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Friday, September 28, 2012

I Wonder, I Wonder, I Do

I have been criticized by some of my readers as a "Prophet of Doom," for warning of the dangers of nuclear warfare, and for pointing out the self-evident global financial crisis that is plunging more and more people into poverty with the passing of every single day, not to mention the ongoing, unresolved, nuclear meltdown nightmares at Fukushima, Japan and Chernobyl, Ukraine.

But in all fairness to myself, I wonder, I mean I really do, how deep in denial do you have to be to not appreciate the ghastly crisis that looms before us?

Radioactive Hell such as you have never in your life even imagined is all set up and waiting to be precipitously unleashed on any given day. Anyone who cannot, or will not, wrap their mind around this simple fact is in a willful, self-imposed state of dangerously deep denial.

The truth is that we are in parlous straits.

Please consider a few headlines from the past couple of weeks, happening right now on a planet near you:

Massive naval buildup in Persian Gulf as Israel moves closer to war

"Western powers and several of their Middle East allies have deployed an enormous naval fleet to the Persian Gulf just days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu again suggested that his country may soon launch a preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities."

You want to know what that means? How that will translate into reality, maybe even in your city, maybe in your neighborhood? Because there will be repercussions from the planned Israeli strike. Let me clue you in to some of the possibilities.

Take a look at this video of a Russian nuclear missile launch:

SS-18 Dnepr converted Russian ICBM rocket launch

Then take a look at this video of an American Minuteman nuclear missile launch. [The Chinese also have nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).]

Minuteman Launch

And then take a look at this video of a ballistic missile submarine. The Americans have them. So do the Russians, British, French and Chinese. The Israelis also have German-made submarines that fire nuclear cruise missiles. Here's the video link:

Ballistic Missile Submarine

From the 2:25 to 2:35 mark, and from 2:44 to 2:54, the video could have been taken straight from my memory banks. I have seen a missile suddenly rise up out of the sea, just like these, from maybe 50 yards away, sleek, gleaming preternaturally bright in the sunlight. I saw it rotate, as it cleared the waves and the guidance gyroscopes took over. Its engine ignited and it thundered up and away toward its target. I heard a deep male voice intone, "This is the X Missile."

To cut to the chase, here´s what it looks like when a nuclear missile touches down: Hell on Earth. This is from 1954, the year before I was born, and I promise you that in the last 58 years that the Dr. Strangeloves of the world´s weapons laboratories have come up with far worse than this: Castle Bravo

That is why, three times in my life, I have staged nonviolent peace demonstrations on nuclear missile silos in the USA, and also other demonstrations at naval bases on the East Coast of the USA where nuclear weapons are stored and/or operationally deployed.

The most important statement of my life explains in detail why I have done these things. You can read all about it here, in my Minot Manifesto, issued to the news media on 15 April 2010, on the occasion of my most recent nonviolent peace demonstration on the launch lid of a nuclear missile silo in the state of North Dakota, USA.

I have spent over a year and a half of my life in numerous jails and prisons for my nonviolent peace demonstrations at American naval bases and on USA Air Force nuclear missile silos.

I heard a radio interview, a year or so ago, with Clif High, of Half Past Human, in which he mentioned that he doesn´t believe that I really expect other people to do these things, to actually stand up and peacefully demonstrate on nuclear missile silos.

Let me say as clearly as I can that Clif High certainly does not speak for me.

I absolutely do expect that if you don't want to see a nuclear war that you had better get up off of your behind and personally show some visceral courage, maybe even at or on a nuclear missile silo, because we are real close to a shooting nuclear war, the consequences of which will be unspeakably horrific. I would add that I strongly advise the rigorous exercise of peaceful nonviolence along the lines of what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi taught and practiced in their 20th century nonviolent campaigns for social and political change. I would also strongly advise that these sorts of actions are only for grown men and women who are fully aware of and can handle all of the risks and consequences that a nonviolent peace demonstration on or at a nuclear missile silo entails.

