Sunday, March 12, 2017

You're Being Played: Trump Is The Pied Piper

Permit me to set the scene. This has all been set up by the Deep State, over a period of many years, in fact.

To begin with, Donald Trump is not an outsider, he's an insider, and has been for a long time. He's a New York City multi-billionaire with numerous business and personal contacts in industry, high finance and government at all levels. That has been true for decades, even before he ran for political office.

The Trump brand was conspicuously pre-positioned before the public's eyes for decades. It's called product placement and in this case the product being sold is Trump. It's a familiar advertising technique. Very few people have their own network TV program. I don't have a network TV program and neither do you, because we're not in on the game, yet Trump had his own program for years on end. He was the boss. He ruled the roost. You did things the Trump way or you were out of there; he summarily fired people who didn't measure up to his standards.

As I said, it was a TV program, i.e., it was used to program the public mass mind, to familiarize the viewing public with the Trump brand, to present him as the man in charge. These things don't happen by accident.  Television is a brain washing technology par excellence and has been used for mass advertising, social change and political propaganda since its inception. TV was used to program Donald Trump's rise to national power and influence. It doesn't matter in the slightest whether you like him or not, whether you support him or not, whether you approve of his policies and policy proposals or not, or whether you voted for him or not, that is what has happened. He is a product of the system, placed before the public by the system.

The system prepares a whole roster of these people, feeds them into the pipeline and then trots them out for so-called public "service" as it deems necessary.

The Trump supporters think that they "elected" Donald Trump to the presidency.  But nothing could be further from the truth. It's all rigged, you see.

Here's how it works. Using the mass advertising techniques of Edward Bernays, based on principles rooted in Freudian depth psychology and Pavlovian operant-conditioning methods of behavioral modification and control, the large segment of the politically disaffected public that were not amenable to the mainstream political narrative in the USSA were provided an "option" that they enthusiastically accepted: Donald Trump.

In reality, they didn't choose him; rather he was presented to them as the alternative to the unacceptable (to them) Hillary Clinton. (Stay with me, this rabbit hole goes very deep, and in a direction you probably do not anticipate.)

Remember, methods of mass advertising and propaganda as perfected by Edward Bernays during the 20th century, have been employed on a wide scale, over a period of decades, in order to pre-position the product -- Donald Trump -- firmly in the mass mind. Successful product placement was half the battle. The other half was to persuade millions of people that their decision to consume that product was their personal decision, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Remember that mass advertising and propaganda experts like Edward Bernays, and the legions of similarly minded experts who have followed in his footsteps, have refined to a sophisticated art the technology of social and political influence and control, the better to induce the human herd, yes, herd! -- in its teeming millions -- to perform in a desired, deviously pre-planned way; notwithstanding that each individual member of the herd is carefully led to imagine that he or she is acting in a self-determined, self-actualizing way, arrived at after careful personal consideration of all of the relevant factors at his or her disposal, never imagining, with rare exceptions, that said "relevant factors" have been fiendishly pre-selected and pre-fed to the human herd, the better to artificially construct, and lead the herd through, a carefully designed decision tree calculated to produce a desired and approved of outcome, in this case: Donald Trump.

Those who work with cattle understand this dynamic very well. If you have a herd of cows and you desire to pen them into a certain paddock and lock the gate behind them, all you have to do is open the gate to the desired paddock, and drive them or lead them down the fence line. Owing to their herd psychology, they rush down the fence line and as soon as they encounter the opening to the paddock, they all instinctively break for the opening -- which in reality is not an "opening" at all, but a pen -- and once they are all inside the cowboys have but to lock the gate behind them, and their goose is cooked. They are penned, ready to be shipped to slaughter -- notwithstanding that in their confused herd mind, they thought they were making a bold break for freedom!

The ranch manager and the cowboys were two steps ahead of them, you see, cleverly strategizing the secondary and tertiary consequences of their blind, false belief.

The herding of humans is not much different.

Enter the Pied Piper

The centuries-old tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin is directly applicable here. It was the Middle Ages in the German town of Hamelin, when the Pied Piper came to town. His magical flute music was so beguiling that all the children of the town fell under the spell of his enthralling tunes and willy-nilly fell into line behind him. They followed him out of town en masse and went away to their doom, never to be seen again.

I am not suggesting to you that Donald Trump is a latter day Pied Piper -- on the contrary, it is the Deep State itself who has put forward Donald Trump as the Pied Piper!

Consider the front cover of the Rothschild-linked Economist magazine from two years ago. Click the hyper-link, take a look:

There is a great deal of symbolism in this cover illustration, far more than can be discussed in this short commentary, so we will restrict ourselves to simply notice the Pied Piper character on the left-hand side, playing his flute, directly to the knuckles of Vladimir Putin's right hand.

