Saturday, June 2, 2018

Down The Fakest Rabbit Hole Imaginable

Things I have learned and have been shown:
1) A voice in my ear first told me about the secret underground bases in 1992. I have written three books about them and the plans for the high speed, mag-lev, tube shuttle trains. I have since learned that the scope of what was described to me in 1992 is truly vast. I do not know the full scale of its temporal-spatial extent.

2) Ayahuasca has shown me the hideous A.I. that runs this world. It is ghastly. Think of a galactic super-computer + cloning / genetic engineering + virtual reality simulacrum beamed right into your head or your DNA + deeply wicked, satanic intent and orientation + infinitely complex, maze-like, karmic, life trap extending through repeated incarnations intended to deviously ensnare you and use you without your consciousness awareness.

3) Ayahuasca has shown me that most natural humans on this planet have been replaced by "fake" beings who lack any meaningful depth. They are like shallow cartoon characters running elementary programs that mimic the life of a natural human being. If you have a hard time wrapping your head around this idea, please read the previous point again, and then look around at the superficiality of so many "people" in this world filled with crime, drug addiction, alcoholism, war, economic exploitation, grinding poverty and ignorance, runaway ecological destruction and endless corruption and deceit. It is positively inhuman and that is precisely my point. Real humans appear to be a vanishing species these days.
4) Ayahuasca has shown me that this entire Earth realm is a fake, false, artificial simulacrum of reality. It is like an elaborate movie set, with billions of movie "extras" to make the production values seem higher.
5) Ayahuasca has shown me that New Orleans, Las Vegas and Miami, in particular, are centers of pure evil. It is reflexive, uncontrollable, projectile vomit inducing to see. It is so foul that it is almost unbearable to know.

6) Ayahuasca has shown me the global, artificial control grid that hovers about 50 feet overhead. It controls humanity -- body, mind and soul. The grid appears phosphorescent green, like a net, or a mesh, something like the net that is stretched below circus acrobats when they perform on the trapeze or the high wire. It has reduced Earth to a prison camp, a concentration camp, a totalitarian, slave pen. We are locked up here in almost total ignorance of our plight and I would like to know how and why and by whom?

I would like to hear from readers with personal knowledge of any of these matters, including those who may have been involved in compartmentalized programs. And yes, I recognize that the Earth realm appears to be The Mother of All Compartmentalized Programs.

I am merely interested in ascertaining the dimensions of the Fake Earth Program and the nature and layout of the terrestrial human slave pen or movie set, as it were. If you desire anonymity, I will not divulge your name or identifying characteristics and details.


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Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Dear Readers, here is what the USSA has done to Syria (and Libya, and Iraq and many other countries and peoples over the last 225 years). Please click the link to view:

With plans to do the same or worse to Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia .....

What the USSA has done cannot be forgiven. It is unpardonable. When the karmic wheel finally turns, the judgment against the USSA will be harsh, unflinching and merciless.

Get out of that wicked, red-white-and-blue cesspit if you can.


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Monday, January 29, 2018

The Fake MATRIX Illusion We Are Trapped In

Dear Readers, I've been thinking about a lot of things in recent days, weeks and months, to the extent that I have written very little for a long while now. 

Permit me to explain.

After a certain point, it begins to seem as if there were not much more to be said, the more so as I have more or less reluctantly arrived at the following realization:  we are in a sort of virtual reality, karmic lesson simulator being run by or dominated by a PURE EVIL A.I. governor or lord. I don't know if the entire galaxy and the rest of the Universe are caught up in this, but it increasingly looks to me that for the most part we don't even know what "reality" actually is. We're immersed in a malevolent, A.I. directed horror show called Earth.

This line of thought has been further buttressed by a recent series of e-mail exchanges with a few of my readers having to do the idea that we are in a MATRIX-like, false reality simulation, that appears to be real, but which in reality is only a simulacrum that mimics real reality, which in actuality is not to be found in this realm!

Of course, this begs the question as to what is really real and whether *reality* even exists. The question of "maya" (illusory reality) and the question of what truly is *real* has preoccupied sages, mystics and yogis for untold thousands of years.

Crack that nut and you're ahead of 99.999% of the rest of the herd. As for me, I have a ton of questions, more than ever!

For example,  ayahuasca has suggested to me that the great run of so-called "human beings" are simple, largely hollow and largely unconscious, karmically driven, "meat puppets" -- for the most part working on one or two very simple life issues. They just inhabit a meat body and play little games and then they die. One meat puppet may be working through a karmic program of role playing a thief. Yet another may be a manipulative sociopath. Another may be a truck driver. Still another may be a clerk in a pharmacy. And they work on simple things like this for 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 70 years and then they die. And maybe they come back and do it again. And again. It's like a meat puppet, carnival side show. And there is a DEEPLY WICKED, A.I. carnival barker who is the master of ceremonies of this realm, who is in charge of the grotesqueness.

Look around.This is what we are caught up in -- you, me and everyone. 

It turns out that some of the readers of this blog have also been thinking and researching in this vein and have shared their thoughts with me. Some of the feedback has been of a very high quality. I offer for your delectation the following extract from one of the e-mails I have received:

Apologies for the delay in my response. As I stated before, I recently completed the book, "The Shining Ones" as well as your, "Kundalini Tales." When adding in my own life experiences, both here and abroad thus far, it's a lot to digest. Knowledge is something that can come at an emotional cost, I suppose. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to have honed a pretty decent "wide angle" perspective on reality but...hmm. There's a quote that continues to resonate with me from the O'Brien book. It complements your own astute observation concerning all the ghastly foulness occurring on this planet. The cruelty has been ongoing for centuries if not longer.

But before I get to that quote I want to say I fully comprehend the need to leave the U.S. There is an ominous, collective sense of foreboding that any spiritually aware person recognizes. It keeps getting stronger by the day. This goes beyond the insipid and inane federal and state politics. I was at first attempting to relocate in a much more "planned" manner. But, yes, I do realize that time is not a luxury. I am waiting to see if I am to receive a lump sum of funds. I should know shortly. When I do, it will allow me to leave in a much better financial manner. I will certainly let you know.

