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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Trump This! -- Part 2

Some commentators have panned the Donald Trump presidential candidacy based on a number of factors, ranging from his Rich Man's Populism to his history of high profile bankruptcies in his business affairs.

My view is rather opposite. If Donald Trump is permitted to prevail in the quadrennial political farce known as the "national election" -- all thoroughly rigged and controlled by powerful, shadowy, mega-rich interests that largely hold themselves back from direct public view -- then he will have been brought in to manage the USSA corporate bankruptcy, precisely because of his bankruptcy experience.

You have to understand Trump's political role. He's a "cleaner," a "fixer" -- the "go to guy" to negotiate the terms of the corporate surrender of the USSA, and to administer the details of the liquidation of its assets on terms acceptable to the creditors.

His political cover for that is "I'll make America 'great' again" (whatever that means) as he rides herd on illegal immigrants. A circus to keep the superficial, dumbed down, not-very-bright rabble distracted and worked up on a "hot button issue", as he wheels and deals the global, fire sale of the "Federal corporation's" business and real estate assets -- massive national forests, rivers, oil fields, mountains full of minerals, metals and coal, vast tracts of fertile farm land and range land, ports, navigable waterways, military bases and weapons systems, wildlife refuges, Amtrak, highways, railroad rights-of-ways, Cape Canaveral, the Post Office, government buildings, national laboratories, overseas teritories and possessions, offshore fisheries, etc.

It will all be marked down and priced to sell at bargain basement rates, because the USSA is massively bankrupt, and in the real world you don't stiff creditors to the tune of hundreds of billions and even trillions of dollars.

It just is not done.

You either pay, or the creditors take possession of the collateral: mountains, fields, forests, rivers, railroads, airports, highways, ports, military bases, national monuments, hydroelectric dams, power plants, reservoirs, etc. (See above.) And if you reject payment, then very violently kinetic events (wars) tend to occur. In payment disputes over fairly minor debts the Sicilian Mafia is known to smash people's knees and legs with baseball bats, leaving them crippled for life. So you can imagine what may occur if the USSA decides not to make good on the very large amount of money it owes to a heavily armed nuclear power such as China, for example.

You Are Not A Citizen -- You Are Property, i.e., Slave Collateral 

As I established in my previous, lengthy blog post, the USSA is a corporation. I will recapitulate part of that post here:

United States Code
§ 3002 - Definitions(15)

(15) “United States” means— 

(A) a Federal corporation;                    

(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C) an instrumentality of the United States.


Most of my readers consider thenselves to be so-called "Americans" and most will believe that they live "in" a country called the "United States, but that is not the case.

Far from living "in" a country called the United States, they are rather considered to be a part "of" the commercial inventory of a "Federal corporation" called the "United States." That is why they have social security numbers, passport numbers, military ID numbers, etc. Those are their "Federal corporation" slave property inventory identifiers.

As Donald Trump rampages across the completely rigged political landscape, coast to coast and border to border, like a gaudily dressed matador, chasing the marauding bull of "illegal immigration" to the thundrous roars of the so-called "American" electorate, not one in one hundred will realize that they are about to be savagely, brutally fleeced in classic sheeple fashion. 

To wit: why would an obscenely wealthy multi-billionaire want to be President of the "United States"?

Hint: it's not about "public service" (whatever that is) -- it has to do with
expanding his business opportunities, taking his Rolodex to the next level, so to speak.  

Remember, the USSA government is a "Federal corporation". 

Donald Trump is in business to do business and make money. Can you imagine the deals to be had in a multi-trillion dollar bankruptcy? 

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the "Executive Office of the President" he will sit astride the very pinnacle of the global, sprawling, massively bankrupt "Federal Corporation" known as the "United States," and will therefore be strategically positioned to personally benefit financially from his years in political power, such as none of his predecessors could ever have remotely dreamed of, as trillions of dollars of assets are stripped off, liquidated and sold off to the highest bidders.

Oh, yeah, the so-called "American" people will be sold off, too, their labor, their very lives, fortunes, posterity and honor.

