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Sunday, June 2, 2013

On The Crepuscular Cusp Of Whatever

We are caught up in a great, multidimensional chess game, involving myriad factions and players, likely galactic in scope, perhaps even operating on a universal scale. A great war is raging, and has been raging, for a very long time. If you are reading these words, you are caught up in the thick of it, immersed in all the Sturm und Drang.

I have been reading at Joseph Farrell's works, and he has a part of it, a lot of the facts, as regards events on this planet and in this solar system, though I do not always share his interpretation of the salient facts. Especially with respect to the Giza monuments, I believe he has misinterpreted their original purpose. The pyramids and other structures there are certainly massive, powerful, universally resonant machines, but my opinion is that, at least initially, they were not conceived and constructed as engines of war, but as stabilizing, harmonious, time-space anchors, if you will, in a highly unstable and discordant time and place, to wit, Earth of the past several tens of thousands of years.

Two of the most powerful terrestrial factions currently vying for supremacy on this planet are the Fascists and the Zionists, both of whom closely embrace hyper-violence as their preferred mode of operation. Which is another way of saying that they are more similar, than dissimilar. They want to rule you, and they don't mind killing large numbers of people to achieve their objective. This conflict has been ongoing for millennia. The opening scene from the movie, Gladiator, is instructive. It accurately depicts just one of the myriad military battles over untold thousands of years, for control over this one, small planet, a small planet that for whatever reason is a very fought over chess piece in a very long-raging galactic conflict.

Opening scene from Gladiator

Think that what happened thousands of years ago has nothing to do with you today? On the contrary, the project that the Romans were so bloodily pursuing is with us to the present day. It morphs and waxes and wanes, but it never goes away. It is part of the very fabric of this planet's reality stream for, lo, these many, untold thousands of years now. Interestingly, the Roman Catholic Pope carries titles and functions to this day, that he inherited from the imperial Caesars of ancient Rome; titles such as Pontifex Maximus, a title carried by Julius Caesar and other Roman emperors. The title conferred religious and political authority and was the highest religious office in ancient Rome. Among other duties, the Pontifex Maximus was in charge of ensuring the peace of the gods and regulating the calendar (whence the Julian calendar of Julius Caesar). The Roman Catholic Pope also carries the title of Summus Pontifex, referring to his continuing the office of ancient Jewish High Priest of Jerusalem. There is abundant evidence for all of this, and you can find the beginning of the trail here. And the more you dig, the more you will find. No doubt this explains much about the medieval Crusades, in which powerful Roman catholic factions were heavily involved in vying for control of Jerusalem, and present-day stories such as

Vatican also wants Jerusalem?

These power struggles go back millennia. My relationship with Richard Dolan, who has published my latest book on secret underground and underwater bases and tunnels, actually began with a extremely lengthy, detailed, back and forth exchange of e-mails on just these sorts of issues. Richard started out by telling me that he is a historian (which is true) and that I had no idea what I was talking about. In the end he sent me an e-mail in which he said, "You know what? - you're right. I actually agree with you." We've been on good terms ever since.

Richard also happens to know quite a lot about UFOs and the cover-up of that reality by the USA government, military and espionage agencies. (More about UFOs later in this post; they are also involved in this millennia-long, multidimensional, galactic chess game, and there are factions within factions, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial.)

But back to the Middle East and the ongoing, global chess game that has been raging for tens and even hundreds of thousands of years, with interplanetary and galactic implications. Here I am referring to the work of Joseph Farrell and Zecharia Sitchen; even if I do not always agree with all of the conclusions they draw from the available evidence, I do respect their broad conclusion that the evidence points to just such an inconceivably ancient and far-ranging conflict, with implications and ramifications right down to the present day. I must also mention Richard Hoagland in this context, as the bulk of his work also yields a similar conclusion. A better bet than the pyramid at Giza, in my view, for an engine of war against the exploded planet Maldek (now reduced to the rubble known as the Asteroid Belt) would be the pyramid at Cydonia, on Mars, or perhaps the moon of Saturn, Iapetus, which I accept is an extremely ancient, very heavily damaged and eroded artificial body, quite possibly built by our Ur-ancient ancestors, as per Hoagland's thesis, or by another galactic faction, and clearly used by George Lucas as a template for the planet-busting "Death Star," in his Star Wars series of movies about ancient, galactic warfare.