The Economist is a prominent publication of the Rothschild-linked international banking consortium. The content of its cover therefore is not merely random noise, but has significance within the context of that powerful, global faction's Machiavellian political machinations.

The cover is thus signalling the appearance of a Pied Piper on the world political scene, whose "tune" will knuckle under to, or be made to appear to knuckle under to Valdimir Putin.

Enter Donald Trump onto the world stage, his election and young presidency said to be under the alleged influence and sway of none other than the Russians and Vladimir Putin himself.

Who would have thought? And by the way, before leaving this Economist cover discussion, notice on the other side of the cover that there is a nuclear or atomic mushroom cloud billowing up into the sky beneath a stylized representation of the globe, with two faces representing East and West, with a very angry looking East.

Many themes are presented on this cover from two years ago, the theme of the Pied Piper and of a nuclear or atomic blast among them.

Fast forward a few months to April 2015 and the theme of the Pied Piper arises again in the context of the Deep State's Machiavellian political machinations.

There Are No Accidents in Politics

Have you read the DNC/Clinton/Podesta e-mails that were released by Wikileaks? I have and there are some real nuggets in there.

I want to provide a highly salient and germane example that strikes to the very heart of the theme of this commentary, but before I do, please bear in mind that Joseph Kennedy, the father of President John Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy, both of whom were publicly assassinated by the Deep State, remarked to a reporter in 1960 that:  "There are no accidents in politics."

Now then, on 7 April 2015 an e-mail circulated at the highest level of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign that concerned an upcoming Strategy Call. One of the items to be discussed on the "Strategy Call" was the "DNC Plan" detailed in an attached memo.

The e-mail is found here:

Click on the hyper-link to the e-mail and then click on the "Attachments" tab at the top of the e-mail. Open the .pdf file that appears, entitled "Strategy on GOP".

The memo outlines the "Goals and Strategy" of the planned Clinton Campaign, against the projected field of GOP candidates.

Under the subsection entitled "Operationalizing the Strategy" appears the following choice extract:

Pied Piper Candidates

... use the field as a whole to inflict damage on itself similar to what happened to Mitt Romney in 2012. The variety of candidates is a positive here, and many of the lesser known can serve as a cudgel to move the more established candidates further to the right.
In this scenario, we don’t want to marginalize the more extreme candidates, but make them more “Pied Piper” candidates who actually represent the mainstream of the Republican Party. Pied Piper candidates include but aren’t limited to
• Ted Cruz
• Donald Trump
• Ben Carson

We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to them seriously.

Well, Well, Well ...

The plot does thicken. No less than Donald Trump himself was on a very short list of preferred Pied Piper candidates that the Hillary Clinton campaign brain trust explicitly plotted to advance as "leaders of the pack". Ted Cruz and Ben Carson self-destructed, leaving Donald Trump as the Pied Piper, leading the pack -- as intended.

Remember what Joseph Kennedy said in 1960: "There are no accidents in politics."

At what level is the game rigged? My sense is that it is certainly rigged at a level above the level at which a Hillary Clinton and a Donald Trump operate, plausibly at the Rothschild mega-banking level or above.  Presidential candidates and elected national presidents are puppets, marionettes who serve at the behest of influential others who largely remain in the shadows, i.e., the Shadow government, the Deep State.

One might be forgiven for advancing the idea that, in reality, Donald Trump was the one that the Deep State wanted all along, and that at a certain level a calculated decision was made well in advance to feed Hillary Clinton to the dogs, all the while having her to believe (falsely) that the Pied Piper gambit would redound to her advantage.

It doesn't even matter if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree with the plan; they are but puppets of darker forces at levels well above their respective heads. The plan appears to have been hatched at a higher level of the political MATRIX and percolated down to the Hillary Clinton campaign the year before the primary elections. Donald Trump very ably and willingly fell into the role -- it perfectly suits his pompous, narcissistic, bloviating, tweeting, arrogant, multi-billionaire, New York City fat cat, playboy persona.

What was it Shakespeare said?
All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players; 

They have their exits and their entrances, 
And one man in his time plays many parts ....
(As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII)

It's political theatre. It's a show. It's a Deep State political puppet show, and Donald Trump is the anointed puppet du jour.

But, but ...! -- you remonstrate, and I rejoin: just so!

All this talk of Trump being an "outsider" is but so much nonsense. He's not a man of the people, and never has been. In fact, he is a consummate insider. A multi-billionaire, who is on speaking terms with influential government officials at every level, local, state and federal. A man who can walk into the largest banks and successfully negotiate deals for hundreds of millions of dollars. A network TV reality show star for years on end. A builder and owner, past or present, of a whole chain of skyscrapers, hotels, casinos, golf courses, resorts and more. Owner of multiple, private jet aircraft and helicopters. 

