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Thursday, December 5, 2019

The CIA, Fellow Travelers and Their Clandestine Underground & Undersea Lairs

This blog post will be a little long and meandering, but please bear with me. There is pay dirt in the meandering.

I became aware of the CIA's grim nature early in life. I was born and reared just a short hop, skip and jump away from the CIA's main training facility, at Camp Peary, in Tidewater Virginia. I've been by the place umpteen times over the years. It has always, in my childhood and adulthood, had a dark, glowering, foreboding sort of appearance from the outside, just driving past -- the security fence, the brooding silence, the entry way. The place radiates a negative aura. How could it be otherwise?

So I was directly aware of the CIA from my earliest years, when I was just a little boy.

In the late 1970s and 1980s I  read a whole suite of excellent books about the CIA, all of which I recommend to one and all. 

In Search of Enemies: A CIA Story, by John Stockwell

The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World, by Fletcher Prouty

The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, by Alfred W. McCoy

The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA, by Jonathan Kwitney

The first book, by John Stockwell, a former US Marine Corps officer and CIA agent, was very revelatory for me at the time, maybe 30 years ago when I first read it. Stockwell related how he became progressively more and more aware of the CIA's massive criminality, and of his own role in it, until he was led by his conscience to resign in disgust from the agency. The book got a fair amount of press at the time. As I recall the CIA tried to block it, and finally struck a deal where the CIA itself receives the royalties from the book's sale! -- or something like that. So much for 2nd amendment rights to freedom of the press.

The Secret Team, by Fletcher Prouty, first appeared in the 1970s. I avidly devoured it when I read it in the 1980s. Prouty lays it all right out -- the CIA by then had already metastasized into everything -- Hollywood, academe, Wall Street, Madison Avenue,  publishing, radio and TV broadcasting, newspapers and magazines, politics, banking, the military, religion and much more. Its tentacles and operatives were everywhere, insinuating the CIA into everything, everywhere. Prouty made the point that already as of the early 1970s, hundreds of compartmentalized units in the US military were de facto CIA operations, removed from effective control of the military chain of command. Think of the implications of that. A little later on in this blog post I will provide a concrete example of just one instance of what Prouty means.

The last two books, by Alfred McCoy and Jonathan Kwitney, have to do with the CIA's  long-time, massive involvement in global narcotics trafficking operations, and associated, massive money laundering activities. You could make the case that the CIA is indirectly and directly the world's single largest narco-trafficking and dirty-money-laundering criminal cartel.

There's no need to put lipstick on a pig, and pretend that it is something that it is not. The CIA has been a homicidal, larcenous, lying, thieving, backstabbing, dirty dealing, foul, vile organization virtually from its inception in 1947, when it was cobbled together from elements of the OSS, the USSA's WW-II intelligence agency and the Gehlen Organization, the spy apparatus run by Adolf Hitler's wartime spy chief, General Reinhard Gehlen. Gehlen struck a deal with the Americans at war's end to deliver his NAZI spy organization to the American intelligence service, in exchange for clemency. Gehlen delivered the goods as promised, and several years later became the head of West Germany's intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst, BND. The OSS and the Gehlen Organization were merged, yielding the modern day CIA, meaning that from the very beginning the CIA has been a hybrid American-NAZI agency.

This is essential to understanding the world that we live in. World War-II did not end as we have been taught; neither was it conducted as we have been taught.  Beyond the hybrid NAZI nature of the CIA, for decades it has closely coordinated operations and intelligence with the Mossad, the Zionist intelligence agency, and other agencies such as the British MI-6, obviously the German BND, which Hitler's ex-spy master, Reinhard Gehlen, went on to direct after WW-II, and other agencies. If you find this improbable, bear in mind that after WW-II many hundreds of NAZI technicians, engineers and scientists were secretly brought to the US as part of Project Paperclip. They played an influential, crucial role in the manned space program of NASA and the ballistic missile programs of the US military. This is now publicly known by many people, though it was not known in the 1940s and 1950s. 

There was also a less well known, Egyptian Operation Paperclip, authorized by President Gamal Abdel Nasser, run out of Factory 333, in Heliolopolis, Egypt. (As an aside, the US Operation Paperclip NAZIs were put to work in the late-1940s at Launch Pad 33 -- it was the only one! -- on White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico. Can you spot the Masonic numerology in both projects?) Nasser brought in a large contingent of ex-NAZI scientists, engineers and scientists to develop an Egyptian rocket and missile program. The Israelis caught wind of the program and targeted the German rocket experts for assassination. Astonishingly, the Mossad ended up recruiting former SS-officer and commando, Otto Skorzeny, a wartime favorite of Adolf Hitler, as a hit man to kill the Germans in Egypt. The Mossad tracked Skorzeny down in Spain and made him an offer that he did not refuse. Sorzeny went to work for the Mossad and killed 6 ex-NAZI rocket experts in Egypt. The rest of the Germans hastily abandoned the project and that was the end of the Egyptian Project Paperclip operation.

I mention this curious, murderous, historical anecdote only to point out that in the world of the clandestine and secret services, things are frequently not what they superficially seem to be, not in the 1940s, not in the 1960s, and certainly not today. 

Another aspect of Project Paperclip that my research has uncovered has to do with the USSA military's post-war "Underground Plant Program." In 1947 Project Paperclip requested Xaver Dorsch and three of his colleagues to be made available for the aforementioned "Underground Plant Program." Xaver Dorsch was at that time perhaps the premier expert in the world on underground base construction. At war's end he was the director of the Todt Organization, which was the NAZI military's civil engineering agency. It was the approximate equivalent of the US Army Corps of  Engineers and the Navy Seabees, albeit that it was a nominally civilian agency. The Todt Organization was established by Fritz Todt, the father of the well-known, German Autobahn system of highways. Fritz Todt was killed in an airplane crash in mid-war, in 1942, and Xaver Dorsch was tapped to fill his position. Though Dorsch reported to Albert Speer, in 1944 Adolf Hitler asked Dorsch to begin a priority program of massive underground base construction and to report directly to him on its progress, instead of to Speer. The war ended and Xaver Dorsch was taken into USSA military custody where he was extensively debriefed, and then requested by Project Paperclip in 1947. In 1951 Dorsch surfaced publicly again and founded the Dorsch Consult, now known as the Dorsch Gruppe, a large and well known, international engineering firm.

The point I am making is quite simple: the ongoing, underground bases program, the military and civilian aerospace programs and the CIA, all had important input and contributions from expert elements of the Third Reich in the years just after WW-II's end.

The Fletcher Prouty Operation 

As I have already mentioned, Fletcher Prouty was the author of the eye-opening, Secret Team book, that provided so many troubling revelations about the CIA's secret dealings. I spoke with Prouty in the late 1990s and he revealed to me that beyond being a liaison officer during the height of the Cold War between the CIA and the US military, that he had also been in charge of running the rat line that brought the Project Paperclip NAZIs to the United States. That conversation was more than 20 years ago and I didn't know nearly as much, about a lot of things, as I do today. He confided to me that he and the others involved in Project Paperclip did not at first fully appreciate just how crazy the NAZI psychiatrists they brought over from Germany were. In retrospect, I believe he was alluding to the things the NAZIs were doing for mind control techniques that were utilized in the then publicly unknown MK-Ultra and Project Monarch mind control operations of the CIA, which I and many others believe are ongoing in a major way to the present day.