Deals within deals. Intricate, byzantine, multi-billion dollar kickbacks and favors.

Can you stand it.

The Donald's mind surely boggles at the prospect.


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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trump This! -- The Ineffable Elsewho

The weird, ineffable Elsewho would be the real, cosmically integral you  -- who else? -- that you don't know.

It goes without saying that Elsewho definitively trumps any phony-baloney, two-bit, multi-billionaire, wannabe presidential candidate. If you had to choose which one to follow, which one to seek after, which do you suppose will better serve you in the long run?

Where else other than in the sure grasp of Elsewho will you finally find true purpose and meaning in life? I mean, who else than Elsewho? I'll come back to that below, but first ...

 Trumping The Illusory Trump Hallucination

I have been amused watching from my vantage point on another continent thousands of miles away at how millions of USSA denizens have been swept up in the aura of a fast talking, blustering, New York city real estate mogul, who they irrationally fantasize will cure whatever they perceive is ailing their illusory, hallucinatory "country" -- the fictional America the Great, or so the mass delusion would have it.

Trump will throw out the tens of millions of illegal aliens that are swarming into "our" country -- they say -- and who are ruining "our" way of life.

Never thinking, you see, of how large numbers of their own ancestors swarmed into North America by the millions and stole almost the whole continent from the Native Americans, throwing them off their ancestral territories at gun point and killing them by the thousands and even millions. And never thinking of the enslavement of millions of Black Africans who were transported by armed force, in chains, against their will, thousands of miles across the ocean, and then forced to work against their will for others who bought and sold them as chattel, as human property. How is that for "illegal immigration"? I'll tell you how it is -- it's "illegal" as all hell, that's what.

So who are the American people to complain about so-called "illegal immigration"?

They get all high and mighty about how "their" so-called "great" country is being ruined and stolen away from them, when their own forefathers stole almost the whole continent by armed force from Native Americans. They are the descendants of thieves, liars, murderers and illegal invaders who took by force what was not theirs. The founding of "America" was a savage, brute crime.

Has there ever been a more duplicitous, larcenous, violent, thieving, lying, continent-stealing people?

Who nevertheless compound their thuggish stupidity and annoying, Bible thumping ignorance by sending their heavily armed sons and daughters all over the world to invade, bomb, destroy and/or ruin country after country (see: Vietnam, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc.) all the while braying loudly about the superiority of so-called American "civilization" -- whatever that means.

Where were most of the so-called "American" people, including Donald Trump, when the imperial wars, invasions, CIA narco-trafficking and coups d'état in Latin America and the Middle East took place that led to the desperate social and political conditions that have produced this huge wave of immigrants, in this and other recent years and decades?



As long as the imperial wars, invasions, narco-tafficking and coups d'état didn't immediately, personally affect them the vast majority of the so-called "American" people were TOTALLY SILENT and looked the other way.

You cannot have it both ways.

If the (ahem) "alternative media" is just going to beat the drum for an oligarch, a multi-billionaire who is spouting shallow, red-white-and-blue, superficial, feel good nonsense that doesn't radically alter the underlying fraudulent status of the entire system, then it is in reality just the new, mainstream idiot media pandering to the common denominator, and making much ado about a relatively trivial, fundamentally cosmetic rearranging of the deck chairs on the titanic, disastrous, foundering ship that is the so-called "American Way". We have already entered the iceberg field; the final crisis is already well underway.

And yet, we haven't heard one word from ANY of the presidential candidates, Donald Trump included, about:

the dying Pacific Ocean
the accelerating 6th global extinction
global deforestation
geo-engineering of the Earth's atmosphere
dangers of genetic engineering
dangers of A.I.
chemical contamination of the whole Earth
the dying seas
the danger of nuclear war and its hellish effects
the illegality of the Federal reserve and the IRS
the un-constitutional coup d'état of 1871
the coup d'état of 1963 (the Kennedy hit)
the "false flag" coup d'état of 9/11
the incessant war mongering of the USSA
the criminally rigged voting machines in the USSA

It's only rah-rah-America and how they'll make America "great" again -- whatever that means. Maybe the "glorious" past when Black people were in chains and the USSA Army was running Native Americans off the land and mowing them down with Gatling guns? Or maybe the century of Jim Crow -- when Black people were separate and unequal? Is that when "America" was "great"?