Let's take the casino issue alone: you cannot be a player in the casino business and not do business with the mob, and not launder very large sums of dirty money. That's what casinos are: they're dirty money laundromats.

So Trump has laundered unknown hundreds of millions and probably billions of dollars for someone, or something. Now who needs to move around and launder vast sums of cash?

Why, the Deep State of course. The CIA, the Pentagon, the Big Banks, the DEA, the FBI, and sundry affiliated billionaires and mob bosses.

It's a real swamp. 

Donald Trump hasn't been sent to Washington to "Drain the Swamp.

On the contrary, he's very ably "Swamping the Drain!"

The government he's appointed can be thus described: Zionists, Neocons, Goldman Sachs and multi-billionaires. In a word, thoroughly establishment

There's nothing "outsider" about it.

Only weeks into his presidency, Trump fired his National Security Advisor, in a "fit of stupidity", as Paul Craig Roberts put it. And incredibly, Trump has retained James Comey as FBI Director, a transparently corrupt man who did the dirty work of the Clintons and Loretta Lynch and who just this week was publicly braying about remaining in his position for another six years, with nary a contrary word from Trump.

Only two weeks ago Trump was loudly complaining that his Trump Tower in New York City had been bugged by the Obama regime. And then last week, Wikileaks dumped a massive internal CIA data trove to the Internet that revealed that, indeed, there is a massive, illegal, unconstitutional, ongoing spy campaign against everyone, by the CIA. It is an operation so exhaustive in scope that it certainly includes the Trump Tower, and everyone and everything else. The extent of the illegal, totalitarian operation is mind boggling.

Wikileaks resoundingly ratified Trump's allegations. He certainly was, and is, being spied on -- by no less than the CIA.

So what was Trump's response? He trotted out his press secretary to say that people should be "outraged" -- not at the CIA's massive subversion and violation of the law, the Constitution, and civil and human liberties, no, not at the totalitarian, illegal, unconstitutional behavior of the CIA, but rather at Wikileaks, because: "This is the kind of disclosure that undermines our country, our security and our well-being."

As if the foregoing were not bad enough, Trump sent an absolute BB-brain of a nitwit, Nikki Haley, ex-governor of South Carolina, to be his United Nations Ambassador in New York. And far from seeking rapprochement with Russia, and calming tensions with China, since coming to power Trump has ratcheted tensions up with the Russians, and brought the simmering dispute with China in the South China Sea to an even tenser level.

Last week he sent nuclear-capable heavy bombers into South Korea, as a threat to North Korea and, also in recent days, the Pentagon announced plans to increase the troop level in Syria, in what amounts to an illegal military invasion of a sovereign state, in flagrant contravention of international law.  

Translation of all of the above: unless he radically changes course, and very soon, Trump is revealing himself to be a plaything of the FBI, the CIA and the Pentagon, a dutiful Deep State political puppet, as it were.

Paul Craig Roberts has asked: Is Trump Already Finished?

To which I would sarcastically reply: oh, heavens no, he's only getting started!

In fact, if Trump and his cabinet appointees continue with the rhetoric, policy statements and maneuvers that they have been making so far, Trump may have the USSA at war with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria and God only knows who else, even faster than Hillary Clinton would have. 

Interestingly, some of Trump's staunchest supporters have been fundamentalist Christians, who, in some kind of misguided religious zeal, have conflated Donald Trump with their Christian savior beliefs, making him out to be some kind of Great Man, a Big Daddy, who will somehow "Save America" (whatever that means) and "Make America Great Again!" (whatever that means).

Notwithstanding that Jesus Christ himself is recorded in the Christian Bible as saying: "My Kingdom is not of this world!" -- so many of his supposed followers, the Christian fundamentalists, go running after a slick, brash-talking, multi-billionaire, New York City real estate tycoon, forgetting that their professed Lord and savior also remarked: "Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."

And yet, in their millions, these hordes of alleged "Christians" eagerly run after the Rich Man from New York City. There are even YouTube videos circulating on the Internet alleging that Donald Trump has been sent by God to "Save America" (whatever that means). The Deep State's YouTube fundamentalist "Christian" propaganda division must be working overtime.

Of course, reliance on this external savior myth is nothing more than an abdication of personal responsibility, an infantile psychological projection on a bigger than life political figure to swoop in and make everything that is perceived to have gone wrong, right again.

This is nothing but personal weakness.

Here's the reality: Trump is a weak, indecisive, confused, not very well informed, corrupt, vacillating, pompous, self-enriching, narcissistic, sociopathic, bloviating, lying, not-ready-for-prime-time, suck ass buffoon. (By contrast with Hillary Clinton, who is merely a satanic, psychopathic, endlessly criminally devious, pathological lying, serial murdering, war mongering demon from the pits of hell.) \sarcasm\

The  public mind f*ck is beyond belief. The Trumpies and everyone else need to pull themselves together and see that they are all being massively played. Courtesy of Wikileaks, Trump now has all the evidence he needs that the CIA itself is tapping his phones and computers and TVs and probably also his egg timer, waffle maker and God knows what all else.