In the context of the present, ongoing battle for control of this planet, it is often said that the Americans play checkers, but the Russians play chess, and masterfully so. To wit, I can't help but notice the Kremlin's announcement in recent days that the heavy cruiser, Admiral Kuznetsov, would be rejoining the Russian Mediterranean fleet for exercises later this year.

Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to start long-range mission in Mediterranean in late 2013

It is a certainty that the Russian fleet. and the Kuznetsov, carry a variety of nuclear weapons and missiles. This may be regarded as a Russian chess maneuver, a pointed "check" move, to counter the ongoing Zionist warfare raging against Syria. Of course, "check mate," would constitute decisive use of the Russian fleet's armament against Zionist interests. For a whole host of interesting reasons, notwithstanding a heavy involvement with NAZI elements in the post-WWII period, the USA government is nowadays also heavily involved with and supportive of, the Zionist regime in Israel. It's one hell of a violently confused chess match, with plenty of high stakes drama, that much is for sure.

Minot AFB and UFOs

There are plenty of elements, the game is ever-shifting and fast moving. Given the nature of modern military technology, a global holocaust could literally be unleashed in mere minutes, with unimaginable consequences. That is why I found the recent development at Minot Air Force Base, in North Dakota, very puzzling.

Air Force sidelines 17 ICBM officers at Minot AFB

Read the story. These are missile control officers, the officers who are supposed to unquestioningly launch nuclear missiles when they receive the orders to do so. But something happened, there was a readiness drill, or something like that, and a whole pile of officers did not perform as expected -- or as ordered? This is pure speculation on my part, but were they perhaps ordered to perform a unilateral nuclear strike against another country? And did they perhaps refuse those orders?

I wonder. I really do.

Interestingly, there is a history at Minot Air Force Base of UFOs deactivating nuclear missiles in their silos, back in the 1960s. Of course, I was arrested in April of 2010 for conducting a nonviolent, peace demonstration on a nuclear missile silo at Minot AFB. See my Minot Manifesto which I issued to the public and the press on 15 April 2010. As I was being taken away to jail that morning, I overheard chatter on the police radio about a UFO, before the arresting officer turned the radio to another channel. Indeed, the US Air Force did mount a vigorous helicopter air patrol, for miles around the silo site. There were helicopters swarming all over then place, like hornets buzzing around a riled up hornet's nest.

This interests me because of what happened about a half year later, at another US Air Force missile field in the USA, where simultaneous with shutting down a whole wing of nuclear missiles, a huge, cylindrical UFO was seen hovering overhead. Please see

Huge UFO Sighted Near Nuclear Missiles During October 2010 Launch System Disruption

I suspect that these events are also related to events in Arkansas in 1980. In the fall of 1980, after the explosion of a Titan II nuclear missile in a silo near Damascus, Arkansas I conducted my first, nonviolent, peace demonstration at a nuclear missile silo. I traveled up from the Louisiana Gulf Coast, where I was then working as a miner, in the Morton salt mine at Weeks Island, Louisiana. I went over the fence onto the silo and was shortly thereafter detained by heavily armed US Air Force military police and then jailed in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

A couple of other interesting things happened that morning. Of course, the arrival of Air Force security is always an attention grabber. When you watch other men chamber live ammunition in automatic rifles and then level the rifles directly at your head, from 50 yards away, such that you are looking directly down the barrels of said rifles, well, that does concentrate the mind wonderfully. Everything slows way down into freeze frame action and you become real calm and deliberate in your actions and movements.

But just before the military patrol arrived, there were other, uh, "visitors." And they were so ordinary. They pulled up right in front of the entrance to the silo, and parked there with a "flat" tire, just seconds after I went over the fence. I actually had the vivid realization that I knew those people, though I could not say then or now, just exactly how I knew them, or from where, or exactly who they were. Yet, I knew of a surety that I knew them, and knew them very well. So strong and vivid was that knowing that I very nearly got down from the silo and climbed back over the fence to go and greet them. But the military patrol showed up at that juncture, so I quickly nixed that idea. The military personnel actually thought that the "visitors" had tripped the silo alarm and engaged them first, before noticing my presence on the silo, whereupon they focused their attention, and their weapons, on me.

It was all very surreal. Nuclear missiles have a very dark, brooding presence. And in the case of the Titan II missiles, each silo also had an other-wordly-looking radio antenna array, associated with the telemetry electronics for each missile. The whole array was like something from another planet.

