibrations came up from deep within the bowels of the Earth itself and into my body. I could feel the mighty trembling rising up from deep within the Earth, coming up from the core of the Earth, from below the crust, from below the tectonic plates, and when the shaking reached my body, all I could do was vomit and vomit uncontrollably in response, as the Earth disgorged a tidal wave of evil from within its body. I heaved right along with the heaving of the Earth. It will be ghastly.

Why will the Earth heave? Because of this sort of thing, for example. Please click here. Where did you think all the myriad thousands and thousands of disappeared people, and millions of aborted babies went? What is going on is demonic beyond belief. The Earth has a lot of Satanic wickedness to vomit up, nowhere more so than in the USSA.

Do you understand what the USSA is in reality? A horrific Hell corporation, a really loathsome, reprehensible corporation. It's all about the TRILLION$ of dollar$ of Hell profit$.Why would anyone want to make Hell great (again)? Ayahuasca has shown me that the U$$A is an artificial, demonic, $atanic playground. It is so foul, the whole place, from polluted sea to polluted sea, that I cannot even begin to describe it.

It is beyond any possible repair, and anyway, why would any sane person want to fix Hell? I don't want any part of it any longer. I want to lose any tie I have with it. I feel like taking a thousand showers, just because I was born there and lived there for 54 years -- and that still wouldn't be enough. I want to rescind any legal tie with the place. I don't qualify for social security benefits, and I don't want them even if I did. Increasingly, I just want to be rid of the USSA.

Along those lines, I want to mention again the Christian blogger, Byron Searle, who has for years claimed to receive messages from Jesus, and who has written down the messages in his blog.

In one of his recent blog posts he has written about the GREAT SHAKING that he says Jesus has told him to warn the people about. A very GREAT SHAKING that is soon coming to the USSA because of its incorrigible, unrepentant evil -- allegedly in September, mere weeks from now.

I don't doubt the message he has received, and I moreover think that it is plausible that the substance of the message he has received is from Jesus. Why not? It's essentially the same thing that ayahuasca has revealed to me: an unbelievable, geological upheaval is coming.

My good friend, Greg Caton, also drinks ayahuasca, and in his recent ayahuasca experiences has reported to me that ayahuasca has alerted him to the tremendous geophysical upheaval that is coming. The vibrations and shaking were so strong that he had to sit down. 

A lot of of other people have seen the near-future earthquakes, volcanoes, asteroids and associated tsunamis and destruction and loss of life in their dreams and visions. Go on YouTube or DuckDuckGo and do some key word searches. You can read and/or view reams and hours of these accounts.

Jesus, ayahuasca and the Earth itself are announcing to one and all, those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, what is coming.

Greg Caton has also seen incoming asteroids to the Earth in his recent ayahuasca visions. He's hardly alone; the remote viewer, Dick Allgire, has also seen an inbound asteroid in his recent remote viewing sessions.

I have previously written about the visitation by The Bone Lady that I received in 1958, when I was a small boy. As a preschooler, The Bone Lady downloaded to my mind a preview of coming attractions, if you will, of future Earth, a future that has now begun to take place. It was a very heavy vision for a little boy, or for anyone. I have carried it with me my entire life, and now billions of people have begun to live out the dramatic events that will characterize the close of this age, and the dawn of the next.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, wars, asteroids, economic collapse, starvation, tsunamis, rampaging mobs and more. It won't be dull. Everyone will choose whether to partake of the vile madness, or to seek to rise higher and be better than the murder, slaughter, theft and destruction. Those are the choices that determine the eternal disposition of the Soul itself, and we all will choose. Every single one of us.

The Shaking Begins

Today's news brought reports of an M5.1 earthquake in the Virginia-North Carolina border region, of all places. I was born and reared in Virginia and I can tell you that earthquakes of that magnitude are not common in that area. Please see:

Given my own visions, and those of many others, I am prepared to think that this is but a foreshock of much more powerful seismic activity to come.

I am reminded of the Lori Toye and Gordon Michael Scallion maps, and other similar maps by others, of near-future North America, after the coming, cataclysmic Earth changes.

See, for instance:

I can believe that these radical changes in world geography are programmed to occur, because I have been shown something very similar myself -- a large inland sea in North America extending up from the Gulf of Mexico and great loss of land along both the Atlantic and Pacific coastal regions, as well as in the Deep South. As to how such massive changes in the landscape and oceans can occur, who knows? -- a pole shift? asteroid strikes? close passage by another planet or planets that disturb the Earth's axis? something else?

