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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

If You're Thinking of Leaving, Why Wait?

If you're going to get out, the best time to escape is before it's too late.

A month early or a year early -- it doesn't matter too much. But one day too late is still too late, and that does matter.

I have a lot of readers in the USSA, Canada, England, and also in France and Germany. Why do you stay?

Why aren't you heading to the southern hemisphere, to sub-Saharan Africa and South America? Do you really think things are going to improve? 

I once considered moving to Europe -- to Spain, France or Germany. Now I am glad I did not.

I also considered a few countries in sub-Saharan Africa. I think it could have worked O.K. for me. I am from the South (in the USSA) and to me it is natural to live around, work with and mingle with people of Black African origin.

But in the end, I came to South America and I intend to remain here.

The Extinction Level Event of Fukushima

The unresolved and probably unresolvable issue of the catastrophically failed nuclear power reactors and spent fuel pools at Fukushima Daichi in Japan in itself is reason enough to leave the northern hemisphere.

I regularly browse the Energy News website and the outlook is profoundly grim. Click the link. Go back through the news archive and read the great volume of evidence that suggests the northern Pacific Ocean is dying right now. As radioactivity pours into the sea from the failed nuclear power complex at Fukushima Daichi it is being concentrated in the food chain and working its way upward. The human race is at the top of the food chain. A huge amount of food comes out of the northern Pacific Ocean to feed people in Japan, China, Korea and also in the United States, Canada, Mexico and many other countries. The marine ecology in the northern Pacific Ocean is massively failing now. What happens when this bountiful food supply is no longer available in the coming years? And I am not talking about the far distant future. This scenario will play itself out in the relatively short term.

The northern jet stream has also widely dispersed dangerously poisonous radionuclides from Fukushima Daichi all over the northern hemisphere -- in Canada and the USSA, but also in Europe. Some has crossed over the equator into the southern latitudes, but the great bulk of it has remained north of the equator. If you live in North America or Europe you have been well dusted with radioactivity from Fukushima Daichi. If you eat seafood that comes out of the northern Pacific Ocean you are playing radioactive Russian roulette with your personal health. Had any Alaskan king crab lately, or Pacific salmon? If so, why?

The Northern Hemisphere's Nuclear Power Plant Problem

But Fukushima Daichi is the least of it. There are hundreds of other nuclear power plants, and something like 99% of them are in the northern hemisphere. They are notoriously complex, high maintenance, prone to catastrophic failure and all of them are ageing.

In the event of an emergency situation, they quickly fail, melt down and/or blow up (as at Chernobyl, Ukraine and Fukushima, Japan) and can never be repaired. They then spew massive amounts of deadly radionuclides to the global environment for a geological age to come.

There are one hundred of them in the USSA; there are still more in Europe. It is virtually a certainty that more of them will be failing, melting down and/or blowing up in the coming years, maybe even later this year.

A lot of the nuclear power reactors in the USSA are directly on the sea coast, or on major rivers, and/or near major cities and/or near major military bases.

If there is a shooting nuclear war, or serious natural disasters such as tsunamis, major earthquakes (on the New Madrid Fault, for instance), powerful storms, etc., multiple nuclear power plants will either be destroyed or fail, maybe even scores or hundreds of them, as would easily be the case in the event of a nuclear war.

You can bet on that. And the northern hemisphere of this planet will then become a sterile, "no go," Death Zone.

I am not being alarmist in the slightest. The average person has simply not thought through the dire implications of having built all of these hundreds of ticking time bombs called "nuclear power plants" and sprinkling them all over the world, almost all of them in the northern hemisphere.

What They Aren't Telling You About Nuclear War

Let me impress upon you that I am not being melodramatic about the possibility of a shooting nuclear war. A wide range of political commentators and analysts are warning about the real risk of nuclear war, including well-known public figures such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and many other, well-known and less-well-known figures.

If NATO and the USSA continue their economic and military pressure against Russia, the situation could deteriorate from a Cold War into a hot, military conflict that could easily turn nuclear, with terrible consequences.

In the Eastern Pacific region, there is also growing tension between the USSA, and China and North Korea.

If these "cold" conflicts turn hot and result in a nuclear exchange the results will be catastrophic for the entire planet and all of humanity. The initial, horrific loss of life and destruction of property as numerous cities are incinerated in nuclear mushroom clouds will be bad enough.

But there are horrific, follow-on results, among which nuclear winter is the least serious, though nuclear winter in itself will exterminate people by the hundreds of millions, due to massive food crop failure, owing to low temperature extremes and lack of adequate sunlight for photosynthesis in food crops.

You see, if cities like Houston, New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, Norfolk, and many more, are destroyed by massive nuclear blasts, then the nuclear power plants that are near these cities are likely to fail. If the crews are dead and/or cannot come to work, then the nuclear power plants will fail; they will melt down and/or explode. If the power grid on which the nuclear power plants depend has been destroyed, then the nuclear power plants  automatically fail; they melt down and/or explode. This implies the extinction of a great deal of life in North America, both human life and wildlife.

In the case of melted down and/or exploded nuclear power plants on the East Coast of North America, and there are a fair number of them, the radioactivity would go right into the ocean. That matters a great deal, because the Gulf Stream from the Gulf of Mexico flows right up the East Coast of North America and then turns eastward, and crosses the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. The failure or destruction of nuclear power plants on the East Coast of North America therefore is a life and death matter for the North Atlantic Ocean and also for the countries and peoples of Europe.

Speaking of Europe, look at this map of the nuclear power reactors in France. They're all over the country, from north to south, east to west. Let's say that France goes to war against Russia, as a member of NATO and a military ally of the USSA. If NATO employs nukes against the Russians or their strategic interests, then the Russians are likely to respond with nukes. If there are multiple nuclear strikes on French soil, does anyone have any illusions about what the implications would be for the French national power grid and the survivability of the French nuclear power reactors?

It would mean the end of French civilization and the French nation. Finies.

