Monday, September 3, 2018

They're Watching You ... And Everyone Else In The World

Dear readers, the revelations in recent years of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, as regards the pervasive, global, digital surveillance carried out by the alphabet soup agencies of the USSA against almost everyone on the planet, are discouraging enough.

But that's only the kindergarten version of the satanic reality in which we live and breathe. The information set forth by Paul Baird at the following link shows that the mind, life and reality control horror extends far more deeply and comprehensively than Snowden's and Assange's document dumps have dared to reveal.

They're Watching You

Read it. All of it. The surveillance technology of today is science fiction-like, virtually indistinguishable from magic.

The whole thing is out of control. The CIA, Mossad, MI-6, MI-5, the FBI, DIA, NSA, Google, MicroSoft, Facebook, the Big Banks, Fortune 500, organized crime -- they're all in on it. Yes, they can target you from orbit if they like, and go right into your mind and emotions.

And you are their target. Now you may think to yourself: "I'm just an ordinary person, carrying out my private life. Why would anyone target me?"

And the answer is that not only do they want to control you, to use you as a commodity or as a vector, witting or unwitting, of their ghastly evil plans and projects, but they want your very soul. That's the ultimate door prize, your soul, and they want it, to steal it, sell it, destroy it, imprison it, corrupt it, confuse it, abuse it, etc. And to do that, they are prepared to take total control of your mind, body and soul, by any means necessary, with or without your knowledge and informed consent, up to and including your complete annihilation, in every sense of the word, until "you" are no longer recognizable or even exist any longer.

I can tell you that I am followed and surveilled here in Quito. It happens regularly. I'm just one man, with no financial resources or assets, living in a small rented room with a hot plate. That's it. That's my life. I'm not in politics and do not want to be. Who wants to wallow in that wretched cesspit? And still the f*ckers follow me and have me under surveillance. 

I am far from an exception. Untold thousands and millions of people all over the world are under surveillance and being followed around by agents of organized crime and various government agencies, which in the final analysis amount to the same thing. It's like a Reese's peanut butter cup. Has the chocolate slyly ensnared the creamy peanut butter the better to have and to hold, or has the peanut butter sneakily insinuated itself up inside the yummy chocolate? At the end of the day, it doesn't matter.

The pits of hell are not deep enough to hold all of the low lives working for the evil, global control MATRIX which is worldwide in extent. There are millions of them -- some are pros and simply do it for the money, while others do it for love, you know, they like it, they get off on it, evil excites them.

Please realize that with the advent of massive, quantum computing, the extensive network of satellites in orbit, ever more sophisticated electronic mind control and mind monitoring technologies, and the ever expanding, global telecommunications grid that it is now becoming possible to surveil and monitor most of humanity in real time, with the aid of advanced A.I., of course.  You, whoever you are, are certainly included in that number.

Increasingly, all of this is carried out in real time by unblinking, never sleeping, always watching A.I. armed with voice recognition, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, your brain wave profile and more.

Now you may rejoin, "But, Richard, this can't really be happening!"

To which I say: "It's beyond your wildest imagination."

Read the link again, all of it. Or read it for the first time:

They're Watching You

I would not presume to say to you that what you don't know can hurt you, because that's not quite true. Rather, I would prefer to say to you that what you don't know is hurting you, grievously.

The only way out is in. Most of the exits have been sealed by malevolent A.I. and its fawning human lickspittles and demonic toadies. 

So how to find the inner exit?

prayer to the Ultimate Universal Creative Intelligence
contemplative fasting
chanting of holy names and holy mantras
binaural beat technology
turn off the TV
avoid the spirit-sucking Hollywood movies
avoid alphabet soup agencies and their agents
Thou shalt not kill, i.e., do not go to war
don't steal
devote yourself to a worthy charitable or humanitarian cause

You get the drift. Even if you don't make it to the exit in this lifetime, try to build up momentum in that direction, so that in the future lifetime(s) you will maximize your chances of escape from this A.I. controlled hell realm.

Do your best, because this foul, A.I. controlled MATRIX will do its best to keep you coming back, again and again and again, like a psychopathically insane, satanically mad carnival ride that never permits its terrified and traumatized passengers to dismount and exit the hellish theme park.

Not to worry -- the Pope, the Presidents, the Pharisees, the CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Hollywood, and so forth, are in on the whole thing.

Get yourself free if you can. I am not claiming that it will necessarily be easy, but then, nothing really worth having usually comes with ease. It's an inward journey, a personal odyssey. 

Listen, I no longer even care about playing to bourgeois sensibilities and assuaging the fears and disbelief of the incredulous. I'm not in it for the money, because I have none. I've been thrown off of more radio shows, pod casts and websites than you can shake a stick at. Wrap your head around the nefarious agenda that is turning this planet into a totalitarian prison way beyond your worst nightmare. Deal with it. That's your only option. That or fall on your knees and kiss the ring of totalitarian, soul-enslaving A.I. and its glittering, mesmerizing, life sucking, spirit annihilating MATRIX cage. 

Oh, how the bars shine and sparkle! The TV shows, Hollywood, Wall Street, Broadway! -- the trannies in gaudy drag, stadium sports extravaganzas, false flag attacks to bedazzle and horrify and slaughter by the thousands and millions, and preposterous political figures that trump anything you've ever seen before.