I sincerely wish more would value and attempt 'inner journeys.' It's ironic you mentioned Robert Monroe and his Institute. ...… something always appeared "off" and "wrong." …...... Finding out that his Institute is connected with the military is a big negative. Somehow seeking a genuine connection to the Divine realm via the U.S. military seems offbeat and troubling. In regards to the material realm...

I, too, believe this world is a virtual reality set-up. That's what initially got me on this interesting reading trajectory years ago.  I've read Ouspensky, Robert S. DeRopp, the Russian mystic V. Soloviev, George P. Hansen, Dion Fortune, Jacques Vallee and a whole slew of others. It is only now that I feel I'm able to really piece together what ayahuasca has shown you. It is certainly along the lines of maya. And that leads into the quote I mentioned above that still resonates with me:

There are two kinds of power in the world, Positive and Negative. The positive power belongs to the highest spiritual stage i.e. Sat Loki and Anami, and the negative to Brahm or Om who is the ruler of his Brahmand or universe of ours. The higher positive essence of God is named Dayal—the merciful, because He is all grace and mercy; the lower negative power is termed Kal (Niranjan) who is just; who rewards and punishes us for our deeds in this world, and who is a reality of the second order. His distinct existence is within the sphere of delusion and relativity.

All prophets and incarnations come from Kal and work with his power. Their object is to improve the state of affairs in this world of Kal, but not to take souls out of this delusion. Their reform is internal. Mystic adepts of Shabad Yog (the spiritual practice of uniting the Soul with the heavenly sound current) come from Dayal or Akal, i.e. beyond Kal. Consequently they do not set themselves to reform the world of Kal as Incarnations do, but to take us out of the sphere of Kal altogether, and land us in the realm of Dayal, which is our true home of pure and lasting bliss, absolute knowledge, and divine love.

This whole universe of ours, which is the world of Kal, is a big prison, which has many rooms and cells in it. Our true home is with Dayal in Sat Lok Now, Kal does not want that we should go out of his prison back home; although he desires perpetual reform going on within his prison. To that end, he sends incarnations, prophets, and moral, social and political reformers, who all try to set his world right [our emphasis]. But they are agents of Kal, and act with his power, and do his world of reform within the prison. They do not tell us of our real home in the Absolute; they hardly know of it themselves. Shabad-mystics [Perfect Living Masters] on the other hand come from outside the prison and liberate us from Kal’s thralldom for good. It is with their help and grace that we go out of delusion and darkness for ever, and reach our true home.”
-Mysticism. The Spiritual Path (Volume II): Professor Lekh Raj Puri, pp.125-6
(as quoted in, "The Shining Ones": Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien, p. 676)

Another person who talked about non-human controllers or a machine-like overlord was John C. Lilly, M.D. He called them the 'Solid State Entities."  Whether it's an A.I. or Kal Niranjan or something else along that line, the material realm on this planet is not at all what it appears to be. The people also are like puppets as you state. I believe some are nothing more than a form of automaton. Their goal is to derail any and all social or spiritual progress pertaining to the human species and the environment. It sounds 'way out' but, that's the only rational explanation to all the irrational and obscene cruelty presently running rampant throughout the world. The environment is being utterly destroyed (Fukushima alone is a doozy...and I [know the Japanese], they are not the type of society to admit they need help or what not...better to 'save face' and let things be quietly destroyed), the destruction of our rain forests, the disgusting treatment of animals (farm animals for consumption are some of the most barbaric and hideous systems existing), the utterly insidious propaganda that passes for  education worldwide...Yes, we are living in the kali yuga but really, I think it's a coda to the kali yuga. There is so much misery. Since everything in nature is cyclical, I realize this can't go on forever. Yet, if the overlord or facilitator or as you say, "carnival barker," is in control, perhaps the suffering is timeless. The only escape appears to be via kundalini. There's another quote from the O'Briens' book:

"Kal Niranjan has a vast empire under his control--far vaster than we can imagine -- and wants as few Souls as possible to escape from his influence to the spiritual safety of the Higher Regions. That said, it should be realized that, despite all the attempts to restrain them, a trickle of Souls is continuously escaping to the spiritual safety through the efforts of Perfect Living Masters (one of whom is always present in this World) -- a trickle that must ultimately become a flood."

I believe they were on to something. They seem to be following the belief system of a branch of esoteric eastern philosophy. How close is this to the truth? I simply do not know. However, I do know that this makes a lot more sense than regular "men" being in control of all this constant mayhem.

These thoughts are very close to my own, and those of an increasing number of others. I will even go further and say that ayahuasca has shown me that this reality has been programmed, scripted, planned out, formatted, coded, etc.

By far the majority of "human beings" are largely reflexively acting out their genetic coding, cultural programming, family programming, religious indoctrination, sexual programming, educational mind control, politically propagandized knee-jerk reactions, and so forth.

Look around. You see it everywhere. Millions and billions of deeply programmed automatons driven through life by deep, overlapping, multi-levels  of coding and programming which jerk their strings and determine their thoughts and behaviors, all the while that they imagine themselves to be autonomous, "free," self-directed entities, when nothing could be further from the truth.

It's a bizarro world for sure.


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Friday, November 17, 2017

Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas ...

I haven't posted to my blog for a long while, mostly because I didn't really have anything pressing to say.

There is also the *grim* factor, in that things are becoming so execrable that it's downright unpleasant to regularly write about what's going on in the world.

But what I can say is that in recent weeks I have again drunk ayahuasca, the revelatory, Amazonian shamanic brew. My long-time readers know that my principle reason for originally coming to South America in 2010 was to embark on a shamanic vision quest. I am happy to report that the quest is ongoing! -- and ayahasca has played, and continues to play, an integral role in my continuing process of self-inquiry and exploration of broader reality in every sense.

