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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Of Meat Puppets & Biological Robots

Over the years I have had a number of conversations with other people about the likely percentage of the so-called "human race" who are endowed with a soul. I won't belabor the issue here of what precisely a soul is, because it is hard to define, but surely beings with souls exhibit empathy, compassion, kindness, concern, love and a wide range of other emotions, including awareness of and a sense of responsibility for the effect that their actions have on others. The wiser the soul, the greater the degree of sense of responsibility.

It is this quality, above all, that is so lacking these days in most political leadership. Throw in the bankster class and probably most corporate attorneys, as well.

Before my transition to South America, I worked for many years as a window washer. I well remember cleaning the windows on a huge, sprawling, three storey house that was undergoing some modest renovation and remodeling. I got to talking with the guy doing the remodeling and it turned out that he was a former corporate attorney who had abandoned his law career out of disgust for the rampant corruption and criminality in corporate law. He subsequently bought a few acres in the country, got a flock of chickens, put in a vegetable garden and established a small business that did home repair and remodeling. He told me that he was far happier with his life after turning his back on his former law practice.

He has to be one of the few men in the USA who have done that. He was the rare corporate lawyer with a conscience -- and it led him to leave the field entirely.

Unfortunately, the law and politics are littered with people without a conscience, who cheat, steal, lie, kill and destroy with impunity, without even breaking a nervous sweat. Cheating, stealing, lying, killing and destroying are their "normal" behavior. There are many of these "people on the planet at this time.

They have human form, but are they truly human? Are they ensouled beings, with an innate, deep, spiritual connection to the Source of All-That-Is ? Or are they mere biological robots, meat puppets, as it were, who have been inserted into this 3-D reality to wreak havoc and create misery for the genuinely ensouled human beings who also inhabit this 3-D reality ?

Given the scale of the mind-boggling inhumanity, brutal depravity and ceaseless warring that litters the historical record right down to the present second the question has to be asked -- how many of the monsters in "human" form that are assaulting terrestrial humanity are actually "human" ?

This question extends to the realm of popular entertainment, as well. Just who are the beings who produce and sell the hyper-violent video games that so many millions of the world's impressionable young boys and young men spend untold hours playing ? I see them in the Internet cafes here in Ecuador -- the blood and gore are nonstop. You "win" by gunning down one person after another, as fast as you can. We have a new generation arising on this planet, millions and millions of young men and boys who have been desensitized to violence and killing after years spent playing grotesquely violent video games.

Who are the beings or "things" behind this hyper-violent programming of the young male psyche?

I have used the terms "meat puppets" and "biological robots" advisedly. We have a huge cohort, of unknown millions of young males who have been, and are being, programmed to be heartless, reflexive killers, robotic killing machines, as it were, for whom maiming and killing will be but a sport, like a video game. Nothing more.

Who or "what" is beyond this hideous development?

As far as "meat puppets" are concerned, click here and have a look at "Lady Gag Me." A lot of people were taken aback by her behavior, but it makes perfect sense when you realize what you are dealing with: a piece of animated meat, a "meat puppet," a biological robot. Don't take it any deeper than that. The meat puppet is merely demonstrating its essential nature, that it is meat. Nothing more, nothing less.

We have now reached the stage where "meat puppets" openly self-identify. By the looks of things, there are an awful lot of them.

Of course, the advances of recent years and decades in nanotechnology, cybernetics, cloning and genetic engineering, including creation of transgenic organisms and also biological organisms with electronic implants raise a whole host of new issues where "meat puppets" and "biological robots" are concerned.

In 1999, Helmut and Marion Lammer wrote an important little book, entitled "Milabs: Military Mind Control & Alien Abduction." I gladly wrote the foreword for the book, at the personal request of Helmut Lammer, and the book was then published by Illuminet Press, run by Ron Bonds, who suddenly died not long after the book appeared, under bizarre, horrifying circumstances. His colon suddenly began massively hemorrhaging one evening and it could not be stopped. He was dead within hours. Modern medicine could not save him.

One of the things the book did was point out the extreme degree of sophistication that has been achieved by shadowy American military units, working along with apparent alien entities, in the artificial (including electronic) manipulation of human consciousness and behavior.