Yes, yes, that's right, and one Trump to bind them all. Whether the masses adore or despise him is of no consequence whatsoever; all that matters is that his name is ever on their lips and that they think of him always. It's a magical game, how it glistens and glimmers! lures and thrills! -- so exciting, and in the end the singular objective is that the players are of one accord and of one (false) mind that the Trump card is the pivot around which the whole dazzling play revolves.

Relax, the show is just beginning! Are you not entertained?


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Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Fake, Demonic, Meta-Reality Overlay In Which We Are Extensively Blanketed

A friend recently related to me that he was having brief hallucinations that kept periodically intruding on his everyday reality for a few minutes. Out of an abundance of caution, he had a neurological exam and nothing untoward turned up. 

He said that he was seeing an "atrocious" reality, an extensive demonic network that maintains a false, fabricated, fake reality in order to feed off of our human energies, vampire-like. 

I told him that in my opinion he should not fear that he is losing his mind, but that quite to the contrary, it sounds like, in fact,  he is on the verge of finding his mind. It sounds to me like he is starting to see the monstrous, demonic, meta-reality, artificial control structure, the fake control grid, the false executable program,  the diabolical veil that has been falsely inflicted on humanity and the Earth by darkly demonic powers and beings, to degrade and confuse humanity and destroy the living Earth.

In my view, my friend, and growing numbers of other people, are starting to see through the demonic control structure and actually glimpse the ghastly, hideous entities that lie behind, manipulating this reality to their debased, fiendish ends and ghoulishly feeding off of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies for their own vile purposes.

More and more people are starting to see beyond the veil, each person in their own way, according to their own understanding, and are beginning to directly observe the gruesome horror show in all its ghastliness. That's the "hacked" meta-reality overlaying this Earth realm; it's an intrusive, reality hacking program, or reality hijacking program, an all-concealing blanket of complex, deviously interwoven deception, lies, illusions, exploitation, abuse, degradation, torture, slavery, war, slaughter, destruction, crime, corruption, and more. It's thoroughly disgusting. 

This Earth realm that we have been born into, or falsely inserted or programmed into, is the grand, false hallucination. 

Nothing is as it seems.

This is what ayahuasca has been showing me, again and again, ever since I first drank it in November of 2010. And I cannot keep from reflexively projectile vomiting, hurling and spewing at the sheer hideousness of it all. What has been falsely imposed on us is repulsive and grotesque beyond the power of words to describe.

My Own Recurring Dream

I have not been having any so-called "hallucinations," but what my friend recounted to me nevertheless prompted me to recall a clear dream that I have twice recently had. It's the same dream, a clear dream, and both times of exactly the same thing.

As my long-time readers know, in the last week of 2012 I was almost killed by the Amazonian shaman from whom I was learning and with whom I was staying in the eastern, jungle region of Ecuador. I was subsequently hospitalized for more than 4 months in the public hospitals in Ecuador.

The peculiar thing is that, as I have said, I have recently twice dreamed the same very clear dream: that the hospital in which I spent more than three months here in Quito, which physically exists and is well known, is in actuality a Total Recall-like reality cover to conceal the actual hospital I was really in, which [at least in the dream(s)] is also here in a Quito neighborhood, but that the entire reality that I know as "Quito" and everything that happened to me in the Ecuadorean Amazon and in the *hospital* here in Quito, is an extremely elaborate ruse that exceeds the special effects, props and casting of any big budget, Hollywood feature film, by multiple orders of magnitude..

In other words, the purport of the peculiar dream(s) is that I am immersed in the Mother of All Mind Fu*ks, for unknown purposes and to an unknown extent, and that a huge mental-social-medical-legal-shamanic scam has been run on me. If so, why?

It seems unbelievable, preposterous, way too fantastic to be true, and yet that is what ayahuasca keeps showing me: it's all fake; it's all false; all of this so-called "reality" in which we are immersed is faker and falser than can be believed. Its fakeness is unimaginable, by intentional, overwhelming design.

So what is really real?

This is a peculiar development that I did not anticipate, which raises no end of questions. The most obvious one is: just who or what is the shaman/brujo and what is his role in all of this? Have I ventured off into a false, parallel reality that has hacked or hijacked *real* reality? Have we all?  I saw some E.T.s in my time in the Amazon -- are they in on it? Are they in cahoots with the shaman/brujo? There were some USSA Army officers who came to the shaman's place while I was there, in the months before he almost killed me. Are the USSA Army officers part of this scenario? If so, what is their role?  I was telephoned in the hospital by the USSA Embassy immediately after I had been hospitalized in the Amazon to ask how they could "help" me. Is the USSA State Department part of it? I subsequently interacted with a whole slew of attorneys, doctors, prosecutors, police officers, judges, investigators, politicians, shamans, and many other sundry people, many of whom I now have questions about.

How do they all fit in to it? What did I stumble into? What alarm bells did I ring? What does it all mean?

I used to think that I knew how the world worked and what was going on. Those illusions are now rapidly receding into the distance in life's rear view mirror.

I see tourists who come to South America to spend a few days in the Amazon. For the most part, they have absolutely no clue what the Amazon really is, or Quito for that matter!! And at this point, I have many questions about the Amazon and Quito myself.