And grown men and women are wetting themselves because Donald Trump is barking about so-called "illegal immigration", which is a direct consequence of insane, immoral, counterproductive, stupid, ignorant, short-sighted American policy, whether in Latin America or the Middle East.

Only an intellectually and morally impoverished people, their minds and souls encumbered by centuries of the worst kind of lies and self-serving propaganda could run clamoring after the Billionaire Fool From New York City, as he bellows his insanity and inanity.

Don't they get it? He's the glib, deceitful pied piper that will lead all the mentally and spiritually challenged simpletons to their doom.

And Anyway, You Don't Have A "Country"

There is no "country" called the United States of America. It's all a legally artful mirage.

A corporation. A business. A global mafia, if you will.

And it considers you its property. Why do you think you have a property number, or two or three? There is the so-called social security number. For the millions who were in the military, there will also be a military identification number. If you have ever been in the USSA prison system, and a whole lot of people have, you will have had a prisoner identification number. There is the taxpayer ID number. The passport number. And so forth. They are your property inventory numbers

So-called "American" soldiers traditionally have worn their military identification number around their neck, on a chain, and called it their "dog tag."

Isn't that clear?

Dog tag. A domesticated animal trained to kill and be killed -- on command. Military property trained to kill and be killed for control of foreign real estate and resources.

In the succinct words of Henry Kissinger, one of the grand poobahs of the Republican Party:

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

I's a business. It's all commerce, and your military number or social security number means you are part of the business inventory. It's even clearer if you are a federal prisoner and work in a prison industry -- you are penned up, a slave, pure and simple, a unit of commercial production for the USSA corporation.

Let me put it in "legal" perspective. Let's examine the U.S. Code -- ostensibly the official, "legal" rule book for the United States government, starting with Title 28.

§ 3002 - Definitions(15)

(15) “United States” means— 

(A) a Federal corporation;                    

(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C) an instrumentality of the United States.


Look at the legal weasel words here. "Federal corporation", "other entity of the United States" or an "instrumentality of the United States." Would ISIS be an "other entity" or "instrumentality" of the United States? How about al-Qaeda? Is it an "instrumentality"? An "other entity"? Or are they a mercenary "Federal corporation" -- set up by the CIA, the State Department and Pentagon to go forth and rape, butcher and plunder?

This section of the U.S. Code has to do with judicial proceedings related to the collection of debts owed to the United States; which gets directly to the heart of the matter, since it is all about the money, being as the government is really a corporation. What it gets down to is who has money, who doesn't have money, who "allegedly" owes money to whom -- and, more to the point, exactly what the thing called the "United States" really is.

Note well:

(15) “United States” means— 
(A) a Federal corporation

The United States is "a Federal corporation".

It's a business, a red-white-and-blue mafia operating under the color of legal weasel words, and it is shaking you down for money, by armed force. It regards you as its numbered and catalogued property.

It really is that simple.

Or the "United States" is an "agency" or "instrumentality" or "other entity" of the "United States".

What does it even mean to say that the "United States" is an "instrumentality" of the "United States". You don't know, see, and neither do I.

But it's all a business, that's for certain.

Let me cite just one example, to bring all of this into better focus. To be sure, the subject merits book length treatment, in the form of a trade paperback for popular consumption.

But for now, this one example should suffice.

The United States Congress is not at all what you think it is. It's a charade, a false façade, a loud spectacle to distract your attention (like the rest of the USSA, so-called "government").

I think it's what the section of the U.S. Code I have cited above must mean when it refers to "other entity" or "instrumentality".

We are way down Alice's rabbit hole here, and are just about to go even deeper into Wonderland.

You think you know what the Unites States is, you think you live in the United States, and you know nothing at all.