When you take an unblinking look at the modern world you can see plentiful examples of "artificial (including electronic) manipulation of human consciousness and behavior" on every hand. It is as if the whole planet is being turned into a global colony of "meat puppets" or "biological robots."

The cloning and transgenic genetic engineering programs that are being carried out in great secrecy, and about which you will hear only dark rumors and accounts from an ever growing number of UFO abductees, are a huge concern. These activities are frequently reported to be carried out in secret, high-tech, science fiction-like underground bases. I have heard and read a fair number of these accounts over the years and i don't dismiss them out of hand.

Thanks to my research, and my books, we know that there definitely are secret underground and undersea bases. What we do not know is what is happening in them.

In Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?, Underwater and Underground Bases, and Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files I detail a decades-long paper trail that documents enormous activity by the USA military and other agencies and organizations, both corporate and non-corporate, in the planning for and construction of huge underground and undersea workings.

And we do not know what is going on in the vast majority of them. Indeed, we have no idea where most of them even are. The secrecy is near hermetic. And I mean that literally, in the full etymological import of the word, in all three dictionary acceptations of the word, descending from its origin in the person and words of Hermes Trismegistus, the universally revered sage of deep antiquity, to whom the occult dictum: "As above, so below," is attributed, deriving from the second line of his Emerald Tablet.

Hermes Trismegistus, the Thrice Great Hermes, played a large role in remote Egyptian antiquity. Having been to Egypt twice I can say that it is clear to me, as an underground bases researcher, that Hermes was not necessarily speaking poetically, or metaphorically. There is an awful lot that is underground in Egypt that remains hidden to the present day. I saw lots of deep, ancient air shafts and openings to the underground, as well as lots of evidence of ancient tunneling and excavation.

No, I think Hermes was quite likely stating literal truth. We receive his words and thought as mystical, as metaphorical, as allusions to some abstruse philosophical point he was making, when he quite possibly was simply laying out the bare bones reality of our world as it truly, concretely is.

But due to our ignorance we cannot comprehend the simple points he is making.

I suspect the puppeteers and genetic engineers have been at work on this world for many thousands of years. The deep underground and undersea workings, and the hermetic mysteries and secrets that they conceal, have likely been here for millennia. The latest, contemporary round of subterranean and submarine construction is but the latest installment in a long-running drama.

It is just that in our day, the number of "meat puppets" and "biological robots" has grown so large as to physically overrun the planet and threaten its well-being, as well as to overwhelm the seemingly small numbers of ensouled beings.

Look at the swarms of people, living out their years robot-like, thinking the same programmed thoughts, performing the same programmed daily routines, eating the same, culturally and commercially programmed diet, consuming the same, programmed popular culture, and so forth.

The great irony is that the great masses of these meat puppets" are also programmed to think that they are exercising their "individuality" by embracing hip-hop culture (along with millions of other "meat puppets"), or by piercing and tattooing their bodies (along with untold millions of other "meat puppets"), or by dying their hair fluorescent green or orange (along with myriad other "meat puppets"), or by entering the military to "be all that they can be" (like millions of other, similarly deranged, "meat puppets"), or by: ___________________ ___________________ (you fill in the blank).

Genuinely original thinkers and autonomous, creatively independent human beings are an increasingly rare breed on this planet. Is that the long-term plan, now coming to fruition after long centuries of effort on the part of the hidden puppeteers, whoever or whatever they may be?

Given the downward spiral of humanity I cannot help but wonder.

And to think that there are people who argue that there is room on the Earth for still more billions. "Look," they proclaim, "at the vastness of the Sahara, the emptiness of the North American Great Plains, the great steppes of Central Asia, the huge remoteness of the Amazon, the uninhabited barrenness of Patagonia, mile after mile of wilderness in Alaska and Siberia."

"Why," they say, "we can easily accommodate 15 billion or more on the Earth. There's plenty of room!"

Sigh. Where do they come from? Do the horrors of Chernobyl and Fukushima mean nothing to them? The British Petroleum holocaust in the Gulf of Mexico? The chainsawing and bulldozing of the Amazon forest? The industrial, factory fishing to death of the world's seas and oceans? The grinding poverty under which billions of people in the Third World live?

I could go on and on, but you get the point. The 7 billion "human" entities who are here now, setting aside the question as to how many "humans" are actually ensouled, are effectively trashing the planet and making it uninhabitable -- IN OUR LIFETIMES.