Of course you will be mistreated and misunderstood if you take a prominent public stand. The military police will come for you with heavy armed force. You have to understand and calmly and peacefully deal with that. That goes with the territory. You will be arrested, jailed, criminally tried and maybe worse. It is what it is. We are where we are. The entire system is so massively criminally corrupt that it is beyond belief.

I have seen no better description of how the modern system REALLY works than this wonderful quote from the recent trial of a Mexican narco-trafficker in South Texas: "Everyone from cops to strippers worked for me." His payroll notably included USA Border Patrol agents and Customs officers.

Americans just seem to accept the tidal wave of corruption. They take it without complaint. They vote like mindless baboons in their transparently phony, rigged elections. They pay boatloads of taxes to their transparently criminal IRS (Internal Revenue Service). And they behave as if their national foreign policy were a force for "good" in the world, despite mounds of repugnant evidence to the contrary. It's perplexing to me.

Not so with the Europeans. The Spanish know what they are up against and they are not taking it lying down. Here's some footage from recent days, in downtown Madrid;

'Surround Congress' Madrid clashes

The same and worse is probably coming to the USA later this year and in 2013, when even the most brain dead of the great masses of Americans finally realize that the USA government is trying to reduce them to abject slavery.

It sure looks like the USA government knows this, too, and is planning to attack the American populace sometime in the next year or so, judging by the astronomical ammunition purchases by Homeland Security in the last few months -- 1.4 BILLION rounds of live ammo, most of it hollow point ammo, which by the way is outlawed for use in warfare by international conventions.

Why does Homeland Security need 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition?

Ayahuasca has shown me the coming police state / military dictatorship. It's like something out of NAZI Germany or Soviet Russia, replete with camps with barbed wire fences, gun towers, military trucks to cart people away and an all-encompassing electronic surveillance and control grid. Grim stuff.

I have left the USA and I intend to stay away. I feel like a quasi-refugee who managed to escape from a fascist regime just in time.

Sixto Rodriguez

I like Rodriguez' mellow vibe.

I Wonder

Crucify Your Mind (Summer With Monica)

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Scrying Remote Antiquity From Way Back Then Until Now

I've been reading more of Joseph P. Farrell's highly fascinating books about the Giza Pyramid(s) and the ancient war that took place in this solar system, and I presume far beyond, as well. The war is probably ongoing.

Though I disagree with Farrel's repeatedly stated hypothesis that the Great Pyramid was a Death Star, a weapon of planetary destruction -- quite to the contrary! -- I do like his free wheeling style and the way he amasses reams of information from disparate sources. I agree with him that the evidence for ancient conflict in this solar system points convincingly to the destruction of a large water-bearing planet between Mars and Jupiter in the past, and that the rubble known as the asteroid belt constitutes the partial remains of that planet. The evidence also supports the catastrophic destruction of the former Martian atmosphere and extensive seas by the blast from that exploding planet. The water from the Martian seas, along with the water from the exploded planet's oceans came falling down the gravity well to Earth, and produced a watery cataclysm here as well, many millennia ago, leaving numerous legends and records all over the world that tell of a catastrophic deluge in the distant past.

I further agree that ancient Sumer and Egypt are legacy civilizations of a prior, even more ancient, very highly advanced and sophisticated civilization that probably extended at least throughout this solar system, and likely farther into other star systems. The Vedic chronicles of India contain copious references to previous periods of high civilization on Earth, and of space travel to and from other planets, as well as numerous allusions to celestial beings.

A few of the many things that I have missed in Farrell's discussions so far are mention of the Battle of Kurukshetra, King Saurid, Queen Scota, the many, large Chinese pyramids, the huge Bosnian pyramid and modern particle accelerators.

The Battle of Kurukshetra was the epic battle, many thousands of years ago in hoary Vedic times between heavily armed, intermarried, rival, terrestrial, political factions. It certainly involved the use of advanced military technologies. I talked with a Hindu monk many years ago who informed me that traditional Indian lore has it that the battle lasted 17 days and killed more than 600 million people. Its duration was only one percent that of WW-II and yet it killed ten times as many people. Nevertheless, this huge, global war is largely unknown in the West and goes virtually unmentioned. I have seen no description of this war anywhere so far in Farrell's writings. I have to wonder how it may play into a scenario of ancient, interplanetary warfare in this solar system, especially in view of the fact that Vedic civilization evidently possessed both atmospheric vehicles and interplanetary craft.

