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Friday, October 30, 2020

Washington, D.C. & The USSA Go Crazy Next Week!

I know, I know, Washington, DC is already crazy, but believe me, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Crazy is just about to find another gear.

A few days ago I had a peculiar dream. In the dream I was watching a succession of large airplanes take off from a short, urban runway at dusk. The pilots would roar down to the end of the runway, punch it, and lift up and away into the air. There were 737s, MD-80s, Martin 404s, a Lockheed Constellation, etc.

The last one was a DC-6. There aren't many of them flying anymore, though they were in wide use in the 1950s and up into the 1960s. But one appeared in the dream. It accelerated down to the end of the runway and barely lifted off. It struggled to gain a little bit of altitude and then banked around to the right. I could tell it was laboring. I worried that it might crash. I lost sight of it behind some tall buildings and when it reappeared to my view it was flying upside down and barely maintaining a low altitude of a few hundred feet. I watched, feeling that it would imminently crash. But suddenly there were so many lights all around it and beneath it -- fires? streetlights? floodlights? explosions? -- that I could not see the airplane's lights anymore. It was lost in the multitude of other lights. I couldn't tell what happened to the airplane.

Purport: DC-6. DC is an obvious allusion to D.C., i.e., Washington, D.C. The 6 may mean November the 6th, just one week from today. The last plane to take-off may mean this is the last federal election in the USSA. Barely clearing the end of the runway and laboring to gain altitude indicates an election beset with problems. Banking around to the right signals a win for the Right wing (airplanes have wings, right?), i.e., Donald Trump prevails over Joe Biden. And then flying upside down, barely maintaining a very low altitude, only to become lost from view in a sea of confusing lights -- well, that's obvious.

I am thinking that my dream plausibly indicates that the election takes place, Donald Trump takes the day, and after that things turn topsy-turvy, D.C. goes upside down, the government struggles to maintain control and then gets lost in a sea of confusion on or 
about the 6th of November.

Interestingly, Harry Truman used a DC-6 as his presidential plane early in his administration. And in 1961 a President Airlines DC-6, named the Theodore Roosevelt, crashed in the River Shannon in Ireland, killing everyone aboard; which is a relevant factoid in the context of my dream, in that Donald Trump venerates Teddy Roosevelt. There have even been a number of articles in the mainstream news media comparing and contrasting Trump's presidential administration with that of his predecessor. So there are those connections of the DC-6 airliner with USSA Presidents.

To get to the point, I fully anticipate that there will be very great turmoil in the USSA in the coming days and weeks, and that Donald Trump and the Federal government will be rocked to their core by the near-future events.

The sum total of the information that has come to me from a wide variety of sources suggests to me that the USSA is going down. HARD. Its collapse begins in November, just one week from now. The collapse will be spectacularly chaotic, violent, confused, full of mayhem and drama. It will be, shall we say, << unpleasant >>. From all that I have learned I believe that people here in Ecuador watching the events on TV that will soon transpire in the USSA will be  << ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED >> by what they see taking place in North America. I foresee the very real possibility of the collapse of the USSA government, the collapse of the Federal Reserve Note (FRN); and as for Trump, it appears very possible that he will sort of get lost in the noise. If the country collapses, who even cares if there is a President at all, whether dead or alive? He becomes 100% irrelevant, a mere historical footnote. 

In brief, from everything that I am seeing, reading and being told, all HELL is about to break loose.

The concomitant risk is that WW-III could follow on the heels of the catastrophic events in the USSA. If China and Russia, and/or North Korea, for instance, decide to militarily unload BIG TIME on the USSA -- they will hit military bases, nuclear power plants and cities. Actually, many major military bases and nuclear power plants are in cities, or very nearby: Norfolk, Newport News, Albuquerque, San Diego, San Antonio, Omaha, Memphis, Jacksonville, Florida, Tampa, Miami, Phoenix, New York City, Washington, DC, etc. Ashes to ashes, radioactive dust to radioactive dust. Loss of life will be very, very, very, very heavy. The world we have known is about to go bye-bye forever, Dear Readers.