It is only in recent months that I have become aware of overflights of that same region in the fall of 1980 of a large, cylindrical, cigar-shaped, UFO.

Witness Recounts UFO Activity After Titan II (Nuclear) Missile Explosion

This is strongly reminiscent of the huge, cigar shaped UFO seen in October of 2010 over the US Air Force nuclear missile field at Warren Air Force Base on the border of Wyoming and Colorado.

Interestingly, in 1981 when I staged another nonviolent, peace demonstration on yet another nuclear missile silo at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, I had the impression that there was a mammoth UFO hovering just overhead, but invisibly cloaked. I saw nothing on that occasion, but the reaction of the military police was very unusual. In my physical presence they opened up the hatch to the nuclear missile and physically climbed underground to inspect it, taking their rifles along underground. Only after a prolonged inspection did they reemerge and eventually take me to jail. The obvious conclusion is that an unknown "something" occurred underground at that nuclear missile silo, in connection with and during my nonviolent peace protest, though exactly what that "something" might have been was then, and remains now, completely unknown to my conscious awareness.

Perhaps this is the place to mention that over the years I have seen a great many UFOs, most frequently orbs and spheres, of various sizes and colors.

I saw a lot of orbs and spheres when I lived in Albuquerque [including some very large spheres of various colors (not hot air balloons)] right over the Northeast Heights and Sandia Mountains. I also saw arc-weld-brilliant orbs frolicking over the southern Sandias, as well as clusters of beach-ball-sized, grey spheres flying right alongside and behind the military fighter jets that fly out of Kirtland. Then there were the bright, glowing spheres that always appeared on the slopes of the Manzano underground base whenever I would watch it for awhile with binoculars. There are a whole bunch of red and orange spheres that fly around San Antonio, Texas at low altitude at dusk or early evening. I have seen them many times in the years I lived there. Perhaps they have something to do with the multiple underground bases that the US Air Force, the US Army and the US National Security Agency (NSA) have in the San Antonio area. One of my most vivid orb sightings was on approach to LAX airport in Los Angeles, California, about 15 years ago. On that occasion, a cherry red orb about the size of a beach ball flew right under the jetliner in my plain view. And here in Ecuador, just a couple of months ago, I saw a robin-egg-blue orb fly right past my hospital window in central Quito; it came flying back in the opposite direction about a half hour later. I watched it recede into the distance toward the north, and then a bunch of much larger, white ones in the following few days meandered over the mountain side in my full view. They were very deliberate in their movements. It has got me wondering what might be inside or beneath the mountain that looms over Quito.

I have no definitive idea as to why I see so many UFOs and what they may be up to, or where they come from. Am I looking at them, or are they looking at me, or at something else entirely? Who knows? If you do, please enlighten me. My e-mail address is displayed on this blog site for your ease of communication with me.

The Verdict Is In

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that the USA had entered a 300 day trial period.

Well, the verdict is in, and America is sliding straight towards dictatorship, exactly as indicated by my ayahuasca vision of last year, which depicted an ugly period of approaching dictatorship.

It does not have to be this way, but for whatever reason it is. Consider please:

Everyone is fair game: Spy agency conducts surveillance on all US citizens

Massive New Surveillance Program Uncovered by Wall Street Journal

TSA Moves to Sovietize Internal Travel

U.S. Terrorism Agency to Tap a Vast Database of Citizens

'Everyone in US under virtual surveillance' - NSA whistleblower

How is all this happening? It's a dystopian nightmare that is playing out in real life on our home planet. So how does that happen?

It happens because people that you and I know, maybe even "you," yes, "you" there in the USA, Israel, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, etc., "you" and the people you know, and members of your family, vote corrupt politicians into office, send money to your criminally corrupt national taxing agency that helps fund the rampant insanity we see on every hand, and you or people you know, or members of your family take part in the many insane wars that plague our planet and our species. For example, a blood relative of mine, who is a high level computer programmer, has worked at a very high level for the USA Air Force and the National Security Agency, notably in San Antonio, Texas (San Antonio is a major NSA center of activity) and also other locations. He told me that he led a team that redesigned the NSA's computing architecture, such that the increased efficiency saved the NSA something like $7 billion in operating expenses. I remain ignorant of exactly what he did for the US Air Force, though he did serious damage to us all at the NSA, that much is crystal clear.