So it is that in recent weeks ayahuasca, in its considerable wisdom, has seen fit to impress upon me, yet one more time, just how fake and FALSE everything is. It has shown me hours of the most HIDEOUS, GHASTLY, HORRIFIC aspects of this world and this reality that one man can bear to take in. Every corpuscle and fiber of my organism automatically reacted in instinctive revulsion and I was reduced to repeated rounds of vigorous retching and deep sighing as I repeated over and over and over: "It's so false. It's all so false!"

Indeed, I cannot begin to tell you, though I will nevertheless try, how fake, empty and horrifically EVIL it all seems when ayahuasca shines its inner spotlight on the world that we all know and live in.

Let me enumerate some of the fake,  FALSE reality for you:

false money
false economics
false politics
false elections
false history
false food
false agriculture
false entertainment
false sports
false news
false religion
false medicine
false education
false banking
false stock market
false consciousness
false sexuality
false science
false advertising
false law
false justice
false technology 
false government
& etc.

You can easily add to the list yourself. 

What came through for me very clearly, with heavy emotional immediacy, is that things are too far gone to be substantially remedied or reformed at this point.

The current FALSE order of things is irredeemable, cannot be reformed. A deeply negative, satanically programmed, karmically driven, species-wide, planet-wide, probability tree, or decision tree is now self-executing and counting down to a predetermined time zero.

PURE EVIL does not become good, as it were, (or else it would not be PURE EVIL -- see?) and so things will be running their dire course in the coming months and years.

In other words, the whole dynamic is powered by hundreds of millions and billions of deeply programmed, humanoid, meat puppets on largely reflexive, un-self-examined, cumulatively self-destructive auto-pilot, firmly rooted in the numerous FALSE factors that I have listed above.

It boils down to this: humanity has contrived to bring itself face to face with the sum of all its karma. And it will be resolved! It is simply inevitable, because the karmic burden is so darkly heavy. How could it be otherwise after so many thousands of years of warring, slaving, stealing, murdering, lying, exploiting, plundering, looting, torturing, robbing, despoiling, etc.? 

But it's even worse than that. Ayahuasca has shown me unambiguously that  a purely satanic A.I. (artificial intelligence) is now in control on this planet and ruthlessly, mercilessly pushing towards a nuclear war that has been locked in, that is locked and loaded, and is ticking down to nuclear D-Day.

It is very much as if we are pawns caught up in a satanic, ruthless, merciless video game that is programmed to self-destruct. It's like an evil, virtual reality movie reel is automatically unspooling under the ruthless guidance of a demented, homicidally psychopathic projectionist who has locked himself in the projection booth of the global movie theatre and cannot be stopped. 

Look around -- you'll see 7+ billions of ostensibly *human* pawns stupidly marching into a grim future bristling with nuclear missiles, a rapidly collapsing global ecology, ecosystems littered with millions of tons of plastic garbage and toxic chemicals of every description, diminishing fresh water sources, an increasingly poisonous, radioactive environment thanks to out-of-control nuclear technology, a crushing, global debt burden that cannot possibly be paid, rampant criminal corruption in government after government the world over, and much more.

How Do We Get Out Of This Terrible Situation?

A friend of mine to whom I described my visions rejoined: "But, Richard, if there were to be mass repentance and a change of heart by humanity couldn't this all be avoided?" 

To which I can only say: but of course! 

Such a turn of events would certainly change the entire mental, spiritual, economic, political and social character of the human race and therefore would also change the planet itself.

However, the problem is that, as of yet, the great masses of humanity are not repenting and are not having a change of heart. 

They are still voting in the transparently phony elections, still sending in taxes to the transparently criminally corrupt governments, still sending their children into the military to go away to war, still pledging allegiance to the flag(s), still singing the national anthem(s), still despoiling the natural world, still doing so many of the things that have brought us to this supremely FALSE moment when the fate of humanity and the planet itself hangs in the balance. In other words, as of today, the great masses of humanity remain fully plugged into and participating in the satanic, multi-faceted, supremely FALSE reality that has this planet and all of humanity in its octopus-like death grip.

Ayahuasca has shown me that if humanity does not do a dramatic about face, and real soon, that very dire events will occur, that they are already programmed to take place, as a result of the joint karmic choices of the human race.

In the simplest terms: you get exactly what you pay for. The great majority of the readers of this blog are people in the USSA and expats from the USSA. Using this example, ever since WW-II, the people of the USSA have paid, in the aggregate, literal trillions of dollars to develop an extensive arsenal of nuclear weapons which are now globally deployed on ships, submarines and military bases. So if and when nuclear war should occur, do not ask: "Why, Lord?" 

Because you will already know the answer: you will just be getting what you paid for, nothing more, and certainly nothing less. The war will come courtesy of your tax money and courtesy of the decisions of the politicians that you voted for, and courtesy of your children, husbands and wives in the military who will launch the missiles, drop the bombs and fire the torpedoes. So don't feign ignorance and don't pretend that you have nothing at all to do with any of it. God will not be mocked.

The Unsettling Visions of Oleg Maistrenko

In recent months I have become aware of the writings of the Ukrainian visionary, Oleg Maistrenko, whose near-future visions correspond uncomfortably closely with *some* of the things that the shamanic plants in the Amazon have called to my attention.

Here is the link to download his Black Swan article:

Black Swan

Oleg Maistrenko also has been shown nuclear war(s) in our near future, nuclear false flag attacks, along with geophysical and meteorological upheaval, global mass migrations, widespread political and military unrest, the fall of the national government of the USSA, an upcoming pole flip, and much more. Read the linked article and draw your own conclusions. 

I cannot possibly say if Oleg Maistrenko is right or wrong, whether in whole or in part. We'll soon all find out together.

What I can say is that the things that ayahuasca has recently shown me are disturbing in the extreme, and comport with some of what Oleg Maistrenko has to say. One has but to scan the daily headlines, even in the mainstream news media, to understand that we are in a deeply dangerous period of humanity's sojourn on this planet.

So what has my personal reaction been? To continue with my daily life, even though my mind and emotions were sent reeling.