Finished. And much of the rest of Europe. Look at the map. Click the link. The nuclear reactor at Fessenheim is on the Rhine river. The failure of that plant means the death of Strasbourg, which is just downriver, and then Mannheim, in Germany, which is also downstream, and so on, city after city, and then the Rhine empties into the North Sea, which itself empties into the North Atlantic Ocean.

You see the cascading, radioactive, ecological problem.

There are also several nuclear power plants up and down the Rhône river, in southern France. If they fail, it means the death of the Rhône. But it doesn't end there. The Rhône empties into the Mediterranean Sea, which would then also be massively radioactively poisoned.

It Gets Even Worse

Of course you have heard of the failed, exploded nuclear power plant at Chernobyl, Ukraine. That plant has never been and cannot be repaired. It will remain dangerously radioactive for untold thousands of years to come. The surrounding region is a poisonous no man's land.

What many people overlook, including many prominent analysts and commentators, such as Paul Craig Roberts, is that there are several other nuclear power plants in the Ukraine. Please click here to see their locations.

Note that the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is just to the west of the present combat zone in the eastern region of the Ukraine, and not far north of the Crimea, which is now part of the Russian Federation. It is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. It is also right on the banks of the Dnieper River, which empties into the Black Sea, which in turn empties into the Mediterranean Sea. Failure of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant will massively radioactively contaminate the Dnieper River, which will then flow into the Black Sea and radioactively contaminate the Black Sea, which then flows into the Mediterranean Sea, etc. You see the problem.

Just northeast of Odessa is another, the South Ukraine nuclear power plant.

Many armchair analysts, including commentators such as Paul Craig Roberts, have publicly advocated, or come very close to doing so, that Vladimir Putin send his military racing across the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, in a blitzkrieg from the Russian border all the way to Transnistria, on the border between Moldova and the Ukraine, in order to incorporate that swath of territory into the Russian Federation, and present NATO and the regime in Kiev with a military fait accompli.

In my view, Putin has not done that because no military operation is ever as simple as it appears on paper; what can go wrong frequently does go wrong. And there are always unexpected complications.

Beyond that, Vladimir Putin knows that military combat produces societal disruption right across the board. It also can and does produce a lot of physical damage to key economic and industrial infrastructure -- things like roads, bridges, railroads, electrical power grids, airports, factories -- and, oh yeah, nuclear power plants.

Zaporizhia is already dangerously close to the active combat zone. What happens if it comes under artillery bombardment? Or what if the electrical grid goes down, due to heavy combat in the region, and the several nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools melt down and/or blow up? The Crimea is due south a short distance, and southwestern Russia, as well as the ethnically Russian region of eastern Ukraine, are directly downwind.

If Putin were to order his army to cross the border and drive west to Transnistria, then the South Ukraine nuclear power plant would also be in danger of catastrophic damage or outright destruction from military combat.

That would only compound the military and political situation and result in an apocalyptic scenario that would lay waste a wide geographic area for all meaningful human time to come. The devastation would be multiple times worse than that from Chernobyl and Fukushima.

I believe that this is an important factor in why Putin has stayed his hand. The risk is not worth it. He cannot trust what NATO and the USSA might do as the Ukrainian positions would be overrun. Would they resort to a radioactive, scorched earth retreat? Would they blow the nuclear power plants and falsely blame the destruction on the Russian army?

Putin cannot know for sure, and so he cannot trust the USSA and NATO. He is therefore playing for time and using a variety of means, short of overt military conflict, to try to defuse both the crisis in the Ukraine and the economic and military confrontation that NATO and the USSA are forcing on Russia.

My reading of Putin is that he is a reasonably sane man who would prefer not to see nuclear hell on Earth, especially not hard on the borders of his own nation. And so he is acting in a restrained, cautious, measured manner.

Lamentably, the same cannot be said of the leadership in the USSA and a number of European capitals. And so we drift towards war, a war that will potentially devastate Europe and North America, at the least.

Which is why it must not happen, and still the Madmen and Demons on the Potomac and in the City of London are driving the world to war.

God help us, because they apparently intend to kill extremely large numbers of people.


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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hey Obama -- The Chess Match Just Started

Never send a boy to do a man's job.

I fear that the USSA's "Dear Leader" may be in way over his pay grade.

The same goes for the other, red-white-and-blue and/or "blue" creatures such as McCain, Hillary, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, Petraeus, Wolfowitz, Cheney, the Bushes, Kerry, Slick Willie, Brennan, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, Breedlove, Netanyahu, et al.

This Just In -- Breaking News!

As those of you who follow astrology must know, the charts in recent days have been, well, way off the charts. As my e-buddy, Robert Hitt, at says, there has been some of the most violent astro he has ever seen in recent days.

And yet we have not seen a huge eruption of violence on the international stage.

Why not?

The Dark Side loves violent astro like vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge topping, chopped nuts and a maraschino cherry on top. So what has given them pause?

Well, I suspect the context runs along the lines I will presently sketch for you.

Quite likely, one of the reasons we have not seen a paroxysm of conspicuous violence from the USSA/ZioNazi Axis of Evil is that very serious chess players have been just off stage, cooking up some masterful chess moves; and the ZioNAZIs and their evil Sauron ally in Mordor-on-the-Potomac have sensed a ripple in the Force. Every Neo-Sauron and ZioNAZI whisker is now nervously aquiver with apprehensive trepidation. They are advisedly wary.

To wit: for the past 10 days there was an international hue and cry over the absence of Vladimir Putin from public view.

"Oh, where, oh, where can he be?" was the cry on the international media's lips.

Clearly, the answer is that he had removed himself from center-stage for a brief while to craftily concoct a delightfully clever geopolitical gambit that not one person in one thousand saw coming.

Oh, dear friends, it is a thing of rare and delicate beauty.

A masterful marvel. A most serendipitous ploy worthy of the grandest chess masters of them all. I am open-mouthed with admiring astonishment.

