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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Mournful Obituary: MAD Magazine Bites The Dust

It's all over. There can be no more definitive sign that the end draws nigh than this dread, dreary, most unwelcome, singularly foreboding news item. What ill wind blows our way? What foul consequence does this most disagreeable report portend? Have you ever in your life read a more vexing and troublesome notice? I think not, Sirs; I know it for certain.

MAD Magazine Closing Down  

Woe! Oh, cruel and crueler still. All is lost; the gloaming of the age falls all around on every hand.

Oh! Oh!


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Monday, July 1, 2019

Calling Bona Fide Insiders, QHHT and Remote Viewing Practitioners

I have questions, a lot of questions, about a lot of things. Unfortunately I have noticed that the daily news cycle, including in the so-called "alternative" media, ignores a lot of the questions that I have. Instead there is a tedious and unenlightening obsession with the trivial and quite a lot of self-important blabbering that could rightfully be slotted into a catch-all "controlled opposition misinformation" category.

I am, therefore, setting out below just a handful of questions that I have, that have not been satisfactorily addressed in the global commons of ideas and information. This entire Earth realm is extremely tightly controlled and censored, such that it is difficult to know the genuine truth about almost anything, let alone the following questions.

If you are a bona fide "insider" of any sort (meaning that you really have responsive, hard information) with substantive feedback on any aspect of the following questions, or are a skilled QHHT or remote viewing practitioner, please contact me with any information you may have acquired on any of the following. If you don't want to use e-mail and are skilled at telepathy, then send me a clear, unambiguous, telepathic download using secure mental protocols. Or send a personal messenger, or even travel yourself to inform me face to face. You may arrive by plane, by bus, by car, by boat or ship or Amazonian jungle canoe, on foot, on horseback, by UFO or flying saucer, or simply by discreetly/discretely teletransporting yourself and materializing in Ecuador. Suit yourself; your preferred mode of traversing the terrestrial time-space continuum matters not to me. I'm in Quito, so you will have to talk with me here. I don't travel these days.

If I receive sufficiently clear and compelling feedback, I will post it here on this blog site, in the spirit of the greater public interest. Here goes:

1) The anomalous, interstellar space object, Oumuamua (pronounced OH-moo-uh-moo-uh), that rapidly passed through this solar system in late November – early December of 2017 is very mysterious. Astronomers estimate that it is about 40 meters wide by 400 meters long.

a) Is this object a natural rock, like an asteroid or a comet from another solar system? Yes or no? Is it perhaps a living entity or life form? If so, please describe its important characteristics.

b) If this object is artificially constructed, then:

i) how old is it in Earth years?
ii) where did it come from? who or what built it? how was it built?  
iii) was it specifically sent to this solar system? 
iv) if so, why? what is its mission? 
v) does it have a crew of live entities? if so, please describe them. are they   awake? in suspended animation?
vi) or is the object perhaps under control by A.I.? or on autopilot?
vii) where is it going now?
viii) what is its propulsion mechanism? 
iv) is it a solitary craft, or are there others like it? 
x) is it but the first of many to come??

2) Iapetus, one of Saturn's largest moons, has a 20 km high, equatorial ridge that runs three-quarters of the way around the moon. In places, the equatorial ridge is composed of three, very high, parallel ridges.

a) What caused this pronounced equatorial ridge? 

b) Is it a natural formation? If so, please explain its origin. Or does it perhaps have an ancient, artificial origin?

c) If it is of artificial origin, who or what built it, when, how and why?

d) What is its purpose or function? Does it contain advanced technology? If so, please describe.

e) Iapetus's orbit is very unusual, because it is so highly inclined above the plane of Saturn's rings. Why? Was Iapetus artificially placed in a highly inclined orbit? If so, by whom or what, and why and when was this done?

3) Questions about Earth's Moon.

a) In Earth years, how long ago did the Moon appear in orbit around the Earth? Ten thousand years ago? A million years ago? Three billion years ago? Please be specific.

b) Where and how did Earth's Moon originate? Is it a natural planet or an artificially constructed space ship? If it is artificial, how was it constructed? By whom or what was it constructed? Where and when was it constructed? And why?

c) How did the Moon maneuver into orbit around the Earth?

d) Do extraterrestrial races have bases on the Moon? If so, please describe how many bases, their sizes, what the purposes are, and the origin of the extraterrestrials. How many individual extraterrestrial entities are on the Moon? Ten thousand? One million? 500 million? Please be specific.