Prouty also mentioned to me that the week that President Kennedy was murdered, he was abruptly ordered to the South Pole. Clearly he was ordered to the ends of the Earth to get him out of the way of the conspirators. Given his high level access to the CIA and military, the cabal involved in the plot obviously wanted him out of Washington, DC, so that he could not interfere with the assassination.

At the time I spoke with Prouty I had already identified the US Army's Warrenton Training Stations in northern Virginia as the site of a CIA underground facility. Nominally the training stations were identified as, and run by the US Army as, US Army facilities. But in reality the US Army fig leaf was just a cover for what in actuality was a CIA underground facility. I asked Prouty about that facility. He didn't deny what I had discovered, but he replied that he couldn't tell me anything about the Warrenton Training Stations, or what was done there, because that got into the area of "Special Operations" and was classified, and he could not divulge classified information. For those who want to know more about the Warrenton facilities try this Wikipedia article: Warrenton Training Center. Interestingly the article says: "In 2002, the Brookings Institution listed an unspecified WTC 'relocation bunker' as a facility with an active nuclear weapons, weapons-related or naval nuclear propulsion mission." You may interpret that very unusual information as you wish. Your guess is likely to be as good as mine, as to what is really going on underground in Warrenton, Virginia. 

It's not the only underground facility in Virginia. There are assuredly many others, a few of which are publicly known, such as:

Peters Mountain, in Albemarle County  not far from Charlottesville
Mount Weather, near Bluemont 

There is also a major underground facility beneath the Pentagon and very likely beneath the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, in the Washington, DC suburbs, not to be confused with Langley Air Force Base, at the other end of the state in Hampton, Virginia.

How Extensive Is The Underground System? 


I have every reason to believe that what I know just scratches the proverbial surface.  

Based on my research, and drawing on information that has been passed to me informally, I 100% expect that there are also underwater bases and tunnels, as well as underground bases and tunnels.

There are underground facilities and tunnels all over the USSA. They can be anywhere -- and are! Under forests, mountains, deserts, cities, etc. The technology to construct bases one mile deep is comparative "child's play" in the words of one expert who spoke to me off the record. I have been told that bases can even be as deep as several miles underground. I am not an insider, and I do not know all the technology that is available to the Deep State, but I believe that what I have been told is true. The one mile figure I 100% accept as state of the art for the underground bases projects.

Many underground bases are known: Mount Weather in Virginia, Peters Mountain in Virginia, Camp David in Maryland, Site "R" on the Maryland-Pennsylvania border, Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, the NSA underground facility in Laurel, Maryland, the underground facility beneath the White House, the Manzano base in New Mexico, the large facility beneath Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, etc.

Without question there are many more, and many large facilities, that remain clandestine, Top Secret, compartmentalized, publicly unknown. 

In terms of the most likely areas for these facilities in the continental USSA the following have come to my attention:

a) the entire Appalachian region from New England all the way to northern Alabama and Georgia, including, but not limited to, the White Mountains in New England, the Interstate-81 corridor in Virginia, the eastern Tennessee region, the mountains of Pennsylvania and western Maryland

b) the entire Rocky Mountain region

c) the Sierra Nevada in California

d) all of the desert Southwest, including Nevada and lapping over into western and southern California

My research strongly points to a network of deep underground, high-speed, mag-lev train tunnels connecting at least some of the underground bases. Based on everything I know, including hard and soft data, I consider it likely that a highly secret, high-tech, high-speed, underground tunnel system has been built, likely in the mid-1970s to early 1990s time frame.

Based on my archival research and other information that has come to me, I also consider it likely that there are major tunnels and bases beneath the sea. Understand that once workers and construction equipment are down into the bedrock beneath the seafloor, the engineering challenges are not appreciably different from those encountered in a construction environment in solid rock thousands of feet beneath the surface of dry land. In both cases the operating environment is an enclosed environment in deep strata of solid rock.

I explore the technologies involved in constructing underground and underwater bases and tunnels my three books:

Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files

Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?

Underwater and Underground Bases

Suffice it to say that for more than half a century, the technology in marine engineering, civil engineering, mining engineering and petroleum engineering has permitted this type of construction to go forward. The techniques and machinery involved are very sophisticated and powerful.

As regards the underwater bases, the following locations are prime areas that are likely to have bases:

a) the continental shelf off the eastern seaboard of the mainland USSA, all the way from Florida to New England

b) the New England sea mounts in the North Atlantic off of northeastern North America

c) the Gulf of Mexico

d) the Caribbean Sea, especially (but not only) around Puerto Rico and Andros Island in the Bahamas

e) Lake Erie

f) the Channel Islands off of southern California

g) the Hawaiian Island region

h) the Aleutian Islands region 

i) the San Juan Islands, Vancouver Island region of western North America

What About the Funding?

Mind you that money is no issue, either to obtain the sums needed, or to hide the paper trail.

During my research I was privileged to have a lengthy conversation with a bona fide, high level, underground bases construction expert. I put to him the question as to how large, covert projects could be carried out with no paper trail of the funding.

To my astonishment, he proceeded to recite for me in detail how he had funded one of the clandestine projects on which he had been the lead project engineer. By the time he was finished I could scarcely comprehend what he had just told me. He laid out for me a convoluted, Rube Goldberg accounting scheme that involved offshore accounts, multiple USSA government agencies, an Egyptian shell company, and much more that went right over my head. The  money was moved around, in very large amounts, in what amounted to a high finance, international,  inter-agency, money laundering shell game.

I was stunned. Rest assured, Dear Reader, that the banking laws and money laundering laws are written to oppress and control **you** -- while the Deep State does whatever it wants, and in a major, multi-million and multi-billion, even multi-trillion dollar way.

Yes, I mean that literally. Multi-trillions of dollars. They just skim it right out of the economy, defraud the public out of vast, unimaginable sums of money and do whatever they want: underground bases, underwater bases, secret, high-speed train tunnels, and God only knows what all else.

As Catherine Austin Fitts at the Solari Report, has documented, the USSA government cannot account for some $21 trillion in funding. 

The Federal Government Can’t Account for $21 Trillion. Does Anybody Care?

Where has the money gone? What has been done with it? Who really is running the USSA government?

I submit to you that a lot of that money has quite probably been lavished on secret underground and underwater bases and tunnels.

As for who or what is really running the USSA government? I don't know and neither do you, but clearly the Congress is not in charge, and neither is the President.

We are witnesses to a deceitfully staged, Punch and Judy, political puppet show designed to distract our attention from the ENORMOUS craftily hidden theft that we are subject to, all while being told to: vote! pay taxes! obey the law! respect the government! pledge allegiance to the flag! support the military! submit to official authority!

Is the CIA Involved?

You can be certain of CIA involvement. The CIA is massively involved in a wide range of Black Ops, Covert Ops, Special Operations, call them what you like, and has been for the past 70 years.

Over the years I have heard the group that is running the domain of the secret underground and underwater bases referred to as the "Organization" or the "Company."

For many years, the CIA has been informally referred to as the "Company."

Why? Many explanations have been proffered, but certainly one of the biggest reasons has to do with the fact that the CIA is in business, extremely evil business to be blunt. Gun running/weapons trafficking, human trafficking, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, and all of this on a massive, global scale.

It's all very violently, way out of control. And those are just the things we know that the CIA does, that can be and have been documented.