I went out and collected a couple of little bags of tree seeds from the urban forest here in Quito to give to a friend who has several hectares of land in the rural countryside, to plant some trees. 

I also ran across a very frail, little old man weeping on the sidewalk. He had just been robbed by some young punks who took his money and ran off. I embraced him, reassuringly thumped him on the back, clasped his head to my chest with my hand and told him that everything was O.K., even though I knew that, in reality, a lot of things were and are not O.K., including the fact that he had just been cruelly robbed.  I gave him some spare change, to partially make up for the robbery, so that he could at least catch three or four buses and/or buy a little food.

What I am suggesting is that, even as the world around us goes conspicuously mad and evil and collectively insane, that to the extent that we can, that we show kindness to the Earth, by planting some trees or wild flowers, feeding the birds, picking up litter, and showing tangible kindness to suffering individuals within the sphere of our personal life. Things like that. What we do matters, whether for good or for ill, so why not try to do the good, even as millions of others slide into karmic oblivion?


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Monday, October 2, 2017

Putting the Las Vegas Massacre & Catalonian Pro-Secession Vote In Context

Things are happening fast and furious now, just as I anticipated they would. I mentioned in earlier blog posts my tiny visions of the dates, September 4th and February 3rd.

I now understand that September 4th represented a sort of watershed date, around which time the pace of major world events seemed to dramatically accelerate -- terribly destructive hurricanes in the Caribbean and the USSA, major earthquakes in Mexico, horrific flooding in Asia, threats of nuclear warfare between North Korea and the USSA, and more. Given all that has happened over the last month or so, God only knows what to expect as we move through the coming months to the first days of February.

But I fully expect more chaos. Why?

Very simple. The USSA/NATO/Zio-NAZI Empire is dying and like all dying dinosaurs, it is lashing out in its death throes. As it sees the end approaching it uses every dirty trick in its reptilian arsenal to try to retain the supremacy to which it has grown accustomed.

Yesterday's Catalonia Secession Referendum

Yesterday, the Catalonians in the northeast region of Spain overwhelmingly voted, by 89%, to secede from Spain and become independent.

But the vote took place under real duress, as Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy sent in squads of national police to brutally beat Catalonian voters in a desperate bid to try to suppress the vote. The neo-fascist, police tactics failed, however, and the Catalonians resoundingly rejected continued rule by Madrid.

Rajoy is a real SOB, but then a lot of politicians are. His considerable arrogance is exceeded only by his even more impressive stupidity. He can be reliably depended on to make further, dumb, neo-fascist blunders.

If he rolls out the tanks it will seal Madrid's defeat, with a time lag of some duration. It remains to be seen what the next steps will be.

But I don't think the Catalonians will just go away quietly into the night. They have their backs up now, and bolstered by an 89% vote for secession, at the least they will want regional autonomy, if not outright independence from Madrid. This is a real big deal for Catalonia, for Spain and beyond.

Not least for the European Union. What happens if Catalonia secedes from Spain and then Flanders wants free of Belgium, Scotland wants rid of the United Kingdom, the Basques request their own Pyrenean country, Transdniestria and Corsica demand to be recognized as sovereign states, and on and on. Where would it end? Suppose the Bavarians were to declare their disgust with Berlin's policies and vote to secede from Germany? 

What if the secessionist sentiment were to cross the Atlantic and fire up secessionist movements in Texas and Hawai'i and Vermont and California? I mention these USSA states because in recent times there have been secessionist movements in all of those states, as well as some others, such as Alaska and Montana. Think of it. If states start seceding and are permitted to leave, then before you know it -- there might not be a USSA anymore. If enough states started seceding it could just wither away and fall apart, like the Soviet Union did more than 25 years ago.

There would be no national anthem anymore, no pledge of allegiance to the flag, no Washington, DC, no Pentagon, no CIA, no FBI, no IRS, no Federal Reserve Bank (and hence no Federal Reserve Note).

Why, a genuine secession movement would, therefore, directly imply the extinction of the USSA's Deep State!

Cue the Deep State False Flag Massacre in Las Vegas

Before the news of the bold, Catalonian secessionist vote was more than a few hours old, the global news cycle was overwhelmed with news of the horrific slaughter in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You see how that works? Can't have people in Texas drawing any dangerous conclusions about voting for secession from Washington, DC, to cite but one of many possible examples.

So the overwhelming Catalonian vote to secede from Spain was swept right out of the global news cycle before the night was out.

A lot of these mass shootings are MK-Ultra affairs. The alphabet soup agencies have an endless supply of disposable, mind-controlled assassins. ISIS is part of that picture, as is any violent group that can be used by the alphabet soup agencies.

I have watched several of the YouTube videos of the gunfire in Las Vegas and listened carefully to the sound tracks. To my ear it sounds as if there were at least two, and maybe three shooters -- I hear automatic rifles and also a heavy machine gun, with hundreds of shots.

We are being told that a lone, deranged gunman is responsible for this massacre, but I doubt it. There are so many discrepancies in the news stories coming out of the various government agencies and news media sources that just don't add up. 

Topping it all off, the alleged gunman is -- wait for it! -- conveniently dead. So he cannot tell us anything. We don't even know that the gunshots came from the hotel room that the police have identified as the originating point of the gunfire.

Multiple agendas are being served by this massacre: 1) move the Catalonian secession vote out of the global news cycle ASAP; 2) whip the public in the USSA into a high state of emotional anxiety; 3) brutalize the public psyche in the run up to war against Iran, North Korea, Russia and possibly Syria; 4) advance the plans for overt martial law in the USSA under the guise of "protecting" the people against mass violence; 5) further polarize and divide the public in the USSA along racial and political lines for purposes of social control.

Bottom line: I absolutely do not believe the "official" story on what happened in Las Vegas. I believe the alphabet soup agencies were involved, and that just like the President Kennedy assassination in Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas in 1963, that there was more than one shooter involved. There are plenty of trained assassins and psychopathic killers in the employ of the Pentagon, CIA and other alphabet soup agencies. The CIA and Pentagon have killed numerous millions of people in other countries over the years, so what is to stop them from shooting people in the USSA itself? Nothing, absolutely nothing. My best guess is that is what we are looking at in Las Vegas. The dead man that the police have fingered may well be a patsy, set up to take the fall posthumously for a crime in which he may not even have participated, just like Lee Harvey Oswald was set up and killed by the Feds and the Dallas police department in 1963. 