So where do these f***ing numb nuts come from? They come from our very families and circles of relations, friends, associates and colleagues. We know them! Do you really think that no one in your immediate or extended family, or circle of friends, associates and colleagues is up to similar mischief, whether on the same, or lesser, or maybe even greater scale?

Listen, I have other blood relatives who work for the Fortune 500. For the (ahem) "charitable works" division of the Fortune 500.


I mean, given the wholesale rape and plunder of all of humanity and the entire Earth that is well underway, courtesy of the Fortune 500, working hand in glove with the international bankster cabal and International War, Inc. how can anyone with a conscience plug into that? Is it the free medical? The free dental? The office door with the nameplate? The stenciled parking space? The pension plan?

As for the "charitable works" of the Fortune 500, does not the mafia also donate to orphanages?

One of my blood relatives explained his annual support for the IRS this way: "I consider that I am merely fulfilling a bureaucratic requirement."

This in spite of the SURE KNOWLEDGE that that money goes into the coffers of the very Machine that carries out drone strikes on thousands of innocents in other countries, that wages aggressive warfare and destroys country after country, that sponsors targeted assassinations on thousands of individuals, that spies on us all without cause or warrant, that has brought the whole planet to the knife's edge of all out apocalyptic nuclear warfare, and more.

And still he pays, knowing the mass murder that his money does, and still he considers himself a moral man.

How the FUCK do you do that? And I just described millions of YOU -- yes YOU, you there in Germany, New Zealand, the USA, France, Israel, the United Kingdom, etc. How do you do that?

Wasn't that essentially what the NAZis said after WW-II? They were just complying with bureaucratic directives? Just going with the flow? Just fitting in with the system?

Want to see who the real NAZIs are? They are all around. They are the ordinary people. The little people without whom the infamous tyrants that bedevil us could do nothing. Without YOU and ME they are nothing.

YOU for Christ's sake. Just going along to get along. Just sending in that blood drenched money to The Machine.

So don't ask how we got to this point, because just about every single person reading these words is involved, to some degree, in the unspeakable evil that has descended on this planet and on the human race.

How to stop it? Simple. Withdraw your support. Don't vote for the corrupt politicians in the flagrantly rigged elections. Pull your money out of the big banks. Don't work for the big corporations that are destroying this planet. Refuse military service in aggressive wars. Refuse to send money to criminal national and international taxing agencies in cahoots with criminal central banks.

Continue to do those things and we are all fucked. Period. End of story.

Or refuse to do those things and we have a chance to survive the madness that is dragging us all down to collective doom.

The Deep Politics Of It All

I think a lot of times people may think that I am speaking or writing metaphorically, but I tend to be very literal minded. And so it is with my research into secret underground and underwater bases and tunnels. They are very real, and amazingly a lot of what goes on isn't even very hidden. Please consider the underground base that the USA government is building in Israel:

U.S. overseeing mysterious construction project in Israel

America's '911' Deep Secret Bunker in Tel Aviv to Have Mezuzahs

Get it? Israel's secret "911" underground bunker. The evidence for high level Jewish and "Jewish State" involvement in the infamous 9-11 attacks in the USA on 11 September 2001 is overwhelming. Here the "Jewish State" is rubbing our faces in it and telegraphing obvious preparation for something likely to be even more spectacular -- whence the construction of the "secret" underground bunker. Though it couldn't be all that "secret", now could it, seeing as it has been openly reported in the mainstream news media? It is very much in all our faces. I guess that's what they call chutzpah.

Then there is the brand new, major, underground construction project at the White House, in Washington, Dc, that has just been finished up. Please see:

The White House Construction Project - "The Big Dig"

White House Big Dig ending, but what comes next?

Of course, this is nothing completely new. I have discussed in detail in my books previous underground projects and plans beneath the White House. For at least the past 60 years, and likely longer than that, there has been a veritable ant hill beneath the White House. There is a regular labyrinth beneath Washington, DC. This round of new, underground construction clearly has merely added to an already elaborate, subterranean maze. Millions of tourists from all over the USA and the whole world visit Washington, DC, but having visited the city never really see the reality of the place, because what exists at the surface is but an illusion, a Potemkin Village, as it were, a mirage, but a surreal reflection of a political and national fantasy that surely doesn't exist today, if it ever existed at all.