I really do think that things are about to get really, really ugly.

Mike Adams at Natural News in recent days has posted the following article:

TOTAL WAR is coming to America after Biden is DEFEATED on Nov. 3rd; prepare for every worst case scenario you’ve ever imagined

It's worth a read. My only reaction is to observe that what is getting ready to happen may even far exceed what Mike Adams discusses in his article, which is already plenty dire. In early August of 1945, the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan could have never believed in their wildest imagining the atomic HELL that the USSA military would imminently unleash on their cities. Never would they have imagined that their flesh would melt off their bones, that their eyes would be fried out of their sockets, that the living would envy the dead -- from one second to the next! And that hundreds of thousands of people would be killed by just two bombs, within just a few days. Likewise, the sailors on board the USSA Navy ships berthed at Pearl Harbor just before the Japanese surprise attack had no inkling that in a short period of time they would be killed and maimed by the thousands, and their ships sunk -- right there at the pier. They were sitting ducks for the merchants of war, who saw in their thousands of "let it happen on purpose" false-flag-deaths the perfect excuse they needed to dramatically expand a massive, global, military conflict.

All of the foregoing is perfectly consonant with The Bone Lady's information download to me in 1958, about which I have previously written in this blog. None of it contradicts what I have seen in my own, numerous dreams and visions over a period of 62 years, beginning in 1958.

By the way, in 1958 The Bone Lady also indicated to me that the "Jesus option" of spiritual enlightenment, peace and harmony was then, and eternally remains, a live option! It all depends on individual and societal choice. But so many individuals and society-at-large have overwhelmingly voted for Door Number 2 that the Big Ugly lies just ahead. It's baked in the cake at this point.

Given that there appears to be a greatly elevated probability of dire events in the coming days and weeks, the survival of the open Internet, the electrical grid, food supply, access to the banking system and financial services, telephone service, public transport and free movement of goods, services and the general population all may be curtailed or may even outright collapse.

Yes, things may get that bad. A horrific, global script has been set in motion by the depraved, self-anointed rulers of this "Earth" realm, an ugly B-grade science fiction film of a dystopian, totalitarian world system with humanity as the intended victim. That is what is being set up. The quarantines, lockdowns of whole cities and countries, the masks, school closings, and more, are just the beginning of the diabolical plot to take down Humanity. Yeah, it's just that serious.

I, therefore, have a very special plea to make. In view of the imminent, planned, global chaos that is headed our way at warp speed, will those of my readers who were intending to donate to me and my blog in November and December, please do so right away, as soon as possible, within the next few days?

I understand that the crisis of the past half year has reduced many of my readers to very hard circumstances, for which I am fully sympathetic, and I am not asking anything of them. But other readers are more well off, and over the years have tended to donate more in the months of November and December, and it is to them I am primarily addressing this appeal.

I can feasibly use any and all FRNs that come my way to prepare for the very rapidly oncoming time of trouble -- and I do very much need and can productively use the money right now. But if things get too chaotic and violent, and financial services, international communications, the electrical grid and the like, go down or get taken down, then that will be the end of any preparing and the stark, harsh start of a real grave emergency such as none of us have ever known in our lifetimes.

For how to donate, please promptly contact me at:

Thank you! I am truly grateful for any and all who choose to support me at this highly troubling, bizarre and critical time. I do greatly need and appreciate your support. Everything that we have for so long taken for granted may very soon go unpredictably and chaotically out of control. The time left to prepare grows short, maybe only a few days before things go wildly off the rails. Things are just that serious.

This blog is entitled The Event Horizon for a reason. We are just about to go very deeply into the next phase of the ongoing Event Horizon which we have already entered; and it bids fair to be a very dark and ugly passage in the sojourn of Humanity on this planet.