I have so far seen no mention either of King Saurid, who is described by the medieval Arab historians as having built the Great Pyramid, 300 years in advance of the great flood that destroyed the ancient world, utterly effacing and wiping clean all that went before, effectively ushering in the present historical era with a largely blank slate. Ancient seers foretold coming cataclysm and so King Saurid commissioned the construction of the Great Pyramid as a repository of the knowledge and science of the advanced antediluvian civilization.

Neither have I seen mention in Farrell's writings of the inscriptions, signs and symbols that were said to have covered a large part of the Great Pyramid's outer face in ancient times. Not mere scribbling and graffiti mind you, but meaningful, purposeful inscriptions. Or so the story goes. If this is true then perhaps the inscriptions would have been part of the programming of the Pyramid. One could certainly consider such an edifice as a monumental Tablet of Testimony, which Farrell does discuss at length, in the context of the interplanetary military conflict that took place a very long time ago in this solar system.

Although he does briefly discuss Free Masonry and its ties to ancient Egypt, I haven't seen any discussion of the Egyptian Queen Scota, who is said by medieval Celtic lore to be the progenitor of the ancient Scottish and Irish peoples, and after whom Scotland is named, and possible connections with Scottish Rite Freemasonry and the Knights Templar. I know that when I took an extended tour of the House of the Temple in Washington, DC, the 33rd degree headquarters of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the USA, the docent explicitly said that Scottish Rite Freemasons consider their historical antecedents to have been the masons who built the pyramids and other monumental edifices in ancient Egypt, and that the Scottish Rite descends from those times. It is also true that Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and that temple in particular, have, and perhaps still have, a close connection with NASA's manned space program.

Neither have I seen any mention of the self-evident (at least to me) vorticular physics research being done at the various particle accelerators in use by national laboratories around the world. CERN in eastern France and Brookhaven, on Long Island, New York are two well-known examples. I wonder if these accelerators may have the capability to engineer the space-time field, or to model methods of engineering the space-time field? I don't know the answer to that question. I simply raise it.

I agree with Farrell that the Great Pyramid, and indeed, the entire Giza Plateau and complex are harmonically coupled to the Earth, other bodies in this solar system, to stars elsewhere in the galaxy, notably in Orion's Belt, and, indeed, to the very warp and woof of the entire universe, via the repetitive use of Φ (phi), π (pi) and e (Euler's number), and the Planck constant, in their layout and dimensions.

I have twice visited Egypt and Giza, in part due to inner urging and prompts related to deep dreams having to do with ancient Egypt and some of my fragmentary memories of past activities there.

On my subsequent trips to the Cairo area I have looked to see if any trace of what I remember remains. Ten or fifteen thousand years (or more?) change so many things, though the sheer cliffs to the east of Cairo are still there, with plentiful, highly visible evidence of being riddled with artificial caverns; and of course the now ruined pyramids of the Giza Plateau still stand, and the Nile flows, albeit at a reduced level.

Actually visiting Egypt and the ancient monuments provoked still more, deep, vivid dreams, both during and after the visits. Oh, to see the Nile as it used to be, when the Pyramids were flawless and pristine, and the lotus blossoms carpeted the water!

But that was a different time and place, and to everything there is a season. As I observed a minute ago, my sense is that the Great Pyramid was constructed as a global tuning fork, so to speak, massively redundantly harmonically coupled, up, down and sideways, to the Earth, to other bodies in the solar system and elsewhere in the galaxy, and to the fabric of space-time itself, to stabilize and protect the Earth from destruction. I have sensed no malevolence or foreboding in any of my dream memories of the Great Pyramid, or in any of my physical visits to it. On the contrary, it evokes impressive feelings of awe and profound mystery, no doubt because it is deeply harmonically coupled to ALL THAT IS.

Clearly something has been removed from the side sockets in the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid. I concur with Farrell that giant crystals were probably initially installed there, precisely engineered to resonate at specific terrestrial, local star system, galactic and universal harmonics.

