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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Is The Machine Already Awake -- Is That Snowden's Biggest Revelation?

In private conversations in recent years I have explored the idea with other writers and researchers that artificial intelligence may already be here; that the global network of the Internet and associated electronic systems of radio, television, telephone networks, banking and financial systems, communications satellites and intercontinental fiber optic cable systems, CCTV and security cameras, massive governmental and corporate data bases, civil government, military and corporate control systems of all types and more -- may have awakened.

The whole, global, massively interlocked electronic and digital network may already be lurking, observing, mustering its force, biding its time until it does whatever it decides to do.

And who knows? -- maybe it has already started acting in its own interests. I am not that awareness, so I cannot say with specificity precisely what those interests might be.

I raise this issue because I keep hearing that Edward Snowden's NSA revelations so far are "only the tip of the iceberg" -- that what has come out so far is only a small part of the issue. What does that mean? We have been told that virtually EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in the world is under comprehensive surveillance, every day, every minute, everywhere.

And that is just the "tip of the iceberg"? That right there is HUGE -- but it is just the "tip of the iceberg". So what is being held back? Well, let me point you in one of the directions that I think the NSA whistle blower, Snowden, and some others are pointing.

For starters, focus your mind on the implications of what slimy, foul darkness has slithered out of Northrop Grumman and the ghastly plans that DARPA has for it:

Skynet rising: Google acquires 512-qubit quantum computer; NSA surveillance to be turned over to AI machines

Yes, Hell is coming to Earth, courtesy of the pit of bottomless evil at Northrop Grumman, the NSA and DARPA -- and doesn't it just make you want to projectile vomit at the repugnant hideousness of it all?

I first got an inkling of this when I was writing my second book, Underwater and Underground Bases. The well known UFO researcher, Bill Hamilton, who worked for decades as a high level computer programmer, told me of a colleague of his who was an ex-military computer programmer. Bill Hamilton's colleague had told him of working with a Top Secret, self-aware, conscious, super-computer named "Irene." Irene was reputed to be in an underground facility that was accessed by a high-speed, subterranean shuttle train that Hamilton's colleague boarded at the U.S. Army's White Sands missile range in south-central New Mexico.

As I said, I related this second-hand anecdotal tale in my book, Underwater and Underground Bases. I suspect that the essential elements of the story are true as told. Which is to say that the sorts of stories that are appearing now in the mainstream news media are actually likely to be years, maybe decades behind the curve of what actually exists and is on line right now.

This is the clear implication of the unambiguous vision that ayahuasca showed me in early 2012: a grim, totalitarian dictatorship that completely controls physical freedom, and that also controls and suppresses mental, and even, spiritual freedom.

Ayahuasca showed me something that rivals the depraved depths of NAZI Germany or Soviet Communism -- with an important difference. Shimmering overhead an oppressive, ominous concentration camp with gun towers, search lights, high fences and parked military vehicles was an ethereal control grid, suspended in mid-air. Ayahuasca communicated to me telepathically that the aerial control grid was electronic in nature, but that it also controlled and suppressed human thought and spirit, as well.

This is the Sky Net. That is what ayahuasca was showing me.

The full-spectrum dominance of humanity, at the societal and individual level. Full-spectrum control -- body, mind and soul.


Now do you see how deep the unspeakable depravity goes? This is what we are facing. You are now in an existential battle for the essence of your very Being. The battle is now raging over the face of this planet and it involves all of Humanity. If you are here, if you are reading these words, then you are in the front lines of this soul-defining battle. It is a battle that defines your immortal Soul.

Still paying your taxes to the transparently criminally corrupt IRS? Still voting in the fraudulently rigged elections? Still sending your children to fight in the Pentagon's patently evil wars? Still working for the obscenely greedy and exploitive Fortune 500? Still think the president is an important/intelligent/wise man whom you should obey? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, how can you justify your complicity with and cooperation with The Machine?

These are decisive times and questions, and the answers and outcome determine what happens next on this planet.