e) Do any contemporary, terrestrial human organizations or groups have bases on the Moon?f) If so, please name them specifically, by nationality or organization name, if there is a name. For example, does the USSA military (Pentagon) have a base or bases on the Moon? The Chinese? The Russians? The Germans? A corporate consortium? Etc.

g) How many terrestrial humans are now on the Moon? Specifically, what are they doing? Is there regular traffic by terrestrial humans between the Earth and the Moon? If so, what vehicles or other technology are used to transport modern, terrestrial humans and materiel to and from the Moon?

h) Did any ancient, terrestrial, human groups have bases on the Moon? Such as from Atlantis? Ancient Egypt? Ancient Indian (Vedic) civilization? If so, are the bases still functional? Are the ancient bases still manned by living humans from those civilizations?

i) There are stories about vast, miles-high and miles-long caverns beneath the Moon's surface, containing massive, gigantic machinery of unknown origin and purpose. Do these caverns full of machinery exist? If so, who or what built the caverns? Who or what constructed the machinery? Please describe in detail the physical size, form and function of the machinery. Is the machinery active? What does it do? What is its purpose, its function? How does it work?

j) Does the Moon have motors or engines to propel it or drive it or stabilize it? If so, how do they function? Who or what built them and when?

k) Did any of NASA's manned, Apollo missions actually travel to the Moon? If so, what did they discover of importance on the Moon that NASA has concealed from the public at large?

l) Does the Moon have an atmosphere that is breathable for Earth humans?

m) Is the Moon perhaps a negative control mechanism to control the human population on Earth? If so, how does it do that?

n) Is the surface of the Moon that we see from Earth an artificial, holographic projection, an artificial, screen image? If so, how is the screen image maintained and projected? If so, please describe what the Moon's real appearance is like.

4) Unexplained, mysterious, large, Black Triangles have been seen flying over many countries in recent decades.

a) What is the mission of the Black Triangles? What tasks are they carrying out?

b) Who or what operates them? Please describe the number and composition of their crew complement.

c) What is the purpose of the brilliant lights at each corner and in the center of the underbelly of the craft?

d) Where are the Black Triangles based?

e) Do the Black Triangles have a connection with the USSA military-industrial complex? If so, please specifically describe the connection or relationship.

f) How are the Black Triangles constructed?

g) Where and how are the Black Triangles constructed?

h) Do the Black Triangles have a time travel capability?

i) Are the Black Triangles restricted to Earth's atmosphere? Or can they go and come to and from the Moon or Mars? Can they jump in hyper-space to other solar systems?

j) How many of the Black Triangles are there on the Earth, or coming and going from the Earth?

k) What cargo, if any, do the Black Triangles carry?

l) What is their mode of propulsion?

5) The bell-shaped, Adamski-style flying saucers that were seen repeatedly in the 1950s and 1960s.

a) Are these flying saucers of terrestrial or extraterrestrial manufacture?

b) If they are extraterrestrial who built them? Since when, how, and why are they here?

c) If they are of terrestrial manufacture, who built them? The NAZIs? The USSA's military-industrial complex? Atlanteans? The ancient Vedic civilization? Someone or something else?

d) Who is operating them in modern times?

e) How many of them are there?

f) Where are they based?

g) Are they limited to the Earth's atmosphere, or can they come and go from the Moon, Mars or farther afield?

h) Do they have a time travel capability?

i) What is their mode of propulsion?

j) How are they manufactured? Or grown? Or materialized?

k) Who controls the Adamski bell-style flying saucers at present?

6) What is the truth about the large planets that The Final Days YouTube channel is apparently finding on the FAA weather camera feeds in Alaska and Canada? I do not detect chicanery on the channel's part. I am inclined to accept that the weather cameras really are detecting nearby planetary bodies, as in the following video, for instance:

The presenter has a fundamentalist Christian perspective which is not my interest. My questions are:

a) How many of those planets are there and have they always been there? Surely they are known to NASA, the ESA, the Russian and Chinese space agencies, the Free Masons, the scientific astronomical community and the military agencies? Yes or no? Please elaborate.

b) Why are the planets' existence being covered up? Why not just tell the truth?

c) Are those planets inhabited?

d) If they have just recently arrived in this solar system, where did they come from and why and how?

e) The black dot that this lady sees on the weather camera images where the sun is-- what is it?

f) What does the presence of the planets mean? Are they part of what is being called The Event?

g) These planets call into question the standard model and structure of the solar system that we have been taught at school. What is the real structure of the solar system and how many planets are now in the solar system? It seems that there are at least three or four other planets near the Earth right now. Are there more? Will more be arriving?

h) Also, there is another sun-like body that frequently appears on these FAA weather camera images. The presenter refers to it as a sun simulator that NASA and the military maintain. Is that so? What is this sun simulator? What does it do? What is its purpose? Who put it there and why and how?  Please elaborate.

i) Are other planets also visible from the Antarctic region? Is this one reason why travel to the North Pole and South Pole has been controlled by the military and National Science Foundation for so many years -- to maintain a cover-up of these planets' presence near the Earth?

j) Are NASA and the military sending missions to these nearby planets? Missions that have been concealed from the public? If so, what have they found? What have they discovered?