How in the world any sane individual can imagine that doubling the size of the ravening "human" horde who currently occupy the planet is possible, or even desirable, is beyond my ken.

To be frank, people who think in this way are beyond rational dialogue, so I have stopped engaging them in debate.

Go down to the local supermarket and watch them trailing in, women and families with three or four, five, six (and sometimes even more more) children in tow. Do the math. I'm sorry, the numbers are not sustainable and those who persist in the fantasy that they are, are cruising for a bruising that will not be long in arriving, indeed, the trouble has already begun.

Those who persist in denial, in willful refusal to face the reality of our time, are positioning themselves perfectly for the rudest of painful awakenings, courtesy of their own, spectacularly impressive stupidity and ignorance.

No further commentary is necessary. The show will not be dull. In fact, a large portion of the audience will directly participate in the action and will not survive their own, incredibly dramatic, albeit crudely inept performances.

Monday, June 18, 2012

We Are Now In The 300 Day Trial Of America

A little over half a year ago, an inner visionary conduit indicated to me that the period from approximately 10 May 2012 until approximately 7 March 2013, give or take a few days, would be a signal period for the USA, conspicuous for its future determinative character.

Every scrap of information that I have perceived since that time, both inwardly and outwardly, has ratified that this is so. Indeed, the fate of myriad millions hangs in the balance, pending the proximate issue of current and upcoming events.

The visionary plants used by indigenous shamans here in the Amazon region, where I now live, have inwardly warned of the danger of nuclear war, of false flag attacks against American cities as a false pretext to initiate "totalitarian nuclear warfare". The cities that have so far been mentioned to me by name as potential targets are: Chicago, San Diego, Albuquerque, Atlanta and Baltimore, with an additional half dozen or so also slated for attack, that were not named to me. For some reason, the planned attack against Chicago was presented to me in some detail which I won't elaborate upon here. Suffice it to say that if these plans go forward that Chicago and its environs will be a living hell. The indication was that Chicago is intended to be the first, followed by San Diego and eight to ten other cities.

The plants here in the Amazon are hyper-conscious. They know and understand very well what is happening on this planet.

The information I was given was very matter of fact: the plan is for the attacks to be false flag attacks, as the real perpetrators conceal themselves behind a wall of lies and propaganda. I do not know who these people are. All I know is that they are darkly wicked and twisted, pathologically foul beings on the loose. I was told they are extremely well organized and well connected internationally. I do not know who or what they will blame: the weather? earthquakes? accident? poor design? terrorist sabotage? Iran? North Korea?

Because, you see, actual nuclear missiles could be used, or nuclear power plants, or crude dirty bombs or even the reactors on nuclear powered warships, at anchor in San Diego, California or Norfolk, Virginia, as but two obvious possibilities. The "totalitarian nuclear warfare" is actually against all humanity, against the entire planet and biological life. Destroying multiple nuclear power reactors, à la Fukushima or Chernobyl is a very effective way to wage nuclear warfare against the planet and against humanity, and the events at Chernobyl and Fukushima should be understood in precisely that vein, as direct assaults against the Earth and humanity. The extensive use of depleted uranium weaponry by the USA and its military allies in various war zones around the world should also be understood as a criminal assault against all humanity and the Earth itself.

I don't know if the plans that were described to me will actually go forward or not.
But we are already the victims of "totalitarian nuclear warfare." The war has been raging for decades and humanity is losing this war, at present.

The entire nuclear industry is the enemy of humanity and the Earth itself. I am talking about uranium mining and enrichment, nuclear bombs and missiles, nuclear power plants, depleted uranium weapons, nuclear waste, all of it. Nuclear technology is incompatible with human habitation of this planet.

Something real vicious wants to kill this planet, to destroy the human race. It should be well understood that the barbaric and rabidly insane USA military machine, familiarly known as the Pentagon, is the foul instrument of this genocidal agenda. It is a key instrument of the vastly intelligent and malevolently cunning Machine entity that the shamanic plants of the Amazon have revealed to me has this planet and terrestrial humanity in its multidimensional grip.

