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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Malicagua And The Queen Of The Natural World

I drank Malicagua for the first time, in the woods behind the shaman`s house. After about an hour the effects kicked in, exactly as the shaman said they would, to my complete astonishment.

Malicagua is a bright green juice that is squeezed out of the cambium tissue layer that lies just beneath the bark of the plant of the same name. There are no other plants involved, neither is the raw juice cooked or boiled. You consume a small portion of it on the spot and wait for it to take effect.

The shaman had told me that the spirits of the forest would appear right before me, in broad daylight, with my eyes open. and that I would be able to communicate with them.

Truer words were never spoken. As I quietly sat there, I suddenly realized with a start that I was not alone. The transition from one level of reality to another was so smooth and seamless that it took me completely by surprise. I was surrounded by a variety of beings, both human and nonhuman, who were soberly observing me at distances ranging from just a few feet away to up to 20 yards away. They said nothing, communicated nothing, and did nothing but quietly observe me. I had entered their territory and they had assembled as a greeting and observation committee, as it were. I sensed that they were reading my intentions.

Just to my right, on the edge of the woods, stood two male Amazonian warriors, naked save for loincloths and feathers in their hair. White and black pigment was painted on their bodes and faces, with the result that they blended in extremely well with the dappled shadows of the pole saplings that bordered the edge of the woods. They gazed at me silently. The shaman later told me that these men were spirits of the people who inhabited that region of the Upper Amazon before the Spanish conquest. In front of me I could see other humans garbed in large, dry banana leaves. It was a very effective camouflage, permitting them to stand right out in the open and appear to be short banana trees, as it were, with masses of downward hanging, dried leaves. They also said and did nothing beyond quietly observe me.

Then there were a number of non-human, green pigmented beings, with elongated, narrow faces and large eyes. It seemed to me that they may have been insectoid beings, or perhaps a variety of plant life. I could not tell for sure. Their faces strongly reminded me of the bright, green, elongate leaves growing on several of the plants at the edge of the clearing.

Finally, the most compelling of the entities gathered around me was a very green, tall, praying mantis-like being. I instinctively knew that "she" was female. When she noticed that I was looking at her, she began to vigorously, rhythmically sway her body in my direction. I approached her and stood in front of her, which seemed to please her. She looked very much like the praying mantis at the following link:

Photo of Praying Mantis

She then took her two feelers and begain to gently, daintily touch me all over my body, arms, head and face. I sensed that she was comprehensively reading every aspect of my being. She wanted to find out who I was and what I was doing in her realm. I also reached out to touch her, and did so, which I could see displeased her. So I refrained from touching her again. The next thing she began to do was to very energetically bob and weave her head from side to side, and also up and down, and toward me.

Her face was right in my face. The effect was very hypnotic, which I am sure was her specific intent. She wanted to move me to a deeper level of consciousness and set my ego-based consciousness to the side. With my conscious mind out of the way, and parked to the side, she could directly access my subconscious without interference from my ego.

And that is exactly what happened, because that is the last, clear conscious memory I had, for about the next two hours. I presume that the assembled beings and I did something together over those two hours for which I have no conscious recollection.

I felt no negative emotion or energy from any of them. On the contrary, I sensed great tranquil resolve and understated curiosity. The Green Lady was clearly in charge of the entire rendez-vous. I was in her bailiwick and she ran the show. I repeat that all of this occurred in broad daylight, with my eyes open. I saw everything that I normally see when I am awake, with open eyes. Only in this case, I also had a conscious encounter with other beings, human and non-human who showed up to meet me.

The Green Lady is unquestionably Queen of the Realm and works at very deep levels of consciousness. I doubt that anyone or anything is beyond her ken. I sensed great authority and power in her. She´s not God of the entire Universe, but on the other hand she is clearly not a personality with whom you would want to trifle.

Having directly gazed upon the hyper-conscious face of the stupendous green within, it seems entirely appropriate to me to refer to the Green Lady as Your Verdant Majesty.