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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mad Max On Radioactive Steroids

A few days ago I had in mind to write a very different post than what you are about to read.

In the interim, I have gone back and forth in my mind, deliberating how, and, indeed, whether or not to even publish the following remarks. In the end I decided to present the material in this way....

You may accept what follows as science fiction, if it makes you feel more comfortable, understanding that we, all of us, are but unspeakably complex concatenations of energy waves, comprised of gazillions of subtle nodes of interactive, standing waves of energy. Our everyday 3-D reality seems extremely solid, rock hard and physically concrete, when in actuality it is really more akin to a mind-boggling, incomprehensibly complex and vast, universally intersecting web of interwoven energy fields, from the sub-atomic level on up to the level of galaxies and above.

Unfortunately there are malevolent beings in the Universe who understand this very well and try to hack the whole shebang, or as much of it as they can, for their own nefarious purposes. They use a variety of means to interfere with the energy flow, to modulate it, to dampen it, to lower frequencies, to short circuit and thwart the free flow and interaction of the energies and frequencies that comprise the Universe.

The science fiction writer, P.K. Dick, understood much of this in a way few people do. He grokked huge chunks of what is going on and set it out in his books and stories, some of which have now been made into Hollywood feature films. I especially like his Total Recall (the movie is well worth watching), because it challenges the readers' and viewers' certainty that they know what reality is. When to the contrary, most people have no idea what reality is. Most people are sunk so deep into an all-encompassing, fantasy wonderland of feel good propaganda and make-believe that they wouldn't know reality if it smacked them between the eyes with a two by four.

That will be changing. Nothing stays the same forever, not even the mind-numbing level of ignorance and stupidity of most members of the human race.

Reality is going to come calling in the worst sort of radioactive way.

I presently live in the Amazon region of South America. My journey here was round about and comprised many years of twists and turns, nevertheless, here I am. Part of my sojourn here has involved exploring consciousness and reality by means of imbibing the botanical decoctions used for thousands of years by the traditional shamans of tropical South America.

In that process a lot of information has been downloaded to me, including on a noteworthy recent occasion an inwardly audible and visible data stream, in both Spanish and English. I found the information very heavy.

I had asked the plant spirits what is going to happen on Earth in the near future and here is part of what they told me:

"This is the plan. There is an extremely sinister faction who strike from the shadows, who work from concealment. They work on a global level. They are very well organized. They do not mean well. They intend to begin with false flag attacks in Chicago, followed by San Diego and other cities. They hope to strike 10 or 12 American cities in all with low yield nuclear devices, killing tens of thousands in the initial blasts and many more from radioactive contamination in the aftermath. That is just the beginning of their plan.

"Their intention is to wage totalitarian nuclear warfare."

And that is the plan as the plant world in the Amazon has communicated it to me. The information was delivered to me in such a no nonsense, matter of fact way that it seemed surreal.

Needless to say, if indeed there is such a plan it need not become reality. I hope it does not, because it is foul beyond belief.

Nevertheless, in recent days there have been news reports of preparations in Chicago for a possible radioactive dirty bomb attack during the upcoming NATO summit later this month.

Chicago hospitals perform dirty bomb response drills ahead of NATO summit.

The plot line in the daily news cycle is beginning to bear an uncomfortable resemblance to what the plant world revealed to me.

Clearly there are psychopathic beings who are intent on turning the world into a dystopian, radioactive, hell planet.

It doesn't have to be that way, however the problem is that the great masses of humanity believe that if they simply continue doing what they have always done, in the same way, for the same reasons, day after day, that everything will somehow magically be alright.

Just keep riding that elevator up to the 52nd floor and going to the cube farm and putting in eight hours. Pay money to the national tax bureaucracy. And feel good about it. Vote in the transparently rigged elections. Read the propagandistic news in the newspaper. Everything will be O.K.

The rub is that this is precisely the behavior that has brought us to the point where we are now.

I am satisfied that the plant world has revealed to me a part of the darkly twisted plans of a perverse faction who hope to transform this planet into a radioactive hell.

The very phrase "totalitarian nuclear warfare" is repugnant. But the plant world is telling me that there is a faction on this planet who plan to hack the global energy field and fatally infect it with precisely that diabolical frequency.

However, there is a wild card in the equation. The culmination of the plan depends on the cooperation of the mass of humanity.

Therefore, the only way out that I can see is deliberate, conscious, willful noncooperation with any and all plans for nuclear warfare, of whatever sort. To the extent that people fail to cooperate with the plans for their own demise, the plan becomes more difficult to execute. If enough people fail to cooperate maybe the tide can be turned.

One way or the other, it looks to me that we are going to be on a vertiginously steep learning curve in the coming days, weeks and months.