If Trump doesn't immediately use the Wikileaks CIA data dump to go Medieval on the CIA's ass and ruthlessly clean house at Langley, from top to bottom,  and also arrange some sort of pardon or clemency or immunity from prosecution for Julian Assange, then he is obviously in on the rigged game of Them versus Us and must henceforth be treated as one of Them, and not one of Us.


What I am telling you is: Trump is a complete pussy. He already revealed himself to be a weak leader when he fired Michael Flynn mere weeks after he appointed him National Security Advisor  -- and over almost nothing!

And he has permitted a known, corrupt FBI Director to remain in power, without protest whatsoever, at the same time that he unleashes the Neocons in the Pentagon to ratchet up tensions with Syria, Russia, China, North Korea and Iran almost to the point of outright war.

If it walks like a Deep State political puppet, talks like a Deep State political puppet and acts as a Deep State political puppet, then I submit to you that what you are looking at is a Deep State political puppet.

It's Ruthless Business

See, the so-called "government" is really a corporation and its job is to f*ck you in the *ss, all the while telling you that it is your patriotic duty to love every second and ask for more. 

That is Trump's job. He's been brought in as the "fixer". Bad things are getting ready to happen, well, I mean, bad things are already happening, really bad things, but the human "herd" has not quite caught on en masse to the grim reality yet.

First of all, notwithstanding Trump's rhetoric about bringing jobs back to the USSA, the reality is that due to mechanization, robotics, automation, digital technology and the like, hundreds of millions of jobs are being eliminated from the global economy right now. Many of the jobs being eliminated  are in the USSA. In recent decades and years the USSA economy has lost millions of jobs that will never be coming back. The world has changed and many "workers" are now obsolete. What happens to millions of "obsolete" people who are no longer needed and have become superfluous

Could it be that that's why a Pied Piper is called in to take charge of the situation? He plays his magic flute, all the children fall in line behind him and off they go -- never to be seen again! There are several tens of millions of workers in the USSA economy who are unemployed or under employed. Trump is simply lying; he will not be putting them all back to work at a decent, living wage. Just will not.

Secondly, the situation at Fukushima continues to go from very bad to much worse. The Pacific Ocean is dying right now as a direct consequence of all the radioactivity flowing into it from the catastrophically ruined nuclear power reactors at Fukushima, Japan. The Pacific Ocean won't ever be back. It's done. It's finished. The whales, dolphins, tuna, crabs, scallops, oysters, all of it. It's all dying off as the radioactivity progressively accumulates in the marine food chain. The radioactivity from Fukushima is also progressively poisoning North America. Every weather system that moves across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to North America brings with it a load of radioactivity that it dumps on fields, forests, streams, playgrounds and -- well, you get the picture. It's building up and up in the food chain, in the soil, in the lakes, and it will not stop coming. The future will be more and more radioactive; unfortunately rising rates of radioactivity are not compatible with good human health and so the end result is baked in the cake. Can you recall Donald Trump saying even one word about this situation? Ever? I can't. Indeed, there is no evidence that the matter is even on his mental horizon.

Third, all around us the planet is swiftly dying. Please click the hyper-link and read the article. 

Almost two-thirds of the wildlife on the Earth has died in the last 50 years.

The final third will go much faster than the previous two-thirds, due to the law of exponents, so realistically we are looking at a 15 or 10 year period of rapid biosphere collapse. We are already into the rapid collapse and it will accelerate from here. The last few years will go very quickly.

No major political figure is saying anything about this. Certainly not Donald Trump. 

Trump is tremendously ignorant in substantive, planet-wide policy areas that greatly matter, like the impending death of the global biosphere.

The jobs will not be coming back to the USSA, not in the tens of millions. Trump is simply lying about that. And Fukushima is a radioactive, planet-killing event that Trump doesn't even mention. All around us, the planet is rapidly dying and there is no evidence that this species ending event is even remotely on Trump's mental horizon.

I say again: the people of the USSA are being played like a fiddle. And they are reacting in predictable, programmable and programmed ways.

Remember: he who pays the piper calls the tune! The paymasters would appear to be preeminently Goldman Sachs, seeing as Donald Trump has loaded up his government with Goldman Sachs executives, and behind them the Rothschild global faction. The music is being orchestrated by very practiced, global, social engineers. They have it down to a very dark science. 

How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?

It looks like we are talking about a political meta-script that is meticulously choreographed and directed from off stage, such that even many of the main actors (Trump, Clinton, etc.) heavily buy into the dramatic fiction that they are called upon to role play.