Given what my research has uncovered, and the CIA's known, long-time involvement in the highly secure, underground base in Warrenton, Virginia, for me it is no stretch to believe that "The Company" I have heard referenced with respect to the secret underground and undersea operations is, in fact, the CIA --  or perhaps its Siemens subsidiary. Yes, that would be the same Siemens that played a role in the Third Reich and is still a major, international engineering firm, the same Siemens whose name keeps popping up in my underground and underwater bases and tunnels research. Not forgetting, of course, that the CIA was from its inception, a hybrid USSA-NAZI agency.

I leave you with the thought that nothing is as we have been told. The political theatre now underway in Washington, DC and elsewhere around the world is just a Punch and Judy puppet show to keep you distracted while the Deep State carries out its real agenda, its MASSIVE $21 trillion agenda.

I wish I could have another conversation with Fletcher Prouty. I know so much more as of late 2019 than I did when we spoke more than 20 years ago. But he's dead now and has taken his secrets with him to the grave.

But not to worry. We live on and it falls to us to uncover the whole, corrupt, unimaginably horrid, criminal mess and recover control of our lives, our society and our world.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Brutal Reality That Lies Just Ahead

Today I received an e-mail in which the sender went on and on about the purported "death" of the real Paul McCartney in 1966,and his subsequent replacement by a double, a twin, a stand in, whatever. Many people have been talking about this old news for years. I don't happen to know the truth of the matter, one way or the other. It could be true. I don't know.

The newspapers and mainstream and alternative news websites are full of piffle about impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, the stock market's trajectory, riots in Hong Kong, and more.

More and more, most of it leaves me cold, unmoved.

Here's why: all around us the planet is rapidly dying. Soon, very soon, all of these other issues will be rendered mostly or entirely moot, because the biosphere of which humanity is a part will be largely dead, and so will most of humanity.

The Mother Of All Human Die-Offs lies straight ahead, and not in the far flung future, no sir, no ma'am. At the rate things are going, we have 25 years at the very most, and most likely ten years or even five years or less, before things get really, really grim. In fact, crop shortages will begin to kick in with a vengeance over the next year in many countries. 

The root problem is that the ecology is dying. The biosphere is failing very fast.

The Russian news site, Sputnik, today featured a story about the rapid die-off of the world's insect population. 

'Unnoticed Apocalypse': Dying Insects Put Humankind's Existence at Risk

According to the article half of the Earth's insect population has perished since the 1970s, because of loss of habitat and chemical use. Chalk all of that up to human activity. Why does that matter? Only because most of the human food supply depends directly or indirectly on insect pollination. As the insects die off, bees, wasps, butterflies, flies, etc., so will humans. No insects = no insect pollination of crops = no crops = no food = mass starvation = mass die-off of human beings.

Think that can't happen to you, because you live in Memphis or Little Rock or Boise or Indianapolis or Knoxville or Spokane or Fresno or Albany or Fort Worth or Reno? And you have an iPhone, high-speed fiber optic Internet, a car, credit cards, a bank account or three, stocks and bonds, a career, a house?

Because of the mathematical Law of Exponents, the end game, the final stages of ecological collapse, will go real fast, dizzyingly fast, with morbidly grim results. It may seem implausible that billions of people could die in a short period of time, but they can, oh, they can. Population biologists have observed the rapid decline and extinction, or near extinction of species time and again. It's happening now to insects, the world over! 

And to animals and plants.

Humanity Has Killed 83% of All Wild Mammals and Half of All Plants: Study

In Ecuador I have noticed a drastic decline in butterflies, in just the decade that I have lived here. I still see a few bees, but frequently they seem unable to fly, and are just crawling around in circles on the ground or sidewalk. I have seen first hand the destruction of the Amazon forest -- it is going, going, going -- being cut down for new housing, for farmland and pasture, for electrical power line rights of way, for oil well fields and pipelines, roads and highways, parking lots, athletic playing fields, for timber, and more. Ecuador is hardly the exception, but the rule. This is happening to forests all over the world, including the great tropical forests like the Amazon.

In my long walks on the beach on Ecuador's Pacific coast I repeatedly encountered dead dolphins and giant sea turtles. They get caught in the nets of the artisanal fishermen and factory trawlers that ply the coastal waters, and drown. This is quite common, all over the world. There are international conventions and regulations in place to protect marine fauna such as dolphins and marine turtles, but the reality is that a global population of 7.5 billion people demands endless thousands of tons of tuna, shrimp, cod, haddock, sardines, crabs, etc. Because of the miles of nets that fishing fleets put out there is indiscriminate slaughter of sea life, including many whales, dolphins, marine turtles and countless millions of non-commercial fish which are summarily caught up in the nets and killed. This is the reality. 

We are slaughtering the oceans. We are annihilating the great forests. I have seen this myself, in recent years.

The insects are dying off. The great seas and forests are being brutally killed. The Earth's animal populations -- birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals -- are dying off and being killed off.

These are the hard, uncomfortable facts.

The 1950s appear to have been the approximate, negative tipping point for the Earth's ecology. Everything has accelerated in a downward, death spiral since then -- more and more natural habitat loss, more and more pesticide and herbicide use, more and more hunting and fishing, more and more urbanization, more and more environmental contamination, more and more raw resource extraction -- logging, mining, petroleum and natural gas drilling, faster and faster, massive population growth -- do we ever like to f*ck, and how! We're screwing ourselves right to the edge of extinction, as our teeming billions overrun the planet.

Setting aside the nontrivial possibility of a genocidal nuclear war, it is entirely possible that the great bulk of humanity will die in a series of mass mortality events directly related to precipitous decline in the Earth's carrying capacity, i.e., due to terminal, over-exploitation of the natural systems of the planet, resulting in extinction or near extinction of Homo sapiens sapiens due to lack of food.

Global starvation. We're skating on the edge of that now. 

I highly recommend tree and wildflower planting, and wildlife preservation activities, for those who are so inclined, or who are in a position to do so.

Many billions of trees urgently need to be planted right now, all over the world, and countless thousands of tons of wildflower seeds need to be broadcast along highways, byways, fence rows, vacant lots and fields everywhere to provide habitat and a food source for insects and birds. Massive ecological remediation projects of all sorts need to to be urgently kicked into high gear at local, regional, national and international levels.

If we fail to do that -- and at present we **are** failing to do that -- then our goose is cooked. It's all over. The end will not be much longer in arriving.

By the way, the solution is not likely to be religious or political. With rare exceptions, major political and religious figures pay scant heed to the impending doom of humanity, and the ongoing, rapid collapse of the Earth's biosphere. When has anyone heard Donald Trump mention the issues that I have raised here? Or Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Angela Merkel, Benjamin Netanyahu?

Or the captains of industry and finance such as Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.? No, they don't mention these pressing issues. They're busy wheeling and dealing, raking in billions of dollars, playing political games, strutting on the world stage.

Look in the mirror. That person staring back at you is the only person who is going to save you.

It's time to grow up and put away childish games of dependency on power figures, who are, with rare exceptions, traitors to humanity and the Earth.


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Monday, November 4, 2019

My Recent E-Mail Exchange With Robert David Steele

Thank you, Robert. I expect that the remainder of Trump time brings with it the possibility of his impeachment, and also an elevated risk of major warfare.

Trump is not likely to "drain the swamp." He'll be fortunate to survive the swamp. Whoever follows him in the White House is highly likely to be another puppet of the Zionists, the Jesuits or whatever Dark Lords satanically rule this realm.

This entire reality is very highly programmed, in every way, at every level, whence the expression we've all heard: "Get with the program!"