I would add in closing that I have been vibrating, virtually on a daily basis, for more than a year and a half now. Sometimes the vibrations can be quite strong and vigorous; sometimes they are very smooth and gentle. They move around to different parts of the body, and come and go, never hurting or causing even the slightest pain or discomfort. I couldn't tell you what the vibrations mean, though they are real enough. Perhaps there is going to be a reality phase change of sorts, and I am persistently synchronizing with what is coming? I don't know, but it occurs to me to consider the possibility.

And by the way, dear reader, not to be rude or offensive, because that is not my intent, but who are you, beyond an online persona whom I have never encountered face to face? What is the depth and extent of your reality?

Any comments or feedback? Vibrations? Visions? Dreams?

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Preliminary Program For A Survivable World

I recently assigned myself the thought exercise of sketching out a provisional set of bullet points for transitioning to a more human, more humane, more life friendly world. It doesn't much matter who carries out the agenda, only that it be done as soon as possible.

If what follows is not done, humanity can kiss it good-bye, because this world will not be habitable in any meaningful sense by human beings for much longer, or for a lot of other biological organisms, from whales to honey bees and myriad life forms intermediate between them. Therefore, what follows would just be a minimal action list. And one more thing: when it comes to jailing the miscreants and ring leaders behind the indescribably vicious, Satanically evil conspiracies that are ruthlessly taking down this world, humanity and a huge chunk of the biosphere, why not impose 33 year and 66 year prison sentences, seeing as the Illuminati master minds are so fond of secret society, occult numerology. People like the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Trumps, Rothschilds, Banking Gnomes of Switzerland, Bibi Netanyahu, Angela Merkel, the Queen of England, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, heads of the CIA, MI-6, Mossad, NSA, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, etc. would receive 66 year sentences. Lesser scoundrels who carried out their genocidal orders would receive mere 33 year sentences. The vast majority of power brokers who presently rule over this world are irretrievably corrupt, irredeemably so, and must be regarded as highly dangerous beings on the loose, a clear and present danger to all humankind, most of the biosphere and the planet itself.

So, in no particular order, here is a very minimal agenda for giving humanity, myriad other living creatures and this planet itself, a chance at a survivable future. Either these things are done, or they are not. If they are not, oh well, what follows next will be horrendous in the extreme.

1) Reforestation of the planet is an urgent priority, with an emphasis on local, regional, indigenous species. Avoid large, mono-cultural, industrial plantations as is the case, for example, with endless thousands of acres of pine trees, in the South of the USA. Mixed forests using sound ecological principles are the best.

Participation of local communities should be a high priority. There are many thousands of small, community level, tree planting groups and initiatives all over the world. These all should be identified, every last one of them, and directly engaged, encouraged, facilitated, supported, funded, helped, recognized, promoted and acknowledged. Their tree planting activities should be ramped up by multiple orders of magnitude, as soon as possible, all over the world, in Asia, Latin America, North America, Africa, Europe, Oceania, the Caribbean, everywhere. Any and all groups and individuals anywhere who want to plant trees should be actively supported and enabled in their tree planting efforts.

In arid and semiarid regions of the tropics, where little or nothing will grow, species such as moringa and neem can be planted. They tolerate poor soils and low rainfall regimes. Both trees are useful ecologically and improve the soil. Moringa leaves are highly nutritious and are a healthful, nutrient dense food source for humans and livestock in regions where little else will grow. Neem provides a wealth of products: contraceptives, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, environmentally benign pesticides, fodder for livestock, medicinal salves, high quality timber and more. The sertão of northeastern Brazil is a prime example of an arid, ecologically degraded region that could benefit from planting neem and moringa, as well as a major push to revegetate with native species.

Areas like the Brazilian Amazon, where huge, multi-thousand acre soybean plantations have been planted on formerly heavily tropically forested lands, or Southeast Asia, where huge, multi-thousand acre palm oil plantations have been planted on formerly heavily tropically forested lands, should be a priority for tropical reforestation.

This will mean busting up the Monsanto / Cargil / Nestle, etc. industrial agriculture criminal agro-cartels and empowering local and indigenous forestry and ecological activists. The industrial agro-cartels have hit men / hired guns / professional assassins that they send out into the jungle to hunt down and kill indigenous people(s), forestry activists and ecologists. This is an issue throughout tropical Latin America, tropical Africa and tropical Asia – Honduras, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, the Congo, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. These hit men and those who hire them must be brought to justice and physically caged, not to put too fine a point on it.

This goes to the very top of the agro-cartels (soy beans, palm oil, etc.) and the banking and government agencies tied in with the agro-cartels. They must all urgently be brought to heel. If government ministers, wealthy bankers, heavy hitters at Monsanto, Cargil, Nestle, etc. and their hired assassins have to serve lengthy prison sentences for serial /mass murder and global ecocide, then so let it be done.

Jail them.

2) The world's seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, marshes and rivers must be remedied. Start with Boyan Slat and his invention to clean millions of tons of plastic garbage from the seas. He has the vision and the invention. Turn him loose, and others like him, to clean the seas and oceans of garbage and plastic waste.

