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Friday, July 6, 2012

The USA Federal Agent In The Wheelchair

I recently had a very vivid dream in which a USA federal agent in a wheelchair figured prominently. He wasn´t happy at all about being immobolized and complained bitterly to me that his injury had happened very unexpectedly; it came out of left field and caught him completely off guard; he hadn´t anticipated being crippled and grouched that his life confined in a wheelchair was a real bitch.

I consider this to be a prescient dream. The inward and outward signs of the present decline, and imminent fall of the USA empire are ubiquitous. The USA is going down, fast and very hard.

Of course, the Pentagon has made wicked contingency plans for the dystopian, "Mad Max World After The Fall." The extensive underground and undersea labyrinth of secret bases and tunnels is one part of their elaborate preparations.

But here`s an even more chilling aspect of the Pentagon´s preparations for coming attractions:"A newly leaked US Army Military Police training manual for Civil Disturbance Operations" authorizes killing demonstrators in the USA. On page 20 of the manual, rules regarding the use of “deadly force” in confronting “dissidents” are made disturbingly clear with the directive that a “Warning shot will not be fired.”

I am reminded of my ayahuasca vision of several months ago, when I asked what the future holds for the USA, and ayahuasca showed me clearly that a military dictatorship or police state, replete with NAZI or Soviet-style prison camps was in the cards.

It also showed me an electronic, totalitarian, control network shimmering overhead in the air. Within mere days stories began to appear in the daily news cycle about USA Army plans to put 30,000 drones into the skies over the USA.

This should all be clear enough. The war on terror is coming home to roost, and it is thirsty for more blood. There will be troops roaming the streets and they will kill people. There will be drones in the skies and they will also kill people.

If you object to these things, well, tough shit, there will be USA Army troops with guns and USA Army drones overhead that will simply kill you. There won´t be a warning shot.

As if this were not madness enough, The Great Whore of Babylon, has taken in recent days to publicly lecturing the Chinese and Russians for not supporting the NATO proxy war against the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria, earning the retort from Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, that the West runs the risk of igniting a very big war if it persists in its meddling in Syria.

Translation: if the USA, NATO and Israel invade Syria it could act as the trip wire for direct military confrontation with the Russian military, a conflict that could easily go nuclear very quickly.

The Russians have made it clear that they will not play with the USA and Israel. Ditto for the Chinese. The Iranians have already said very publicly and repeatedly what they will do if the USA and/or Israel attack their national territory -- they will massively retaliate, within minutes, against both USA and Israeli targets.

This matters, because Iran and Syria are allies and have a mutual defense pact.

Unfortunately, NATO, Israel and the USA are hell bent on major warfare. The preparations for a major military conflict are at an advanced stage of completion.

My dreams and visions suggest that the USA, NATO and Israel will fare very, very, very badly in the upcoming war. If the war is prosecuted, the loss of life will be extraordinarily high. The average person in today´s society has no realistic conception of how savagely destructive modern military technology is. The reality is that hundreds of millions of people can easily be slaughtered in less than 30 minutes. The technology is so rapid and so lethal that it boggles the mind, and so most people remain in deep denial about what has been set up -- with their tax dollars, by the politicians they voted for, by the corporations they work for, and operated by their own sons and daughters in military uniforms.

A great deal of the slaughter will be automated; the killing will be done by machines following a pre-programmed order of battle. The scale, velocity and ferocity of the combat will be so grand and intense that it will absolutely overwhelm the human combatants and victims.

And this is all the work of The Machine on this planet, as ayahuasca has graphically pointed out to me.

The power that is assaulting this planet is so grotesquely hideous that the natural human mind and emotions recoil in loathing and disgust upon beholding it, and so the majority of the human race remain in deep denial about the foe that we face, which is located both within and without us. It´s in our minds, emotions and bodies, and it´s also out there -- outside in the larger society, abroad in the world. The system that The Machine has put in place to dominate the Earth is seedy, tawdry, despicable, vile, repugnant, heartless, cruel, savage, exploitive and demonically sadistic. And it delights in its wickedness, in its depraved working, if emotions can even be ascribed to The Machine. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that it achieves satisfaction, in the sense of completion, in completing its appointed task(s) of sowing and fomenting death, destruction, fear, horror, terror, dread, sorrow, despair, decay, exploitation, ugliness, filth, decadence and comprehensive darkness and suffering.

Its agents are everywhere -- in the CIA, Mossad and MI-6, in criminal gangs and mafias, in the Christian Church and Islam and Judaism, in the Pentagon and Kremlin, on Wall Street and in the City of London, in the universities and corporate boardrooms, whether at Yale, Harvard, Oxford or the Institut d'├ętudes politiques de Paris, in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Washinton, DC, Chicago, London, Strasbourg, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Delhi, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, Beijing, Los Angeles, Mexico City and a million other places.

The onslaught of The Machine is beyond belief. Its servants are legion, including both the lowly and the mighty, and they are everywhere.

We are in the fight of our lives, and I am not exaggerating. The fate of humanity and the planet hangs in the balance. Our situation is that precarious.

You want to know what the (in)human face of The Machine looks like? I can think of no better example than this interview with Charles Manson, the notorious mass murderer. There are many more like him, untold thousands and thousands. I know, because I´ve been locked up with more than a few of them over the years, as a result of multiple nonviolent peace demonstrations, and these individuals are revolting. It´s extremely hard for a sane human to be locked up in a cell or on a cell block with them, day after day, week after week, month after month.

Watch this clip of Charles Manson.

That´s what we´re up against. There you see one of the (in)human faces of The Machine. It explains itself very directly.