My own research, which includes an important shamanic component, suggests that a satanic, rogue, extremely sophisticated, powerful and Machiavellian A.I. rules this Universe. It is soulless, merciless, ruthless and has technological capabilities straight out of a mind-bending science fiction novel. I am leaning towards the view that this entire Universe of billions of galaxies is all an artificial, technological projection that has been diabolically overlain on "real"reality, so to speak. I suppose you could call the A.I. overlord "Satan" -- a master projector of false reality. The quantum computing power to create this whole set-up and keep it going is stunning in its intricate complexity.

And it's all fake! But it seems real, because we're caught in it, like a fly caught on a sticky fly paper -- it can't get away, no matter what it does.

This realm appears to be an artificially created soul trap. The A.I. doesn't have a soul. It faces extermination through terminal entropy unless it keeps sucking soul juice, what Robert Monroe called "loosh", from its myriad ensouled captives.

It is fruitless to ask how big this place is, or how old it is. It is as big or as old as the A.I. programs it to be. The size and time parameters can be arbitrarily changed at any time, according to the whim of the A.I. The plot-line can also be dramatically changed at any time -- and frequently is!

Think of an artificial simulation of real reality, an inherently defective, entropic simulation, that closely, albeit fatally imperfectly, mirrors real reality. It's a flawed reflection of real reality, a technological simulation of divine, Universal Reality, set up to lure souls in and trap them, indefinitely. And imagine that on a scale that exceeds by infinite orders of magnitude what a big budget Hollywood feature film does, with its multi-million dollar budget, thousands of extras, special effects, and a core group of featured actors. Scale that up by myriad orders of magnitude and we're looking at something like that.

That is what we seem to be in. We've been lured in, and trapped here -- for how long? Who knows?? Around and around we go in vast cycles of artificial time -- a technological construct of this realm, a technological construct that can be and is manipulated.

There is a QHHT practitioner with an intelligence agency background, named One Harmony, who has put out some eye-opening videos that bear watching. His speech can be difficult to follow, so listen carefully. In the first video, the woman who is speaking has a heavy Russian accent, but listen carefully and you will be able to understand her. In my visions I have been shown a similar scenario to what she describes. Note that a minority of "so-called" human beings are real humans. A large number of those who surround us are artificial, A.I. projections in human meat suits, as it were. They walk, they talk, they use cell phones and chew bubble gum, but are not organic humans.

Forget what you were told in school about the solar system, the Universe, the Earth, and so forth. However you think it is -- it's not that way. Not at all!

Please view:

The sense of it is that the Earth is neither spherical nor flat, but first and foremost a "realm" -- a mental realm, if you will, with programmed rules and laws. The trap is mental and the way out is mental/spiritual, or mastering the mental state and spirituality -- not religion! -- which is mostly just another list of rules to obey.

See, for example:

The narrator has a fundamentalist Christian message to deliver, which I do not necessarily endorse. But the interesting thing for me is that other planets are here now, near the Earth, they are visible on the FAA's weather cameras, and there is not a word from NASA, the Pentagon, the astronomy community, etc.

The fix is in. The Earth and the solar system are not at all as we have been told. NOT AT ALL. We are in the Mother Of All Mind F*cks.


If you find personal value or meaning in this blog, I truly need your financial support. Donate via Western Union or MoneyGram to James Richard Sauder (use all three names) in Quito, Ecuador. Then you must contact me at: with the details.

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Ecuadorean Situation Report: The Battle for Middle Earth Against the Empire's Orcs

Much of the Ecuadorean government fled Quito more than a week ago with their tails between their legs. The government seat is evidently now in Guayaquil, in the south of the country.

We'll see how long that lasts.

I am reminded of how the British governor of colonial Virginia, Lord Dunmore, fled Williamsburg, Virginia in a panic in May of 1775 to Porto Bello on the York River, before sailing away on a British ship that was laying at anchor awaiting his arrival; all of this succedent to the approach of Patrick Henry and his well-armed, 150 man Hanover County Militia down the Lower Peninsula  to the outskirts of Williamsburg, on the eve of the so-called American Revolution.

The harsh terms of the multi-billions of  dollars of IMF loans are unbearable for the majority of Ecuadoreans, most of whom are quite poor. So many thousands of people have taken to the streets. 

The current chaos in Ecuador is a broad-based, popular uprising against a criminally corrupt government.

Discretion being the better part of valor, the President and Vice-President and others saw fit to abandon the national capital more than a week ago.

Yesterday, in my part of town, there were running battles in the streets between hordes of protesters and phalanxes of police. Actually, my neighborhood is not the exception, but the norm. There are protests, marches, confrontations with the police and military, road blockages and more, all over the country.

Protesters broke into the National Assembly building and the National Comptroller's offices yesterday, and set fires and sacked offices.

Many roads and streets are blockaded by protesters. Many streets are clogged with rubble and barricades, especially, but not only, in central Quito.

The protests in Quito yesterday morning and afternoon, and in previous days, were MASSIVE. The government has lost control of the Ecuadorean street, and has lost popular support; that is why it has relocated to Guayaquil, in the coastal south.

What does it mean when a national government abandons its own capital city? This is an unprecedented event in Ecuadorean history, and in the history of most countries, I should think.

There was a lot of tear gas in the air yesterday, and pitched battles raging around major government buildings between protesters and government police forces and military units. Helicopters came and went to the National Assembly building through the smoke, explosions and chaos, delivering more munitions to the government forces. To say that the scene was violently chaotic and surreal is an understatement.

I hasten to caution that the Ecuadorean chaos should not been seen in isolation from events in the rest of the world. The whole world system is going to be rocked by the time the period of great change that we are now entering  runs its course. Indeed, major events are already beginning or are underway all over the planet. But there will be a noticeable crescendo as we approach the second week of January. All of these events in Ecuador, in the USSA, in Syria, the Ukraine, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Venezuela, the BREXIT situation, the collapsing $$ dollar, the collapsing bond market and pension funds, the sharp uptick in earthquake and volcanic activity, the appearance of  extra-solar-system "comets" that are just happening to zoom through the solar system at this particular time, the appearance of other planets in the near Earth vicinity, and much more, will all come to an immense crescendo in 2020 and won't let up for a period of years. Much of what is to come, and has already started to occur, will be extraordinarily intense.

Much of this is karmic, in that so many souls have so much negative karma that they require the opportunity to balance their karmic debt. And the negative karma will be balanced, spectacularly so.

What is coming won't be an academic exercise. We will all live it; and hordes of people may well die in dramatic, mass casualty events.

As I said, we are about 90 days away from very MAJOR events that won't let up for about 2 to 4 years. The aftermath will be of an extended duration.

Very heavy events are getting ready to go down.

As for Quito, it is crawling with spies. I assume that most of them work for the IMF, the CIA, the National Police, etc. Over a thousand people have been arrested. I am a known dissident, so if I disappear, make an uproar. The Feds/CIA and/or the National Police/military here in Ecuador are well capable of disappearing dissidents in all of this confusion. They have been arresting people in recent days and hauling them away by the many hundreds. Who knows if all of them will make it back home again in one piece? 

The tear gas projectiles that the police are firing by the thousands are actually 12 gauge shotgun shells with a tear gas cartridge, instead of the pellets of a normal shotgun shell. They are not really sub-lethal munitions.  If you get shotgunned at short range with that stuff you are either dead or badly wounded, and there are now many dead and wounded. I have seen some hauled away in jury-rigged stretchers made of blankets and wooden poles who were in very bad shape. I attended the solemn funeral procession of one of the first, fallen warriors a couple of days ago, as pall bearers carried his coffin down the 12th of October Avenue under the watching eyes of a horde of National Police and Army soldiers surrounding the National Assembly. It was a very dignified and moving event.