As much coastline as possible, along the great seas and oceans, must be preserved in a natural state. Urban and agricultural development in coastal areas should be minimized. Ideally there should be approximately a 10 to 30 kilometer-wide buffer zone extending inland along the coastal areas, that would accommodate wild or nearly wild, salt marshes, swamps, estuaries, sounds, bays, coastal grasslands and forests. This is a crucial, sensitive, biologically diverse, interface area between marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Ecologically it is vital for the sustained, long-term survival of a healthy biosphere on this planet. This should be worldwide. Hundreds of kilometers of coastline at a stretch should be protected. These areas are valuable in many ways: fly ways for migrating waterfowl and other species of birds, nesting areas for turtles, spawning grounds for many species of fish, eels, crabs, etc., filtration areas for sediments, as well as buffers against coastal erosion, storm damage and periodic, catastrophic seasonal flooding and much more.

Millions of tons of garbage and trash clutter rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, marshes, swamps, beaches and seashores the world over. This trash and garbage is both a major public health and ecological issue. Local communities must be incentivized and compensated to clean up these marine and aquatic environments and rewarded for maintaining them in a clean state. Individuals and groups can and should be paid to pick up, collect, remove, recycle, dispose of and haul away this global mountain of trash. It should be made a socially desirable activity and individuals and groups should be financially compensated for their time and effort.

3) Agriculture must be totally revamped, with a heavy emphasis on mixed, small-scale, organic/bio-dynamic/permaculture/agro-forestry/traditional/non-industrial, family-based and local agriculture production.

GMO agriculture has to go. Artificial genetic tinkering with the genome of plants and animals must be criminally banned. It is harmful/deadly to the biosphere of this planet. Cloning using genetic engineering technology must be banned.

Artificial chemical herbicides and pesticides must be banned. The Round-Up herbicide and all others like it must be banned and those responsible for inflicting it on the world must be criminally prosecuted and very publicly sentenced to lengthy prison terms. They have committed ecocide and their grave crime against the planet's biosphere and humanity cannot go unpunished.

Natural, plant-based pesticides can be used, that are both effective and more environmentally benign. Neem based pesticides are one example; there are others.

Harsh, artificial, chemical fertilizers must be banned. They burn the soil, they sterilize the healthy microorganisms and worms in the soil, they actually reduce soil fertility over time and end up washing out of the fields into streams and rivers and then flow into the seas and oceans where they cause immense ecological destruction to marine ecosystems, resulting in biological dead zones. This is a global crisis.

The only solution is a return to natural, ecologically sound methods of agriculture.

Industrial, factory farming must be phased out starting right away, in favor of ecologically and economically sound, mixed, smaller scale, local and family farming, oriented towards agriculture production for the local and regional markets.

The nonsense of flying pears from Chile to Canada, and Kiwi fruits from New Zealand to Japan, and sailing freighters of soy beans from Brazil to Europe to feed chickens has to be phased out. It is not an economically or ecologically sustainable agricultural model.

Organic, traditional methods of production should be prioritized that build the fertility of the soil, control against erosion, enhance the local ecology and economy, and promote traditional, heirloom varieties of crops and local breeds of animals

4) The False Flags of the last century or so must be spectacularly, publicly exposed on a global stage, so that the great mass of humanity understands how thorough the lies and crimes of the so-called “Ruling Elite” have been.

The President Kennedy assassination
The Gulf of Tonkin Incident
The Pearl Harbor Attack
The Gladio bombings
The Maidan Massacre
The Las Vegas, Nevada Massacre
The Hutu/Tutsi massacre
The Patrice Lumumba assassination
The Dr. Martin Luther King assassination

There are many others that can and should be added to the list; these are among the most notorious and most widely known.

There must be a very public opening of secret files and evidence for all of these, on a grand, very public, international stage. Lower level operatives should be publicly prosecuted and jailed. Higher level directors of these incidents should be prosecuted and very publicly caged for the rest of their lives, without regard for any powerful or public position they may have held in the past, or may presently hold.

5) Missing Persons. Huge numbers of persons, of all ages, genders, races and ethnicities are going missing, all over the world. This is an international issue, a global issue. The crisis is not limited to one or a small handful of countries.

This is among the gravest human rights issues on this world.

Presumably, the fates and destiny of the large majority of these many “disappeared” people are grim, ugly, ghastly, horrific, hideous.

Among the possibilities:

human trafficking for labor slavery and sex slavery
Satanic human sacrifices
slaughter of victims and harvest of their organs for organ trafficking
clandestine medical or biological experimentation

But we really don't know exactly what is happening in most cases. The scope of this thing is enormous. There may be other, unknown possibilities, as well. All we know is that many thousands of people are disappearing, never to be seen again. This is going on in many countries.

Someone knows. National police, investigative, intelligence and espionage services have to know something. Military agencies must know something. Airlines and telecommunications companies must know something. Customs and immigration officials and agencies must know something. There must be medical professionals who know about the black market organ trafficking, for example, or who are directly involved. Harvesting of organs can only be done by trained, medical professionals in a modern surgical facility; it's not something you do in a back alley with a rusty kitchen knife. International transport of transplant organs can only be done by military or civil aviation. You don't send kidneys and livers by airmail.

Who or what is kidnapping and/or harvesting large numbers of humans all over the world? It is a huge, international level operation taking place globally. What is going on?

