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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Was The Kerch Strait Kerfuffle A Bridge Too Far For the Ukraine?

A brief note on the situation in the Ukraine. It has taken about 60 to 90 days longer than I had anticipated for things in the simmering  Ukraine conflict to reach this stage. I was expecting something along the lines of last week's, ill-fated, Ukrainian naval expedition in the Kerch Strait, and even more, maybe in August or September, within several weeks of the World Cup. Though nothing major happened then, the events of recent days are truly serious, and are capable of sparking off more and bigger trouble.

To be sure, the Minsk Agreement would appear to effectively be a dead letter at this point. It's not Lazarus; it is not likely to be resurrected in any meaningful way. Events are moving beyond that now.

If it comes to a shooting war with the outgunned regime in Kiev, the Russians may decide to militarily secure their southwestern flank and take the territory roughly from Kharkiv to Transniestria, including Odessa and the region immediately to the southwest of Odessa. That swath of territory is the most ethnically Russian region of Ukraine.

Russia would thus militarily secure and consolidate control of the northern shore of the Black Sea, by denying it to the rogue regime in Kiev. It would also strengthen the defense of the Crimea, by incorporating the region to its north and west into the Russian Federation.

If the Ukraine sends military forces against the Russian border, the Kremlin will certainly respond with crushing military force, and may well take the fight across the border.

The USSA is clearly egging the Ukrainians on, so who knows what may possibly happen next. If there is a greater conflict and NATO enters the fray militarily on the side of the Ukraine, then all bets are off and anything might occur.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Those Crazy Old Men and Their Bitcoin Biplanes

Disclaimer: absolutely nothing of what follows is to be construed as financial or investment advice or counsel. I am not a financial professional and offer the following information and anecdotes only for entertainment and amusement purposes.

Back in July of this year, Dick Allgire, the well known remote viewer, posted the following video to YouTube. It concerns some work he did for Courtney Brown's remote viewing, Farsight Institute in Atlanta. The remote viewing target in the video pertains to near future, cryptocurrency performance.

Now, I am definitely not a remote viewer, and was not tasked with this remote viewing target, though I do know some remote viewers, and did have multiple communications with Dick Allgire and Courtney Brown in the months prior to Dick Allgire's being tasked with this remote viewing target. Our communications had nothing to do with the target in the video -- far from it!

Howsomever, I do find it very interesting that one of the contingent targets that Dick was tasked with was biplanes performing aerobatic maneuvers at an airshow, because ....

Earlier this year, just before I awoke one morning, I was treated to a riveting, vivid, hypnopompic vision that went like this:  there was a biplane performing aerobatic, loop the loop maneuvers over a four or five story building that appeared to be a sort of turn-of-the-20th-century government building that somewhat resembled architecture from Paris or Brussels, in the very late 19th century or very early 20th century. The biplane itself was something that Leonardo da Vinci might have designed, had he lived in that era. It mysteriously glowed golden in the night air, as it gracefully performed one loop after another. Its wings, fuselage and tail seemed to be covered with ancient parchment and looked something like the image at this link, only with two wings, like an early model, biplane prototype might have looked:

I watched it doing one loop after another, and then I noticed that the bottom of the loops were coming closer and closer to the roof of the building below it. As I watched the bottoms of the loops gradually come closer and closer to the roof of the building I thought that it might gracefully touch down on the roof of the government building, like a butterfly daintily alighting on a flower.

But what happened surprised me: on its final loop it came flying around and descended towards the top of the building; however, instead of landing on top of the building, it came down into the rear of the building, slightly below the rooftop out of my sight, and disappeared from view. It did not reappear.

I then awoke, wondering what the vision meant. It was very clear, like watching it on a flat panel, high definition TV screen or computer monitor.

My interpretation is that I experienced psychic bleed through from the Farsight Institute, remote-cryptocurrency-viewing project. I am not one of Courtney Brown's remote viewers, but it seems that I somehow mentally tapped into what they were doing.

Go figure.