While He Was In Siberia Perfecting His Most Excellent Gambit

It all begins with an insignificant move of the smallest piece on the board: the pawn. The little pawn leverages, or hinders the movement of the larger, more powerful pieces. Indeed, the larger pieces may boldly display their prowess with extravagant feints and probes that bid fair to strike down the opponent's queen or even threaten the king himself with check or checkmate; but at any moment the match's outcome may be determined, even scores of moves in advance, by the seemingly insignificant, but oh, so strategic and timely deployment of an innocuous-seeming little pawn.

But Putin is no insignificant pawn. He is a prodigious player, a force to be reckoned with in his own right.

He is as slyly smooth as silk.

So he disappeared from view. He can do that, can't he? It doesn't matter where he was -- deep beneath Yamantau Mountain in the endless miles of clandestine, subterranean corridors, meeting with his military command and plotting the Kremlin's military response to any USSA/ZioNazi attack on the Russian homeland, or cuddling with his mistress in a cozy Siberian bungalow, or trout fishing in the Urals, or maybe he spent several uninterrupted days of spiritual contemplation in a quiet, isolated, rural Russian Orthodox Church monastery, up at dawn to chant and fast with the monks or could he have been laid up in bed with a bad back, immobilized with excruciating pain in his spine?

The point is -- it doesn't really matter much. The absence was the thing. A dramatic pause just when the mundane astro was at its most violent. A wily maneuver by a crafty geopolitical magician, whatever the cause and whatever the reasons.

The Dramatic Reappearance of Vladimir

And then he dramatically, publicly resurfaced without explanation, bashfully smiling like Alice's Cheshire Cat, to immediately order a massive, snap, combat readiness, military drill in Russia's vast, frozen north.

Putin Orders Northern Fleet to Full Alert for Combat Readiness Drills

Why in the north? Because that is one of the routes the USSA/ZioNAZI Axis of Evil would use to attack Russia, that's why. They would send in the B-52s loaded with nukes from North Dakota, they would fire nuclear missiles from submarines lurking north of Siberia in the Arctic Ocean, they would send in special forces paratroopers in transports flying beneath the radar, skimming over the ice and snow, coming in from Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway and Sweden.

So Putin made a flashy, razzle-dazzle move. Stage magicians routinely do this sort of thing with glittery panache. Putin is acting on a grand stage and he knows it. 

It goes without saying that the Russian northern fleet is nuclear armed, and that this fact is certainly well-known to the USSA/ZioNAZI Axis of Evil, which is currently staging its own, northern war game in Norway.

Make no mistake about it: these drills are deadly serious. The USSA/ZioNAZI Axis of Evil is maneuvering to go to war against Russia, and Putin and the Russian military understand that very clearly. As I have recently pointed out repeatedly, nuclear war would occur with terrifying quickness and unimaginable violence, were it to occur.

In fact, in an interview that aired on Russian television this past weekend, Putin revealed that the Russian military was prepared to use nuclear force last year to defend its annexation of the strategically important Crimean peninsula, where for centuries it has had an important naval base.

We have been skating on the edge of nuclear war for some time now. I don't know if it will happen or not. Obviously, it would be far better for humanity and the planet if nuclear war does not occur.

But if it does, it will be a classic case of things being just fine, right up until the very second that they are not.

In any event, Putin's resurfacing into the public eye, whatever the reason for his temporary absence, was bookended by the very blunt television interview and the unannounced ordering of a massive, Russian military, combat readiness drill in the Arctic.

Those were the big, sensational moves that have caught everyone's attention.

Here's Where It Starts To Get Interesting

At the same time that everyone's attention was focused on Putin's unexplained absence, and then his sudden reappearance and massive Russian military maneuvers, a few other things transpired.

Things that plausibly fall into the category of tiny, little, innocuous-seeming pawn movement; things that could very easily be pages right out of an asymmetrical warfare play book. Sun Tzu is probably even taking notes.

Here's the first little move:

Seventy years after the conclusion of military hostilities in World War II, Greece is now demanding that Germany pay £250 billion in war reparations for the NAZI military invasion, occupation and associated war crimes in the 1940s. That is "b" as in billions of pounds. A very large sum of money, indeed. The issue has been simmering for the last few years, but has suddenly today flared up into the mainstream news cycle with renewed vigor.

Let's game play this out.

Remember last month when French President Hollande and German Chancellor Merkel suddenly flew to Moscow for an unannounced, behind-closed-doors meeting with Vladimir Putin?

Putin meets Merkel, Hollande behind closed doors in Moscow

Please keep this very simple point in mind: We actually do not know what they talked about.

Their public statements and private discussions could easily have been two very different things entirely.

This meeting certainly had a context.

The publicly announced reason was to attempt to peacefully resolve the military conflict in the Ukraine.

I strongly suspect that that may have been a plausible cover for a mouth-to-ear, private discussion involving even more serious business: how to hog tie, castrate and gut Mordor-on-the-Potomac and its savage, feral hog, ZioNAZI partner in global crime, without plunging the world into a hellish nuclear conflict in which all of humanity and the world itself will be irretrievably devastated.

Wouldn't you know that just the day before meeting Hollande and Merkel, Putin had invited the newly elected Greek prime minister to visit him in Moscow, for the big, World War-II victory celebration in Red Square on May 9th.

However, just today it has been announced that the Greek prime minister's trip to Moscow will be moved up to April 8th, a full month earlier. Of course, today is also the day that the Greek government's demand to Germany for huge WW-II war reparations has appeared in the mainstream news cycle with a vengeance.

What a coincidence.

Also today, Germany, France and Italy suddenly announced that they intend to join a new Chinese-led Asian development bank, with an initial capitalization of $50 billion.

Another coincidence!

Connecting the Dots

Remember that Putin and the Russians are hosting Edward Snowden, who is in political exile in Russia, after blowing the whistle on the NSA's global spy net that literally has the majority of all human beings on Earth under digital surveillance. If you use the telephone, television or a computer, a bank card or even a lot of electrical appliances, the NSA is watching you, monitoring you, archiving the petty detail of your daily life. Why? Because the NSA is full of very seriously deranged, evil, psychopathic control freaks.

So the Russians are very aware of the NSA's surveillance grid.