Are Shakespeare's poetic musings the literal truth? "All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players ..." He was closely connected to influential people in his day. Was he clued in to how the world really works? Has it always been like that? Is it really a massive, scripted theatrical production and the joke's on us and always has been? 

Take a look at the Economist magazine's cover for January of this year.

What do you know, another nuclear mushroom cloud with the Grim Reaper on horseback and the word death.

Also, we see Donald Trump sitting in judgement astride the world with the United States underfoot, as well as a tower (perhaps the Trump tower?) being split asunder by a lightning bolt, with Christian and communist hordes massed on opposite sides. Knowing the Rothschilds' modus operandi the symbolism could plausibly be interpreted as a Rothschild recipe for false flag attacks, dictatorship and war, possibly nuclear war, in some, or all of which, Donald Trump appears slated to play a role.

In other words, we are now just about at the point where really big events start to kick in, and with a fiendish vengeance.  

Death of the Earth's ecosystems and biosphere. Global radioactive poisoning. Obsolescence of hundreds of millions of disposable workers in the coming years. Add it all up and it's not a pretty picture.

I am reminded again of the numbers for national populations around the world, in the year 2025, just eight years away. clearly has connections to the global, military-security complex, and so presumably has access to data sources that the average person does not. Take a look:

2025 country forecast

The projection is for the USSA to lose 80% of its populace in the next eight years. Now what could cause that? There are many possibilities: economic collapse, nuclear war, biological warfare, famine, failure of the agricutural system, an EMP attack, collapse of the ecology, etc. 

Look through the data. is also projecting extremely sharp population losses in Canada, Australia, Japan, Israel and much of Europe.

Huge, life, planet and species altering events are already in motion. They will run their course, and the movers and shakers behind the scenes, the so-called Powers That Be, know that perfectly well. Humanity is being lulled into a false sense of complacency, owing to normalcy bias, the better to be controlled, exploited, managed and maybe even slaughtered by the hundreds of millions or even billions.

The population numbers for the year 2025 are just that grim. 

In the final analysis Donald Trump is where he is because he is an establishment player.

He may say this and that, he may do this and that, but if he does not abolish the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, Federal Reserve, the IRS as we now know it, and more,  the corrupt game simply continues on as it is, with variations to distract the peasantry into thinking that more is going on than simple presidential chair shuffling on a sinking Titanic.

I am highly skeptical.
The whole game is insidiously rigged.

The political theatre of personalities is for the gullible plebes' consumption and confusion. What the hidden guiding hands desire is a certain outcome.

As of now, we drift steadily towards war, albeit that Hillary Clinton will not be the one to start it. It appears that the Pied Piper will do the honors instead, and all of his myriad followers will heartily agree that it is a good thing that it is he that is doing it, and not Hillary Clinton, because -- oh, the horror!


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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Deep Dark Thoughts About The Satanic Darkness Of The Deep State

For most of my life the so-called "missing persons" phenomenon has been an unresolved issue that has been in and out of the news. And by the way, it is an international problem, not limited to the USSA by any means. 

Since I have been in Ecuador I have come to understand that there are also thousands of missing people in this small country. It's a global issue that involves large numbers of people of both genders and all ages, not just children. Something really vicious and evil is happening and we simply have no clear idea of its extent.

I have long suspected, but cannot begin to prove, that at least some of the myriad thousands of missing people all over the world are taken to some of the secret underground and underwater installations that I have been writing and talking about for more than two decades now. 

We simply do not know with any degree of specificity what happens in a lot of the underground and undersea facilities. The level of secrecy is extreme and there must be a reason for that -- a reason along the lines of policies that are so ghastly that no public mention dare be made of them.

It so happens that the various agencies of the USSA government operate a whole slew of underground bases, including a good many in and around Washington, DC. There is a veritable anthill beneath Washington, DC.

Both with the myriad thousands of missing people, as well as with the underground bases, the alphabet soup agencies are heavily in the know.

With the pervasive surveillance of national and global society by the NSA, FBI, DHS, CIA, etc. the Feds certainly know a hell of a lot more about the very large number of missing people than they are saying. They certainly also know about the underground bases, because the Feds operate so many of them. 

This amounts to saying that the Federal government is a cover for unimaginable evil. The FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. clearly know a great deal about the missing persons issue and say and do nothing. What does that say about them? I don't even know why people vote anymore, or pay taxes, or salute the flag, or recite the pledge of allegiance.

As I have demonstrated in my books, available in the right-hand sidebar of my blog site, the Federal agencies also operate an extensive network of major underground facilities about which we know practically nothing. I am not able to prove it, but I strongly suspect that hideous, unimaginable crimes are taking place in some of these facilities.