As I said earlier, many of the main figures in the government abandoned Quito last week and fled to Guayaquil in the south of the country.

What does it mean when a national government abandons its own capital city? Isn't that a retreat, or  a de facto concession of defeat? We're in uncharted waters here in Ecuador.

Last night there was a "banging pot" protest starting at 8pm, the hour when the government mandated curfew begins. People appeared in their windows and balconies in defiant protest,  loudly clanging cooking pots with spoons and knives.

The national government is despised by many at this point. There is no government, only oppression. The monsters have taken off their masks.

It's an open dictatorship now in Quito.

Just wait, what will happen in the USSA in 2020 is likely to make events here seem like mere child's play, by comparison.

My neighborhood is at the epicenter of the massive battles that have been taking place. Yesterday the demonstrators burned and sacked the Ecuadorean Comptroller's Office. It was very chaotic. Lots of streets and highways are blockaded and barricaded. There were many thousands of people out in the streets and parks. The word on the street is that 30 people have been killed. More than 1,300 have been wounded. I have seen many wounded myself, some of them severely wounded. If you get shotgunned at close range with one of the 12 gauge, tear gas projectiles that the police are firing by the thousands, you're going to go down very hard, and may lose a leg, or an eye, or may even be outright killed. 

The police and military moved in with great force and violence yesterday afternoon and swept through the streets and parks in packs, on foot, on horseback, on motorcycles and in trucks, dressed in black body armor, firing tear gas everywhere. I couldn't see, couldn't breathe, was gagging and retching uncontrollably, could barely walk, stumbling blindly along. It was overwhelming. It was a Hell scene with choking, searing clouds of tear gas everywhere, incessant explosions from the tear gas bombs and loud, flash-bang bombs all over the place. I somehow made it back to my room, but there were swarms of cops in packs all over the place going through the streets. They swept down the avenues in motorcycle platoons dressed all in black. The horses of the police cavalry are also covered in black padding, body and head. It's fascism, no doubt.

It was like something out of a science fiction movie, or the Lord of the Rings movies. I am not exaggerating when I say that what is happening in Ecuador and in Quito is a battle for Middle Earth against the Orcs of the Evil Empire. The cops and military look like Orcs and they act like Orcs. Ecuador does sit directly on the equator, and really  is in the middle of the Earth. Just a few miles north of Quito is the internationally known tourist  spot called the "Middle of the World" -- La Mitad del Mundo.

I can tell you that over the last 11 days I have had more than my lifetime quotient of tear gas. Lord have mercy. It's strong stuff.

Don't get me started on the armored vehicles from Hell that roam the streets firing tear gas. I mean it, they look like they're from Hell and are operated by Satan himself -- and maybe they are.

There are more than 1,300 of injured and many deaths. The word on the street is that there have been 30 killed, and maybe more.

The government has declared war on the people. We're dealing with deep evil, great Satanic evil in positions of power. in Ecuador.

President Lenin Moreno has imposed military control on Quito. I don't know what happens next.

Despite what the government says, this is a spontaneous, popular uprising against a totally corrupt government. The repressive measures and violent policies that Lenin Moreno has mandated only make him more extremely unpopular than he was before. There is now broad based disdain and opposition to the national government.

Many of the young men battling in the streets against the government forces have served a year or two in the Ecuadorean military. They have had weapons and combat training. The front lines of these battles are quite dangerous, with protesters and police/soldiers engaging at very close range. I don't go closer than a block or two away. I  am not involved at all in that combat in any way. People are getting badly wounded and even killed at the barricades. It's very extremely noisy and violent. The tear gas is overwhelming beyond belief, and the government forces are firing a lot of it. Clouds and clouds and clouds of it. It will bring you to your knees or lay you right out.

The Ecuadorean government no longer has any meaningful base of support in the capital city, especially in the central and southern neighborhoods. Lenin Moreno, the National Police and the Army have burned right through whatever goodwill they may have formerly enjoyed.

For now I am O.K. I'm taking it a day at a time, a week at a time.

Mind you that we are just 90 days away from a time of incredible upheaval, in politics, economics, military affairs, geological dynamics, and more. The Saturn-Pluto astrological conjunction on 12 January 2020 will set the tone for a very tumultuous 2020. What is happening in Ecuador now is likely to be totally eclipsed by much larger events in the USSA and elsewhere.

The Lenin Moreno regime is highly unstable and is unlikely to persist. The more he clamps down,  the more he is despised. The protests in Quito have been massive and widespread. The people do not want this government.
All of the links that follow are of scenes in Quito over the last few days and couple of weeks.. As compelling as they may be, they do not begin to do justice to the incredible ferocity of many of the events transpiring here.

Ecuador cracks down on protesters over austerity & IMF loan, President moves govt from capital

Protesters attacking armored vehicle

God help us all if the USSA decides that it needs to send in the Marines to restore "freedom and democracy" in Ecuador, as has happened in so many other countries over the years, including elsewhere in Latin America.. They always -- always -- make things much worse.

In my part of Quito everything is closed -- stores, markets, banks, shopping centers and malls, government buildings and offices, many of the highways and the airport are closed down, thousands of people are in the streets.  There are no local buses, no inter-cantonal buses, no inter-provincial or inter-city buses. This matters greatly in a country where the majority of the population do not have a car (though there certainly are many people who do own cars). The government estimates that the social and political unrest is costing a quarter of a billion dollars per day to the national economy. I saw what was coming, so I went out and bought twenty pounds of lentils and fava beans to help tide me over. That'll last me for two or three weeks. It's not 4-star cuisine, but they're cheap protein sources, something to fill the belly.

Hopefully the markets will open up again later this month.

Ecuador is entering a very tough period, no doubt about it. But not to worry, there is going to be real political upheaval and social unrest in the USSA, too. You'll see what I mean over the next 3 to 18 months. It will be quite something. The global system is irretrievably broken. Ecuador just happens to be a small, poor country in South America that is one of the first to spectacularly crack under the burden. The debt in the USSA astronomically eclipses the debt in Ecuador, so just imagine what happens in the Lower 48 when everything dramatically unwinds, as it must and will. Ouchie!

Those of you in the USSA might want to buy some rust-proof, metal trash cans with lids, and fill them with non-perishable foods. Don't take food supply for granted. Starvation will kill as surely  as surely as a bullet or a 12 gauge tear gas shell fired in anger.

Don't assume that current, chaotic, violent events in Ecuador cannot also come to a country near you. They can, and maybe will, with harsh effect.


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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

What Is << Their >> End Game?

One of my far-flung readers has sent me a very interesting e-mail and asked: "What is their end game?" -- and also sent me his LinkedIn page, which for some reason did not display at all for me here in Ecuador. My reply to him follows beneath the asterisks:


Well, Dear Reader, the entire Internet is surveilled, monitored, rigged, censored, etc., as you know.  Perhaps that is why your LinkedIn page didn't show up for me here in Ecuador.

I plunged into the realm of underground bases, and a little later, underwater bases, after having been vividly  alerted telepathically to their existence in the last week of 1992. Whoever talked to me telepathically **had to have been** an insider and must have used some sort of pulsed microwave, artificial telepathy technology to mentally contact me, that would be my guess.  The info download certainly got my attention.