I was born and reared in Tidewater, Virginia in the region below the Fall Line. I also have spent a large part of my life in other areas of the upper, lower and coastal South, including in Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

Forty years ago, I lived and worked in Acadiana, also known as Southwest Louisiana or Cajun country. I know the whole region like the back of my hand. Golden Meadows, Thibodaux, Houma, Dulac, Morgan City, Patterson, Baldwin, Franklin, Jeanerette, New Iberia, Des Allemands, Charenton, Bayou Teche, Bayou LaFourche, Weeks Island, Avery Island, Patoutville, Erath, Abbeville, Gueydan, Kaplan, Lafayette, Broussard, St. Martinville, Breaux Bridge, Napoleonville, Donaldsonville, and more. I never made it to Grand Isle, and never tried alligator or turtle, though I did eat my fair share of hush puppies, boudin, crawfish etouffee, fried catfish, frog legs and crab cakes -- all liberally doused with McIlhenney Tabasco sauce -- what else?? -- and/or tartar sauce, as the occasion called for.

"Half of Louisiana is underwater, and the other half is under indictment."-- Billy Tauzin. God help me, but that is funny, and all too true! Billy's a real live wire, and prone to occasional outbursts of political candor. 

I remember a hotly contested Police Jury election many years ago in one of the rural parishes over on the Texas border where a couple of hundred of those who cast votes were discovered to reside in local cemeteries! That's Louisiana for you, where a big crawfish boil or catfish fry for a candidate's prospective constituents could be the difference between losing or gaining public office. Whether or not it's technically legal is largely beside the point -- the voters expect the candidates to deliver! What kind of sheriff or police juror could a man possibly be, if he can't even serve up a plate of fried catfish, hush puppies and coleslaw to his people? Know what I'm sayin'?

But that was then, now is now. These days I'm 100% focused on life in South America.

I don't expect to ever see Acadiana or Louisiana ever again, or any of the other places that I have lived and worked in in the Deep South and coastal South, and I'll tell you why: from what I've seen, a great deal of Southern real estate is going under the sea, and not in the far flung future, either. It seems to me that these events will occur within the next several years. I fully expect a whole series of mass mortality events caused by: floods, tsunamis, asteroid and meteor strikes, economic collapse, civil war, social collapse, government collapse, World War III and concomitant nuclear strikes, viral and bacteriological plagues, crop failures and famine, massive earthquakes, fire storms, nuclear power plant melt downs, and more. Indeed, this train of woeful events has already started. It is underway now. The world has become more and more chaotic in recent months and years. I anticipate that this process will continue and greatly intensify in the coming months and next few years.

Look at this relief map of the USSA:

From what I've been shown, starting about at Del Rio, Texas, going up through San Antonio and continuing up through East Texas, eastern Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska to the Dakotas and over to Minnesota and then coming down via the Mississippi River Valley and beyond through Little Rock and Memphis to Jackson, Mississippi, then running eastward across the South to about Folkston, Georgia and then up along the edge of the coastal plain to Richmond, Virginia and beyond to Baltimore and Dover, Delaware will all be going underwater. From what I was shown, Florida is just gone, as is Louisiana and the vast majority of the rest of the coastal South. The Gulf of Mexico will open directly to the Atlantic Ocean. Florida vanishes, as does a big chunk of southern and eastern Georgia. Bye-bye to Waycross and the Okefenokee and Brunswick and a lot of other, coastal and low-lying real estate all across the South. This necessarily implies the sudden death of tens of millions of people. Glub-glub-glub. The sharks will be feasting for a couple of weeks until the plentiful human carrion finishes decomposing and/or is all eaten.

In brief, there will be a huge, new bay in the central region of North America. From what I saw, it will run northward for about 1,000 miles from the present coast of the Gulf of Mexico and will be hundreds of miles across. It will extend up from present-day Louisiana and East Texas, up through Arkansas and Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and the Dakotas, almost up to the Canadian border region. Much of this new, large, inland sea lies about four hundred miles farther west in what I was shown, than is the case with some other maps that are out there on the Internet from other sources. The sea will also make great inroads inland farther north along the East Coast and also on the West Coast. The geography of North America will greatly change. Many cities will be swallowed by the sea. Bye-bye to Washington, DC, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Monroe, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, New York City, Chicago, Omaha, Memphis, Mobile, Norfolk, Newport News, Dover, Baltimore and more.

Half of Texas will be lost to the sea. 

The days of the USSA are numbered. The country has accumulated so much negative karma that it is about to reap an industrial helping of karmic whup-ass.

I don't intend to ever be back. For one thing, in many cases, there won't be anywhere to go back to. A lot of the places I used to know and live in, all across the South, in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Maryland, simply will no longer exist -- they will be physically wiped from the face of the Earth. A whole lot of people I used to know are also going to physically be wiped from the face of the Earth. I cannot change any of that. That decision is being made way above my pay grade. 

It is all very sobering.

The final curtain call is coming up in the very near future. 

What comes next will stun many people into total silence or outright kill them. It will be just that grim. Civil war, economic collapse, civil uprising, geophysical upheaval, government failure and more.

The USSA has been weighed in the balance and found massively wanting. It's over.


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