As early as 2013, the German press has covered the story of how the NSA and other USSA spy agencies have been tapping the telephone of Chancellor Merkel. So the German Chancellor is very aware of the NSA's surveillance grid.

In January of this year, the Charlie Hebdo false flag attack in Paris brought the Illuminati's violent, black magic to the very doorstep of French President Hollande. Hollande actually understands who was behind the attack and clearly mentioned them in his televised statement to the French people. He understands that the demonic USSA/ZioNAZI Axis of Evil is behind ISIS/ISIL/Daesh/Al-Qaeda and that the so-called Islamic terrorist threat is a false construct of the USSA/ZioNAZI secret services and espionage agencies.

For his part, Putin and the Russians have fully grokked that the USSA/ZioNAZI Axis of Evil is driving towards military attack against Russia. Putin and the Russian military have watched an almost identical sequence of events in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and now in the Ukraine. They saw what USSA military special forces did to Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. They have seen how the nations of Libya and Iraq have been completely devastated and destroyed as modern, functioning societies, with very heavy loss of life.

France and Germany have now understood that war against Russia means that nuclear hell will come to Europe.

They get it.

And they now understand that in the USSA government, in the Pentagon, in the NSA and CIA, they are confronted with an almost incomprehensible, hideous, ghastly, full-blown evil that will stop at nothing, up to and including the destruction of the Earth and the human race itself.

They are having closed-door, face-to-face meetings amongst themselves because they cannot trust any electronic or digital communication. Mordor-on-the-Potomac and its grotesquely evil, feral pig, ZioNAZI global partner in crime are surveilling everyone and everything.

So here is what I think they are doing to bring to heel Mordor-on-the-Potomac and its savage, feral pig, ZioNAZI partner in global crime.

Germany, France, Greece and Russia will arrange to have Greece (the little, innocuous-seeming chess pawn) sue Germany for expensive war crime reparations from World War II. Germany will resist a little, but in the end will pay Greece a very large sum of money for the German military invasion, war crimes and occupation in the 1940s.

That payment will set a significant, international legal precedent that can then be used against the USSA. It will be considered a small price to pay to put an end to the warmongering of the USSA/ZioNAZI Axis of Evil.

The Navajo Nation, the Sioux Nation, the Cherokee Nation, the Kingdom of Hawai'i, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Haiti, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Laos, East Timor, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, the eastern provinces of Ukraine, and more, will then have the way open to sue the USSA in the coming years for war reparations of many trillions of dollars, for all of the invasions, military occupations, CIA coups, and war crimes that the USSA has committed over the last two centuries.

That scenario will take awhile to play out, but in the main, I believe that something like that is in the works. The world has had enough of USSA evil, lies, insanity and demonic savagery, masquerading as "freedom" and "democracy."

In the end, if USSA military special forces and mercenaries summarily executed Muammar Gaddafi by jamming a rifle bayonet up his butt and sodomizing him to death with the bayonet -- can you even imagine the sub-animalistic, barbaric savagery and horror of such a Made-in-America death? - then what penalty might an international tribunal decide is appropriate for Hillary Clinton, the Fat Whore of Babylon, and one of the principle authors of the military invasion and occupation of Libya?

The other thing that the Europeans and Russians (and Chinese) have decided to do is to de-dollarize, with all due haste, without however precipitating a convulsive, global shock that creates a world in total crisis.

So they are taking down the dollar a peg at a time, notch by notch. The announcement today that Germany, France and Italy plan to join the new Chinese-led, Asian development bank, following on the heels of a similar announcement by the British last week, suggests that a quiet decision has been made to take down the USSA dollar.

I think these issues were the substance of what Putin, Merkel and Hollande discussed last month in their sudden, unscheduled, closed-door meeting in the Kremlin, and which will be the substance, at least in part, of the upcoming talks between Putin and the new Greek Prime Minister.

1) The imperative need to avoid a nuclear war that would destroy the world and humanity.

2) A mutual recognition that the USSA government, Pentagon, CIA and NSA and the ZioNAZI globalist faction are clinically insane, stark raving mad, hideously demonic and a highly dangerous, existential threat to the whole planet.

3) The need to take down the USSA dollar as quickly and efficiently as possible, without militarily engaging the USSA/ZioNAZI nuclear war machine.

4) How to drive a holly stake through the vampire heart of the USSA/ZioNAZI Axis of Evil so that it is permanently incapacitated and rendered impotent, supine and permanently incapable of threating humanity and the Earth ever again.

That is my best guess, and I'm guessing that my analysis comes much closer to the truth than the propagandistic nonsense being spouted by the Washington Post, the New York Times and the BBC.


I really do need and accept your donations for support of my writing. Your contributions help me continue living and writing. I put a lot of thought, time and effort into my research and blog posts, which are read by many thousands, all over the world. If you find value in my ideas, writings and adventures please support my continued work. Contact me at: for how to donate.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

For Manly Men Only (And The Womanly Women Who Love Them)

Alright, men, listen up, General "T"  speaking here: Attention!

Huh, what's that?

What's that you say? General "T" is giving the order, but Mr. Private First Class is disobeying the order??!! He's not standing to attention?

How very rude. How to explain such insubordination?

Surely there must be a communication issue somewhere, a fundamental misunderstanding that results in Mr. Private First Class's failure to come to attention.

What could it possibly be?

I've Been Thinking About This Issue

First of all because I am myself a life-long,card carrying member of the male species and I've noticed that so many men just let themselves go, grow a big, huge belly, get soft and fat and flabby and out of shape and sit around and drink beer and watch sports on television and get old and weak and -- it's unsettling and self-destructive.

And secondly, because as my regular readers know, I was assaulted and nearly killed in the very last days of 2012, with the result that I nearly died of my injuries and subsequently was hospitalized for just over four months. I came near to death; I realize that now.

The ordeal tremendously weakened me. It was an assault on my entire organism. I essentially lost all meaningful function and feeling beneath my knees, and had tremendous weakness and lack of coordination from the waist down.

There was almost no there there. The doctors would pull me to my feet and tell me to walk and I would just topple over like a 100 kilo sack of rice. They would have to catch me to prevent me from impacting the floor face first.