Anyway, a cursory examination of Bitcoin's performance in recent years and this year reveals that it has gone up and down, to a high of over $19,000 from where it has progressively saw toothed its way down to a low of $3686 the last time I checked, and appears to possibly be headed even lower.

One possible purport of the vision I saw is that Bitcoin, as the prototypical blockchain currency, is destined to spiral down, and to be either co-opted by or eliminated by government regulators and agencies, perhaps to be replaced by other "official" blockchain currencies that may be issued into the financial system in the future.

Or, for all I know, Bitcoin may suddenly zoom upward again, and exceed its previous high value.

I truly do not know. I don't know anyone who does. Like I said, what I have written is for entertainment and amusement purposes only. None of this should be construed as financial advice.

Douglas XXXXXX, The USSA Air Force Remote Viewer

Speaking further of remote viewing, one night some months ago, I lay down to sleep, closed my eyes, and in that precise instant, had one of the most vivid hypnagogic visions I have ever experienced. I instantly saw, with my eyes closed, a Caucasian, middle-aged man in  casual clothing, standing right beside my bed looking at me. I was startled. I saw him so clearly, like watching a large, wall mounted, high definition, flat panel television screen.

I said: "Who are you?"

He replied: "Douglas."

"Why are you looking at me, Douglas?"

"I've been assigned to monitor you. The Department of Homeland Security has determined that you are a threat to the national security of the United States."

I asked him: "Can you show me some personal identification?"

He held out a United States Air Force military identification card, with his photo and name, Douglas XXXXXX.

He then said: "I'd like to ask you some questions. What do you think about Adolf Hitler?"

I answered: "I wouldn't know. I never met the man."

Then he asked" "What do you think of the economic policy of the United States?"

I didn't answer, but was thinking: "How to distinguish between grades of shit?"

As I was thinking that, Douglas began to fade away, like a wisp of smoke or mist disappearing from view. Within mere seconds he melted away into the empty nothingness whence he came.

So much for the United States Air Force, the Department of Homeland Security and their little, red-white-and-blue, shit stain, remote viewing spy.

The reality is that I am not the only one under surveillance. Every single person reading this blog article is under surveillance, without exception, every last one of you. The revelations of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange have made that abundantly clear.

We are deep into a soulless, corp-gov, Orwellian police state and you know it.

I have written before about the inhuman, inhumane Machine that is strangling the life out of this planet, the biosphere and the human race. It is vicious, insidious, cruel, brutal, cunning, subtle, crude, seductive, mendacious, larcenous, murderous, greedy, homicidal, genocidal, faithless, treacherous and more.

Douglas XXXXXX has voted in favor of the Orwellian police state. Wrong answer, Douglas!

We all choose. You, all of you,  have the opportunity to be wiser than Douglas. Will you be? Will you choose more wisely than he has?

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

What About Those Pesky Sealed Indictments?

For well over a year there has been growing mention in the alt-right, alternative media of many thousands of sealed criminal indictments said to be on file in federal court districts all over the USSA. I have seen articles that have alleged there to be as many as 50,000 sealed indictments, or more.

The buzz is that one day soon Donald Trump's administration is going to arrest all of the many thousands of unknown people who have been secretly indicted and jail them for their crimes. The implication is that Trump will go after "bad guys and gals," thereby dramatically draining the swamp of all of the corrupt swamp critters that have for so long sullied the political, economic, judicial, police and business systems in the USSA.

Let me say that I am highly skeptical. 

To begin with, Donald Trump is himself a swamp denizen who has surrounded himself with other swamp critters. Secondly, the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) for the last few years has permitted the USSA president and military to outright kill or to secretly arrest, detain, try and incarcerate anyone, anywhere in the world -- all done under military law and without any habeas corpus, public trial or public knowledge of the whereabouts or conditions of confinement of the person(s) targeted by the USSA deep state.

Not to put too fine a point on it: how do you know that you, or one of your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors or family members, are not a target of one of those many thousands of sealed criminal indictments, supposing that they do in fact exist? Suppose that I, or other truther researchers or political activists, are slated to be secretly arrested and disappeared? Suppose that, in reality, the deep state is getting ready to viciously go after us, in order to even more ruthlessly consolidate its power?

