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Monday, January 29, 2018

The Fake MATRIX Illusion We Are Trapped In

Dear Readers, I've been thinking about a lot of things in recent days, weeks and months, to the extent that I have written very little for a long while now. 

Permit me to explain.

After a certain point, it begins to seem as if there were not much more to be said, the more so as I have more or less reluctantly arrived at the following realization:  we are in a sort of virtual reality, karmic lesson simulator being run by or dominated by a PURE EVIL A.I. governor or lord. I don't know if the entire galaxy and the rest of the Universe are caught up in this, but it increasingly looks to me that for the most part we don't even know what "reality" actually is. We're immersed in a malevolent, A.I. directed horror show called Earth.

This line of thought has been further buttressed by a recent series of e-mail exchanges with a few of my readers having to do the idea that we are in a MATRIX-like, false reality simulation, that appears to be real, but which in reality is only a simulacrum that mimics real reality, which in actuality is not to be found in this realm!

Of course, this begs the question as to what is really real and whether *reality* even exists. The question of "maya" (illusory reality) and the question of what truly is *real* has preoccupied sages, mystics and yogis for untold thousands of years.

Crack that nut and you're ahead of 99.999% of the rest of the herd. As for me, I have a ton of questions, more than ever!

For example,  ayahuasca has suggested to me that the great run of so-called "human beings" are simple, largely hollow and largely unconscious, karmically driven, "meat puppets" -- for the most part working on one or two very simple life issues. They just inhabit a meat body and play little games and then they die. One meat puppet may be working through a karmic program of role playing a thief. Yet another may be a manipulative sociopath. Another may be a truck driver. Still another may be a clerk in a pharmacy. And they work on simple things like this for 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 70 years and then they die. And maybe they come back and do it again. And again. It's like a meat puppet, carnival side show. And there is a DEEPLY WICKED, A.I. carnival barker who is the master of ceremonies of this realm, who is in charge of the grotesqueness.

Look around.This is what we are caught up in -- you, me and everyone. 

It turns out that some of the readers of this blog have also been thinking and researching in this vein and have shared their thoughts with me. Some of the feedback has been of a very high quality. I offer for your delectation the following extract from one of the e-mails I have received:

Apologies for the delay in my response. As I stated before, I recently completed the book, "The Shining Ones" as well as your, "Kundalini Tales." When adding in my own life experiences, both here and abroad thus far, it's a lot to digest. Knowledge is something that can come at an emotional cost, I suppose. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to have honed a pretty decent "wide angle" perspective on reality but...hmm. There's a quote that continues to resonate with me from the O'Brien book. It complements your own astute observation concerning all the ghastly foulness occurring on this planet. The cruelty has been ongoing for centuries if not longer.

But before I get to that quote I want to say I fully comprehend the need to leave the U.S. There is an ominous, collective sense of foreboding that any spiritually aware person recognizes. It keeps getting stronger by the day. This goes beyond the insipid and inane federal and state politics. I was at first attempting to relocate in a much more "planned" manner. But, yes, I do realize that time is not a luxury. I am waiting to see if I am to receive a lump sum of funds. I should know shortly. When I do, it will allow me to leave in a much better financial manner. I will certainly let you know.

I sincerely wish more would value and attempt 'inner journeys.' It's ironic you mentioned Robert Monroe and his Institute. ...… something always appeared "off" and "wrong." …...... Finding out that his Institute is connected with the military is a big negative. Somehow seeking a genuine connection to the Divine realm via the U.S. military seems offbeat and troubling. In regards to the material realm...

I, too, believe this world is a virtual reality set-up. That's what initially got me on this interesting reading trajectory years ago.  I've read Ouspensky, Robert S. DeRopp, the Russian mystic V. Soloviev, George P. Hansen, Dion Fortune, Jacques Vallee and a whole slew of others. It is only now that I feel I'm able to really piece together what ayahuasca has shown you. It is certainly along the lines of maya. And that leads into the quote I mentioned above that still resonates with me:

There are two kinds of power in the world, Positive and Negative. The positive power belongs to the highest spiritual stage i.e. Sat Loki and Anami, and the negative to Brahm or Om who is the ruler of his Brahmand or universe of ours. The higher positive essence of God is named Dayal—the merciful, because He is all grace and mercy; the lower negative power is termed Kal (Niranjan) who is just; who rewards and punishes us for our deeds in this world, and who is a reality of the second order. His distinct existence is within the sphere of delusion and relativity.