Why do I say that? -- because of the near total secrecy surrounding them, that's why. If everything is on the up and up, then why does the deep underground Black World characterized by almost absolute secrecy exist?

Back in the Clinton White House years in the 1990s, when Bill and Hillary would venture out into the Washington, DC underground -- literally -- the Secret Service agents would shout, "Hogs in the tunnel!"  to alert others that the Clintons were venturing out into the shadowy network of underground tunnels that underlies Washington, DC. Who knows what the Clintons (and others) have done and are doing in those tunnels?

Of course, the "hogs" moniker is a reference to their Arkansas origins. The University of Arkansas athletic teams are known as the Razorbacks. Razorbacks are wild hogs that live out in the woods in the rural South.

The call "Woooooooooooo! Pig! SOOIE!" at Arkansas football games is a deafening roar that can be heard a mile away, when bellowed by tens of thousands of fans at a time. I know. I'm from the South. I've heard it. It's impressive.

There is a labyrinth under Washington, DC with many miles of tunnels, and secret elevators, offices, rooms, etc., about which most visitors to Washington, DC remain completely oblivious. To cite just one example, what secretly lies beneath the White House vastly exceeds what you see when you walk by on Pennsylvania Avenue. As of the mid-1960s it was reported to go down at least 17 levels, accessed via elevator from the surface, with tunnels and corridors radiating outward beneath the surface. In recent years it has been enlarged even more.
And then there are underground tunnels going to and from the Capitol, and much more.
Many years ago, John Elvin, a longtime political reporter in Washington, DC, wrote an obscure, little booklet about some of the underground tunnels in Washington, DC called: "Hogs in the Tunnel!" You can do a word search for it. There are copies available.
Those in the know in Washington, such as Podesta, the Clintons, the Bushes and a host of others, certainly know about and use the miles of secret tunnels beneath Washington, DC. Let your imagination run as to what happens in the tunnels. These are evil people and they do evil things.
Here is a partial list of underground facilities or facilities with underground tunnels or facilities in the Washington, DC area. 
White House -- a real anthill lies below
Capitol Building -- tunnel system radiating out to nearby buildings
Pentagon -- multilevel underground facility
Vice-President's mansion -- major subterranean work in the 2000s
Treasury Building -- underground tunnels
NSA in Laurel, Maryland --- massive, sprawling, deep, multi-level facility
FEMA on Riggs Rd. between Olney and Laytonsville, Maryland -- at least seven levels
Camp David beneath Catoctin Mountain, Maryland -- huge, multi-level, so large and complex that any one person is unlikely to know the full lay-out
Warrenton Training Stations A&B, Warrenton, Virginia -- former CIA bases, now run by other agency
Mount Weather in Blue Ridge Mountains -- vast, deep, complex, highly secretive.
There are bound to be many more than these. These are just some that are publicly known. Note that some of them are vast, truly large, like the ones beneath the White House, Mt. Weather, NSA in Laurel, Maryland, Camp David.
I have been told by one man who regularly used to go into the Camp David labyrinth on a classified federal contract that the underground component of Camp David is so large, vast, complex and extensive that he doubts that any one person could have the full layout of the place in his or her head. The Seabees built the place; the Marine Corps guards it now.
One of my other sources described to me a vast, twenty level deep, labyrinth beneath the NSA in Laurel, Maryland that extends for acres on each level. What does the NSA do underground in Laurel, Maryland? What do they have underground there? Who the hell knows?
What really goes on in these massive, secret, sprawling, labyrinthine, underground complexes? How many people work and/or live in there? What do they do?
We simply do not have a good idea of what is going on. They are not the kind of places that you just walk into off the street. They are guarded with heavy armed force.

This is another way of saying that the American people live under a dictatorship. The underground bases are analogous to the castle on the hill in medieval times.

Now the castle on the hill is a secret, underground base and the peasants, er, the American people, are not allowed to go inside.

Why not? Because, that's why. Like I said, its a red-white and-blue dictatorship and it will remain that way so long as the American people accept their subservient, serf status and meekly comply with the dictates of the dicatorship.

The only way they will find out what is in those bases is if they go into them. So far they have elected not to do that. They have meekly accepted their subservient, peasant status.

God only knows what horrors and crimes are taking place underground and therefore out of sight and out of mind.


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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Westworld Theme Park -- Vertiginous Financial Crash Or WW-III Dead Ahead?

It's all rigged. It's the rare person who can escape the almost infinitely long (both temporally and spatially), astonishingly intricate maze of fiendishly mesmerizing and enchanting, floor to ceiling, staggeringly realistic, finely polished virtual reality mirrors into which we are born and in which we pass our days, until we exit at death, only to be snatched up, most of us, and reborn into the same devilishly complex maze, again and again.