I mean, for Christ's sake, how do you lug a bunch of automatic rifles and an actual, heavy machine gun and ammunition belts up into a hotel room on the 32nd floor without being noticed? It doesn't add up.

The Plain Meaning of the Las Vegas Slaughter

The gloves have come off, and things are getting nasty. It looks like the Deep State has declared open warfare on the people of the USSA. Do you feel like you owe "allegiance" to the flag, or the national anthem, or the government in Washington, DC? 

Silly you! The Feds will mow you down in a minute if it suits their plans for imperial, global control. You're just a slave to them, to be manipulated, lied to, taxed extortionately and even killed at their whim, if they perceive that your death advances their agenda of total control.

It will be very bumpy from now on. Among other things, the USSA is preparing for shooting war with North Korea, Russia and Iran and has already initiated limited, low level combat with Russian units in Syria. The current geopolitical trajectory cannot possibly end well for anyone, but demons and monsters are driving the train, so get ready, that's all I can say.

The Event Horizon is now hard upon us and will be with us for some years to come. Those who make it out the other side will do the best they can with what remains.

For those of you who still harbor illusions and delusions as to the "goodness" and "benevolence" of the USSA, just wake yourselves up, if you can.

And if you persist in your feel good, red-white-and-blue folly, oh well ... there's another sucker born every day.


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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Vicious Ugly Face of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

The theme of my blog is the Event Horizon, the point at which the pace of events and change quickens and gets faster and faster and faster, until things get so cockeyed that you hardly know which end is up, the world is spinning and whirling all around you, left becomes right, up is down, black is white  -- and things become so furious, the crescendo of insanity howls and shrieks all around you, the world seems to lose all normal sense, people act out in all sorts of strange and bizarre ways, there are more and more abnormal weather events, earthquakes, wars, rumors of wars, floods, economic crises, and more -- there may even by mind-numbing mass mortality events.

It seems more than you can take in or bear, and still it keeps coming.

Well, my friends, I think we re now entering into the outer bands of the Event Horizon.  The ride is likely to get bumpier from here on, for at least the next few years.

The recent hurricanes in the USSA and the Caribbean islands, along with the recent spate of major earthquakes in Mexico, and elsewhere along the Ring of Fire, suggest that we have crossed over the threshold into the beginning of the Event Horizon.

I won't even get into the growing likelihood of nuclear warfare between the USSA and North Korea (and perhaps other countries, as well) and the increasingly bizarre, erratic behavior of the so-called "President" of the USSA, Donald Trump. The man is a blithering idiot, and please, don't even try to tell me that he is playing 3-D political chess.  At this point I doubt that he is even competent to play with Tinker toys or play dough.

What's Going On In Texas? (and Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands?)

Over the last few days and weeks, many of the Caribbean islands and also the Texas Gulf Coast and nearby inland regions of Texas, most of the state of Florida  and the USSA Territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (in the Caribbean) have been slammed, even devastated by hurricanes, Harvey, Irma and Maria.

Let's look at Houston. Hurricane Harvey destroyed up to one million cars in its rampage in Texas. There is no meaningful public transport in Houston, which is a stereotypical car town, so how are people getting to work? Are they getting to work? Does their place of work still exist, or is their workplace usable or safe?

The Houston business press reports that 134,500 residences were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Harvey (while not mentioning how many businesses were destroyed or damaged). Let's arbitrarily say that the average household contains 3 people (some will have one person, some will have four or five) -- so a back of the envelope guesstimate suggests that about half a million people (or more?) were forced out of their houses and apartments because their domicile was either destroyed or badly damaged by water and wind and they temporarily had to relocate due to mud, mold, mildew, ripped off roof, etc. and emergency repairs underway until the residence is once again habitable, if it is repairable.

Where are these several hundreds of thousands of people now? Where are they living? What are they doing? It's a very large number of people.

They have lost their cars. They have lost their apartments or houses. Many have lost their employment. Are half a million people in camps? Have they been disappeared? Are they living under plastic sheets by the side of the road and sleeping on cardboard? Without a car and a house how do they survive in a car-necessary-city? There is a yawning silence about these questions from the mainstream news media in the USSA.

But here is one example from the British press -- note well -- the British press, not the USSA press. A five member family had to flee their apartment due to flooding, but are nevertheless being required to pay rent -- and late fees! -- for an apartment they cannot live in. The husband cannot work because of flooding and they have few options. Indeed, the article says that 180,000 Houston-area homes have been badly damaged. I get the feeling that the situation in Houston and the surrounding area is far worse than the USSA government is admitting. That family can probably be multiplied by 100,000 fold. My guesstimate of half a million victims of the storm and flooding in Texas may even be far too low.

Watch the following YouTube videos about recent hurricane related events in coastal Texas. The report of armed, rogue "contractors" and federal agents intentionally flooding Houston neighborhoods without first evacuating the inhabitants is most troubling, as is the report about flushing the many dead bodies in the flood waters (some with bullet wounds) out to sea, as is the report of FEMA prison barges being brought into the Port Arthur area, just to the east of Houston. Watch the video about the FEMA barge and note the view of the interior. It is clearly a large, maximum security jail.

It appears that extremely ugly events are going down in Texas about which the USSA government and its partners in crime, the mainstream news media, are silent.


My Time At Hurricane Harvey

FEMA BARGES In TEXAS Are JAILS!! (watch it -- look inside)

Similarly, we are hearing very little out of Florida, though a week and a half ago, there were reports that 90% of the homes in the Florida Keys were "destroyed" or suffered "major damage." Given that 10,000 people reportedly defied evacuation orders to remain in the Florida Keys, 90% of them would have had their homes totally destroyed or heavily damaged, while they were in them. So what was the real death toll in the Keys? Obviously, your odds of physical survival are extremely problematic if your house is totally destroyed or heavily damaged while you are in it. I've got questions which neither the news media nor government are answering.