Someone knows. We must know who and what is responsible for this horrific reality and: 1) publicly expose the scale and scope of what is happening; 2) set free and help as many victims who may still be alive as possible; 3) very publicly arrest, criminally try and very publicly cage the perpetrators and enablers of this horror for the rest of their lives.

6) UFO and Extraterrestrial disclosure starting now. There is much to reveal, but the human race must be told clearly and openly, in easy to understand language, that the Universe and galaxy are teeming with life, that the Earth is merely one among unknown millions and millions of planets that bear life, of all kinds, of any imaginable and unimaginable variety. The disclosure must include that there are spiritually and technologically advanced species of life in the Universe and in this galaxy, as well as those who are of a very negative orientation.

People must be told that UFO technology is real, that antigravity and electrogravitics are real, as is time travel and travel to other, unseen dimensions and times. The public must be informed that the major governments of the world know about all of this, that they are secretly heavily involved with E.T. races/species/beings and UFO technology, and that they have been systematically lying to the public for a very long time, via lies of both commission and omission.

An important element of the disclosure must be that there was formerly a technologically advanced, interplanetary civilization in this solar system that was largely destroyed in a great interplanetary war, in remote antiquity, that it completely blew up a large planet that used to orbit between Jupiter and Mars, greatly damaged Mars where there was an advanced civilization in the past, and was so horrifically destructive that the human population of Earth suffers from global, species-wide, amnesiac, post-traumatic stress disorder to the present day.

The public must be told unambiguously that there are large, huge, immense, archaeological ruins on Mars and the Moon. There must be hundreds, thousands of high-definition films, videos and photographs of these structures on the Moon and Mars very publicly displayed and made available for the inspection of the great mass of humanity on this planet: via, television, the Internet, magazines, newspapers and documentary films shown in movie theatres worldwide.

The military, intelligence and space agencies of the major countries have this evidence in their archives. It must be brought out publicly, globally for the world population to see, to inspect and to fully grok.

The USA, Russia, the major European countries, China, Japan, India – all have responsive information in their secret archives. It has to come out. It's the common heritage of humankind. The human population of Earth has a “need to know” and must be told and shown these things – in great detail. It's a basic, universal, human right that must be honored.

7) A related issue is the massive, parallel, so-called “Black Budget” or parallel economy on this world, which is nowhere larger than in the USSA.

Catherine Austin-Fitts, a former, high level functionary in the USA government has estimated that in the USA, this “Black Budget” or parallel economy ranges as high as $21 trillion, or more.

The human population deserves to know, and is legally entitled to be told, exactly where all this money is going:

secret space program to other stars and planets?
clandestine human kidnapping/harvesting/enslavement program?
clandestine underground bases and tunnels?
secret Mars or Moon colonization?
clandestine underwater bases?
separate civilization in Antarctica?
time travel program?
space war(s) that humanity has not been told about?
some of these things?
all of these things?
something else that we cannot even guess about?

We just don't know the details of all that is going on. What is clear is that many trillions of dollars are being sucked out of the real world economy to do something that is being assiduously hidden from humanity.

What is going on? Someone knows, someone absolutely knows. The world's major governments, military, intelligence and espionage agencies, and major banking and industrial interests and concerns know exactly what is going on – because they are involved! Given the huge scale of the operation, whatever it is, they have to be involved and in the know.

It is humanity's right and legal obligation to know everything, in detail. After all, that huge sum of money is being sucked from the economic marrow of the whole world. It is a huge chunk of the world's gross economic product!

Those who are responsible must be very publicly identified and held to account for their actions. This is a planetary shake down, a theft of historically unparalleled magnitude.

Ordinary people are imprisoned for years or even decades for crimes that are many orders of magnitude smaller.

Very public criminal trials are in order, with detailed, evidentiary discovery, followed by lengthy prison sentences for the principles in this global theft and cover-up. It all has to come out. This is a giant crime against the posterity of all humanity. Everyone, without exception, has a right to know. It is a monstrous crime of commission: global theft of mind-boggling, multi-trillion dollar extent; and of omission: hermetic, compartmentalized secrecy for at least a half century, and maybe much more, i.e., a vast conspiracy of lies and lying to exceed anything in recorded history.

8) The economy and banking. Private central banking, and the issuance of fiat currency at interest, are not sustainable or humane. They are destroying this planet, and all of humanity.

Whatever economic order comes next must preserve human dignity and privacy against the exploitive power of the state and large banking institutions. Hence, the right of individual humans to transact in anonymity is sacrosanct. The state and/or large banking institutions have no legitimate right to know if you buy – or sell – a bag of turnips, or 15 bags of turnips! Or a used bicycle, or a box of crackers, or a football. It's simply none of their business. It's your life.

Therefore, any digital currency or fiat currency scheme, that entails intrusive tracking of the particulars of your everyday, personal life must be eliminated.

The new economic order must preserve the most basic human right – the right of individual humans to be left alone in their personal economic and financial affairs, as long as their economic activity is not destructive of the rights of others.

So there must be anonymous, non-interest bearing currency/currencies issued into free circulation.

The present, fiat currency, interest bearing money scheme that has 99% of all humanity under its oppressive thumb must go.