7) A recently discovered, underground city in Turkey, near Nev┼čehir in Anatolia, raises a host of questions. (Click the photo to enlarge.)

(source: )

According to press reports in 2014, the site depicted in the photo is a previously completely unknown, underground city dating to 5,000 years ago which was just discovered in 2013. It is said to have passages of more than four miles in length.

I have closely examined the photo on many occasions. Something on the order of 20 levels or even more can be assumed, just in the above ground portion visible in the openings on the exposed hillsides. There may be an equal number of levels below the surface, or even more. Extend that out over a distance of four miles and the size of the excavation is enormous. In the right foreground, a small outcropping of a similar geology to that visible on the other side of the gulch or valley, is also visible. It also appears to be tunneled out, in that a number of openings to the interior can also be seen. Looking at the myriad openings it is obvious that there is an absolutely labyrinthine complex of tunnels, passageways, chambers and huge open areas inside these hills. There is also an evident rectilineality to the layout that immediately strikes the eye.

The hills themselves have an unusual appearance, almost seeming as if they may have been poured, or perhaps melted. Looking hundreds of yards into the background, it appears as if the entire range of hills is positively riddled from top to bottom, and presumably deep below, with an intricate maze of passages and tunnels. It also looks as if the face of the hills may have been sliced away, or cut or melted away with a giant laser knife, rather like slicing a block of cold butter with a hot butter knife. 

It also seems possible that in ancient times the gulch may not have been there; and that both sides of this huge, sprawling, multi-level complex may have been joined. In other words, was what is now an empty gulch at one time a continuation of the complex that was eroded away, blasted away, or cut away, or melted away, exposing the myriad openings to the interior of the hills that are now so visible?

Clearly the story that this complex has only just been discovered in 2013 is a crock of Grade A sh!t. For thousands of years, everyone from the Hittites to the Greeks, Romans, Ottomans and the Turks themselves have been marching all over Turkey. This is not a hidden valley. It is in a populated, known area. So all of this has been known about for thousands of years, though not openly, publicly discussed. What is new is that this ancient site is just now, for the first time, being photographed and openly written about.

Keep in mind that this subterranean maze is far larger, and also very distinct from other, comparatively well known underground cities in Turkey, such as
Derinkuyu or Kaymakli.

A number of obvious and also not so obvious questions come to mind.

a) How many levels are in this complex?

b) When was it built? How old is it?

c) How was it excavated? 

d) Or was it excavated? Was it perhaps built in some other way? If so, please describe.

e) Are the hills natural geological features, or were they perhaps cast in place, or poured of some sort of geopolymer or cement?

f) What was the original, functional, design purpose of this vast subterranean complex?

g) Who or what constructed this massive, complex site? Homo sapiens sapiens? Cro-Magnons? Neanderthals? Intelligent machinery? An unknown E.T. species? Other intelligent terrestrial species -- perhaps mantis-like or ant-like or bee-like Insectoids, for instance? Please explain and describe the creators of this site.

h) What produced the large gulch in the middle of the photo? Thousands of years of erosion and rock spalling? A long-ago, destructive military attack with laser-like, particle beam or energetic cutting weapons? Some other causative process or event?

i) Who or what inhabited this massive, labyrinthine, subterranean maze?

j) Is this complex still in use? 

k) Is this complex even larger in extent than the Turkish officials are describing? If so, what are its true physical dimensions and scale?

l) What was the original, functional, design purpose of the very large rooms that can be seen inside the hill?

m) For humans, light, ventilation and water and sewage systems are essential. If humans built this subterranean maze, how were light, ventilation, water supply and sewage issues resolved? Or was it the case that the builders of this subterranean maze did not require visible light, sewers, ventilation and water? Please resolve this question.

And that's it for this installment of The Event Horizon Chronicle Questions. If you can shed meaningful, substantive, informed light on these issues please contact me!


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