The Earth, and perhaps even most or all of this whole Universe, appear to be a school of the most exacting standards. Either you figure it out and find the exit(s) to the maze, i.e., graduate, or you cycle through again and again and again. Time does not appear to matter. If it takes you the equivalent of one or two Earth lives to master the course, well and good; if you are a dimwitted, hard headed sort and you require 20 billion years to get the hang of it, no problem, the Earth school and the Milky Way galaxy school have multi-billion year-long, unimaginably tough, remedial education courses tailored to suit every need.

The ancient Hindu wise men, mystics, sages, seers and yogis called it "maya" -- the bedazzling realm of oh--so-real-seeming illusion that ensnares the unwary in its deceptive veils of confusion, wonder, pain, excitement, suffering, joy, ignorance, bliss, agony, boredom and so much more. It's the ultimate carnival ride -- you're up, you're down, you're whirled all around, its dizzying, it's worrying, it's exhausting, it's thrilling, it's tantalizing, it's exasperating, it's entertaining, it's wearying, it's fulfilling and yet you're often left with the feeling that there's something more, or there should be, if only you could put your finger on it, if only you could get a mental purchase on it -- and then you're out of here just before you can quite get it figured out, recycled, and sent back to do it all again, with endless billions of possible variations on the same human theme.

Even Hollywood reflects and plays back to us certain hard aspects of the virtual reality through which we are cycling.

Like, for instance, the new HBO series, West World.

Translation:  Western World Theme Park. Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the U.K., Canada, the USSA. It's a grand Theme Park. A manufactured reality, an artificial, virtual reality.

Which begs the question: what is real and what is an illusion? -- as the Moody Blues so eloquently asked years ago.

And by the way, I am not kidding at all. With the rapid growth in scope and sophistication of A.I. technology, robotics, 3-D printing and related technologies, nanotechnology,  psychotronics and mind control, genetic engineering and cloning,  and more, what percentage of the so-called human population on this planet are real, natural born humans with divinely created souls, and how many are clones, GMO experiments, or have nanotech "upgrades" or other technological  cyborg "enhancements" or implants of various sorts? I ask, because rapidly growing numbers of "people" are now pierced, tattooed up one side and down the other, mutilated, sexually, surgically and chemically altered, injected with digital microchips, etc. Cloning technology has been around for decades. Cows, pigs, sheep, dogs, etc. have been cloned in large numbers for years.  Why would it be any harder to clone a human than a cow or a sheep or a pig? I therefore presume it is happening. The only questions in my mind are: how many are there? Who are they? Who is doing the cloning and why? What is the scale of the operation?

The same goes with GMO "humans". We know that there are many transgenic organisms. I have seen photos when I was studying biology of plants that fluoresced, that glowed in the dark, because they had firefly genes inserted to their genetic code. There are tomato plants with trout genes. There are pigs with human genes. This has been going on for decades now in the public sphere. We simply do not know the scope and extent of transgenic, genetic engineering, though what has filtered into public awareness in the mainstream news cycle is plenty alarming. The terrestrial biome is now being massively hacked genetically. Our DNA is being hijacked without our permission and mostly without our knowledge. It's a massive project and we are its lab rats.

I assume that in the Black Budget world of super-secret, sophisticated R&D facilities that the GMO work, the hacking of our genetic code, started a long time ago, maybe many thousands of years ago.

It is probable that a certain percentage of the so-called "human" population on this planet are GMO. I don't happen to know the percentage -- for all I know maybe it is all of us. Maybe that is the point. And maybe the long-running GMO experiment on this planet is now being carried in other, even more bizarre directions.

It's all fake as hell, and the fake thrills are about to be ratcheted up to an even greater level of emotional intensity, as the bottom drops out and people are sent reeling, by the hundreds of millions and billions.

Remember: it's a grand Theme Park,  a near infinite, devilishly intricate maze of perfectly polished, floor to ceiling, virtual reality mirrors with an exit that is fiendishly hard to locate, and even harder to recognize if you should be so fortunate as to somehow stumble across it -- if you even can happen to find it.

So why bother with life? I don't know, maybe because the eternal disposition of your soul depends on grokking what is going on, and consciously extricating your very being from it? Could this entire galaxy be a giant soul trap?

I suppose that what it amounts to is: free your body, mind and soul from the snares of the MATRIX if you can.

At the end of the day, you will do whatever you most want to do and I will not stop you. I can't. I have my hands full with my own life. I will ultimately do whatever I most want to do and you will not stop me either, not at a soul level.

Current Situation Here In The Terrestrial Theme Park

I find it interesting that the auditors at the Pentagon recently announced that there are $6.5 trillion of military spending for which they cannot adequately account.

Where is the money? What has been done with it? Who knows? Let your imagination run. Anything you might say or come up with will be more informative than what the Pentagon has to say, which is nothing, other than it cannot tell you what it has done with the money, where it is, who has it -- NOTHING.