As for the objection that there is so much criminal money laundering that the state(s) and central bank(s) must monitor all individual financial transactions globally – poppycock! – it is precisely the state(s) and big banks who are doing 99.9% of the money laundering! Weapons trafficking, human trafficking, organ trafficking, narcotics trafficking, gold and diamond trafficking, uranium trafficking, rogue tankers full of petroleum, etc., and associated transfers of many billions of dollars hither and thither to secret bank accounts in Switzerland, Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Nevada, Manhattan, the City of London and the Channel Islands – all of this is done by large corporations, intelligence and espionage agencies, governments, big banks, criminal cartels & etc., not by private individuals.

No, indeed. So all of the oppressive banking and associated taxation regulations that are bogging down the vast majority of humanity, directly or indirectly, are there for purposes of social control, nothing else!

Individual humans are not the problem. Criminal banking and governmental mafias are the problem. The average human is far better and more decent than the criminal banks and governments that unfairly lord it over humanity.

The new economic structure ought to be based on human production and creativity, instead of corporate depredation and government oppression and exploitation.

That is, the new currency and the new economic order ought to directly reward individual humans in proportion to their personal, human, productive output.

Humans who make a productive, positive contribution to societal welfare get rewarded. Simple.

You farm, physically build a house, repair a tractor, drive a train, plant a forest, draft architectural plans for a community market, play the trumpet in a symphony orchestra, teach school, pick up a ton of garbage from the seashore, etc. – you get compensated. You receive positive, financial reward.

You are a parasite in the City of London or Wall Street, financially speculating and enriching yourself on the commercial vicissitudes of derivative markets that rise and fall with the ebb and flow of international conflict and global, economic chaos inflicted by banks and governments on the people of the world, casting millions into horror and suffering, while you enjoy your ill gotten, multi-millionaire life in the Hamptons and the south of France?

No. Hell no.

No more of that. This is where Babylonian banking ends.

Given the planet-changing, multi-trillion dollar heist that the creatures on Wall Street, in the City of London and Tel Aviv, and elsewhere have put over on humanity in recent decades, public arrest and trials, followed by lengthy imprisonment, are more than warranted.

They must take place. Massive crimes against humanity and the Earth are ongoing and they cannot and will not be ignored.

However great their crimes, and they are gargantuan and legion, it would be a far greater crime on humanity's part to permit them to walk away unscathed.

No. They must pay back all the money they have stolen, and then they must spend the rest of their days physically confined in a cage to prevent them from ever harming humanity and the Earth again. Nothing less will do. No greater love hath humanity than to permanently cage the monsters that are committing genocide and ecocide against the human race and the Earth itself. They can first and foremost be found in New York, London and Tel Aviv, among other places.

9) Earth's hidden history. Graham Hancock, Sylvie Ivanova/Newearth on YouTube and vlad9vt on YouTube, Brien Foerster, Antoine Gigal, Michael Cremo and others have for years been pointing out in ever increasing detail that humanity does not know its own history, anthropology or archaeology.

In remote antiquity, many thousands of years ago, there was a golden age, an age of great technological and civilizational attainment here on Earth. In fact, there were repeated cycles of high civilization on this planet. They have all been covered up.

Present day humanity knows almost nothing at all about that distant time. It has been carefully and consciously hidden from the human race by the Vatican, Talmudic Judaism, Masonic organizations, the Smithsonian Institution, the Sorbonne, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, the Egyptian government, the British Museum, and other governments, institutions and museums.

The megalithic remains of these ancient, high civilizations are all over the world: Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Russia, India, Cambodia, Laos, etc.

The time has come to tell humanity the truth: that who humanity is and humanity's extreme antiquity on this planet and great heights of civilization in remote, pre-historical eras has been consciously hidden from the human race for thousands of years, hidden by the governments, the religions, the great universities and museums, the historians and archaeologists, all have been engaged in a thousands-of-years-long lying campaign to humanity, about humanity itself!

It is a monstrous crime. An immense, ongoing lie that strikes at the very heart of human patrimony. The objective is to keep humanity ignorant, confused, tractable, in the dark about its own self and history and therefore permanently enslaved in a welter of lies and deep deceit.

Let's just say that the Catholic Pope and the Sanhedrin are in it up to their slimy eyeballs. But it hardly ends with them.

Humanity has a right to know its own history and the history of this planet, as well as the anthropology and archaeology of this planet.

There are those who know: in the Vatican, the Sorbonne, the Masons, the British Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, and other places.

Humanity must be told about the high civilizations in Earth's past, about the diverse human races that have lived here, and about the fallen state of today's “civilization” and human race, as compared with what was here in the remote past.

There are those who know. They must be “incentivized,” they must be made an offer that they will not refuse, to come forth and tell the truth, all of it.

10) The surveillance state. The NSA, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Five Eyes, MI-6, the Mossad, the Piscine, the BND, etc., must be smashed into a thousand pieces and scattered to the winds. The NSA data collection centers in Utah and Maryland and other secret places must be physically destroyed. They serve no positive human purpose or function at all. They do not advance the lives of individual humans or human society, and they do not serve any good interest of the Earth itself.

There's nothing more to discuss. They are intensely, inherently negative centers for destruction, exploitation, oppression and fundamentally entropic, dysfunctional, counterproductive, intrusively criminal, social control.

The same goes for associated enterprises such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, the soon to be rolled out 5G technology and the like.