The fact is that we simply do not know who has been secretly indicted, though I do think it is highly unlikely that tens of thousands of politicians, businessmen and women, financiers, law enforcement personnel, military officers and the like would be summarily rounded up, publicly tried and incarcerated. 

Is the system going to massively arrest and imprison its own? That seems improbable, from a political, police, judicial and logistical point of view. The only way that that type of operation can realistically take place is if martial law is declared and the military starts sweeping the neighborhoods, towns and cities of the USSA and hauling tens of thousands of people away with hoods over their heads. In that case, kiss the life that you have known good-bye, because you would/will be under overt military dictatorship. There will be no due process, or constitutional protections. And even if the military does arrest thousands of supposedly "bad people" what if the generals declare that you are also a "bad" person, for any reason or no reason at all, and a squad of soldiers then smashes your door down at 3:00am and takes you away with a hood over your head?

In recent days, Cindy Kay Currier came out with some very cogent commentary that closely aligns with many of my own thoughts on this matter.

I noticed that a "cabinet level" decision was taken today to militarize the USSA southern border.

Hooray! -- said the alt-right alternative media with one voice.

But be careful what you wish for. The same soldiers who keep people out, can also keep people in. The very ones who gun down people trying to enter the USSA, can also gun down anyone trying to exit the USSA. The very same soldiers who patrol the border today, could be assigned to patrol your neighborhood tomorrow, you know, just to make sure that the nation is secure. And if they decide you are not sufficiently patriotic and are, therefore, a threat to the nation's security, what then?


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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

EFT: How To Clear The Malware Out Of Your Human Programming

Someone close to me died last week of colon cancer. His death was not unexpected. I would even say that he was really dialed into it. For a solid year, when someone would ask him how he was doing, he would tell them that he was dying of colon cancer, but otherwise doing O.K. Talk about programming one's death! Not programming one's life, but programming one's own death! 


He was not open to alternative healing modalities, so he went the route of chemotherapy and surgery, and straight into an untimely, unnecessary demise. Something was really eating away at him at a deep, gut level, hence the colon cancer that took him down. I can't explain it. I hope he found relief/release/liberation in death, though it's hard to know being that the Universe is a vast and complex place. We're very small fry in an infinitely large, infinitely intricate pond.

He didn't have too much physical pain. The last few days he was given some morphine or something similar, and slipped away one night in the early morning hours without awakening. His pain was largely psychological, social, mental, emotional and spiritual and it gnawed away at him. The last few years of his life it seemed that he lost personal and career direction and floundered, as so many people do, given the emptiness, superficiality and anomie of much of modern life and so-called "civilization." His mortal cancer was an internalized reflection of a world full of cancerous dysfunction of every description that we are all slogging through, with varying levels of outward and inward success

Perhaps not coincidentally, a night or two after he died, I had a vivid dream in which I was in a large audience with numerous other people (who undoubtedly represented all the many parts and aspects of me). There was a motivational speaker down in front (who most likely represented my personal subconscious). He dramatically bellowed to the audience: "Name your pain! -- and then come down here to me to get your healing." As I realized when I awoke this is the essence of so-called EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) with which I was vaguely familar: name the issue(s) and take the issue(s) to the subconscious (which is down there inside somewhere, like the motivational speaker in my dream) to resolve them. In my dream I was thinking, "Where to begin? -- financial issues, bureaucratic issues, national issues, personal relationship issues, deep physical and psychological trauma, pain and joint mobility issues, societal issues, planetary issues, intellectual issues, career issues, and so much more."  In the dream, people around me were beginning to get up and head down front to "name their pain! -- and get their healing." I felt a pressing urge to articulate my pain(s) and also head down to the man in front to get my healing.

All of this reflects a growing desire to heal and an instinctive recognition that the subconscious is the key to deep healing and fundamental life change. The subconscious is the great arranger and doer, par excellence. It's easily 100 times more powerful and savvy than the conscious mind, if not 1,000 times or 10,000 times more powerful. So working with the subconscious programming, again and again, is the path to change. It begins and ends with subconscious programming and reformatting defective or suboptimal subconscious programming. The subconscious is the life operating system that functions on a cellular and even genetic level.