And yet the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) insists that you must account for every last nickel in your possession -- or ELSE!

You are forced to account for mere thousands, hundreds or even tens of dollars upon pain of potential fines or imprisonment; whereas over at the Pentagon they fail to account for multiple trillions of dollars and nothing is done to anyone.

That is because the government is a large criminal syndicate, a ruthless mafia, and you are its criminally subjugated chattel, forced to labor under duress, under threat of grave harm if you refuse. You are a numbered slave. An economic production unit on a vast, hi-tech plantation called the USSA.

It's all part of the virtual reality theme park, don't you see? -- in which you are incarcerated, with or without your informed consent, with or without your cooperation.

And all around us the natural world is dying, is being made to die, is being artificially degraded, by the exploded nuclear reactors at Chernobyl and Fukushima, by the destruction of the great tropical forests, by the poisoning and over fishing of the seas, by the chemical contamination of the air and water, by the rampant genetic modification of myriad species of plants and animals, by pervasive spraying of harmful substances into the atmosphere (geoengineering or "chemtrails") by planet-killing Pentagon programs, by the proliferation of electromagnetic control grids all over and around the planet, etc.

Meanwhile, the world is subjected to the circus-like, surreal spectacle of the so-called, "Presidential" election campaign in the USSA between a bloviating, multi-billionaire, fat cat, New York City playboy and a transparently psychopathic, syphilitic, pathologically lying, endlessly murderous, deceitful hag who wishes to rule over the USSA and the rest of the planet.

It's a pathetic prospect, to be sure.

And nowhere in their debates and political discourse have they deigned to mention, or even showed that they are slightly aware of the grave issues of global deforestation, the threat to humans of rapidly proliferating robotic and A.I. technology, dying, garbage choked oceans, chemically poisoned air, water and soil, the threats of out-of-control genetic engineering, runaway nanotechnology, approaching nuclear war or the fact that the whole planet and humanity itself seem to be held deeply in the grips of a very negative virtual reality, a fake, artificial MATRIX that has us all held hostage. mind, body and soul.

I have seen this MATRIX control grid in my visions and so have many others. It's real enough, alright, all too real. 

And just when a growing number of people are starting to come to grips with some of the basic elements of the MATRIX structure in which we are caged, the news cycle is suddenly filled with warnings of impending, global warfare, perhaps nuclear warfare, and a concomitant, global financial collapse, maybe on a greater scale and with a greater impact than any human event in thousands of years.

The world is about to make a huge transition to something else. That much is clear.

The German government and Czech government have recently publicly warned their populations to prepare for disaster. The signs of impending, great change are everywhere. 

I truly do not know what will happen in the next weeks, months or few years. But nothing at all would surprise me. 

All I can say is to expect the unexpected, because this enormous, virtual reality Theme Park in which we live and breathe is about to make an abrupt transition to something else. 

Free your mind, body and soul if you can, keeping in mind and taking to heart, that one of the basic laws of this manufactured, created reality appears to be that for everything there is an equal and opposite reaction, i.e., a certain karmic wheel of action and reaction that plays out over a very long time scale, indeed.

In a word, what we need, individually and collectively is to wise up. That's right, we need a good, old-fashioned upwising

Otherwise, how will we extricate ourselves from. the MATRIX with full awareness and in complete possession of all of our natural faculties?

I don't see any hope in the never ending bread and circuses of the corrupt, political arena. From what I can see, the only way out is to dramatically elevate human consciousness. All else plays into the hands of the dark forces behind the false MATRIX in which we are held captive. And I am not speaking about Islam, Judaism or Christianity as ways out, either -- in the main, the so-called Abrahamic religions have been among the most vicious MATRIX prison games on this planet.

No, to elevate consciousness takes time and persistent effort to look deeply within your human essence to reconnect with the infinite, vital source of All That Is. I mean you really have to dig deep and hard and long. And that is something no priest, rabbi or imam can give you; you have to discover it for yourself. It's not a weekend seminar or two weeks of 15 minute meditations. Trust me on this, your personal liberation will be hard fought and will come with great and persistent effort, as with all great victories.


I very much need your donations for support of my writing. I depend on your contributions and donations to help me continue living and writing in exile in Ecuador. If you find personal value or meaning in this or any of my other blog articles won't you please support my continued work? Contact me at: for how to donate.


If you are financially able to relocate to South America and would like to move to, buy real estate in or make an exploratory visit to Ecuador while there is still time to get out of the USSA and NATO countries before the chaos and societal upheaval worsens, write to me and I will put you in touch with professional people who help expats relocate, move in, get visas and rent or buy property. The climate is wonderful in Ecuador and the papayas are plentiful!