As Regards Ecuador and my Present Situation

Unfortunately the Orwellian control structure is everywhere. The entire world is a prison planet. I don't think you can escape it anywhere on this world. I can't help but notice that even a small, developing, "revolutionary" country like Ecuador is also embracing the New World Order (or having it imposed from outside, as a secret quid pro quo to avoid military invasion and occupation?). Please see:

Surveillance State: Ecuador Implements “World’s First” Countrywide Facial- and Voice-Recognition System

As I have previously alluded in my blog, I was just recently hospitalized for more than four months after having been so badly physically mistreated, that I can only describe the ordeal that I experienced as a torture session, as a prolonged criminal assault.

And by someone I trusted, the so-called "shaman" with whom I lived for a little more than a year, and whom I now regard as more brujo than shaman.

So I have filed criminal charges and the National Police are involved. I am represented by a reasonably high profile law firm in Quito.

It is not something that I wanted to do, not something that I anticipated doing, not ever in my wildest dreams, but I cannot permit myself to be gravely physically assaulted. There are certain boundaries that I owe myself.

There will be no second-guessing. I cannot permit myself to be half-killed and not respond. Would you?

Mine is an important case that actually involves more than just me, as will become apparent as the case proceeds. There are nameless others that will be positively, indirectly impacted or affected by my seeking justice. In that respect, I would observe that it is both a duty and a high privilege to defend the weak by standing up against tyrants. And by the way, that definitely also includes massive, 200 year old trees that are extremely vulnerable to being destroyed in mere minutes by $200 chain saws wielded by illegal loggers who are wreaking holy havoc in the Amazon forest. I have seen illegal logging with my own eyes and it is rampant throughout the Amazon region.

Maybe this is the appropriate time to reiterate that the first two spiritual allies who appeared to me when I drank malicagua were two Amazonian warriors. They were naked, painted in black and white pigment from head to toe, and armed with blow guns, bows and arrows, and the traditional Amazonian battle spears -- the kind that slide in easy and come out with the entrails. I said, "Buenos diás Caballeros, como están?" They were extremely sober, but not unfriendly. They were as real as anything you have ever seen in your entire life. I now suppose that they were sent to meet me for a specific purpose which will unfold over time.

They work for Pachamama and they were my welcoming committee to the Amazonian spirit world. The second ally who appeared immediately afterward was Pachamama herself. She is a six foot tall, female, mantis being, who exudes an extremely self-confident authority and exquisite femininity. It is clear to me that she administers the biosphere at a meta-level. She is Mother Nature, or the closest thing to Her that you will ever encounter. I would say that she is a being whom you simply do not cross, such is her integrity and power. She is not God, but she administers an important part of God`s creation. I deeply suspect the biosphere of the Amazon is important for the entire galaxy, and maybe beyond, as a priceless repository of biological DNA and raw life energy.

I have very little money. I am not from a wealthy family. So in one sense I have little to lose. One thing that malicagua did show me is that the man who so badly abused me has a dark, degraded side to him, which is self-evident in light of his excruciatingly painful mistreatment of me; it also indicated that indigenous culture in the Amazon is itself corrupt and degraded, that it has largely lost whatever wisdom it may once have had. The shamans/brujos are not seeking God, or higher spiritual realities, and the plants know this. Instead the shamans/brujos and much of the indigenous Amazonian culture have become degraded, corrupt and caught up in seeking personal power at other`s expense. The shamans/brujos`even try to kill each other for purposes of petty personal power. In my case, I wasn't killed, not quite, however I have so far lost the normal functioning of my ankles, feet and calves. I was very badly hurt. I am walking with crutches and painfully so. Never in my life have I experienced such pain, in my whole body, and it went on for week after week. If the "shaman" intended that I suffer, God knows that I did. I suffered deeply, and the suffering continues to this day.

Refocusing on the ongoing legal process that I have initiated, which will last for months and probably longer, I now need to raise thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees. Ecuador is like anywhere else, justice comes at a price, in money, time and suffering.

The expression, "Money talks, bullshit walks," comes to mind. Which is also more or less what my attorneys have told me. I pay their fee, and the case proceeds. I don`t pay their fee and the case languishes. The petty tyrant walks away.

A few weeks ago I sought donations via PayPal. But PayPal froze my account, specifically because I asked for donations. To unfreeze my PayPal account, I have to provide them with all sorts of documentation that I simply do not have, because it does not exist. Stuff like copies of my registration with a government regulatory authority as a bona fide political or charitable organization, copies of my bank statements, and more. I do not have a bank account. I am not an organization registered with any official regulatory agency, etc.