Then they would prick me with sharp pins all up and down my lower legs. I could feel nothing.

In the early days, a traumatologist spread-eagled me on my back and tried (without success) to elicit a response from Mr. Happy with a cotton swab. I was in a provincial, public hospital, a Public Health Service teaching hospital and the doctors were perplexed by my case. They hadn't seen anything like it before. I was a medical mystery for them, and therefore a teaching opportunity for the young nurses and doctors. So the head traumatologist gathered the young trainees around, spread-eagled me on my back and proceeded to explain that my spine was injured and that this, that and the other nerve was not functioning and that therefore, there was not a normal reaction to stimulus in this, that and the other anatomical location. I was in enormous pain, scarcely able to roll from one side of the bed to the other, and had greatly diminished control and feeling over a large portion of my body. I was embarrassed, but beggars can't be choosers. I had no money. I was in a public hospital in a rural region of a developing country, and so I was a human lab rat for young, trainee medical professionals.

The doctors were surprised that I even had control of my sphincters and could control the excretory functions. I don't know why that was the case; so much else was not working -- at all -- but the sphincters were, and still are, so there is that.

After a few weeks of total disinterest, Mr. Happy suddenly roused himself. Early one morning as dawn's first rays lit up the foothills of the Andes, a very femme nurse came around to check the men's vital signs and note them down in each patient's chart. She had a soft, extremely feminine voice, an immaculately clean,  freshly washed and starched uniform with a pert little nurse's cap perched on top of her hair, a delightfully subtle perfume and a totally female way of filling out the charts. I watched her fingers -- so long, delicate and exquisitely graceful. She was all woman.

Suffice it to say that Mr. Happy was well and hopelessly beguiled by the whole, mesmerizing production. Nurse Femme had his full, rapt focus. Perhaps it was her pheromones, who is to say? -- in any event, General "T" would have swelled with pride to see one of his long-suffering Privates-First-Class so abruptly "man up" and stand to attention with such impressive authority and vigorous devotion to duty.

So it was that I mentally checked one item off the list, and thought to myself; "One up, many others yet to go."

The Saga Continued/Continues

After a month of medical mystery, I was transferred by ambulance to another, still larger, public hospital in Quito. We went zooming along the Pan-American highway in the wee hours of the morning, along the spine of the Andes, en route to Quito. The air is clear and cold at 9,000 feet and the stars were spectacular. I laid there on my back and looked out the window at the Milky Way and wondered whatever would happen in Quito.

I am still wondering what will happen in Quito, seeing as I am still in Quito. The doctors at the larger hospital were even more mystified by my case, so they eventually decided that my condition was "degenerative." However, I pointed out to them that my condition could not possibly be "degenerative," because I was slowly improving. On the contrary, I told them, my condition must be "regenerative," because I was getting better. So they added another word to my chart: "idiopathic" -- cause unknown.

Because, you see, without any help from the MDs, I had been gradually improving, which completely flummoxed them. They ran almost every test known to medical science without being able to conclusively diagnose the cause of my ailment(s).  Multiple MRIs, sonograms, x-rays, endless blood tests, thumping and pounding and poking and pricking, electromyography, urine analysis, spinal taps, diabetes and cancer screenings, heart exams, and more.

I repeatedly recounted to them the assault I had undergone, to little avail. The story went in one ear and out the other. It was like attempting to converse with a brick wall.

Months went by like that until one day they told me I would have to go. So I left, barely able to slowly and very feebly make my way, leaning on a battered aluminum walker of the sort that little old ladies with osteoporosis use to hobble along. With great, laborious effort I managed to cross the small hospital parking lot to the adjacent, side street where I had to hail a taxi. I could go no farther. I was completely spent.

By that point, I had realized that an awful lot of doctors don't know diddly-squat about nutrition or physical therapy. They really are not interested. I doubt that it is much different in the USSA or the USS-UK or the USS-Australia or the USS-Canada. The modern medical profession is a mafia, a drug mafia, a surgery mafia, an endless series of tests and examinations mafia. It is sterile, cold, largely unfeeling and in few words, an industry with a financial profit motive.

Even in the public hospitals in a developing country, a great many of the doctors are clearly only practicing medicine to make money. They do it for the money. Essentially, it is the same motivation that a hooker or an escort has. She does it for the money. Same thing. She screws this one and the next one and they pay her. If one guy drops dead the next day, what does she care? She just screws another one instead and he pays her. It's all the same to her. She's in it for the money. They could all die and it would not disturb her rest. She is as shallow and superficial and cold as can be. (And you can put so-called "married" women who marry well, i.e., for the money or for social status, in that same "whore" category. What is the difference?)

Same thing with the medical doctors. I saw this. I saw men die again and again. An hour or two later another patient is in the same bed in which another man just died. The recently departed is down in the morgue; his corpse is still warm and they've already put another man in the bed in which he just died.

What does it matter to the doctors? If the patient lives or dies they still get paid, which is their priority. They do it for the money. It's a hustle.

It is cold and unfeeling. It's a mafia. By the time of my discharge I realized that I was on my own.

If I were to heal, it would be up to me and me alone. That was real clear to me.

Don't even get me started on the "alternative" healing community.

Many of them are also in it for the money, and how! Buy their little machine  -- it only costs $2K or maybe $15K. Or fly to their clinic. Such a bargain -- only $20K! Or just send them a payment with your credit card and they will remotely heal you with their special ***** or their esoteric, mystical method. Can I get a "hallelujah" brothers and sisters?

They may be even more superficial, greedy and whore-like than the MDs, because they are so silky smooth and "honey tongued." All whores know that most people would rather hear sweet lies than harsh truths.

What It All Comes Down To


You are the most important factor in your life. Yep, that person who is looking back at you when you look in the mirror. That's the most important person you know. It all begins and ends with that guy.

Not to give General "T" short shrift. We are about to give him his full due, but as important as General "T" is, without your cooperation he's just spinning his wheels and going nowhere fast.