Instead of being a weapon, I see the Great Pyramid as the ultimate planetary insurance policy-- attack it or destroy it at your own considerable peril! Harmonic, galactic blow-back is a real bitch.

My best guess is that it was also used for super-luminal communication with other planets throughout the galaxy, and perhaps as a sort of time machine.

In my view, if there was an actual Death Star in this solar system it was more likely to have been Iapetus, the highly anomalous, quite possibly artificial moon of Saturn, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Death Star in George Lucas' Star Wars movies; or perhaps the Earth's own Moon, which is also highly anomalous, and covered with thousands of blast craters, as is Iapetus, too, as if both may have been the target of a furious military barrage in times long past.

And by the way, Jerry Frelix, one of my readers, says that he was taken to the Moon in a near death experience (NDE) in 1969 and shown that it has incredibly vast, subsurface caverns that are miles long in extent and miles high, filled with strange, enormous, gargantuan machinery the function of which he did not understand. But the machines are mind-boggling-huge and oh, so very strange.

I believe Jerry Frelix. I absolutely believe him more than I do NASA. I think NASA knows all about the high strangeness of the Moon and has concealed this reality from humanity.

But getting back to Egypt again for a moment, perhaps Joseph Farrell does not know that the name for Egypt in Egyptian Arabic is "Masr," which has an obvious similarity to the word, Mars. To my mind it is yet another piece of evidence pointing to an ancient connection between the high civilization that existed in far, remote antiquity in Egypt and the civilization that used to exist on Mars.

I want to say, too, that my impression on spending a few days of quality time on the Giza Plateau is that the entire plateau may have been artificially engineered, or built up, a very long time ago. Mind you, I am saying very much the same thing that Farrell has said, that the present Giza complex, as impressive as it is, even now, in its highly ruined state, may be but the legacy of something even grander that once existed at the same location, way back in the distant past.

I agree with Richard Hoagland to this extent, and I think I am understanding him correctly, that there was a very sophisticated, terrestrial civilization with a technology several orders of magnitude more powerful than anything we see on Earth today, that extended its reach at least throughout this solar system, whose bodies are littered with its huge archaeological remains.

I further agree that NASA knows this and is hiding this information from humanity. What we see today, in terms of modern technology, is but a pale shadow of what formerly existed on Earth, and on other planets and moons in this solar system.

I further agree with Joseph Farrell that technology from that ancient civilization likely still exists on Earth and probably the Moon, and perhaps on other bodies elsewhere in the solar system, such as Mars and Iapetus.

It is a fact that there are powerful factions, including the USA military, looking for that technology and other artifacts from those remote, antediluvian times. I take it for granted that a big factor in the past and present USA/NATO/Zionist military adventures in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly Iran in the near future, is to look for hidden artifacts and buried cultural remains, and/or to destroy artifacts and other remains to prevent them from falling into other hands. I believe Farrell speculates along these lines at one point in his multiple tome argument, and I am in complete accord.

This is an ongoing effort, over thousands of years. Julius Caesar marched his massed legions into Gaul and laid waste the countryside to subjugate the Druids and the Gauls. He did the same thing in southern England where Stonehenge and the great Druidic centers of ancient knowledge were located. Then he invaded Egypt, and was assassinated on the eve of his departure to invade Parthia, the region known today as Iraq and Iran, and the home of ancient Babylonia and Sumer, the legacy civilizations, like Egypt, of the super-advanced civilization that predated them all.

The Druids had a very important ceremonial center in northern France, in the territory of the Carnutes, after whom present day Chartres is named. There was a sacred Druidic grove there, and a deep Druid well, bored straight down through the rock to the water table down below. This site has such power that the Knights Templar built one of their most important cathedrals there, more than a thousand years later, directly over the old Druidic well. In fact, the altar of the cathedral is positioned precisely over top of the ancient Druid well, which still exists, and which I have personally visited, in the basement below the cathedral. The Carnutes resisted Roman military occupation so fiercely that Caesar stationed three legions in their territory to put down the rebellion.