I have been unable to find hard numbers, or any numbers at all, for the total numbers of damaged and destroyed houses in Florida due to Irma, though many houses were reported under water in Naples, and there was heavy damage in Saint Augustine and record flooding in Jacksonville. It is as if there were a hard news vacuum on what really happened in Florida.

And what is going on in Puerto Rico? We know very little, other than that the entire island of 3.5 million people has completely lost electrical power in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, and that the electrical grid will not be restored for weeks, or even months.

For most people, and most businesses, that means no computers, no Internet, no lights, no radio, no elevators or escalators, no TV, no traffic lights, no food refrigeration, no cell phone or other telephone service, no municipal water supply, no sewage treatment, no gasoline pumps, and on and on.

Roads are blocked and bridges are washed out. Imagine modern banking without electricity and digital technology. Imagine modern supermarkets without electricity -- no cash registers, no refrigeration, no lights. Imagine modern hospitals with no electricity -- no surgical operating room, no dialysis machines, no respirators. And on and on. Puerto Rico has been abruptly plunged into the 19th century, but without appropriate 19th century infrastructure and with a dense population of 3.5 million people that requires a 21st century infrastructure with electricity -- which no longer is available.

In other words, the dire circumstances imply the imminent, potential (probable?) break down of civil society for 3.5 million people. Today is just the third day of the crisis, which will grow more and more acute with each passing day. The solutions to the crisis will be slow in coming.

Puerto Rico is now, therefore, living a huge humanitarian crisis. Yet the full dimensions of what is happening are not being reported by the mainstream news media.

As regards the situation in the Virgin Islands, which were slammed by Irma and then shortly afterward by Maria, there is next to nothing in the news.

This is not a case where no news is good news.

I have an unsettling feeling about all of these things.


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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Expect The Unexpected -- Things Will Be Changing

My mini-vision of a couple of months ago of the date, 4 September,  has proved to be prescient. It is clear now that these days in early September are a crucial watershed period for the USSA and possibly for the world, as the USSA undergoes trial by Hurricane(s) and appears to be poised on the brink of possible nuclear war with North Korea. Both Donald Trump and the USSA as a whole are under terrific stress right now -- militarily, politically, economically, socially, meteorologically -- at the individual and national level.

Here's the reality: we are now to the point where there will be more and more changes, more and more problems and chaos. The world is changing and as we move deeper into the Event Horizon the pace of events will quicken, faster and faster, more and more.

Eventually the confusion may become completely overwhelming, or nearly so, and we may not even be in contact anymore.

As things break down, something new will emerge, perhaps with a more prosperous and peaceful, multi-polar world order as proposed by Vladimir Putin, with more of an emphasis on Asia and the Global South, but first it does look like much of the world will go through a time of  turmoil, even violent turmoil in some countries -- which already exists for people in Syria, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and other places.

Karmically and politically that turmoil has also already begun in the USSA. It will get worse and worse, maybe a very great deal worse. It looks like there may very well be a years-long period of pronounced decline and chaos in the USSA dominated global system of governance. Indeed, the USSA itself may break up and splinter into pieces, much as the former Soviet Union did more than 25 years ago.

The trial by hurricane(s) that the USSA is now undergoing is like the pounding that a heavyweight boxer undergoes when he absorbs a withering series of powerful body blows in a 15-round slug fest. The damaging body blows have a cumulative effect that after a given point can bring even the most powerful of men crashing down to defeat. 

Have no doubt, what has just happened in Houston is a powerful body blow for the USSA system. Houston, and the surrounding area of the Gulf Coast, is a vital component of the industrial and economic might of the USSA, as a crucial petrochemical, petroleum refining and commercial shipping center, and nerve center of the global, petroleum business.

But Houston, and the surrounding region, have been trashed due to the ravages of Hurricane Harvey and its heavy flooding aftermath. Houston may never again be the city that we have known it to be during the second half of the 20th century and the opening years of the 21st century. I used to clean windows for some wealthy clients in the oil business, who had a big, two-storey, rambling house with lots of windows in one of those upscale neighborhoods down along Buffalo Bayou on the west side of town. I imagine their big, expensive house sustained a lot of water damage and may not even be habitable at this point, assuming they will want to live there anymore.

A Texas friend writes in to say: 

Houston has been destroyed.  They may save the tall civic center buildings but the city itself is lost.  All our cities are built upon a structure:  the very poor live in the worst parts of the city, getting by through whatever means they can--selling drugs, selling labor, stealing, etc.  By the time you get to someone who can actually rent a room you are several levels above the real slums. All that housing and the small businesses that served those people are gone now.
Considering the condition of the ground, it will be a long time before it dries out enough to build there.  Frame structures that are flooded can't be saved; they are infected with molds, viruses and industrial pollutants.  Developers can get properties for pennies; they will have a field day, at the expense of the former owners.

Got insurance?  You will have to sue to collect.

But just wait...

Hurricane Irma arrives in South Florida in the coming days and bids fair to be a repeat of Harvey, and maybe even worse. 

It looks like the southeast coastline, from South Florida all the way up to South Carolina, will be ravaged within the next week, with very extensive property damage and displacement of the coastal population.

I used to live, once upon a time, in a tiny little house beneath towering, stately, pecan trees, right along the very edge of a large salt marsh in rural, coastal Georgia. At low tide I could walk barefoot for miles in the tidal flats, through an endless labyrinth of tidal creeks running through a seemingly never-ending expanse of marsh grass that extended nearly to the horizon, with the mud squishing through my toes, watching the marsh hens in their deliberate stalking of their prey, and setting a crab trap or two, which might even have caught the occasional fish along with a few crabs. All of that is likely to be overwhelmed by a furious 20 foot storm surge in three or four days from now. That tranquil little house under the ancient pecan trees down by the sea, will probably be destroyed and those huge, old pecan trees may be uprooted and washed away, as well.