All prophets and incarnations come from Kal and work with his power. Their object is to improve the state of affairs in this world of Kal, but not to take souls out of this delusion. Their reform is internal. Mystic adepts of Shabad Yog (the spiritual practice of uniting the Soul with the heavenly sound current) come from Dayal or Akal, i.e. beyond Kal. Consequently they do not set themselves to reform the world of Kal as Incarnations do, but to take us out of the sphere of Kal altogether, and land us in the realm of Dayal, which is our true home of pure and lasting bliss, absolute knowledge, and divine love.

This whole universe of ours, which is the world of Kal, is a big prison, which has many rooms and cells in it. Our true home is with Dayal in Sat Lok Now, Kal does not want that we should go out of his prison back home; although he desires perpetual reform going on within his prison. To that end, he sends incarnations, prophets, and moral, social and political reformers, who all try to set his world right [our emphasis]. But they are agents of Kal, and act with his power, and do his world of reform within the prison. They do not tell us of our real home in the Absolute; they hardly know of it themselves. Shabad-mystics [Perfect Living Masters] on the other hand come from outside the prison and liberate us from Kal’s thralldom for good. It is with their help and grace that we go out of delusion and darkness for ever, and reach our true home.”
-Mysticism. The Spiritual Path (Volume II): Professor Lekh Raj Puri, pp.125-6
(as quoted in, "The Shining Ones": Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien, p. 676)

Another person who talked about non-human controllers or a machine-like overlord was John C. Lilly, M.D. He called them the 'Solid State Entities."  Whether it's an A.I. or Kal Niranjan or something else along that line, the material realm on this planet is not at all what it appears to be. The people also are like puppets as you state. I believe some are nothing more than a form of automaton. Their goal is to derail any and all social or spiritual progress pertaining to the human species and the environment. It sounds 'way out' but, that's the only rational explanation to all the irrational and obscene cruelty presently running rampant throughout the world. The environment is being utterly destroyed (Fukushima alone is a doozy...and I [know the Japanese], they are not the type of society to admit they need help or what not...better to 'save face' and let things be quietly destroyed), the destruction of our rain forests, the disgusting treatment of animals (farm animals for consumption are some of the most barbaric and hideous systems existing), the utterly insidious propaganda that passes for  education worldwide...Yes, we are living in the kali yuga but really, I think it's a coda to the kali yuga. There is so much misery. Since everything in nature is cyclical, I realize this can't go on forever. Yet, if the overlord or facilitator or as you say, "carnival barker," is in control, perhaps the suffering is timeless. The only escape appears to be via kundalini. There's another quote from the O'Briens' book:

"Kal Niranjan has a vast empire under his control--far vaster than we can imagine -- and wants as few Souls as possible to escape from his influence to the spiritual safety of the Higher Regions. That said, it should be realized that, despite all the attempts to restrain them, a trickle of Souls is continuously escaping to the spiritual safety through the efforts of Perfect Living Masters (one of whom is always present in this World) -- a trickle that must ultimately become a flood."

I believe they were on to something. They seem to be following the belief system of a branch of esoteric eastern philosophy. How close is this to the truth? I simply do not know. However, I do know that this makes a lot more sense than regular "men" being in control of all this constant mayhem.

These thoughts are very close to my own, and those of an increasing number of others. I will even go further and say that ayahuasca has shown me that this reality has been programmed, scripted, planned out, formatted, coded, etc.

By far the majority of "human beings" are largely reflexively acting out their genetic coding, cultural programming, family programming, religious indoctrination, sexual programming, educational mind control, politically propagandized knee-jerk reactions, and so forth.

Look around. You see it everywhere. Millions and billions of deeply programmed automatons driven through life by deep, overlapping, multi-levels  of coding and programming which jerk their strings and determine their thoughts and behaviors, all the while that they imagine themselves to be autonomous, "free," self-directed entities, when nothing could be further from the truth.

It's a bizarro world for sure.


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