The subconscious really pays attention to repetition. It's very literal minded, like a young child. It wants to know what the agenda is and recognizes its master's voice (my voice for me, your voice for you). It's taken me a long time to realize the crucial salience of these few, essential facts, but better late than never, I suppose. It's never too late to learn a good, life hack.

In my case, I definitely have a whole host of issues to work through. One of the most fundamental issues has to do with personal survival. I badly failed to recognize, understand and sufficiently protect myself against the degraded, dangerous nature of the society in which we live and paid a very heavy price for that: major loss of time and money, and severe physical and psychological assault which I very narrowly survived. As my longtime readers know I was almost killed in an unanticipated, multi-faceted assault by an Ecuadorean shaman with whom I was in an informal apprenticeship. I was hospitalized for more than four months in early 2013 in the public hospitals here in Ecuador and am still recuperating on multiple levels: physically, psychologically, financially, socially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc. I took such a major life hit that if it had been just a little bit harder, I wouldn't be here anymore and you wouldn't be reading these words. The shaman took me right to the edge of life and death. I knew that I was in deep trouble. The pain was so extreme that I nearly disassociated into another reality altogether just to get away from the unbearable horror. In fact, I instinctively recognized at the time that the shaman was trying to so severely traumatize me that my personality would instinctively splinter, such that he could then reprogram my mind to serve his insidious motives under his dark control. The CIA and USSA military espionage agencies have been doing this for decades, to produce their own mind controlled operatives, with splintered, traumatically compartmentalized or "altered" consciousness. That was the shaman's nefarious intent, but I fought hard to prevent him from doing that. It was an extreme situation, inwardly and outwardly. I learned the hard way that there are diabolical currents in South American shamanism, that have much in common with Satanic elements in the CIA and the military intelligence agencies. Different live traditions that practice the same vile evil. And it is all heavily veiled, kept away from public view.

Live. Veil. Vile. Evil. Evil veil. Vile veil. Live evil. Vile evil. Live veil. Somewhere in there the truth lies. (Get it?) Oh, it is a foul thicket we are in.

The reality is that this world is very much like a maximum security prison. Not only can we not leave the planet, we are surrounded by a surprisingly large number of malevolent and highly violent individuals, who are capable of robbery, criminal assault, menacing and even murder. They're everywhere. We pass them in the street all the time. I have been near fatally assaulted, and have suffered tremendous personal, physical and financial set backs as a result. I have been robbed multiple times here in Ecuador, and am sometimes  followed for unclear reasons by individuals who are not street ruffians, but appear to be in the likely employ of unknown intelligence or police agencies. Clearly there are people who want to harm me, harass me, even ruin me or kill me. And not only me; judging by the high rate of crime and warfare in numerous countries all over the world there is a strongly negatively oriented element loose on this planet who have it in in the worst sort of way, for humanity as a whole. That's what we're dealing with.

The obvious conclusion is that everyone here is serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison called Earth. Our life sentence expires at the time of our death. It's a maximum security, reformatory institution.

I haven't found many effective workarounds for that sobering reality, though EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) does appear to be one of them, in that it offers a measure of relief, at least on a personal level. We have to do something with the years and decades at our disposal while we're doing hard time in the maximum security joint known as Earth. EFT offers the prospect of transforming what is often very hard time, into something more productive, even positive and transformative, on a personal and collective level.

Imagine my pleasant surprise to have found a video by Robert Gene/Robert Smith, who directly addresses the issue of physically tapping the body's energy meridians and effectively speaking to the subconscious about what is wrong, what is the problem, what is the life issue and then releasing the issue or problem. For those who wonder if you can really talk to the subconscious, the answer is that you had better! -- if you want to get its attention and make efficacious headway on reprogramming the subconscious and your life.