The fact is that we are on the cusp of an even more dangerous and deadly phase in the decades-long totalitarian nuclear war against the Earth and all terrestrial humanity. It is all almost too hideous and ghastly for words, so let me digress slightly into a You Tube video, a clip from the third Terminator movie:

I know those missile silos very well. Three times during the course of my life I have gone over the security fences and have staged nonviolent peace demonstrations on intercontinental ballistic missile silos, in Arkansas, Missouri and, most recently, in North Dakota. I spent a lot of time in jail, as a consequence, but what is that compared to the unimaginable horror of nuclear warfare?

Whoever was behind the Terminator movies had a good grasp of what I am talking about. For all I know, they also partook of the shamanic plants of the Amazon and some of the same things that were shown and revealed to me, were also shown and revealed to them.

I do wish that all of these things were an insane impossibility; notwithstanding, there are extensive preparations for total nuclear warfare. Please view the following clip produced by a group at Georgetown University, well-known for its Jesuit and American power establishment ties:

Chinese Nuclear Tunnels:The Underground Great Wall:The DongFeng 21D

It is my considered view, based on twenty years of personal research and extensive archival research, that the USA military has an equally extensive underground nuclear network, and that the American subterranean nuclear labyrinth predates that of the Chinese. I have written extensively about the paper trail I discovered in my books, Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?, Underwater and Underground Bases, and Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files. I provide plentiful evidence for a decades-long program of extensive tunneling and underground excavation by the American military agencies and the corporations and engineering firms that work with them. My research points to a North American continent-spanning network of secret tunnels and underground bases, even extending out under the ocean, well out to sea, under the Gulf of Mexico, as well as beneath the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Chesapeake Bay, the Great Lakes, etc. It's a huge, sprawling, secretive, furtive, stealthy, sci-fi-tech conspiracy of unbelievable proportion and scale.

Not that any of this will greatly matter in the event of a shooting nuclear war, with warring nations lobbing salvos of nuclear missiles at one another's cities and strategic targets.

What is abundantly clear at this juncture is that the American war machine will absolutely not stop of its own accord. On the contrary, it is irredeemably addicted to savage slaughter, mayhem, destruction, and corrupt war profiteering, in just the same way that a $20 crack whore so very desperately craves the next fix and will do anything whatsoever to get it.

You know who is conspicuously missing in action in all of this? -- the so-called "higher conscious" institutes, that's who, the ones with shadowy, informal connections and ties to NASA, to the NSA, and to the CIA and the military agencies. I don't need to name all of them. You can find them on both coasts and points in between. They delve into the mental arts and alternate realities and they do not rock the boat very much, if at all.

But you know what? The CIA, the NSA, NASA, the Pentagon agencies and their related/associated/contracting "institutes" are all part of the working of the Machine that has this planet under assault.

And I never saw any of the "Institute" personnel out on the nuclear silos taking a public stand against preparation for genocide. The "Institutes" themselves somehow never seem to publicly contradict the Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, NASA, etc. Their "military grade remote viewers" somehow never seem to publicly focus on and publish the results of exactly who was behind the 9-11 attacks, to cite one notable failing. Or who really killed President Kennedy and Dr. King. This is all very far beyond their highly decorated "military grade remote viewing" powers. And you can think of other examples, I am sure.

As I said, "conspicuously" missing in action. Cowardly even. Hardly what you would expect from so-called military "heroes".

In fact, the antiwar activist, Cindy Sheehan, has more balls than these so-called "military heroes." (And I mean that in a complimentary way, Cindy.) I mean, she has the guts to publicly stand up to and confront the Machine, whereas these so-called "military heroes" with medals on their chests actually support the Death Machine and suck at its bloody, shit spattered tits.

You know, before Robert Monroe physically died, he used to contact me telepathically and talk to me, and it was all very magical. I even met him face to face a couple of times, but his outward emotional affect was very cold to me, the complete polar opposite of his inward, telepathic emotional affect. You could certainly call him a "metaphysical genius," as one of his former acquaintances once described him to me.

