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Monday, January 25, 2016

In Quito, Ecuador With The Iboga Blues Again

For many years I have wanted to explore Iboga consciousness, Iboga being the West African shrub whose root bark is used by West African Bantu and Pygmy shamans to initiate people into expansive, integrative states of awareness.

Through the agency of a good, kind and sympathetic friend, I was finally able to experience Iboga earlier this month, here in Ecuador.

It was brutal. Please understand that Iboga is a grown up substance, for fully aware and prepared adults, who know what they are in for when they take Iboga. It is absolutely not a party drug, not a recreational substance, not a rave drug that you take before going out to have fun with friends.

Iboga started announcing its arrival weeks before I finally took it in early January. In a vivid, early morning dream I was shown a stately, elegant procession of native, Andean, Quichua people in regal, traditional dress, with mesmerizing, enchanting, indigenous music -- the women dressed in formal, long dresses, delicately embroidered, lace blouses and dancing an entrancing, twirling, intricately choreographed series of skipping steps and swirling skirts. All of which was strongly accompanied by the word "intuki" or "ntuki". Upon doing a little research I learned that "Tuki" is an obscure Bantu dialect spoken in parts of Cameroon and Gabon, where Iboga grows. TUKI was also the name of the organization that formerly officially established new words and terms for the major Swahili dialect that is the lingua franca of much of Eastern and Central Africa.

Days before my session, I awoke in the morning to a hypnagogic vision of an African shaman who was wearing something like a four-cornered lampshade on his head, with a small shrub growing out of it. He said nothing to me. He simply appeared in my inner vision. Iboga was advertising its imminent arrival.

A few days later I took a staggered dose of 30 grams of powdered, Iboga root bark and then, Brethren, I suffered mightily, for thee and for me. 

The first thing that Iboga did for me was completely unexpected. It spent a couple of hours very powerfully entraining my central nervous system with driving, throbbing, binaural beats in the low theta and down into the delta brain wave range, frenetically, frantically pounding, pile driving, pummeling and forcefully programming my subconscious with -- something.  I could feel and sense something going into my subconscious, though I cannot say consciously just what that something might have been, because it happened in a nonverbal, nonvisual, delta and theta brainwave range of consciousness. I consciously observed it happening, but without conscious access to the programming content. It was all bypassing the conscious mind and going straight to the subconscious and the DNA. In the past I have noticed that ayahuasca and malicagua also tend to sometimes do the same thing with me, bypassing the conscious mind, in favor of directly loading the subconscious.

It was like Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute on steroids, by which I mean multiple orders of magnitude more powerful than the Monroe binaural tapes. Oddly, the almost overwhelming, binaural beat, Monroe Institute-like programming was accompanied by an insistent, driving, vivid "Wlenz! -- Wlenz! -- Wlenz! -- Wlenz!" sort of audio effect that persisted for days and nights afterward. Of course, Christopher Lenz was a long-time Monroe Institute trainer and binaural beat training tape co-producer with Robert Monroe, with whom I was slightly, outwardly acquainted in the early 1980s and who is now "officially" deceased, his obituary having appeared in the newspaper a few years ago. I was also slightly outwardly and, much more so, inwardly acquainted with Robert Monroe in the late 20th Century and he, too, is also "officially" deceased.

Let me say that Iboga is a very, very, very difficult plant. It pushed me right to my physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual limits for days and nights on end. I barely slept for the best part of two weeks. I want to be clear: the theme of my major vision was suffering. My suffering, and the suffering of many others.

It was not what I expected to see. I have read many accounts of others who were shown many and diverse visions of all sorts of things, including their own life and family history, as a sort of life review.

None of that happened for me. Instead I was given and shown a double dose of suffering. I mean to tell you that I really suffered. 

When I was in the subsequent, recuperative phase, I happened one afternoon to enter one of the old, Spanish, colonial-era churches in Cuenca to sit in a pew and rest and instead found myself face to face with the station of the cross that depicted Jesus Christ being mercilessly, savagely flogged and mocked by Roman soldiers, prior to his execution.

I was in such a raw emotional state that I instantly burst into tears at the sight of it.

Unfortunately, it looks like there is going to be a very great deal of terrible, upcoming suffering. The enormous, global, life-threatening crisis is now locked and loaded and coming at us full bore

It wouldn't have to be this way, if most humans were more thoughtful, caring, considerate, conscious and ethical. There are things we could still do to avoid most of what is about to occur.

But a very large number of humans are neither particularly thoughtful, caring, considerate, conscious nor ethical, and so we are about to hit a solid, brick wall head on at 90 mph without seat belts, shoulder harness or air bags.

It will be ugly. 

Let us count some of the ways. Just scan the information at the following three links.

Senior scientist at MIT declares 'half of all children may be autistic by 2025 thanks to Monsanto

A huge Los Angeles methane blow-out that will not end well. An Arctic and sub-Arctic, multi-gigaton, frozen methane melt-off by 2023 or sooner, which has already begun and will only get worse in the short run, meaning that for humanity there may not be a long run, or even a longer run. The ramifications are just that serious. A coming generation of grinning, drooling, shrieking autistic children, hundreds and hundreds of millions of them. Can you see the failure of the race coming into view yet?

Ongoing Amazon forest destruction.

Ongoing Pacific Ocean marine life extinction.

Sixth Earth extinction level event now well underway worldwide.

Rise of A.I. (artificial intelligence) and the killer robots. The Machine (click the link and scroll to the bottom of the article) that ayahuasca has shown me repeatedly is openly spawning right now. How can that possibly end well for humanity?

The rising threat of open warfare, which could easily go nuclear, between the USSA/NATO/ZioNAZI Axis and the Russia/Iran/China alliance. Potential flash points are the Baltic countries, the Ukraine, Syria, Iran and the South China Sea.

Honey bee die off with ultimate, negative implications for falling agricultural production, i.e., less food to eat, as fewer crops get pollinated by increasingly fewer bees. It turns out that those busy little social insects really do greatly matter.

Impending catastrophic failure of the false, fraudulent, fiat currency, USSA dollar-based, so-called global "economy".

We are facing a massive, multi-faceted global crisis of dire proportions, largely of our own making, due to our passivity, stupidity and callous disregard for the planet and even for our own lives and the lives of our children. It is not presently clear to me how, or even if, it is possible for the great mass of humanity to escape impending doom. It is entirely possible, maybe even highly probable, that hundreds of millions or billions of people will go extinct over the next 5 to 30 years.

I don't know what more to say.

If you are financially able to relocate to South America and would like to move to, buy real estate in or make an exploratory visit to Ecuador while there is still time to get out of the NATO countries before the coming wave of chaos and societal upheaval, please write to me and I will put you in touch with professional people who can make your transition much smoother and help minimize problems.


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