In  my experience, the physical therapists in the hospitals were very helpful and healing. I want to mention their importance, because physical programming of your body is an essential part of the healing process, or of life in general. A healthfully programmed body will fare much better than a body with faulty physical programming.

That is so obvious it scarcely needs to be said. When you are coming back from a severely traumatic physical assault that brought you almost to the point of death, and you have lost control of a large portion of your body, the help of trained, physical therapists can be of very great assistance. It was to me.

But as you improve, the point comes when you have to begin to bear more and more of the responsibility of your own healing. Ultimately, your life is your life, not the life of the therapists(s), and if you are to heal, you must take charge of your own healing process.

That necessarily involves a mental and emotional focus that is centered on getting better, getting stronger, getting healthier, improving more and more, doing better and better, making steady improvement, every day, every week, every month.

That has to be your focus. It is not optional. It must be your focus.

The Essential Elements

The mental and emotional aspect is therefore crucial. But it is nothing by itself. You must minimally couple that with: 1) sane, healthful nutrition, 2) an intelligent physical therapy and exercise program and 3) a full night of sleep every 24 hour cycle.

You must do these things or you will not get better.

You must do these things or you will not be healthy, period, even if you have not suffered massively debilitating, life threatening, physical trauma as did I.

So whether you are recovering from massively traumatic, life threatening injury or you have just become the totally fat, weak, out of shape slob that you can't even stand to think about, you simply have to embrace the essential elements that I am going to discuss now. I mean to say that you MUST do the things that I am about to outline. They are not optional. None of them.

General "T" Is Counting On You

That would be "T" as in testosterone. It's what makes us Manly Men. If you don't have testosterone, you are not very manly, from the point of view of being a Manly Man. If your testosterone level is low, you will be weak, lazy, fat, tired, pathetic, pitiful, unmotivated, bored, etc. It's that simple.

Please don't argue with me about this; I'm giving you fair warning, or General "T" will have you down on the floor doing 20 quick push-ups, as a testosterone building, object lesson. Whether you are coming back from massive physical injury or are liberating your inner Manly Man, you absolutely have to optimize your testosterone level. There is no way around it.

But you need to do it naturally. I am not recommending that anyone use the various artificial products that are out there, some of which are illegal, to boost their testosterone levels. But if you will just follow the simple steps in this blog article you will absolutely, naturally elevate your General "T" levels and improve your prospects for a more healthful life. We are men. We are designed to function well with optimal testosterone levels. The Universe designed us that way. It's just how it is. So how do you optimize your "T" levels?


You have to sleep every night. If you don't sleep at night, your testosterone levels are going to go down, maybe way down. So you can't stay up until 2 am doing paperwork from the office, or playing cards with your buddies, or tossing back one beer after another at the local bar/tavern/pub/club.

You must sleep at night. The Universe designed us to sleep at night and you have to do that. Our bodies are set up like that, and to have healthful testosterone levels you need to go to bed and sleep at night. Every night.

It's that simple. It is not negotiable.

Heavy Exercise

Many studies have shown that heavy physical exercise spurs the release of testosterone in the male body. I am talking about pull-ups, chin-ups, bench pressing, squats, lunges, dead lifts, rowing, pull downs, 40 yard sprints and strenuous jumping and hopping. That's right, strenuous jumping around will boost your testosterone levels. Where the weights are concerned, you have to use heavy weights (with proper form to avoid injury) and a few sets of maybe 4 to 8 repetitions. You have to do vigorous bursts of strenuous exercise for maybe 30 seconds at a time. Rest a couple of minutes and do another thirty second burst of jumping or sprinting or chin-ups or set of heavy weight lifting.

I am talking about weight training or serious exercise using your body weight. And keep your exercise sessions short -- maybe less than 40 minutes.

You will NOT get the same testosterone boost from long duration, cardio-based, endurance training, like on a treadmill or running 15 miles. You want short, heavy, near maximum exertion weight training or other heavily strenuous exercise, to build power, strength, muscle and to boost testosterone production.

Remember, your goal is not to be "Twiggy", the sickly looking, rail thin English girl who went around with the falsetto-singer named Tiny Tim, decades ago. Your goal is to be a Manly Man, in good health, strong, muscular and vigorous.

Want to be strong? You have to pick up heavy things, lift heavy weights. Yes, you have to go to a gym and work out, or buy a bar and some cast iron plates, or go to the park and use the exercise bars to do chin-ups and pull-ups. And do bursts of fast sprints on the lawn or lunges, quick sets of 20 push-ups, etc. You have to work your lower body and your upper body. Legs, trunk/body core and arms. It has to be heavy work, strenuous work.

And you have to do this regularly. It has to be a part of your life. It is part of who you are. Want to be strong, healthy and vigorous? You must exercise. Hard.  Heavy. Strenuous.

It's not optional. It's not negotiable. It's not something you think about. It is something you physically do.

When I was in the hospital one of my therapists one day remarked to me that I was very weak. That off-hand comment served as tremendous inspiration to me. Of course, it was true. I was very weak, very thin, in a recuperative phase on the way back from the kind of near death experience you would not want to have, trust me on that.

It was not long after my discharge that I began going to the local parks to do what I could to build up my strength, coordination and feeling. At first my goals were very simple -- to be able to stand up on both feet for 15 seconds at a time without any physical support to hold on to and without falling over. It was a challenge. I was on crutches in those days. I depended on them. Then I extended the time out to a minute on both feet without physical support, then 5 minutes, then 15 minutes. Then  I worked on being able to close my eyes and stand up without support and not fall over; or to be able to look up in the sky while standing on two feet and not lose my balance.

Then I ditched the crutches and worked on walking around without tripping and falling. I am now working on being able to lift my left foot. I can raise it a fraction of an inch. Two years ago, there was no reflex at all when I tried to raise it, no contraction in the tibia muscle whatsoever. Now there is a little.

I have now begun to do a little jumping. I cannot jump very high, a few inches maybe, and that with great effort. I practically cannot jump at all. I used to play basketball when I was younger and did a lot of running and jumping. I am nowhere near that level of physical condition now. But I am not deterred. So I have started to do what I can, and will build from there, a fraction of an inch at a time. What you can conceive of, you can achieve, with time and persistent, guided, intelligent effort.