And not only those trees and that little house, but also much of the little town where those trees and that little house stand. It is, all of it, barely 5 feet above sea level, if that, and the projected storm surge is as much as 20 feet and maybe even more. 

Beyond that, there is the USSA Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay, Georgia, the USSA Navy Aircraft Carrier Base at Mayport, Florida and the Cape Canaveral Space Port at Cocoa Beach, Florida. All of these facilities are immediately on the coast, mere feet above sea level, and highly vulnerable to the high winds and high storm surge that Irma is imminently going to inflict on that region.

Then there are the miles of high rise condominiums and hotels, banks and other skyscrapers in Miami, that are built right along the beach, right down along the seashore. What happens when those twenty and thirty and forty story buildings take 10 or 15 feet of storm surge, and 150 mph winds? 

We'll soon find out.

But that's not all.

The USSA Deep State Is Gearing Up To Attack North Korea

The war drums against North Korea are beating louder and louder, week after week. While I realize perfectly well that many people say that the prospect of a shooting nuclear war is too insane to contemplate, that such a ghastly eventuality could never occur, that cooler heads will prevail, that not even the War Hawks in the Pentagon could actually be so demented as to wage such a destructive, genocidal war, the hard reality is that over the last 70 years, the military-industrial-intelligence complex of the USSA has made extensive, multi-trillion dollar preparations to fight and *win* just such a nuclear conflict. 

That is the harsh truth of the matter. Whether or not you think that is a good idea, whether or not you approve of such a plan and preparations -- none of that matters to them. Their priorities are not necessarily your priorities. For you, nuclear mushroom clouds are probably a really, really bad thing; for them, nuclear mushroom clouds are but a means to an end -- domination of the planet by them on their terms They intend to engineer the enormous death and destruction in a manner that results in their political, military, economic and social control of the entire planet, or so they think.

Accordingly, in recent days, Donald Trump has proposed cutting off trade with all countries that engage in trade with North Korea, including China. Now, China and the USSA have bilateral trade that runs to $600 billion or more per year, so a cut-off of trade with China would be a crippling blow for the Chinese economy and also the economy of the USSA. In fact, a policy that stupid would end up harming China and the USSA far more than North Korea. Even worse, it might lead to a shooting war between the USSA and China.

Not surprisingly, the Chinese can see that geopolitical events in northeast Asia are rapidly spiraling in an ugly direction and have just staged a defensive military drill in the region near North Korea. The Chinese understand that the USSA has a more than century-long history of repeated, highly destructive military interventions and wars in Asia -- in the Philippines, against Japan, in Korea, in Indo-China -- and are overtly signalling that if they are threatened, that they will militarily defend Chinese territory and interests.

Essentially, the USSA is now in real deep kimchi, if you catch my drift. My personal analysis is that if the stand off with North Korea goes to a shooting war, in the end it will not go well for the USSA, not even if it initially appears that the USSA is prevailing or has prevailed militarily. I don't believe at all that the Pentagon can deliver a knock-out punch to North Korea's political leadership, its military, its command and control structure and its industrial base without unleashing a broader war that will inevitably blow back to the USSA mainland itself, with disastrous effect. To wit: what if the North Koreans do manage to explode an A-bomb, or two or three, on cities in the USSA, as they have said they can do? Or pop off an EMP weapon over the mainland of the USSA that plays havoc with the national electrical grid and electronic and digital infrastructure, with deleterious consequences for the national economy and industrial base? 

Nevertheless, it does seem that the USSA really intends to attack North Korea, no matter what, and the North Koreans understand that. I think that the North Koreans will fight back, very fiercely, if they are attacked by Pentagon forces. They have watched what the USSA and "friends" have done to Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc. They remember very well the millions that the USSA slaughtered in Korea in the 1950s. They remember what the USSA and friends did to Muammar Ghaddafi and Saddam Hussein. I do not believe that Kim Jong-un intends to be sodomized to death with a bayonet up the butt like Muammar Ghaddafi, or to hang by the neck like Saddam Hussein after a rigged, political show trial.

The North Koreans have determined that they will not permit that to happen in North Korea. I understand their point of view. There is a viciously genocidal rogue state in this equation and it is the USSA, far more so than North Korea, which has invaded no other country in the time that the USSA has rampaged all over the planet, attacking, bombing and invading country after country after country.

So which country is the out of control, rogue state that most threatens international stability?

That said, the evidence suggests that the North Koreans do have, at the least, a boosted yield A-bomb, with a yield perhaps of up to 150 kilotons. They may have ten or twenty of them, for all I know. If they're attacked, they will certainly use them, or try to. They may already have fitted them to their intermediate range and intercontinental ballistic missiles. They may already have a couple of submarines at sea with these missiles, silently drifting with the current, with a skeleton crew, awaiting launch orders from Pyongyang. I mean, who knows?

The North Koreans may even have their own, rudimentary Dead Man's Switch, such that if Pyongyang is destroyed or the North Korean national leadership is decapitated the submarine commanders and other missile commanders have orders to fire immediately and at will.

I rule nothing out. 

I don't even rule out possible nuclear false flag attacks by the USSA Deep State against cities and targets in the mainland USSA, so that the Pentagon and the Deep State can falsely blame the North Koreans and get their eagerly desired nuclear war on. Of course it will be a total, red-white-and-blue Hell, if they do that, but did that stop them from attacking the Pentagon itself on 9/11, and the World Trade Center Towers in New York City? On the contrary, killing thousands or even millions of people is what they do, what they have done repeatedly in the past, and what all the publicly available evidence suggests they are now preparing to do again, maybe even yet this week, for all anyone knows.

Were I USSA President I would offer North Korea a genuine peace treaty with an international guarantee of their national borders being secure, thereby finally putting a definitive legal end to the Korean War, and engage them in trade and direct diplomatic negotiations. But then, in the political world as it is, men who think as I do cannot come to power in the USSA, because the business of the USSA is war. Men like me are jailed by the Feds and I have been jailed and imprisoned by the Feds, multiple times, for my nonviolent, always peaceful, anti-nuclear protests, so I am writing you these words from South America, where I intend to remain, as the Northern Empire goes through its violent, psychopathic, demonic, insane death throes.

