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Friday, September 28, 2012

I Wonder, I Wonder, I Do

I have been criticized by some of my readers as a "Prophet of Doom," for warning of the dangers of nuclear warfare, and for pointing out the self-evident global financial crisis that is plunging more and more people into poverty with the passing of every single day, not to mention the ongoing, unresolved, nuclear meltdown nightmares at Fukushima, Japan and Chernobyl, Ukraine.

But in all fairness to myself, I wonder, I mean I really do, how deep in denial do you have to be to not appreciate the ghastly crisis that looms before us?

Radioactive Hell such as you have never in your life even imagined is all set up and waiting to be precipitously unleashed on any given day. Anyone who cannot, or will not, wrap their mind around this simple fact is in a willful, self-imposed state of dangerously deep denial.

The truth is that we are in parlous straits.

Please consider a few headlines from the past couple of weeks, happening right now on a planet near you:

Massive naval buildup in Persian Gulf as Israel moves closer to war

"Western powers and several of their Middle East allies have deployed an enormous naval fleet to the Persian Gulf just days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu again suggested that his country may soon launch a preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities."

You want to know what that means? How that will translate into reality, maybe even in your city, maybe in your neighborhood? Because there will be repercussions from the planned Israeli strike. Let me clue you in to some of the possibilities.

Take a look at this video of a Russian nuclear missile launch:

SS-18 Dnepr converted Russian ICBM rocket launch

Then take a look at this video of an American Minuteman nuclear missile launch. [The Chinese also have nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).]

Minuteman Launch

And then take a look at this video of a ballistic missile submarine. The Americans have them. So do the Russians, British, French and Chinese. The Israelis also have German-made submarines that fire nuclear cruise missiles. Here's the video link:

Ballistic Missile Submarine

From the 2:25 to 2:35 mark, and from 2:44 to 2:54, the video could have been taken straight from my memory banks. I have seen a missile suddenly rise up out of the sea, just like these, from maybe 50 yards away, sleek, gleaming preternaturally bright in the sunlight. I saw it rotate, as it cleared the waves and the guidance gyroscopes took over. Its engine ignited and it thundered up and away toward its target. I heard a deep male voice intone, "This is the X Missile."

To cut to the chase, here´s what it looks like when a nuclear missile touches down: Hell on Earth. This is from 1954, the year before I was born, and I promise you that in the last 58 years that the Dr. Strangeloves of the world´s weapons laboratories have come up with far worse than this: Castle Bravo

That is why, three times in my life, I have staged nonviolent peace demonstrations on nuclear missile silos in the USA, and also other demonstrations at naval bases on the East Coast of the USA where nuclear weapons are stored and/or operationally deployed.

The most important statement of my life explains in detail why I have done these things. You can read all about it here, in my Minot Manifesto, issued to the news media on 15 April 2010, on the occasion of my most recent nonviolent peace demonstration on the launch lid of a nuclear missile silo in the state of North Dakota, USA.

I have spent over a year and a half of my life in numerous jails and prisons for my nonviolent peace demonstrations at American naval bases and on USA Air Force nuclear missile silos.

I heard a radio interview, a year or so ago, with Clif High, of Half Past Human, in which he mentioned that he doesn´t believe that I really expect other people to do these things, to actually stand up and peacefully demonstrate on nuclear missile silos.

Let me say as clearly as I can that Clif High certainly does not speak for me.

I absolutely do expect that if you don't want to see a nuclear war that you had better get up off of your behind and personally show some visceral courage, maybe even at or on a nuclear missile silo, because we are real close to a shooting nuclear war, the consequences of which will be unspeakably horrific. I would add that I strongly advise the rigorous exercise of peaceful nonviolence along the lines of what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi taught and practiced in their 20th century nonviolent campaigns for social and political change. I would also strongly advise that these sorts of actions are only for grown men and women who are fully aware of and can handle all of the risks and consequences that a nonviolent peace demonstration on or at a nuclear missile silo entails.

Of course you will be mistreated and misunderstood if you take a prominent public stand. The military police will come for you with heavy armed force. You have to understand and calmly and peacefully deal with that. That goes with the territory. You will be arrested, jailed, criminally tried and maybe worse. It is what it is. We are where we are. The entire system is so massively criminally corrupt that it is beyond belief.

I have seen no better description of how the modern system REALLY works than this wonderful quote from the recent trial of a Mexican narco-trafficker in South Texas: "Everyone from cops to strippers worked for me." His payroll notably included USA Border Patrol agents and Customs officers.

Americans just seem to accept the tidal wave of corruption. They take it without complaint. They vote like mindless baboons in their transparently phony, rigged elections. They pay boatloads of taxes to their transparently criminal IRS (Internal Revenue Service). And they behave as if their national foreign policy were a force for "good" in the world, despite mounds of repugnant evidence to the contrary. It's perplexing to me.

Not so with the Europeans. The Spanish know what they are up against and they are not taking it lying down. Here's some footage from recent days, in downtown Madrid;

'Surround Congress' Madrid clashes

The same and worse is probably coming to the USA later this year and in 2013, when even the most brain dead of the great masses of Americans finally realize that the USA government is trying to reduce them to abject slavery.

It sure looks like the USA government knows this, too, and is planning to attack the American populace sometime in the next year or so, judging by the astronomical ammunition purchases by Homeland Security in the last few months -- 1.4 BILLION rounds of live ammo, most of it hollow point ammo, which by the way is outlawed for use in warfare by international conventions.

Why does Homeland Security need 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition?

Ayahuasca has shown me the coming police state / military dictatorship. It's like something out of NAZI Germany or Soviet Russia, replete with camps with barbed wire fences, gun towers, military trucks to cart people away and an all-encompassing electronic surveillance and control grid. Grim stuff.

I have left the USA and I intend to stay away. I feel like a quasi-refugee who managed to escape from a fascist regime just in time.

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I Wonder

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