I am telling you that you must never give up. You have to try again and again and again and again. For years, if necessary.

Failure is not an option if your objective is to be healthy, vigorous and strong. So you have to keep at it. You break your goals down into small increments of a fraction of an inch at a time, a millimeter at a time, a pound at a time. And you persist. There is no other way.

I also want to do pull-ups and chin-ups again, so I began using the exercise bars. All gyms have exercise bars and many city or municipal parks do, as well. At first, I would grab the bars and try with all my might to hoist myself up, and I wouldn't budge at all. Not one millimeter. I wouldn't even move.

But that has not stopped me. What onlookers or other people in the gym or park may be thinking is of no concern to me. They are not me. Their project is not my project. I simply determined to keep trying until I did move.

So I have kept at it over an extended period of time, and recently I have crossed the threshold of "one." I can now hoist myself up and do one chin-up or pull-up with good form. Now I will begin working on doing two chin-ups or pull-ups at a time, and then three, and so forth, until I can do fifteen or twenty at a time. When I was thirty years old I could do sets of fifteen pull-ups at a time with perfect form.

I am now sixty years old, in the process of a lengthy, painful, physical rehabilitation that is ongoing. My attitude is that I am on my way to once again being in excellent health, vigorous and strong.

The Nutritional Element

Do you have a motorcycle or motor bike? Do you have an automobile? A truck?

Would you fill the fuel tank with garbage or trash and expect it to run well?

The analogy to the human body is obvious. How is it possible to feed the body junk food and be strong, vigorous and healthy?

So you have to be intelligent about what you eat. You have to prioritize what you put in your mouth. There is no way around it.

If you want to have crappy health, then make sure you eat plenty of crappy food.

If you want to have excellent health, then make sure you eat food with high nutritive value.

When I was in the hospital, the quality of the diet was so poor that my health suffered as a consequence. The same was true for the other patients. Unfortunately, hospital food is notoriously unhealthy in many countries. It certainly is true of many hospitals in the USSA.

So when I was discharged from the hospital I began a nutritional program that is still evolving today, with the objective of giving my body the fuel, the nutrients that it must have to heal and be vigorous and strong.

I will give you a partial list of some of the things I now regularly eat. Notice that there is no crap on the list. These are whole foods, either minimally processed or not processed at all.

Gentlemen, please pay attention. There is no alcohol of any kind on the list. You want to make Mr. Happy sad? Want to get General "T" down in the dumps? Then be sure to consume plenty of alcoholic beverages and you will torpedo your mojo a little more with every swallow. I am telling you as clearly as I can that alcohol is poison -- beer, wine, ale, rum, whiskey, brandy, vodka, etc. None of it is compatible with excellent health.

I know what the culture says: drink alcohol and be a man.

But that is a lie. I'm suggesting that you avoid it. And if your woman has an alcohol problem, give her the heave ho, and find a woman without the alcohol curse, because if she has the alcohol bug in her, if she can't leave the booze alone, she's going to drag you down. Like Paul Simon says, "Make another plan, Stan. No need to be coy, Roy. Throw away the key, Lee. Just get yourself free."

You don't want Mr. Happy to be sad. You want to stay on the good side of General "T". So stay away from the liquor store and the alcohol aisle in the supermarket. And if the lady can't put down the wine bottle, just change the locks. You'll be better off without a little wino and her boozy breath. Don't worry, she'll soon find an "alky" pal to hang out with. That type is not lonely long and you have more important things to worry about.

Please note: many of the following foods are testosterone enhancers, in one way or the other. Additionally, the foods on this list are packed with a wide variety of healthful nutrients that the male body must have to be healthy, vigorous and strong. I have written a few notes. You can easily investigate the nutrient profile for any of these foods. In general note that I eat a lot of nuts, seeds, beans, some dairy products and eggs, a variety of fruits and juices, fresh vegetables and some oatmeal. My health is steadily improving with this kind of diet.

raw garlic
(It's first on the list for a reason. It boosts your testosterone and it also has a boatload of other health benefits. I went out to the store and got a small, hand-held garlic press. I put a clove or two in there and press down hard. I do that to physically break the garlic cells -- that releases the raw, sulfur compounds that are so beneficial. Yes, raw garlic is very strong; it burns in your mouth, but for Manly Men this is not such a big deal, owing to the Manly Man benefits they derive from eating a little bit of raw garlic. I just mix it with some raw avocado or something like that to make it more palatable and more comfortable to eat.)

oatmeal (yeah, it really does help you to be a more Manly Man)
mature cheese (cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, etc., has protein and fat, needed to make testosterone)
butter (you need the fat to make testosterone)
walnuts (omega -3 oil, protein, fiber, zinc)
peanuts (protein)
Brazil nuts (zinc, protein, healthful oils)
filbert nuts
raisins (boron)
dried dates
fava beans (really, really good to boost testosterone, have protein, fiber, vitamins)
carrot juice (vitamins A & C)
alfalfa juice (chlorophyll, magnesium)
orange juice (vitamin C)
raw 100% organic chocolate without sugar  (excellent for boosting testosterone, heart health)
eggs (protein, lutein, omega-3 oil)
coconut water
sacha inchi oil (omega-3 oil)
olive oil
squash seeds (B vitamins)
chia seeds (protein, omega-3 oil)
zinc picolinate supplement (zinc is essential for testosterone production)
sunshine for vitamin D-3 (essential for testosterone production)
maca powder (very good boost to testosterone production)
magnesium chloride (liquid form - you need magnesium)
sweet potatoes
sea salt (no added fluoride and full of trace minerals vital for optimal health)

These are not all the foods that I eat, though these are some of the foods that I most frequently eat.

Note that there are not any wheat products on this list. My system cannot handle wheat. It makes me very ill.

There are also no soy products on this list. Soy is the enemy of General "T". Soy depresses testosterone levels. So I stay away from it. Besides, most soy in the stores these days is GMO. Who wants GMO garbage in their body? Not me.