Monday, October 19, 2020

The Semi-Calm Before The Storm

I read a lot, in English, also somewhat in Spanish. I monitor a lot of websites. I pay attention to my dreams and visions, and the dreams and visions of others. I watch the sky. I assess my intuition. I observe the official lies, and official policies and public works and projects. I watch what the cops, military and intelligence agencies do. I pay attention to the birds, fish, butterflies (I rarely see one anymore), bees and dogs. I observe the street people, the thieves, the street urchins and beggars, the homeless, the informal merchants, the drunks and drug addicts, the shoeshine boys. It's all encoded. Some are real humans, many are not. When I see UFOs -- and I sometimes see them right here in Quito -- I watch them to see what they do and where they go. 

I watch the clouds, both the natural and artificial ones, to see where they come from, where they're going; if they intend to rain, or if they are just passing by; if they are benevolent or malevolent. I walk barefoot on the grass. I look at the Moon. You can gather meaningful intelligence from all of these things.

I occasionally comment on a few forums and sometimes there are sneering, negative, mocking rejoinders, that essentially validate my points! -- though the arrogant, condescending people who deride me think that they have put me in my place. Virtually to a person they have no idea how cringe-worthy their fast approaching exit interview with God will be (because many of them even sneer at the very idea  of the Creator), and how they will snivel and grovel and plead for mercy --and there may be no mercy at all forthcoming for many of them, because they themselves have shown little or no mercy to others during their lifetime(s). If some of the information that I have recently run across is correct, this upcoming judgment of humanity may be a final summing up of as much as 50 billion years of repeated incarnations.

And it is all about to be irrevocably judged, impartially judged, judged with total finality, without any possible hope of appeal whatsoever, on the bedrock principle that all involved -- EVERYONE -- have over a period of time of billions and billions of years been given myriad chances to learn, to change, to repent, to forgive, to do better, to show mercy, to demonstrate kindness towards other living beings, to show remorse for harm done, to demonstrate concern for the biosphere and the planet, etc.

I read a pithy comment recently. Someone sneered: "If God is real, why doesn't he show himself to us??!!" The quiet response was: "He does. It's called 'death'."

A lot of mockers and scoffers will be brought face to face with their own abject humiliation, which they could easily have avoided simply by being humble all along. Humility is something they mock in others, a supposed weakness -- but to their complete shock humility will be summarily forced upon them on terms dictated by God. They will be 
forced to their knees before God. Humility and genuine gratitude for the incalculably precious gift of life are the only possible response to grand beings such as God and Jesus.

Any other attitude is just stupid. Be that as it may, a lot of people have worked very hard, very diligently, for a very long time to go to Hell. God will grant them their heart's desire. It's a free will Universe and God will accordingly freely grant them their free will choice.

Their bone-chilling horror in that moment will know no bounds, when they see that: a) God is really real!, and b) God really does grant the heart's freely chosen, deep desires. God truly will allow the entities that he created to reap the fruits of their free will choices; or else of what value is free will? Imagine 50 billion years in the demonic, satanic, HORROR pits of Hell. Some people are going to get that. It's sobering. Even 5 seconds there would be unbearable, and yet some will spend tens of billions of years there. 

Their free will decision!

Now you know why I went out on the nuclear missile silos again and again and again -- and was handcuffed, chained, jailed and imprisoned again and again and again.

This is for all the marbles, Dear Readers, every last one. It's no small thing what is about to happen.

The first days of November are just the beginning. Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about November the 5th. As time goes along November the 5th ..... and 6th and 7th .... will unquestionably recede into the mists of the past, as all days inevitably do, but the entirety of November and well beyond will be quite eventful. Whatever is going on now is but prelude to much more to come. 

It wouldn't have had to be this way, and I was hoping that it would not be. I and a comparatively small handful of others went to great personal lengths to try to steer this time-line onto a different probability tree, time-space, cause and effect branch, albeit with limited results. We and our message were harshly rejected, and so dark times and events lie just ahead.