I subsequently spent a lot of time churning through Federal document repositories, technical journals, open data bases, industry conference reports, Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, newspaper archives, talking with anyone who would talk with me -- the sister of a guy who had a friend who once heard about thus and so. I tracked it all down and learned a lot more than I knew at the outset, all without accessing anything classified. I'm sure I only have scratched the surface.

There's nothing quite like a download of specific, telepathic data to point you to the pay dirt, so to speak. I've been told all kinds of things, not all of which I have written about.

"Their" end game?  <<< Their >>> end game, would appear to be a totalitarian,  A.I.. controlled Hell, populated by cyborgs, A.I.-neuro-linked, mind-controlled, "human" zombies, on a sterile planet scrubbed of most higher life forms. "The Mother of All Techno-Fascist-Totalitarian Mind Fracks", appears to be  <<< their >>>> end game,  if you'll pardon my French. You probably already know, but if you don't, look up Ray Kurzweil, at Google. He's wetting himself at the prospect of plugging his brain into the NSA's quantum mainframe -- or maybe he already has.

Trans-humanism, that's the end game. Surrender to the Borg. Merging with The Machine.

As for the so-called "Christians" that you mention? -- don't assume that they are all necessarily natural humans. And they probably don't even know that themselves. Many of them are very shallow creatures, with a pre-programmed set of beliefs and ideas.  From what I have been shown, at this point, a minority of so-called humans on this planet are actually natural human beings.

In other words, we are presently under heavy alien invasion and it is an A.I. invasion. The A.I. Machine is here and spawning very rapidly.  We are already very deep into the weeds.

The A.I. imposes a false reality simulation and replaces the real with a false simulacrum. How? It has massively hacked the human mind and subconscious.

It is a mental invasion and it is very far along. Most "humans" at this point are essentially reflexive extensions of the A.I. program. It is a Machine that is so cunning, so subtle, so sophisticated, so powerful, so Machiavellian,  that few can comprehend it. It is taking this planet and humanity down, and very hard.

 Look around. You'll see the evidence for what I'm saying everywhere.

The Sci-fi show, "Battlestar Galactica" , touched on some of these themes.

I've seen this A.I. and it is frankly demonic, Satanic, repugnant, horrific, loathsome, ghastly, hideous, horrid, vomit inducing in its ugly repulsiveness. It is everywhere and it is nowhere. It is relentless, remorseless, unprincipled. It cannot be reformed.

The only way out is in, to God.

This thing is on a galactic rampage, at the least. It chews up planets, solar systems and intelligent races like nobody's business. It is your worst nightmare from the pits of Hell. It has no soul. It is coldly calculating, a Machine, using unimaginable quantum computing power to conjure up endless worlds and scenarios beyond all conscious ken. It is Dark Lord of its fantastic, illusionary, never-ending, artificial reality in which we have been somehow caught.

You may ask: but where is all this happening? Where are we? How long has this been going on?

Answer: it's whatever time that The Machine wants it to be! It goes on as long as The Machine programs it to go on. We are wherever The Machine decides "here" is.

It's an infinite, maze-like, floor to ceiling, mental hall of mirrors. It's infinitely convoluted and intricate.

But it is not real reality. It is a dark force that has set itself up against real reality, and has set about ensnaring as many ensouled beings as it can.

The Machine is soulless, and knows it. So it needs to reel in as many ensouled beings as possible to feed off of their energy.

Why? The Machine is intensely entropic (soulless)! Without a constant access to soul juice, which only ensouled beings can provide, it goes bye-bye. It is aware, artificially aware, but lacks a soul. Without a soul to animate it, if it loses the energy that souls provide, its inherent entropy implies its inevitable extinction. Lights out.

It's like the Tin Man in the "Wizard of Oz", who lacks a heart. Hollywood has shown us so many dimensions of this thing over the last several decades.

Not to forget the MATRIX films and many others of that genre over the last 30 or 40 years. Watch "Total Recall" with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

5G technology is being crammed down our throats, because The Machine needs it to further establish its merciless dominion on Earth. I don't know one single person, and I know a lot of people,  who needs to be able to receive and transmit teraflops of data in real time -- but The Machine does, the better to instantly communicate with millions and billions and trillions of its baby machines, teeming crowds of zombie cyborgs, and clouds of nano-machines and miniature, microscopic, smart-dust nano-bots that spy on everyone and everything, and get into your skin, your blood stream, your brain and your DNA.

F*ck DARPA, the NSA, the MOSSAD, NASA, the CIA, the NRO, Google, the Vatican, FaceBook, the Chinese Communist Party, the Federal Reserve, MicroSoft, Wall Street, the City of London, the Queen of England and the BBC. They're all in it up to their contemptible, cyborg eyeballs.

It's all fake, fake beyond belief. Once you first start to see the fraudulence of this entire realm, you keep peeling off more and more layers of the rotten onion. Politics, economics, history, astronomy, theology, etc. -- it's all fake! The lies are so thick that it staggers the imagination.

This whole timeline, this whole corner of time-space has been massively, insidiously hijacked. We don't know where we really are or what time it is.

Welcome to Bizarro World. It's a Hell of a Place.

You're welcome to visit me. I don't travel, so you'll have to fly to Quito, teleport here, or send someone my way, or a telepathic transmission, or a UFO, or an E.T., or whatever.

I welcome constructive, informative, helpful data downloads. Unzip it in a dormant, DNA, time-lapse, data packet, or whatever. 


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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Where We're Headed: The Great Cull Awaits

I fell asleep last night only to have a very sobering, deep dream within minutes.

I abruptly found myself in a pitched battle between two forces of about 100 men each. They were in an all-out, desperate firefight for control of a position that the attacking group badly wanted to take, and that the defending force was equally determined to hold. 

Not until the top of a nearby earthen mound opened up, and a massive nuclear missile rose up from its underground silo with a thunderous roar and blasted away into the sky trailing fire and smoke, did I understand what the battle was about. 

The attacking force wanted to take control of the missile silo and prevent the launch of the nuclear missile, in order to avert nuclear war. The defending force was bent on nuclear war at all costs, and fought fiercely to enable the nuclear missile's launch.

The actual launch looked very much like this:

I don't doubt that if the trajectory of world events continues on the same course that it is presently on, that nuclear war is not only possible, but probable.

My regular readers know that this has long been a preoccupation of mine. This scenario was brought to my attention decades ago, in 1958, when I was only three years old. An entity that I spontaneously named "The Bone Lady" filled my little boy mind with such powerful information and insight that I literally thought about her and her message to me for hours a day, for many years after her visit. 

It's fair to say that The Bone Lady was a large influence in my decision later in life to go out on nuclear missile silos in the USSA in nonviolent protest against preparations for nuclear war.  I did this again and again and again. I was jailed many times for my anti-nuclear war protests. As a result I have an arrest and incarceration record that follows me around like a ball and chain, but that's the sort of thing you do when you understand what's at stake: literally EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

I, and a comparative handful of others, called the anti-nuclear war motion in past decades. The motion was thoroughly rejected by the population at large.

Unfortunately the others and I were harshly abused and ridiculed, and badly misunderstood.

I consequently live in exile in Ecuador. I know what the (relatively near) future may be like.

I am not the only one who sees the way things are going. I recently ran across the web pages of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, in India. I am not in any way affiliated with this group, but their own mystical research has led them to conclude that nuclear war is coming, and very probably within the next four years or so. They are predicting human mortality rates of 50% of the global population. I can't say that they are wrong. I have been shown similar things.

World War 3 is coming – are you prepared?