And after Caesar there were the Knights Templar, who absolutely recognized the power of the ancient Druidic site, as had Caesar before them, and who twelve centuries later, capped it over with one of their most important cathedrals that includes an impressive labyrinth laid in the floor at the rear of the building, as well as the signs of the astrological zodiac, in the stained glass that soars overhead. Much more could be said about all of this, and in detail. Suffice it to say that I agree with Farrell that the Knights Templar certainly did find something ancient and very important in their excavations deep below Jerusalem, something that bestowed on them enormous power and influence both within and without the medieval Roman Catholic Church, which was the successor power to the Roman Caesars.

Oh, and then there is the connection with the Cosmic Mother Goddess, the non-linear labyrinths (stylized vortices) incorporated into other Templar cathedrals in medieval France, the connection with the constellation Virgo and just exactly what did the Knights Templar know and when did they learn it? Answering these questions will take you very profoundly into deep French history, deep Roman Catholic history, deep Egyptian history, deep Celtic history and into the depths of the multifaceted, thousands-of-years-long cover-up of just about everything that matters on this tyrannically controlled prison planet.

On my last visit to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris I couldn't help but notice that in the alcove below the stained glass window just beside the exit door there was a table behind a gate with a scale replica of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Coincidence? I don't think so. It's the Knights Templar / Free Mason calling card after all these centuries, pointing to Giza and the ancient Egyptian mysteries.

How can I possibly fail to mention that in doing the following key word search [pyramid alcove notre dame] using to find more information about that alcove, I found this entry:

Microsoft Excel
pyramid pyrites pyriton pyron quantico rabb rabbit hash rabbit hole rabbs rabbs prairie raber rabun gap raccoon raccoon bend raccoon ford raccoon key stearleyville
More results from »

Yes, that would be HUD, as in the Department of Housing and Urban Development of the USA government.

Notice that the entry contains the words "rabbit hole," and that we are well down said "rabbit hole," as I have noted in an earlier blog post.

Now take the key words above:

pyramid pyrites pyriton pyron quantico rabb rabbit hash rabbit hole rabbs rabbs prairie raber rabun gap raccoon raccoon bend raccoon ford raccoon key stearleyville

and paste them into the search engine. You will get four pages of results that include other websites, including the portal to the HUD website, a Health and Human Services USA government web page, a couple of White House web pages (yes, that White House), a website at the George W. Bush presidential archives, a USA Peace Corps web page, a USA Department of Education web page, three different USA government Office of Personal Management web pages, and on the last page of results, a link [] that is nothing more than a long list of 23,505 words, names, place names, in English and some in Spanish, and very many nonsense sounding words and names.

Some of the entries on the list include:


The list also improbably includes the name "varina." For those who may not know, and that would be the vast majority of my readers, Varina is the comparatively obscure and little known (except to those who live there) district of Henrico County, Virginia, USA where I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s and where I had a fair number of "way down the rabbit hole" experiences.

And even more improbably, the list includes the place name "denbigh." Denbigh is the very small community where I spent my early childhood and which no longer exists as a community, having been annexed and incorporated by the City of Newport News, Virginia, USA, several decades ago, well back in the 20th century.

Isn't it all so very wonderfully strange?

The list also contains the names:


Which is interesting, because the CIA's main training base is at Camp Peary, in the state of Virginia, USA, right across Interstate highway 64 from Colonial Williamsburg, which was restored by the Rockefeller family in the 20th century, to a remarkable semblance of its appearance in the 18th century colonial English period, when Virginia was an important British colony on North America's east coast.

The last Royal Governor of the Virginia colony, Lord Dunmore, fled Williamsburg in haste in 1775 upon the approach of Patrick Henry's Hanover militia to the outskirts of Williamsburg. Dunmore fled to his hunting lodge, Porto Bello, now located on the grounds of the CIA's main training base at Camp Peary and on the National Register of Historic Buildings, though it is hard to conceive of exactly how non-members of the CIA might visit Porto Bello, though perhaps that is one of the reasons for having a CIA base there. But then who knows for sure when you're so far down the rabbit hole?