This burgeoning, rapidly growing, cancerous, metastasizing, digital, A.I. dominated monstrosity is profoundly inhuman, inhumane and anti-human.

It does not mean well. It directly threatens the life, liberty and happiness of all humanity.

This digital hydra, this Silicon Valley born and bred ghoul that is strangling the life and joy out of the world, has to go.

Its leaders – and their ties to the USA alphabet soup and other agencies such as MI-6 and the Mossad are well known - must be arrested, publicly tried and permanently caged for the rest of their days.

This 5G-Facebook-Amazon-Google-Silicon Valley-Microsoft-NSA-CIA-FBI-Mossad-MI-6 Frankenstein's monster must be strangled at the earliest possible time and its principals physically, securely caged.

They are bad ones. Dark ones. Evil Ones. Either humanity permanently cages them at the first possible opportunity or they will destroy the planet and all of humanity.

They are nasty. They do not mean well. They serve the Father of Lies. No truth is in them. They lie even when the truth would serve their purpose better, and still they lie, knowing that we know that they are lying liars. Their names are known and their crimes are enormous and legion.

Cage them. Jail them. They are the worst of the worst, from the sub-basement of the lowest, most debased pits of Hell.

Offer amnesty to those who will openly testify of their loathsome crimes, and what goes on in the sub-levels deep below the NSA in Laurel, Maryland and in the CIA's deep tunnels beneath Langley and Camp Peary, Virginia.

11) Horrors of modern “medicine.” The genocidal crimes of Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia must be exposed and lanced like the pus-filled, leprous boils they are.

The criminal scams of disease causing vaccines and murderous oncology must be brought to light.

Vaccines laden with crippling mercury, poisonous, disease causing adjuvants, and pathogenic substances must be outlawed. Health experts and whistle blowers with incriminating evidence against the vaccine manufacturers and the “doctors” who promote them must be given immunity and a global, public platform to make their damning case against the enemies of all humankind. The real causes of the plagues of diseases such as autism and polio due to vaccines, and paralysis due to drugs such as Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) must be presented to the public on a global scale.

The cure(s) for cancer have been known for more than a century and have been criminally suppressed by Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia. Sleep deficit, exposure to radioactivity, chronically low levels of vitamin-C, low intra-cellular oxygen levels, an overly acidic body pH, obesity, cigarette smoking, toxic chemical exposure, processed food consumption and sedentary lifestyle are all known risk factors for cancer.

In short, the toxic, modern lifestyle in all its dimensions is the major culprit and this is known. A cancerous “civilization” produces cancer. This is axiomatic.

Deathly dangerous “doctors” produce death. This is axiomatic.

The new medicine is really the old medicine, based in healthy eating, healthy exercise and healthful work and play.

The new medicine makes use of:

nutrient therapy – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, oils, etc.
light and color therapy
therapeutic massage and physiotherapy
therapeutic fasting
herbalism in all its many dimensions
healthy exercise
stress reduction
Royal Rife-like frequency treatments
isochronic/binaural/vibrational therapy
essential oil topical therapy
clay and chelation detoxing therapy

And much more.

In 2000, the M.D.s went on strike in Israel and the death rate significantly decreased.

Over the last century there has been a global genocide due to modern “medicine.” In the USSA, the third leading cause of death is death by doctor.

The body count, the death toll for modern ”medicine” runs into the many millions. If any other industry were slaughtering millions and millions and millions of people, criminal trials for negligent homicide would clog the courts for decades.

So why do the M.D.s get a pass? They shouldn't.

Reform of modern “medicine” should begin with arrest, criminal trials and life-long imprisonment for the heads of the Big Pharma companies: Bayer, Merck, etc. And continue with arrest, trial and imprisonment of the poison-filled vaccine manufacturers and other deadly drugs that clog the pharmacy shelves.

There is no presumption of innocence here. The trail of dead bodies is many millions long and stretches back for a century or more.

Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia kill. A lot. By the millions. They know it and so do we. They are a clear and present danger. So why are they out and walking around, acting as if everything were normal, and pulling down six and seven figure annual incomes?

We need a list of the killer and maiming vaccines, drugs and medical procedures, and the companies, clinics, hospitals and “doctors” who manufacture, sell, administer and prescribe them. All of this information is readily accessible in open data bases.

These are conscienceless killers. They maim and kill with impunity. Let the arrests, prosecutions and lengthy incarcerations for negligent homicide and maiming begin.

12) Denuclearization. The process of denuclearization has begun on the Korean Peninsula -- maybe. It must be expanded worldwide, including and beginning with the USSA.

The USA is the most aggressive military power since the days of the Roman Empire, exceeding even the reach of the Nazi Third Reich.

If the USSA is not denuclearized, the danger is that it will employ nuclear force again, as it did in the closing days of World War Two, at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In 1945 the USSA had only a small handful of primitive nuclear weapons; now it has thousands of much more powerful and sophisticated nuclear weapons.

It is therefore urgent to denuclearize the USSA as soon as is feasibly possible. This should be done in a stepped, verifiable, multi-lateral process with all other nuclear powers, all powers being held to the same standard of verifiable denuclearization. This includes Israel, Pakistan, India, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, North Korea, and all other likely or possible crypto-nuclear powers such as Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc.