Marguerita Vorobioff uses a more traditional EFT technique to clear cell memory and DNA of negative belief systems. This kind of negative, subconscious programming can even be genetically inherited at birth, epigenetically attached to the DNA, for example. It turns out that EFT is one way to get rid of these sorts of negative, subconscious programs that clutter up life and complicate, slow, sabotage or prevent personal progress.

Carol Look is another EFT practitioner with many how-to videos on You Tube, including how to realize personal success, through releasing fear of success. Among many other things, Earth is a fear planet. Fear is one of the biggest control rods in this Earth prison -- fear of others and their opinion, fear of poverty, fear of death, fear of being different, fear of loneliness and even fear of success, because -- because!

There are many hundreds of videos on YouTube and numerous websites devoted to the theory and practice of various EFT techniques. Seek and ye shall find

I am new to EFT, but having tumbled to its effectiveness, I will be using it regularly from here on. The deliberate, systematic (re)programming of defective, suboptimal, negative or malicious subconscious behavioral and thinking loops is crucial for life success. I've come late to this understanding, and many others have, too. The modern culture into which we have been born militates strongly against doing that. Thankfully EFT offers a productive avenue for effecting desired life change, perhaps even astonishing change. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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Friday, November 2, 2018

Has Nuclear War Been Programmed?

This is how I was dressed, when I went over the fence at Minuteman nuclear missile silo H-8 in Mountrail County, North Dakota on 15 April 2010 to stage a nonviolent peace protest against Pentagon preparations for nuclear war. Yes, it is a little difficult getting up and over a security fence topped with barbed wire with all of that, but I got it done, sans the dozens of white roses which I left outside the fence in a Yaqui banana box to keep the wind from blowing them over. A very heavily armed military contingent from Minot Air Force Base soon showed up to apprehend me. I was subsequently jailed for 100 days in North Dakota before being found guilty of misdemeanor trespass in Federal Court in Minot and released from jail with a sentence of time served. I issued the two statements below to the public and the press at that time, explaining my actions and the symbolism that I displayed. I was roundly derided, criticized, lectured, talked down to, and mocked. Many regarded me as crazy or as a threat to so-called National Security. Let me say that I am neither crazy, nor a threat to a National Security establishment that is doing quite well on its own in undermining the very nation it purports to want to keep secure -- by bringing it to the brink of nuclear war! 

Minot Manifesto 

A Serious Message From The Heart Of America

My 15 April 2010 nonviolent foray onto nuclear missile silo H-8 in North Dakota was not the first time that I had publicly acted in that way. During my life I have multiple times nonviolently demonstrated against preparations for nuclear war on nuclear missile silos in Arkansas, Missouri and most recently in North Dakota, as well as at Navy bases in Georgia and Virginia where nuclear weapons are deployed or stored. For these activities I was repeatedly jailed and/or imprisoned in several different states in the USSA. You see, the MATRIX expects, indeed, demands that everyone just shut up and follow along in lock step with its anti-human, anti-life, war program.

But not me. All my life I have fundamentally disagreed with this Satanic agenda and actually took the time to repeatedly go to the scene(s) of the crime(s) and personally, nonviolently, publicly object.

I mention this because I understood in past years, as I understand now, that the threat of nuclear war is very real, and that if it occurs the consequences will be horrific beyond the power of words to express. And yet, almost no one forthrightly puts their life and body on the line to object. Very, very, very few people have actually gone out on the nuclear missile silos in peaceful protest as I and a few others have. I am a member of an extremely small group. Frankly, chances are that I am the only such individual that most of my readers will have heard of. 

That doesn't make me remarkable. I'm just one man, after all. But it ** does ** make many millions of others remarkable for their passivity, willful ignorance, complicity in unspeakable evil, stupidity, lack of feeling, superficiality, sloth, vacuousness, cowardly slave mentality, and more.

And so it is that nuclear war is being set up in plain view, in front of the watching eyes of the whole world. Hear me well: the USSA and its NATO, ANZUS, Japanese and Zionist  allies bear the lion's share of the blame for what is planned. They intend to open the ravening maw of the pits of Hell. There are evil, wicked, really foul forces who are behind what is planned to go down. Their lairs are in New York, Washington, DC, Tel Aviv, Brussels, the City of London, etc. They are hideously dangerous beings on the loose.