And yet this "metaphysical genius," contracted with the CIA and US Army Intelligence to train military psychic spies. Maybe that is where the "cold" side of Bob Monroe came in, I don't know. But the track record of the CIA and the US military agencies is one of unmitigated savagery, of one war after another, of torture, assassination, drug running, gun running, theft, lies, extortion, and more, up to and including, genocide. As in the US Army's onslaught against Native Americans and US military and espionage support for the presently ongoing Jewish genocide against the Palestinians. The barbarity of what the US military and CIA did in Vietnam, and Guatemala, Chile, Laos, Cambodia, Nicaragua and a whole laundry list of other places is a matter of historical record.

And yet Robert Monroe formally contracted with these psychopathic killers to train their spies. He never explained any of this to me. But clearly he was deeply in the paid service of the Machine that the shamanic plants have explicitly warned me about.

Ayahuasca specifically and clearly showed me that the Machine works powerfully and deceptively in both the physical, three dimensional realm, as well as in the astral realm, the part of the spiritual realm that is close to the three dimensional physical realm. For whatever reason, Robert Monroe opted to directly contract with the Machine and do its work. He was a willing tool of the CIA and USA military.

I well remember, when I was a small boy, it must have been in 1959 or 1960, that one day my father brought home a large, RCA Victor radio. It was the kind that had a record player on one side that played the old vinyl records, and on the other side it had an AM-FM radio. It was a substantial piece of furniture, with varnished wood paneling and red velvet over the speakers, and large vacuum tubes that cast a golden glow in the dark from inside the cabinet. The memory I have of this radio is especially vivid, including the day that it arrived in our household. In those days. my father had somehow acquired an old motorcycle with a side car. I believe they were a lot more common back in the 1940s and 1950s, because you rarely see them nowadays. Anyway, I still remember vividly the day that he trundled home with the big RCA Victor radio strapped awkwardly to the three-wheeled motorcycle and lugged it into the house. One of my father's favorite programs was "The Shadow," which he liked to listen to in the evening. I also used to listen along, but not understanding the conventional wisdom as to how radios work, I would endeavor to talk back to the man inside the radio. I reasoned that since I could hear his voice coming out of the speaker that if I simply spoke back into the speaker that the man in the radio would also hear me and respond.

I did this many times, and it does seem that the man inside the radio was listening. Less than twenty years later Robert Monroe began communicating with me telepathically in altered states of consciousness and here we are decades later, well into another century with the world on the very knife's edge of a global apocalypse. I only mention this because Robert Monroe was the producer of "The Shadow" radio programs that were so popular back in the 20th century, and which featured a protagonist who was a "'wealthy, young man about town' with psychic powers" including the ability to "cloud men's minds so they cannot see him."

And now here I am in the Amazon in a cyber cafe composing this blog posting to the accompaniment of a tropical downpour just outside, reflecting on the profundity of the famous line from Robert Monroe's old radio show: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!" -- as we stand poised on the edge of the abyss, contemplating imminent global financial collapse, ongoing ecological collapse the world over including here in the Amazon, melted down nuclear reactors at Chernobyl and Fukushima, neither of which can be fixed, and the very real, imminent prospect of a shooting nuclear war.

It is clear that the world as we have known it will soon go through massive upheaval and change. The sure awareness and acceptance of this is sinking in for me at a very deep level. The shamanic plants are changing me, there is no question of that, but there's more to it than that. I think most of you who are reading these words recognize what I am saying and have much the same sort of feeling.

This was brought home to me vividly the other morning. As I was awakening I had a vivid dream in which I was sitting with an attractive young Black woman in a booth in an old diner of the sort that was once quite common in the USA, decades ago. We were conversing quietly when she suddenly became very pensive and wistful and asked me if I would do something very special for her. I asked her what she wanted, and she replied that she would like for me to play a song for her on the jukebox. I asked what the title was and she said: "Will You Remember Me?" I asked her the name of the group who performed the song and she said: "The Titanics." She thereupon held out her hand to me and said: "It costs 50¢" and gave me some small change for the jukebox.

That's clear enough. The way that she said "Will You Remember Me?" had a pronounced, poignant, nostalgic "Auld Lang Syne" flavor to it. We are hard upon an abrupt transition to whatever comes next. And what we have known until now is going to very soon be a fading memory of times and places far away and long ago.