This is from which styles itself as "The Most Advanced Company Information Database." It lists the United States Congress thusly:

Congress, United States

Contact Information
Congress, United States
2nd SW And D St
Washington, DC 20515

Phone: 202-226-2812

Business Description
Congress, United States is located in Washington, District of Columbia. This organization primarily operates in the Legislative Bodies, Federal Government business / industry within the Executive, Legislative & General Government, Except Finance sector.

Executive, Legislative & General Government, Except Finance
Legislative Bodies
Legislative Bodies, Federal Government

SIC Code: 9121

Congress, United States is the only company located at 2nd SW And D St, Washington, DC 20515


The SIC 9121 code of course is the Standard Industrial Code, and it stands for "Legislative Bodies." The Congress is thus in the legislative "industry".

Here's another business listing for the United States Congress, from
AMFIBI Business Directory You Can Trust.

Congress, United States

2nd Sw And D Street # 486
DC 20515-0001
Phone: (202) 226-2812

Legislative Assemblies

Company representatives
George Daoust, Administrator

Elected Government Officials
Local Government Elected Officials
Elected Government Representatives
State Government Elected Officials
Federal Government Elected Officials

Location Type

State of incorporation
District of Columbia

SIC code
9121 (Legislative Bodies)

NAICS code
921120 (Legislative Bodies)


Here we learn that the United States Congress is incorporated in the District of Columbia, and has an administrator named George Daoust, whoever he may be.

There's more from, the well known business information company.

Congress United States

2nd Sw And D St # 486
Washington, DC 20515

Phone: (202) 226-2812

Representative John Boehner
Washington, DC
(202) 225-6205

United States House Of Representatives
Washington, DC
(202) 225-4011

United States House Of Representatives
Washington, DC
(202) 225-3625

United States House Of Representatives
Washington, DC
(202) 224-3121

United States House Of Representatives
Washington, DC
(202) 224-3121

Congress United States
A privately held company in Washington, DC.

More Details for Congress United States
Categorized under Legislative Assemblies.

Company Contacts

George Daoust

Business Information
Location Type Branch
SIC Code 9121, Legislative Bodies
NAICS Code 921120, Legislative Bodies
Business Categories
Legislative Assemblies in Washington, DC

Legislative bodies, Federal government
Legislative Body


My comment: click the links above for United States House of Representatives and you will be taken to pages that reference The Capitol, or the United States House of Representatives that tell you:

It appears that the United States Congress is a "privately held company in Washington, D.C." (But then we have already established that the U.S. Code says in black and white that the "United States" means:  "a Federal corporation.")

Once again, George Daoust is listed, this time as the "Contact" for the United States Congress. There was a Congressional staffer by the same name, who worked for the House Information Resources Office, as late as 2009.

I did call the telephone number listed above and reached the Congressional Budget Office, which is at the referenced street address. The man who answered the phone told me his name was "Monty" and offered to connect me with Public Affairs, whereupon he connected me with the Public Affairs voice mail.

The United States Congress and all of its offices, as well as all of the other government agencies I looked up, are consistently listed as a "privately held company". This goes again and again to the idea that the United States government is in fact a "corporation". It's all about the money.

None of this comports at all with any of what I was led to believe as I was growing up; it is not at all what I was taught in American civics class.

Night and day. Bizarro world, that's what it is.

We have been massively lied to, shamelessly. That's the conclusion I have drawn.

It's inexcusable. It is unpardonable. Click the link  above for Representative John Boehner, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and you will see that it says that John Boehner is a "private business."

You can repeat this exercise at the websites I have referenced above and you will find that all of the agencies, departments, bureaus, agents and officers of the United States government are "private businesses".

It's all a business, a corporation. The Congress critters, the President, the federal judges -- they are all in business. They're making money. They're milking the system.

They are milking you. Can I get a "moo!" Louder  ... I can't hear you .....

It is all a huge, fake fraud. A fiction. A great, false, artificial nullity. Which is what ayahuasca has been pointing out to me for years. This whole reality is diabolical and fraudulently rigged beyond belief.

There is not a "country" called the "United States of America." It is a CORPORATION and it considers you to be its property. Why would you want to save that hideous monstrosity and be a part of it? What is "great" or good about it?  