For those of you who think I am suffering from a bad case of the vapors, let me simply list a few salient data points from the recent daily news cycle, with brief commentary, to show that nuclear war is, indeed, a very real possibility.

This is How U.S. Marines Will Take the Fight to Russia in the Arctic

Click on the link. Watch it from 7:00 to 10:00, or watch the whole thing. The USSA Marines are in Iceland practicing for war against Russia. I know, I know, it's hard to believe, but they'll march right into Russia in their pretty, white boots. Yes, they do struggle a bit to put up their little tents in the wind and cold, but then this is the USSA Marine Corps. Hoowah or Booyah or f*ck yeah! -- or whatever. Just wait until the Kremlin finds out the Marines are on the way. \sarcasm\

As they cross the Russian border, or even before, they will encounter tactical nukes, thermobaric bombs, rocket artillery, heavy machine guns -- and they'll be lucky to last one day, or even half a day.

I say this because in recent days both Vladimir Putin and a high ranking Russian diplomat have explicitly warned of the threat of war, due to the aggressive military posture of the USSA and NATO.

As part of the build up to nuclear war,  the Trump administration has announced that it will soon be exiting the 1988 INF treaty that regulated the deployment of intermediate range nuclear missiles by the USSA and USSR, and now the Russian Federation.

Accordingly, Vladimir Putin bluntly explained only a few days later in a Moscow press conference what it would mean if the USSA and NATO deploy intermediate range nuclear missiles in Europe. In answer to a question about what the Russian response would be in that event, Putin said: "It will be very quick and effective." (3:36)  I believe one may assume that by "very quick and effective" Putin means very high speed, very kinetic, military force that would vaporize the USSA/NATO intermediate range nuclear missiles.

Vladimir Putin was not just speaking off the cuff. The Russians are actively preparing for war. Just last week at the United Nations, Andrey Belousov, deputy director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's Department of Nonproliferation and Arms Control, said:

Yes, Russia is preparing for war, I can confirm it. We are preparing to defend our homeland, our territorial integrity, our principles, our values, our people.

Now, none of this is occurring in a geopolitical vacuum.  A massive, NATO military exercise is taking place right now, in and around Norway, extending into Sweden and Finland and the Baltic region. This is hard on the borders of Russia. The Trident Juncture exercise comprises 50,000 troops, 65 warships and 250 military aircraft. This includes the Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier battle group, which has entered arctic waters near Norway to participate in the war drills.

Not surprisingly, the Russians have decided to have war drills of their own, at the same time, and in the same region as the NATO war drill:

Russia to hold live missile drills outside Norway amid massive NATO drills

The Russians are obviously signaling that NATO's huge war game has not escaped their attention, and that if attacked, they will strike back.

It is no coincidence that at the same time, Xi  Jinping, President of China, is also ordering the Chinese military to prepare for war:

It’s necessary to strengthen the mission… and concentrate preparations for fighting a war ... We need to take all complex situations into consideration and make emergency plans accordingly. 

We have to step up combat readiness exercises, joint exercises and confrontational exercises to enhance service men’s capabilities and preparation for war.

The Bottom Line

Anyone who tells you that nuclear war cannot happen, for whatever reason, or that major power, military conflict between the USSA/NATO and Russia, and/or between the USSA and China cannot and will not happen, simply is uninformed, not paying attention or in deep denial.

The next 36 months, starting right now in the run-up to Christmas 2018, are fraught with peril of all kinds, not least the threat of major warfare between nuclear armed powers.

The Western Empire is on the ropes, militarily, economically, socially, politically, demographically, etc. and looks like it is preparing to do what all senescent, dying empires do: lash out militarily to try to preserve its power and influence.  

The Russians and Chinese, in return, are openly announcing that if that happens, they are prepared to defend themselves with military force. 

That's clear enough to me, but then I am not a Western diplomat, head of state or military chief of staff, so we shall see what transpires.


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