There is also no meat, poultry or  fish or sea food on this list. I am a long-time vegetarian, ever since I left my mother's house, at the age of 21 years old, now almost 40 years ago. I understand that vegetarianism is associated with lower testosterone levels. I am, however, not vegan. I am a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, which provides me with additional protein that is vital for testosterone production. I might eat ten eggs at a time, or a pound of cheese at one go. I rarely eat anything after 6pm in the evening.

It is true that meat and oyster consumption will definitely boost your testosterone levels. In the case of oysters, they come out of coastal waters --places like coastal Louisiana, the Chesapeake Bay, Japan, etc. These are some of the filthiest bodies of water in the world, and given that oysters are water filtering organisms, whatever is in the water will be in the oyster -- toxic industrial sludge, agricultural chemicals, radioactivity, human waste, etc. For me oysters are not worth the risk. I do not eat animals for personal reasons and I will not argue with meat eaters about it.

Just will not.

Though I will say that the doctors kept pressuring me to eat meat in the hospital. I got real tired of that after awhile and pointed out to them that I was surrounded by very sick men on all sides who were life-long meat eaters, many of whom were dying, whereas I was not only not dying, but unlike most of the rest of the patients, I was steadily getting better on a non-meat diet.

The doctors then shut up. (Where do they come from?)

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Red-White-And-Blue Fascist WW-III March Accelerates

Just when you think the fascist, war psychosis in Washington, DC cannot possibly exceed itself, it ratchets up another notch.

The march to war against Russia advances ominously, against all reason. It goes without saying that war with Russia, a major nuclear power, obviously carries a serious risk of escalating to outright nuclear conflict. That is a sobering prospect, but please consider:

Two days ago a NATO naval flotilla commanded by USSA Navy Rear Admiral Brad Williamson entered the Black Sea to conduct military exercises with the Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish navies. Also this week the USSA Army announced that it is deploying six companies from the 173 Airborne brigade, numbering as many as 600 men, to the Ukraine, to train Ukrainian army troops.

Poland, a NATO ally, has also announced that it is likely to send military "advisers" to aid the Ukrainian military. The Pentagon and Polish military "advisers" are in addition to the 75 military advisers the British have already announced that they are sending to the Ukraine.

In addition, this week the Chairman of the USSA military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, said that the USSA military "should absolutely consider lethal aid..." to the Ukrainian military, while in recent days a bi-partisan group of USSA Congressional leaders has echoed that call and recommended to USSA President Barack Obama that he send lethal, defensive weapons systems to the Ukrainian military.

At the same time, the USSA and its NATO allies are threatening to impose even more economic sanctions against Russia.

Not surprisingly, the Russians have not watched all this without response. Russian fighter jets have been launched from the Crimea to make practice attack runs on the NATO naval flotilla that has entered the Black Sea. The Russian military has also started major war drills on its bases in the southern region of Russia, the northern Caucasus, the Crimea, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Armenia.

From the Killing Fields of the Ukraine to the Outskirts of Moscow?

All of which raises the prospect of a real shooting war between Russia and the NATO/USSA/Zio-NAZI fascist, imperial, military axis.

Indeed, by all indications, the war is already on and will be intensifying in coming weeks and months.

Glacier Technology Solutions -  "military contractors working directly with the US Marine Corps assisting them with their immersive simulation training program"  are currently advertising for Ukrainian and Russian men on Craig's List, in Orange County, California. The Glacier Technology Solutions employment advertisement states:

Currently, we are looking for role players of Ukrainian and/or Russian ethnicity and language skills. Need MEN ranging 18-65 years of age.

Can there be any doubt that the aforementioned USSA Marine Corps "immersive simulation training program" has to do with preparation for war in Ukraine and/or Russia, whence the need for male, Ukrainian and Russian "role players"?

Earlier this week, the Colonel Cassad website that has been closely reporting on the conflict in the Ukraine displayed a photo of a USSA Marine Corps battle flag that was recovered from the battlefield in Debaltsevo, after the Ukrainian army withdrew in disarray.

(Photo credit:

The logical implication is that either USSA Marine Corps troops themselves, or mercenary soldiers with past or present USSA Marine Corps affiliations were fighting on the side of the Ukrainian army at Debaltsevo. Either they were killed in action, or taken prisoner or fled with the rest of the Ukrainian troops who ran from the battlefield.

Next Move(s) On the Geopolitical Chess Board

I am far from the only commentator, analyst or blogger who sees the looming danger of a serious war that could easily go nuclear, and fast. Like most such situations, things will be just fine, right up until the time that they are not. Nuclear missiles are extremely fast and violent, and if the conflict that has already begun results in a nuclear exchange, it can all occur within minutes.

You will not likely be given any more advance notice than you are receiving now, as you read my comments. You will not necessarily receive any warning whatsoever. So consider yourself duly notified.

As Seumas Milne observed this week in the Guardian, "The demonisation of Russia risks paving the way for war."

To be sure, the demonization of Russia is paving the way to war. I mentioned above that the Russian military is carrying out war games right now.

They are not alone in that. In recent days the USSA Navy also carried out a war game in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Florida. The USSA Navy's Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier task group was testing its newfangled, fancy-shmancy, electronic, integrated combat system. Part of the combat simulation involved the French navy's nuclear attack submarine, Saphir, whose assigned task was to try to penetrate the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt's anti-submarine warfare defenses and torpedo the aircraft carrier and its support ships.

Which the Saphir did.

The French submarine defeated the USSA Navy's anti-submarine warfare defenses and "lit up" the aircraft carrier and most of its support ships.

There is every reason to think that Russian submarines can perform as well as the French submarine. If the USSA Navy goes toe to toe with the Russian Navy it is quite possible that the Russians will kill tens of thousands of USSA Navy personnel within mere hours, or less, and reduce much of the USSA Navy to a bunch of sunken, scrap metal.

If a French submarine can kill an American aircraft carrier and its escort warships, so can a Russian (or Chinese) submarine.

American victory is far from assured in a shooting war with Russia (and/or China).


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