We called the question! Up front and publicly. Repeatedly, openly, over decades. We talked to the press, we talked directly to the military, to the courts. We went right to the scene of the crime to plead our case. And by their resounding silence, passivity, failure to act and concerted acquiescence -- by the millions and tens and hundreds of millions! -- in great evil, the people voted. They voted at a soul level. I will answer for what I have done -- all of it -- and they equally will answer for all that they have done. We will all stand before God, even the ones who mockingly sneer at the very idea of God. We will all answer. I will and you will and everyone else will.

In Minot, North Dakota in July of 2010, when I went to trial for my nonviolent, peace protest on a Minuteman III nuclear missile silo at Minot Air Force Base, I forthrightly said in open court to the Federal Magistrate, that I had appeared before him to personally offer him a rare opportunity to do something extraordinary, by finding me innocent! --  thereby ratifying what I had done and bringing a Federal judicial challenge to preparations for industrial, nuclear warfare.

He looked at me, then gave me a little lecture about nuclear weapons and USSA military policy, and banged his gavel. Guilty! Sentenced to jail time served of 100 days. Yeah, 100 days = 3.3 months, that pesky Masonic 33.



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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Remote Viewing The "Great Reset"

In recent days the Cryptoviewing team has put out a brief video on YouTube as a promo for their "Great Reset" remote viewing target. I don't have Patreon or I would get it myself. If you do have Patreon and can afford it, it just may be worth your while to take a look at their "Great Reset" remote viewing findings.

The YouTube promo video is only 2:13 long, but quite interesting in and of itself. These are some of the best remote viewers out there on the Internet, viewing what is coming in the very near future, in politics, economics, technology, massive Earth changes, and more. Please take a look:

The bottom line is that something REALLY BIG is just about to happen. In fact, more than just one REALLY BIG thing is about to happen. As dramatic as the first nine months of this year have been, what is yet to come will be more dramatic still. That's a firm guarantee.

Disclaimer: I have inwardly seen some of the same things that this group of remote viewers talk about in this short YouTube video; and have been in touch with a couple of them in the past, though I am not part of their remote viewing team. It is simply the case that certain future and near-future events have a very high probability of occurring, given the global trajectory of events in the Earth realm, and anyone who inquires deeply and diligently into the course of future events will perceive them. That is the way this realm is programmed.

Many people, including me, have been shown the tremendous Earth changes that are on the way. Get ready to have your reality rocked, because the entire planet will be shaken in a huge way. See time stamp 1:12 for an example of what I mean. Note that North America looks radically different than it does now; Florida is gone, as is a large part of the southeastern region of North America, much of Texas, and a huge part of Canada. 

A few years ago I was also inwardly shown dramatic geographic changes to North America, including the disappearance of Florida, inundation of a large part of the southeastern USSA and the inundation of a huge part of the interior of the continent by an enormous bay or inland sea that will extend northward from the Gulf of Mexico for about 1,000 miles, starting from where Texas and Louisiana are at present. Though I had already moved to South America at that time I was not shown the geographical changes to South America. If what the remote viewer has seen is correct, then the region where I currently reside is also destined to be catastrophically submerged. If that should happen some near future week or month -- oh, well! I absolutely lack the financial means to move elsewhere, so I am where I am. As of this moment I have $5.80 to my name, not enough to even catch the bus to another province in Ecuador, but as small as that sum may be,  I am grateful for it. Every month there are more and more people who are expelled from their apartments or rooms, lose their jobs, soon run out of money, and in greater numbers all the time are reduced to begging on the sidewalk and sleeping in the cold and rain, not knowing where their next meal is coming from. On this day, I have more than that and so I am thankful for what I have. It's a blessing! What is coming will be absolutely devastating and life ending for teeming hordes of people, for many millions of people, way beyond what is now the case. It's sobering. 