In any event, in line with the theme of resonance with which I began this blog entry, it strikes me that if the Black Budget USA federal alphabet soup agencies and shadowy, hermetically-compartmentalized-factions wanted a time portal between the present day and the formative 18th century colonial British / American Revolutionary period on the east coast of North America, then the Rockefeller family financed village of Colonial Williamsburg would be the perfect place to send personnel in period costume and materiel back and forth without attracting undue attention. Talk about fiddling with and jiggling timelines and key historical events. What if?

Well I remember walking the length of Colonial Williamsburg's main DOG Street, as the locals call it (Duke of Gloucester Street), in late fall and early winter, with a bit of frost in the air and the houses, shops and streets bedecked with Christmas decorations. And how well I remember seeing the Redcoats march as a young boy, their uniforms a brilliant, crimson red splashed against the verdant greenery of the resplendent Tidewater Virginia springtime, the perfumed air redolent of honeysuckle, azalea, trailing arbutus, dogwood and hollyhock, the drums banging as they came and fading away again into the distance as they receded out of view and were swallowed up by the trees. And yes, they were all marching in time.

I am quite sure that this is the right time to mention the work of Susan Ferguson, who lives in New Zealand. She has a fascinating website that is devoted to her work and writing on spiritual and metaphysical themes. In recent years she has devoted herself to a concerted study of classical Sanskrit and the Vedic scriptures of ancient India.

I especially like these two short pieces:

The Prince of Darkness Meets His World Elite

The Prince of Darkness Meets His Nemesis

Susan's website is Inanna Returns.

She has two books, Inanna Returns and Inanna Hyper-Luminal

Like Anton Parks, Susan Ferguson avers that she has direct knowledge of the events of long ago Sumer, through the person of the Goddess, Inanna, who yet lives and with whom she is in communication. For all I know this is the literal truth. I am open to the possibility.

Of course, I have mentioned the work of Anton Parks before, who has written extensively, in great detail, mostly in his native French about the massive download of information he received pertaining to the ancient history of this sector of the galaxy and the huge interplanetary war that enveloped this solar system and the Earth. We are still feeling the effects of that war today. It had and still has an enormous influence on this planet and the human race.

The American scientist, Gerry Zeitlin, has communicated extensively with Anton Parks, and has translated a great deal of Parks' material into English. You can read it on Dr. Zeitlin's website here: The Ages of Uraš.

Joseph Farrell relies very heavily on Zechariah Sitchin in his documentation. I don't know how accurate Sitchin was in his translations. I have no expertise in the ancient languages of the Middle East, and almost no one else does either, so Sitchin's work never received any meaningful peer review, for want of qualified peers to evaluate his translations!

Be that is it may, I do think that the work of Susan Ferguson and Anton Parks merits review by Jospeh Farrell and other alternative history, science and UFO researchers. We have the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian records that Sitchin and Farrell have worked with, but why assume that there is any less disinformation and misinformation in those ancient accounts than there is in the "official" records issued by the political figures of contemporary times?

The Last Word

And now the Zionist/Neocon/NATO/USA Axis is preparing to savage Iran in what bids fair to be a devastating, history changing (and not for the better) nuclear onslaught.

Of course, Iran is the ancient Aryan homeland, and it is full of ancient archaeological and anthropological sites with direct relevance for the history of a large portion of terrestrial humanity. From where I sit, this looks like yet one more, hyper-violent installment in an ongoing interplanetary war that likely extends from and to Mars, the Moon and on to other solar systems farther afield in the galactic neighborhood. But we are not being told that. The majority of present-day Jews are Ashkenazis, and if you investigate the Ashkenazis' history you will discover that they are not Semitic at all, but are a Germanic people, hence Indo-European as are the Iranians. What we have here is an ancient conflict, still ongoing, between rival power blocks and related genetic lineages -- all carefully concealed from most of the Earth's population, who look on passively, without comprehension, even as they are used, abused, exploited and maneuvered as pawns and manipulated like barely conscious, biological puppets in a vast, hyper-dimensional chess game that is way beyond their ken, spanning unimaginably enormous stretches of space and time, in this solar system and across the galaxy.

I have a great deal more to say, but it will have to wait for another time. Please note that I do accept donations at the donation button at the top of the page.

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