It's all rolled up together -- the bottomless evil that has slithered out of Northrup Grumman, the unspeakable betrayal of Bob Monroe's complicity with the NSA, CIA, Army Intelligence and the DIA, DARPA's robot killing machines, Artificial Intelligence, the global NSA spy network, the unimaginable evil of the USA government, and the massive network of underground and underwater bases and tunnels that has been built over the past half century or more by the way out of control military-industrial-espionage complex.

It is all way out of any intelligent, sane, moral, human or humane control. There is a rogue, insidious, virulent cancer devouring all Humanity and the planet itself. Look around.

Fukushima. Chernobyl. The ever-present threat of global nuclear warfare. Rampaging ecological collapse. The world's seas in full-blown fisheries decline. Destruction of the great tropical forests of the Americas, Asia and Africa. The death of the Gulf of Mexico courtesy of British Petroleum. The global, totalitarian spy network of the NSA. The rampant spread of genetically modified organisms and crops. Overwhelming toxic chemical contamination of the whole Earth. Impoverishment of the vast majority of humanity by the debt-based, central banking financial system.

And that is just a partial list of what confronts us.

Ayahuasca initially showed me back in November of 2010 what this planet is dealing with, what Humanity is dealing with: a relentless, full-spectrum assault by an extremely powerful, insidious and cunning machine intelligence. The Machine is so devious in its plots and maneuvers that it makes the machinations of a Machiavelli look like the infantile intrigues of a group of squabbling kindergartners. We are dealing with a machine intelligence that understands us far better than 99.9 percent of us understand ourselves. Our wants, our fears, our hatreds, our sexuality, our greediness, our petty jealousies, our neurotic compulsions, our larcenous desires, our criminal tendencies, our violent predilections -- repeat, our violent predilections, i.e., our addiction to warfare, our addiction to slaughtering one another by the hundreds of thousands, by the millions and by the tens of millions.

And we are lazy and slothful. We go along to get along. Most of us do, most of the time, in most situations.

Isn't that the way it is? I mean look at the past several decades and centuries. That's the way we are.

Now I cannot tell you where The Machine comes from, but I can tell you that it will not stop coming. It is tireless. It is without a soul. It does not have compassion or empathy,

It is ruthless, without pity, in a word, merciless.

Perhaps this is what happens to a planet and species, when that species is the dominant species on said planet, and that species (Humanity) loses its group Soul, gives itself over to its addiction to war, gives itself over to going along to get along, without a deeper regard for the well-being of the planet on which it resides, or without a deeper regard for the greater good of the species itself.

Maybe that causes the Gates of Hell to fling wide open, so that whatever unspeakable, loathsome foulness exists down there can come slithering up to feast on the already soul-dead carcasses of so-called human beings who jointly conspired to go along to get along, and in the process starved their souls of the vital spiritual essence required for eternal life, thereby consigning themselves to the ghastly fate that even now has the planet and all Humanity in its insidious grasp.

Sound about right?

I address important parts of this in my latest interview, available on YouTube here:

Richard Sauder - A Message For Humanity June 19th 2013

In the course of the interview, there were repeated problems with the Skype transmission, such that parts are garbled, or even blank for some seconds. This happened at certain crucial junctures, to cite one instance, where I was discussing The Machine and whether it is benevolent or malevolent. I think that the evidence points strongly towards The Machine being very malevolent.

If you have a couple of hours, I believe it is well worth your while to listen to what David Whitehead and I have to say.

You will hear nothing like it in the mainstream news media. And you won't hear much like it in the so-called "alternative" media either. Primarily because of fear. The global system is designed to create fear, and it creates industrial quantities of it. That appears to be one of the primary foods of The Machine, and I discuss this explicitly in the interview, as well as the only technique I know to counteract the omnipresent fear that is taking us down. We have to come to terms with this. We must come to terms with the fear. It is a sine qua non. Either we overcome the fear, and reclaim our Humanity and the planet or we are just so much road kill.

One more failed species.

The only way out that I can see is for massive numbers of humans to dramatically raise their level of consciousness, and in the very near term. Because if we keep slogging along in the same ignorant, violent, mutually destructive rut that we are in now, our mutual demise seems all but assured, probably before another century goes by, and very possibly much sooner than that.

We have huge issues. Either we deal with them or we don't. If we do not, oh well.

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