But of course, this is remote viewing and the object was to capture the broad brush, global changes, so maybe the higher elevation areas of the Andes where I live  will be spared. Or not. We'll see.

As for the coastal plains and lower elevations all around the world, with the sort of global flooding event that so many people are seeing in their dreams and visions, I would guess that an elevation of at least 1,000 ft or even 2,000 feet and up would be an absolute, bare minimum for anyone who hopes to escape the tsunamis and water level rise. It appears that the seas and oceans will be sloshing in their basins in a very major way. I have been shown various aspects of this upcoming, global, flooding event multiple times in my own dreams. It seems highly likely that there will be stupendous, mass mortality along with it.

I tell you what, I really, really do not like the Skynet grid that Dick Allgire presents at the 1:19 time stamp, though ayahuasca already showed me that  upcoming, green, control grid hovering overhead in 2012. I got a very negative, dystopian, control feeling from it at the time. I had specifically asked ayahuasca inwardly to show me what would happen in the near future, meaning in the coming years. My inner visual screen went blank for about 30 seconds, and I thought nothing would happen, when I suddenly realized that I was viewing a starkly totalitarian scene, as if I were seeing it on a high-definition, flat panel TV screen, with a concentration camp, high security fence, military-like trucks and vehicles, bright floodlights on the perimeter, high gun towers or guard towers along the fence, and overhead a green, control grid vividly shimmering in the air. I was given to understand telepathically that the green control grid was to lock down the Earth and completely enslave all humanity, body, mind and soul. It made a very nefarious, even diabolical or satanic impression on me. It had a dark, depressing, grim aura or feel to it. It was deeply threatening and foreboding. 

Not good. Not natural, and not elevating or helpful for humanity and the planet, quite to the contrary. I would guess that this control grid has to do with the 42,000 5G satellites that Elon Musk's Starlink  space communications program is now putting into orbit. Far from being a freeing, liberating, technological advance, this is a major link in the harsh, enslaving, technocratic chains that are intended to bind humanity into rigid captivity under the guise of being uniquely free. 

An iPhone in every hand, and a global, 5G technology grid to bind them all! (with apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien)

By the way, I have noticed that some people who use cell phones have started acting very strangely around me and to me recently. People whom I have known well for years, even decades, suddenly want nothing to do with me or with my thinking. My analysis: what I am saying hits way too close to home and they want rid of me, just want me to go away -- but they don't want rid of their cell phones and iPhones! They don't want to see me, they don't want to receive e-mail from me, they don't want to talk to me -- nothing. The "world wide web" has already ensnared them and is pulling them deeper and deeper into its grid. And when 5G is rolled out, they'll use it. 

You see, this reset is really going to separate people out, and you'll find out who your real friends are, as opposed to those who go just so far, and no further, because what is coming will be so uncompromising. The real and the unreal will be very starkly revealed. The scared and the superficial are legion and they will make themselves known.

You want to be enmeshed in the Borg? Use that cell phone, baby, keep that iPhone close at hand.

As for what Daz Smith saw at time stamp 0:20 to 0:26, it looks like an assassination of a prominent, public figure that has a major impact on the global news cycle. We'll soon see. Daz Smith is quite a topnotch remote viewer.

In any event, thank you very much to my loyal readers, the hundreds who have stuck with me through thick and thin for many years now, ever since my arrival in South America and the founding of this blog, almost exactly ten years ago. It's been a real, hard slog for me, that brought me right to death's doorway in the closing days of 2012, and a lengthy hospitalization and subsequent, many years-long physical and emotional recuperation which is still ongoing. Your readership and support therefore mean everything in the world to me.

There are those along the way who have abandoned me or told me to go away, that they don't want to see or hear from me again. And I respect that. They don't want me to have anything to do with them and so I will not. Anyone who walks away has their reasons -- fear, perhaps unacknowledged or unexamined fear, distaste for me and my way of thinking, arrogance? -- they have land, money, bank accounts, a vehicle, a pension, passports, etc. and I don't, so they look down on me as less worthy, as someone not worth their while, dislike of me as a person, cognitive dissonance, mind control, aversion to the truth, social conformity, rigid mindset, inability or unwillingness to entertain a challenge to conventional political views, or on some level deep personal **complicity** in the system or undisclosed loyalties?