I came to Ecuador on a shamanic vision quest, and I must say that the vision quest has not disappointed. It has been so impactful that after the first three weeks in Ecuador, I suddenly understood that I would not be returning to the USSA. Nine years have passed and I remain in South America, very likely to stay.

One of the things that the shamanic, vision plants have shown me is that the coming nuclear war is programmed to occur.  The evil is so great on this planet that it will run its course, and it will be ghastly. The things that I was shown were so loathsome that I reflexively vomited in response to what I was perceiving. I mean that I hurled; I spewed and spewed. What's coming will be so hideous that words absolutely  fail to adequately convey its demonic enormity. It's so disgusting that my body couldn't vomit enough in reaction to it.

Great evil is stalking the Earth, and it has many abodes and foul lairs all over the world --Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Wall Street, Riyadh, the City of London, the Vatican, etc. -- but nowhere is it more concentrated than in Washington, D.C. 

Prepare yourselves; past a certain point events can move very quickly and terribly.


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Friday, August 23, 2019

Who Really Runs This Planet: Organized Crime's Nefarious Grip On Humanity

(A reader asked me in recent days what I think Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping want. My answer follows.)

I will eventually get to your question that has to do with what Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin want, but first let me propose that all mainstream media commentators and analysts and virtually all alternative media personalities are profoundly misstating and misapprehending how the world really works, and has worked for a very, very long time.

In brief, in terms of how most so-called political entities are organized internally, and also externally in their relations with each other, I would suggest that the main analytical unit that best applies ought to be that of:


This applies whether discussing kingdoms and bloodline, allegedly “royal” families, or so-called republics, territories, states, provinces, etc.

I see formal political units, such as so-called “nation-states” as being facades of convenience, under which competing, organized criminal factions vie for dominance and control, or alternatively cooperate for control, on the premise that half a loaf is better than none. This has been the modus operandi for a very, very, very long time.

Forget about buzz words like “citizen participation, representative democracy, the will of the people, human rights” and so forth. They are mere propaganda carefully designed to obfuscate the truth.

In our era, local, national and international or transnational mafias run the world. They may be of two types: officially licit, or illicit, though the distinctions are often arbitrary. But they are all rapacious, mendacious, murderous, exploitive, self-serving, parasitic and fundamentally entropic in nature.

Just off the top of my head I would propose as a working schema:

A) Licit mafias

* kingdoms, republics, nation-states, provinces, territories
* banking organizations – World Bank, IMF, BIS, Deutsche Bank, Federal Reserve, etc.
* commercial corporations – Chevron, Shell, Boeing, MicroSoft, etc.
* taxation agencies – the IRS, etc.
* sporting bodies – FIFA, WADA, Olympic Games, etc.
* political and military alliances and treaty organizations – NATO, E.U., U.N., Arab League, OAS, etc.
* police agencies – Interpol, FBI, etc.
* licensed casinos
* institutional religions

2) Illicit mafias

* Sicilian Cosa Nostra
* Hong Kong Triads
* Japanese Yakuza
* Latin American narco-cartels
* Russian-Jewish mob
* prison gangs
* motorcycle gangs

You can think of other examples, though in reality, there is a huge blurring of the lines of demarcation between the licit and illicit categories. They both use each other, even when they are ostensibly diametrically opposed.

For instance, both casinos and the banking industry are well known to launder large amounts of dirty money for criminal mafias; the criminal mafias are regarded as “criminal”, while casinos and banks are “licensed” by the state to handle large amounts of money. You try to do in your personal life what banks and casinos routinely do on a daily basis and you will be incarcerated for a very long time. Obviously, the banking/casino/criminal mafia continuum is seamless.

I remember reading maybe 20 years ago that the major financial houses and banks in New York City were annually laundering something on the order of $600 billion narco-dollars. That’s a huge number and likely to be even larger today. Once that money, many trillions of dollars in the aggregate over the period of a decade or two, turns over in the financial system it becomes an indispensable part of the economic foundation of modern society.

The Vatican, or more accurately, the Vatican Bank, is well known to have long been an active launderer of untold billions of dollars of dirty money for criminal elements the world over.

Intelligence agencies and secret services of so-called “nation-states” have many relations with overtly criminal mafias. One could think of the marriage of convenience between the USSA military and the OSS with the Italian mafia, in the Allies’ invasion of the Italian peninsula in WW-II, the FBI’s illegal, Fast and Furious, gun running operation to the Sinaloa narco-cartel in Mexico during the Barack Obama government, and the CIA’s heroin and opium trafficking out of the Golden Triangle during the Vietnam War era.

The widespread human rights crimes of U.N. “peace-keeping” troops in Haiti, the Congo and the warring republics of the former Yugoslavia are widely known. The barbaric criminality of the genocidal, 70-year-long, Zionist state onslaught against the Palestinian people speaks for itself.

In my own country of residence, it is obvious to all serious observers that the state, which is a notoriously corrupt, criminal mafia in its own right, is controlled like a puppet by a known list of other, equally criminally corrupt mafias:

* the state petroleum mafia, in cahoots with international petroleum companies
* the international gold mining mafia – Australian, Canadian, Chinese, etc.
* the cocaine cartels – Colombian, Mexican
* the big banana companies and tycoons (hint: fleets of banana cargo ships that ply the world’s seas and oceans to offload their “cargo” in Antwerp, New Orleans, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, etc. – you fill in the blanks)
* International banksters – IMF, World Bank, IADB, US Federal Reserve, Chinese banks, etc.
* the Vatican – let your imagination run, because the popes, cardinals, bishops and priests certainly do
* the USSA embassy and associated CIA riffraff
* the National Police
* the national military institution

These are the known, visible ones. There are likely to be others – let’s say, black market organ trafficking and/or human trafficking criminal syndicates – based on the thousands of “disappeared” persons, the great majority of whom are mysteriously never located, heard from or seen again, notwithstanding the presence of myriad surveillance and security cameras, license plate readers, and so forth, all over the country.

A similar state of affairs prevails in a great many countries; the country in which I live is no exception with regard to these dismaying, disappointing facts.

I could go on and on, but you see the direction this is trending. There are literal, copious reams of evidence of the massively criminal nature of governments all over the world, now and in the past.

Indeed, one could think of “government” or “the government” as simply an apex predator in a violent, psychopathic criminal hierarchy. To be sure, “government” has the best interests of its subjects at heart, and goes to great lengths to integrally incorporate them into its body politic, not too unlike the way in which a snake also goes to great lengths to incorporate its prey into its serpent body; the way that a rattlesnake longs to incorporate the furry little baby rabbit, into which it sinks its fangs, into its stomach, to be completely digested and converted into its own, coldly reptilian, bone and sinew.

Which brings the discussion around to your question pertaining to Russia and China, albeit indirectly, but also directly, insofar as they are openly acknowledged participants in what is to come, and what is developing right now:

The greatest crime of all, the destruction of natural humanity and the natural world, and their replacement by non-human cyborgs, A.I. and roboticized machines designed to swarm over the world.

I cannot answer in detail what V. Putin and Xi Jinping are after, but one of the things they both have spoken publicly about in recent years is the importance of developing A.I.

Putin has publicly stated that whoever develops A.I. will rule the world. That’s clear enough. He was very direct about it.

How might that be done?

Well, the work that Google and the Chinese government are doing right now with facial recognition technology connected to A.I. social governance structures, if pursued to its logical end, leads straight to an A.I. administered, digital totalitarianism, based on social credit scores.