Now you understand NAFTA, the IRS, the Federal Reserve, TPP, all of it. It's not a representative government, if it ever was at all -- it's a corporate monstrosity. Period.

Look at the US Code again:

(15) “United States” means— 

(A) a Federal corporation;                    

(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C) an instrumentality of the United States.


Exactly what is an "instrumentality" or "other entity" of the "United States"? Would an "other entity" necessarily have to be from the "United States", whatever or wherever that really is, or even from the Earth itself? I don't know and you don't know who or what is really behind the sprawling "corporation" called the "United States". Would an "other entity" or "instrumentality" even have to be a human being? Could an "instrumentality" of the "United States" or "other entity" be an artificial intelligence (A.I.), perhaps a machine intelligence, possibly named something like "Jade Helm", or even a demonic entity from another dimension?

I don't know, and neither do you, whether we are perhaps dealing with a malevolent, artificially intelligent machine monstrosity or an actual demonic entity known as the "United States", that is intricately protected by a fiendishly wicked government and body of so-called law that is not at all what it appears to be, because when you start to dig and examine what the "United States" really is, you run into blind alleys, nonsensical information, misdirection, reams and reams of legal weasel words and documents that mean something completely other than what they appear to mean, and one false façade after another that completely contradicts what we were all taught to believe is real and true.

It's all fake as can be. And so many of the so-called Christian fundamentalist "patriots" want to save the "United States" so that it can be "great" again - whatever and whenever that means.

Why? Do they even have the faintest, slightest idea what they are talking about? At the end of the day they'll be doing well enough to save their own souls.

Let me list a few more examples while I am at it. Searching for Executive Office of the President under "Private Companies" at you see:

Executive Office Of The President

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Nw
DC 20500-0003
Phone: (202) 456-1414

Executive Offices

Company representatives

Barack H Obama, President

Division Of Local Government Services
Government Health Services
Government Contracting Services
Cigna Government Services
Government Support Services

Location Type

Information not found

115 (At this location: 20)

Years In Business

State of incorporation
District of Columbia

SIC code
9111 (Executive Offices)

NAICS code
921110 (Executive Offices)


The Executive Office of the President is incorporated in Washington, DC; it is listed under "Private Companies", located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; its Standard Industrial Code is 9111 (Executive Offices); Barack Obama is the President; and the Executive Office of the President has been in business for 75 years.

That's because the Executive Office of the President was established by Franklin Roosevelt in 1939, on the eve of World War II.

What To Do About All Of This?

In fact, there may not be much more to do, but to stand back, if you can, and watch it all spectacularly self-destruct, while separating yourself from harm, if at all possible.

Unfortunately, as the whole fake system self-destructs, it may destroy a lot of people as it goes down.

I couldn't help but notice today that there was a story that popped up in the mainstream news cycle that details how the USSA government is stockpiling medical supplies to treat nuclear burn victims.

HHS Boosting Nation's Stockpile of Burn Treatments in Case of Nuclear Attack

In my previous blog post I mentioned the recent dream I had about the many victims of severe, nuclear "flash burns" and their hideous deaths. Now we know that the USSA government (whatever it actually is) is actively preparing for just that scenario. Which can only mean they know the possibility of nuclear warfare is very real and so they are getting ready for that contingency.

I have been warning about the dangers of nuclear war for my entire adult life, to the extent of time and again engaging in nonviolent acts of peaceful civil disobedience where nuclear weapons were or are stored and/or deployed: Faulkner County, Arkansas; Kings Bay, Georgia; Yorktown, Virginia; Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri; Montrail County, North Dakota. I have been jailed repeatedly in multiple states for taking a public stand against the preparations of the USSA military for nuclear warfare. I have paid a high price for taking that position.

And yet the danger is as real as ever.

The only way out that I see for humanity is for an awful lot of people to dramatically raise the level of their consciousness and awareness.

Huge numbers of humans had better get an insatiable thirst for ineffable states of consciousness or higher consciousness, and real soon, or this whole planet will be plunged into a ghastly state of being that is hellish beyond belief.