And then there's the allusion to the rapper, 50 Cent, whose most famous album is "Get Rich Or Die Trying." That's a fair summation of the get rich at all costs mentality that plagues the movers and shakers in global finance these days, and whose depredations are sinking the global economy, plunging millions and billions of people into dire poverty, while simultaneously bringing the world to the brink of nuclear apocalypse as psychopathic politicians in cahoots with these psychopathic financiers play geopolitical chess with the destiny of the planet. There's also the clear allusion to the Titanic, whose sinking has been described thus: "The disaster was greeted with worldwide shock and outrage at the huge loss of life and the regulatory and operational failures that had led to it."

Only here we're talking about Titanics -- plural -- multiple instances of "worldwide shock and outrage at the huge loss of life." Of course, 50¢ are 50% of one dollar, which reminds me that one of the points the shamanic plants have made to me is that the loss of human life in the coming time of trouble could be mammoth, like approximately 50% of the current terrestrial human population.

That seems surreal, unfathomable. However, if the nuclear missiles start to fly, and if the global financial collapse is serious enough, you may take it as a certainty that MANY millions of people will die.

Obviously, the karmic burden of the USA is very heavy in this scenario. If the reciprocal ratio of the law of karma is one for one, to cite but one instance of many possible, then what will the Lords of Karma mete out to the USA for Hiroshima and Nagasaki? And for Fukushima? General Electric designed the nuclear power plant at Fukushima and built three of the reactors. The nightmarish catastrophe at Fukushima is thus the fruit of American nuclear engineering "genius". And what would be the price for the invasions and destruction of millions of lives in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.?

What more is there to add to that, but Oh Dear?


Friday, June 8, 2012

Aliens Will Save Us From Global Nuclear War


Listen, the idea that aliens are going to save us from nuclear war is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. The thinking goes that nuclear explosions rip holes in the fabric of space-time (which may well be true, for all I know) and that nuclear weapons are so destructive to the well-being of creation (which is also true, in my opinion) that benevolent aliens would never permit terrestrial humanity to conduct a nuclear war. And that's all airy-fairy bullshit.

I'm here to tell you that if you want to be saved from nuclear war, then you will have to save yourself, because the nuclear war is already well underway and it hasn't been stopped by aliens yet.

Point One: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Remember them? The Japanese cities that the USA incinerated with nuclear fire at the close of World War II? Aliens didn't stop that from happening.

Point Two: In more than half a century of nuclear weapons testing (and limited nuclear warfare against Japan), beginning in 1945, something like 2,053 (or 2,055 counting the recent North Korean nuclear tests) nuclear explosions have occurred on this planet. Aliens haven't stopped any of these thousands of nuclear explosions. Japanese artist, Isao Hashimoto, has made a very instructive and sobering You Tube video that graphically illustrates this ongoing war. All of these explosions released radioactivity. The bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed very large numbers of people. Aliens did not stop any of it.

So if nuclear explosions rip holes in the fabric of space-time (and I would not be surprised if they can and do), then the fabric of space-time has been well shredded in the past several decades. And aliens haven't prevented it.

Point Three: Aliens did not prevent the nuclear power plants at Chernobyl and Fukushima from exploding and melting down. Neither of these crises have been effectively contained or controlled and probably cannot be.

Point Four: There are several hundred nuclear reactors in the world, all but four of them in the northern hemisphere. Aliens have not prevented them from being built and operated. All of them are susceptible to catastrophic failure, as has happened at Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Point Five: The USA and its military allies have fired myriad tons of depleted uranium munitions on battlefields in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Depleted uranium weapons have hideous effects, saturating the environment with deadly radioactivity for hundreds of thousands of years. Click here for the macabre photos of monstrous birth defects caused by depleted uranium. This is what depleted uranium does to human DNA. Aliens have not stopped any of this.

Point Six: The great masses of humanity, with rare exceptions here and there, have so far not bothered themselves to meaningfully protest, oppose or resist this nuclear onslaught in any way, shape, fashion or form.

Point Seven: It's probably already too late to prevent nuclear apocalypse. It's already underway -- see Chernobyl and Fuskushima above. The vast majority of humanity did nothing when there was still time to do something, and now the suffering has begun.

Point Eight: This is terrestrial humanity's planet. It is ours to save or lose. Our choice. So far we have chosen to lose it.

Point Nine: To date, aliens have not prevented any of this.

Point Ten: If you would like to support my writing, please click here to buy my books. The aliens won't prevent you from doing that either.