I know what the political rhetoric is, but the reality is that it is the USSA that is primarily responsible for having brought the Korean situation to the crisis point. However crazy the men in Pyongyang may be, at least history explains and even largely justifies their profound mistrust of the USSA and its policies, whereas the crazies in Washington, DC are simply demonically, insanely, psychopathically barking mad, beyond all hope of redemption or correction, and beyond all rational understanding.

We'll see what the coming days bring, as the USSA drifts deeper into serial disasters, largely of its own contrivance. 

Will it inflict a hideous nuclear war on itself? 

Or will it go down by cascading failure of its infrastructure, as its large cities sequentially self-destruct due to natural disasters, political, economic and social chaos, and a growing, destitute, homeless, unemployed, refugee population?

Or both at the same time?


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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Red-White-and-Blue Musterfl*ck

Well, you can see it all starting to come into focus.

The artificially created social divisions and societal chaos, in many countries simultaneously.

The ongoing, coordinated take-down of the USSA brick and mortar economy, and that of most of the rest of the world.

The accelerating, global,  biological extinction event.

The steady drum beat for conflict and war -- against North Korea, against Iran, against Venezuela, against China, against Russia, in Afghanistan ... and on and on.

The artificial political crisis that the Deep State has produced in the USSA and in many other countries.

The ever present threat of massive natural disasters, such as the huge flooding event now getting underway in Texas, due to the days of  heavy rainfall that hurricane/tropical storm/tropical depression Harvey will unleash over the next week - and possibly even longer.

The increasingly deadlier,  radioactive contamination of the biosphere, due to Fukushima, Chernobyl, decades of nuclear weapons testing, depleted uranium weapons battlefield use, nuclear power plants, nuclear waste dumps and nuclear storage sites, etc.

The declining sustainability of "modern" urban areas, as teeming cities become more crime ridden, unemployment rises, living standards decline and environmental contamination builds up.

Rapidly increasing failure of natural ecosystems, as great forests are cut down and seas are polluted and choked with waste of every description. 

Decline of basic reasoning, analytical and practical life and social skills, as vast hordes of people, the world over, increasingly turn to their personal, digital devices for, well, everything, in lieu of thinking for themselves, interacting with actual, live human beings, or engaging in tangible, real world activities. The net result is a less human world and living environment as the human race willingly embraces the artificial, transhumanist, slippery slope down which it is now plunging headlong.

The burgeoning use and practice of gene editing, micro-chipping, genetic modification, transsexual alteration, pharmaceutical substance use and misuse of every variety, social and behavior engineering and modification, and more.

You get the idea. We are all awash in the insanity and frankly, demonic grotesqueness of these things. 

It is becoming more and more difficult to be a "normal" human being.

And that is the intention, my friends. To deride, diminish and destroy the normal, natural human and replace him or her with monstrosities, with freaks; to marginalize, criminalize or even make impossible life as a normal human being.

This is a multi-front assault against sane, normal, healthy humanity by wicked, evil, demonically dark forces. We must see it for what it is.

Back To The Numbers Again

I know I have mentioned the website before in previous blog posts, but given Deagel's evident ties to the global military-industrial and alphabet soup agency complex, the near future population levels as presented on their website for all of the world's countries are of special interest.

Notably, many of the world's countries are predicted to suffer massive depopulation by 2025, which means that the precipitous population loss could conceivably even happen later this year, or next year, or in 2019. That is what an objective reading of the Deagel numbers suggests.

According to Deagel, by 2025 the USSA will lose 83% of its population, down from 324 million people to just 54 million. Only massive economic collapse, nuclear war, catastrophic failure of the national power grid, apocalyptic natural disasters, run away infectious plague and similar events can cause such a massive loss of life in such a short period of time. In brief, sees huge, civilization and life ending events just ahead for the USSA.

But not only for the USSA. Many countries in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia will also face dramatic loss of life in the next several years -- according to 

France, Israel, Turkey, the Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and others will lose many millions of people in the coming years -- according to These aren't my numbers, but I am paying careful attention to them, because of's obvious ties to global forces and agencies in the know.

Notice that North Korea is listed in the 2016 roster of countries at number 99, but in the 2025 listing North Korea is conspicuously absent; it is entirely gone from the list.

North Korea is not the only one. In 2016, lists 209 countries. The roster of countries is reduced to just 183 on the 2025 list. North Korea is one of the missing countries, as are Gibraltar, San Marino, Bermuda, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, American Samoa and some others.

One possible interpretation of these country population numbers is that has caught wind of a major, planned upcoming war, in which North Korea will be completely wiped out, as will more than 80% of the USSA, a very big chunk of Europe, most of Israel and some other parts of the Middle East, including serious damage to western Pacific nations such as Australia, and various small banking centers, as well as small, Anglo-American power centers such as Gibraltar and Bermuda. foresees that Russia and China will emerge virtually unscathed from whatever is projected to occur, as will most of Africa and Latin America, with the exception of Puerto Rico, which will be hammered very hard.

Look at their numbers and make of them what you will, but I believe that a scenario like that is very likely what they are contemplating.

And truthfully, look at the world headlines soberly and see the direction that global events are trending. It appears that have and they have reached a stark conclusion: the days of global hegemony of the USSA and its vassal states are numbered. It is all about to come to an abrupt, lethal, mass mortality halt.

Or so the people at think. We shall see, one way or the other, in the relatively near term.

But one thing is abundantly clear: things cannot continue on much longer as they are without major global change, for better or for worse. Massive change lies just ahead. It is absolutely baked in the cake at this point. Major, global events are in motion and they will certainly run their course, of that you can be sure.


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As the system becomes more and more controlled, independent voices like mine are increasingly shut out, including from the so-called "alternative media" itself, much of which is, in fact, the controlled opposition.

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