If they cannot handle the truth, and don't want any challenge to their preconceptions -- well, O.K., then -- just wait, and not very much longer, either.  What is coming will exceed by far what any of us have experienced in our lifetimes.


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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Shake, Rattle and Roll -- It's Coming

The Internet is full of scores and hundreds, if not thousands, of Near Death Experience visions, waking visions, lucid dreams, and dreams of all sorts in general from a host of people from all walks of life, who have seen and are seeing upcoming, huge tsunamis on both coasts, asteroid strikes, nuclear mushroom clouds, massive earthquakes, mega-volcano eruptions, invading Chinese troops, and more. Among some of the most common, recurring visions/dreams are the following: a) a sudden nuclear strike on New York City, b) a sudden, towering tsunami -- 500 to 1000 feet tall -- that sweeps in from the sea and swallows New York City, or c) first a devastating nuclear strike, followed by a destructive tsunami that engulfs New York City. Take your pick: a ) a nuclear fireball, b) a 500 ft tall tsunami, or c) both -- nuclear HELL fire followed by a Come to Jesus water baptism.

Your basic cataclysm, in short.

As for me, I've seen, heard and felt it all in my dreams and visions: huge tsunamis, M10+ earthquakes, a large asteroid inbound to the Earth, multiple nuclear strikes on the mainland USSA, MASSIVE volcanic eruptions, a pole flip, the sudden arrival from elsewhere of multiple, large moons or planets that inexplicably show up in near-Earth space, ETs, UFOs, and more.

I would not give you a nickle bet that New York City and Los Angeles will still be there five years from now, and maybe not one year from now, or even one month from now. The times we are very shortly going to live through (those of us who survive the near future events, that is) are going to be tumultuous in the extreme. The past half year has been very trying; what is coming will be even more so.

From what I have been told, forewarned about and read about, the earthquakes that are coming to North America -- to the Cascadia, San Andreas and New Madrid seismic zones will be in the M8+ to M10+ range. They will knock down skyscrapers, collapse highway and railroad bridges, buckle airport runways and railroad tracks, wreck nuclear power plants, bust up water mains, aqueducts, large dams, electrical lines and petroleum and natural gas pipelines, and kill people by the millions and tens of millions. And that will just be early days. Things will get much worse 
from there. 

By the way, the rift valley that runs from southern Colorado down through central New Mexico is geologically active and could also catastrophically slip and/or yield unexpected, large volcanic eruptions. That whole region is seismically and volcanically active, as are much of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada. There are ancient volcanoes in Arkansas and Texas, even in Virginia and Georgia. If the whole North American craton moves massively, there could be large earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions in a lot of unexpected places. For instance, there is some fragmentary evidence that there was a small volcanic eruption in the hills of north Georgia as recently as the 1700s, when the region was still relatively sparsely populated and record keeping was poor to non-existent.

We'll feel the shaking here in Ecuador, where I live. Not to worry, Ecuador will also have its own set of issues to deal with, but at least here there are no nuclear power plants.


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When Obama and His "M" Were Young

Dear Readers, either you see the fraud or you do not. Please click:

Mr. O and his "M" -- whatever it really is, or thinks it is, or falsely proclaims itself to be.

At the least it is a con game, a fraud, a charade, a put on, a swindle.

We are in a fake reality, a falsely engineered reality designed to deceive and confuse the onlookers and other participants in the phony reality. The plentiful evidence is everywhere for those who care to see.

In a word, it is as if we were, as if we might be -- or actually are! -- in a bad sci-fi movie.


I do really need your financial support, now more than ever in these troubled times! For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.
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