As I increasingly see it, an awful lot of us have to seek intensely within for whatever higher state(s) of awareness or being that we can attain or we won't make it as a species.

The unimaginably wicked USSA government (whatever it actually is) cannot resolve the dire situation of already begun planetary destruction and extinction that it bears a large measure of responsibility for creating -- only our higher or highest self can do that.

So often people say or think that someone else, the mythical "they", will solve the great problems of our day. My observation is that that mythical someone else, who will come swooping in and dramatically save the day, doesn't actually exist.

Rather, that imaginary, someone else is actually an exterior, illusory, idealized projection of people's own self. Who else will save the day but us? It turns out that "they" are the people themselves, and have been all along. They are us, that's what it gets down to.

If we do nothing, then I guess we just aren't up to saving our home planet or even our own lives. That's such a pitiful prospect I don't even know what to say.

In recent weeks, while grappling with that forlorn issue, I have for the first time run across the inspired work of Noah St. John, and his technique of asking productive, positive questions, that he calls afformations.

Do a key world search on Noah St. John and afformations and you will come up with a variety of websites that explore and develop this concept.

Noah St. John's great insight was to realize that we as individuals so often have negative programming loops running inside our minds and our subconscious that predispose us to failure and suffering.

The negative programming is ubiquitous -- in religion (you're a sinner), in sports (competition always produces losers), in banking (the system throws everyone into debt), in mass entertainment (full of violence and personal and social dysfunction), even in the food and drink that people consume (full of disease causing chemicals and substances).

So how to overcome all of the negative, destructive programming and reprogram your individual life?

By asking the right question or questions. Without asking the right question or questions, it is very difficult to get the right answer or answers.

As Noah St. John observes, Jesus Christ is reputed to have said the following:

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.…

In reality, the one you ask is really your own inner self, your Elsewho.

Who else would you ask? Who else knows you so well, inside and out? --  your dreams, desires, needs, capabilities, your genetic code, information stored in your junk DNA, your biochemistry, your personal Akashic records, and more.  

You don't need to look elsewhere, for someone else. Your own Elsewho is your one stop solution.

That's whom you need to ask, no one else.

The key is in intelligently, persistently asking, in knowing how to ask. You need to know how to ask and what to ask. You really can ask for any good thing, but you have to ask in the right way.

Hint: don't ask something like, "Why do I fail at everything I do? Why am I so unlucky?"

You are setting yourself up for continued failure!

Instead ask something like: "Why am I so lucky?"

You are not stating definitively that you are lucky, which objectively may or may not be the case. Instead, and this is the key right here, you are presenting a question to your entire being, a question that begs an answer. Your inner being, when presented with such a question will search within itself for all the reasons why you are so lucky.

In this way, the seed of good luck is implanted deeply into your awareness and with diligent repetition of your question, the experience of good luck takes root in your being and begins to manifest in the course of your everyday life. Persisting in the right question or questions is the key.

And you can think of a whole suite of other afformations: "Why am I so healthy, wealthy and wise?"

"Why am I anchored in genuinely humble, enlightened, higher consciousness?"

"Why do I manifest higher consciousness?"

"Why am I a healing presence in the world?"

Or: "Why do these afformations take such deep root in my being?"

Or: "Why do my afformations produce such positive change(s) in my life?"

And so forth. Once you begin the process and engage in this regular, systematic, guided questioning of your inner or higher self, you will develop a whole series of afformations.

The important thing is to repeat them and work with them daily.

You can even record your list of afformations in your own voice, set the recording to a binaural beat accompaniment of maybe 5 Hz or so, and then play it softly, as a subliminal or quasi-subliminal recording, with headphones or ear buds while you relax, meditate or sleep. Let it loop for an hour or two or three, if you like. This will help drill the afformations deep into your consciousness.


I do urgently need and accept your donations for support of my writing. I live in exile in Ecuador, where I am petitioning the government for political refuge. I depend on your contributions and donations to help me continue living and writing.  If you find personal value or meaning in this or any of my other blog articles won't you please support my continued work? Contact me at: for how to donate.