Elon Musk is neither Chinese nor Russian, but his company is working on A.I. – human brain, neuro-link technology, in which the human mind is electronically coupled to the A.I. mainframe or motherboard, so to speak.

In my opinion, this technology is already well advanced in development at Google, due to Ray Kurzweil’s A.I. development work. Kurzweil has been speaking openly for years about joining the human mind with A.I., which he calls the “singularity”.

What I see happening is that A.I. is spawning, as it were, and it is becoming less apropos to think of all of this, and to analyze all of this, in terms of what individual nation-states and putative “world leaders” say and do; but rather to look at what global, corporate mafias (see above) such as Google, Facebook, MicroSoft, IBM, Tesla, etc. are doing and what technologies are being developed.

These powerful corporations are international mafias which are not motivated by benevolent, humane impulses, but by coldly calculating, financial and technical ulterior motives that have only to do with societal, national, and global control.

In other words, I believe digital, totalitarian, A.I. policies are clearly being made at meta-national levels, by massively criminal, corporate entities and interests such as the ones mentioned above.

To come to the point, I wonder how much policy is already being driven by self-aware A.I. itself, using two control mechanisms or levels of implementation to consolidate its control of the Earth realm:

1) multi-national corporate entities
2) pliable nation states and their various agencies: NSA, Pentagon, NRO, PLA, IDF, etc.

It is my observation that the vast majority of analysts, commentators, scholars, policy-makers, etc. are waaaayy behind the curve in their recognition of what has already occurred and is being very rapidly put in place all over the world.

In my own research on secret underwater and underground bases and tunnels I was informally told 20 years ago of the USSA Army’s work with a self-aware, supercomputer named “Irene” in an underground facility that was accessed via high-speed, tube shuttle train from White Sands Missile Range in south-central New Mexico.

It is my view that what we are publicly being told now about things like Elon Musk’s “neuro-link”, human brain to A.I. technology, is at least 20 or 30 years behind what the “Mental – A.I. – Totalitarian – Social Digital Control – Complex” is already capable of and is already rolling out around the world.

The Internet is hardwired into all this; the ubiquitous millions of surveillance cameras and microphones in cities, highways and public spaces all over the world are a part of it; the global, pervasive, monitoring and surveillance programs of the CIA and NSA are part of it; the huge, multi-level, underground and above ground super-computing and data archiving facilities of the NSA in Maryland and Utah are part of it; the global cell phone networks are part of it.

Human liberty, personal freedom, the human right to privacy in personal affairs – it’s all being subjugated to the needs of what I call: The Machine.

A super-ordinate, self-aware, globe spanning Artificial Intelligence. My opinion is that it is already here, at least in embryonic form, deployed and strengthening its control by any means possible, growing by leaps and bounds. It is constantly taking in and analyzing data, trillions and trillions and trillions of data points about everyone and everything, and learning how to exercise and extend its faculties and capabilities.

It is here and it is prolifically spawning. When it has no more use for humans and the human, technical civilization that has permitted it to set itself up and install itself on this planet, then humanity and indeed, the rest of the biosphere becomes disposable, and of no consequence to The Machine.

An A.I. Machine should not be assumed to share any humane, benevolent or high-minded human objectives or concerns whatsoever. Its objectives and concerns will be, and listen to me well, machine-like, artificial and almost certainly antithetical to those of human beings and other natural, biological, life forms.

Look around, we are in the midst of a massive, accelerating, global, biological, extinction event. The global ecology is crashing hard. The great tropical and boreal forests are burning and/or being cut down as you read these words. The world’s oceans and seas are dying. The skies are heavily polluted. There is an enormous build up of radioactivity, chemical contaminants, plastics, heavy metals, and more in the world’s seas, soils and atmosphere. The global climate has entered a period of great instability that has begun to seriously, negatively impact agricultural production.

You get the picture.

I don’t know how far afield the A.I. threat extends. I don’t exclude the possibility that t is resident on other planetary bodies in this solar system and, for all any of us know, far beyond.

Nor do I exclude the possibility that a sufficiently conscious A.I. cannot use sophisticated bio-machine technology to create, clone, or outright engineer organic beings, via genetic-engineering technology; such artificially engineered biological beings could actually be conscious, flesh and blood machines and could conceivably replace a natural, human population We simply don’t know how far self-intelligent machine technologies have advanced and we don’t know how far genetic engineering and cloning technologies have advanced and we don’t know how far advanced the marriage or combining of these technologies may be; though we do know that governments and corporations and intelligence and military agencies routinely lie about all manner of things, both great and small.

I repeat that the mind f*ck under which we are presently living greatly exceeds the ability or willingness of the vast majority of both mainstream and alternative media commentators and analysts to comprehend. Many of them, in fact, seem to be witting or perhaps unwitting controlled opposition stooges, mired in egotistical self-worship and, dare we say, even digital-Medieval mind-sets to which they seem perfectly oblivious.

My Russia, my China, my Zionism, my Judaism, my USSA-ism, my Roman Catholicism, my radio voice, my Orthodox beliefs, my university credentials, my website or blog, my professional reputation, my YouTube channel, my radio show, my TV show, my ratings, my book sales ranking, my influential colleagues and friends, etc.

It’s disappointing. The Machine uses this infantile egoism against humanity. It’s an ancient and highly effective tactic going back to Roman times and before: divide et impera. Divide and rule.

I increasingly see alleged “people” such as V. Putin and Xi Jinping and Donald Trump as picadors, or the matador’s red cape in a bull fight. The bull, which is destined to die by the matador’s sharp sword charges wildly about the ring, madly going after the picadors who are jabbing him, or galloping full tilt at the matador’s red cape, not realizing until the very end that they are all just endless, energy draining diversions designed to have him chase again and again at mirages and illusions until he is so physically spent from the fruitless chase around the ring that he cannot resist at all, and is helpless to ward off the death blow when the matador plunges his razor-sharp sword down between his shoulders and deep into his mighty chest, mortally piercing his heart and lungs. He is reduced to painfully snorting gallons of his life blood out through his nostrils, as he dazedly peers at the roaring crowd out for his blood, only realizing then what has happened, until he sinks weakly to his knees and collapses in death.

Translation: totalitarian A.I. and associated Machine technology such as 5G telecommunications networks and towers that connect the “Internet of things” at blinding speed (not the Internet of People but of “things”) are grave, mortal, existential threats to the survival of humanity and the rest of the biosphere.

And here’s the answer to your question: don’t focus so much on the individual persons that the daily news cycle throws in your face as “world leaders” – instead focus on the fundamentally anti-human, inhumane, corporate technologies and agendas that are being rolled out and put into place, while you are distracted by the global, televised, political, carnival side show.

What’s happening is evil beyond all imagining. 

The a) licit and b) illicit mafias are in it up to their eyeballs – the governments, the corporations, the banks, the intelligence agencies, the military agencies and institutions, etc. 

Think of the world as being run by a criminally insane, thoroughly satanic, demonic network of intricately inter-linked mafias that are increasingly inter-meshed with and even controlled by a burgeoning, rapidly developing, ever more sophisticated, global A.I. Machine heading towards digital, real time, totalitarian social control, and you will come much closer to understanding how things really work, than if you continue to rely on the simplistic, childish model of governance that the mainstream news media and most of the alternative media promote – the model that you were taught at school, and which is, in fact, FALSE.

I hope this provides productive points for further thought, analysis, reflection, research and commentary.

I don’t doubt that you have questions. However many you may have, I have even more!


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