To demonstrate good faith, the known war criminals in the USSA power structure who fomented and directed the illegal wars of aggression in recent decades in the Balkans, Southeast Asia, Central America, North Africa, Central Asia, the Ukraine and the Middle East, should be very publicly charged, arrested, criminally tried and very publicly sentenced to lengthy prison sentences for their war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Coincident with drawing down and eliminating nuclear weapons, all nuclear power reactors and nuclear waste pools must also be decommissioned. The entire nuclear power, nuclear weapons and nuclear fuel chain must be totally eliminated and done away with. It is all related. It all must go.

13) The secret bases. Whistleblower testimony that is widely available on the Internet has disclosed the existence of many, highly secret underground and undersea tunnels and bases, as well as purported off-planet bases.

The existence of the bases is no longer in doubt, only their number, their organizational affiliations, their operational activities, their crew staffing, their sizes, the technology they contain, and so forth.

Whistleblowers who can provide actionable intelligence and access to these facilities should be given full immunity in exchange for opening up this highly secretive, subterranean, submarine and off-planet network of clandestine bases and related projects.

The global public has a legal right to know about the bases and tunnels, where they are, what is being done in them, how many there are and who is operating them.

Extensive photographs, videos, documentary evidence and more can and should be supplied on a public, global basis via the Internet, television, magazines and the like. The Earth is humanity's home. Humanity has a legal right and obligation to know what is happening on and within and above its home planet.

Given the extreme secrecy that surrounds these very hush-hush bases, it is very possible/probable that major criminal activities or conspiracies are occurring in them, or related to them. There are many rumors, but the people deserve the unblinking, objective truth of the matter.

All of this, all of it, should be brought out into the open, investigated, discussed and if applicable, public arrests, very public trials with voluminous public evidence and lengthy prison sentences should be imposed.

The secrecy is so great that the public has no idea what is happening in these facilities. There are those who do know, in government agencies, in the military, in the intelligence and espionage agencies, in the tunneling and civil engineering industries, in public finance, in secretive initiatic organizations, etc.

There should be the offer of immunity to those who come forward, in exchange for breaking the seal of silence and lies. The people must know.

But those who have committed great crimes against humanity must be caged. They simply cannot be permitted to walk freely in society.

They can be permitted to live, but only on the strict condition that they are never in a position where they are at liberty to betray humanity again.


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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Down The Fakest Rabbit Hole Imaginable

Things I have learned and have been shown:
1) A voice in my ear first told me about the secret underground bases in 1992. I have written three books about them and the plans for the high speed, mag-lev, tube shuttle trains. I have since learned that the scope of what was described to me in 1992 is truly vast. I do not know the full scale of its temporal-spatial extent.

2) Ayahuasca has shown me the hideous A.I. that runs this world. It is ghastly. Think of a galactic super-computer + cloning / genetic engineering + virtual reality simulacrum beamed right into your head or your DNA + deeply wicked, satanic intent and orientation + infinitely complex, maze-like, karmic, life trap extending through repeated incarnations intended to deviously ensnare you and use you without your consciousness awareness.

3) Ayahuasca has shown me that most natural humans on this planet have been replaced by "fake" beings who lack any meaningful depth. They are like shallow cartoon characters running elementary programs that mimic the life of a natural human being. If you have a hard time wrapping your head around this idea, please read the previous point again, and then look around at the superficiality of so many "people" in this world filled with crime, drug addiction, alcoholism, war, economic exploitation, grinding poverty and ignorance, runaway ecological destruction and endless corruption and deceit. It is positively inhuman and that is precisely my point. Real humans appear to be a vanishing species these days.
4) Ayahuasca has shown me that this entire Earth realm is a fake, false, artificial simulacrum of reality. It is like an elaborate movie set, with billions of movie "extras" to make the production values seem higher.
5) Ayahuasca has shown me that New Orleans, Las Vegas and Miami, in particular, are centers of pure evil. It is reflexive, uncontrollable, projectile vomit inducing to see. It is so foul that it is almost unbearable to know.

6) Ayahuasca has shown me the global, artificial control grid that hovers about 50 feet overhead. It controls humanity -- body, mind and soul. The grid appears phosphorescent green, like a net, or a mesh, something like the net that is stretched below circus acrobats when they perform on the trapeze or the high wire. It has reduced Earth to a prison camp, a concentration camp, a totalitarian, slave pen. We are locked up here in almost total ignorance of our plight and I would like to know how and why and by whom?

I would like to hear from readers with personal knowledge of any of these matters, including those who may have been involved in compartmentalized programs. And yes, I recognize that the Earth realm appears to be The Mother of All Compartmentalized Programs.

I am merely interested in ascertaining the dimensions of the Fake Earth Program and the nature and layout of the terrestrial human slave pen or movie set, as it were. If you desire anonymity, I will not divulge your name or identifying characteristics and details.


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Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Dear Readers, here is what the USSA has done to Syria (and Libya, and Iraq and many other countries and peoples over the last 225 years). Please click the link to view:

With plans to do the same or worse to Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia .....

What the USSA has done cannot be forgiven. It is unpardonable. When the karmic wheel finally turns, the judgment against the USSA will be harsh, unflinching and merciless.

Get out of that wicked, red-white-and-blue cesspit if you can.


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