So while I appreciate the fact that the PayPal route could theoretically be a viable option, for me it appears to be an impossibility. I received $600 in donations in just one day, for which I was truly grateful, but then in less than 24 hours PayPal shut me down. That is the MATRIX in action. You see what I am up against? So I immediately returned all the money, before they also froze the refund option. Then a friend tried to send me $300 via Western Union, which normally takes one day or two days, and the transfer did not happen. I went to get the money and was told it was not there. It took him TWENTY e-mails with Western Union, and eight days of effort, to straighten the thing out. What usually happens in one day or two took eight days and prolonged effort on my benefactor´s part to ram the transfer through. So it looks like someone or something does not want me to have even a few hundred dollars, while corrupt fat cats routinely transfer hundreds of millions and billions of dollars all over the place, every day, without any problem.

Now I understand very well what I am up against, and why it is so important to proceed. That level of resistance can only mean that what I am doing matters, and should be pursued.

I want to say here that at a deeper level the struggle really is not about me as an individual -- I just happen to conspicuously be out front, because so many other people are crapping in their panties, afraid to stick their necks out for anything important that really matters.

The outcome of my particular case ultimately has to do with addressing the criminal corruption of an important segment of South American shamanism and Amazonian indigenous culture, and also, if my intention proves out, has to do with facilitating reforestation of the Amazon and other regions of South America, cleaning the swamps, beaches and estuaries of South America, providing justice and therapy for victims of violent crime, and so forth. Pachamama - Important Mantis Lady is very concerned about all of these things, and so She (or I myself?) has (have?) placed me in position to see it all very clearly and also to do something about it. I am simply a catalyst to help jump start certain other people, and they do exist; they have important work to do that they are ready and willing to do. I am simply here to help prepare the way, and while it has been excruciatingly painful and dangerous for me, no one ever said it would be easy. None of us has has been promised a smooth or easy path, and yet all of these things and more must be done

And if I, and we, do not do these things, then who the hell will? And so it falls to me, and to thee, to begin. Here is where we are and so here is where we start. Me here in Ecuador and you wherever you may happen to be.

To a degree I am a marginalized person in the world, though not of the world in the same ways that a lot of other people are (especially a lot of people in the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc.). In that regard, living in a developing country in South America is probably just the place for me to be. The whole Earth and the entire human race stand in deep need of healing -- that includes me and South America, and you and all the rest of the world.

We are in a great cosmic card game and this is the hand we have been dealt. It is as it is, and so we proceed with the inner and outer resources at our disposal, because we have no other option.

I have never sought a life of luxury and ease. Big cars, mansions, large bank accounts, lots of bling and that sort of thing have never been my goals.

Farther down the line, I would ideally like to use the finca where the crime(s) against me occurred as a center or base of operations to help coordinate the reforestation of the Amazon and other regions of South America -- a complex and years-long endeavor, to be sure. It would/could be a hub to coordinate and link the myriad groups and agencies in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, etc. that are working, often in isolation, on local tree planting and reforestation efforts. One of the things that malicagua showed me is that I will be involved in future tree planting in Ecuador. I don't know precisely how or exactly when or where, but I saw the trees, mature trees, as well as saplings and seedlings sprouting up.

I also foresee other hubs for marine environment remediation and social justice efforts in other places. Everything starts with a small seed. There are vast trees here in the South American forests that sprout from tiny little seeds, and send out huge branches, that stem from immense trunks, and provide shelter for bird nests, blossoms for bees to make honey and nectar for humming birds, and much more. That is the analogy in my mind.

One man´s evil against me can be transformed, and ought to be, in a sort of alchemical process, and turned into a great lesson that eventuates in tremendous good for untold millions and billions of other living entities, both human and non-human. That can happen, all of that and more, and it begins right here, right now, with the legal process that I have initiated. And it grows from that.

It starts with me, not that it has to, but just because I happened to have gotten run over on the highway of life and having lived to tell the tale, have decided to do something about it that entails more than just whine and cry.

So who can and will help with financial support for my thousands of dollars of legal fees? If you can help, if you are able and willing, contact me and we'll work out the details. The need is both present and future.

I can see Pachamama's doing in so many things now. I was almost slain, and the truth of it is that in my months in the public hospitals here I have watched other men die; they are there one minute and the next minute they very quietly slip away. If you weren't paying close attention you wouldn't even notice their passing. People think it's hard to die, when in fact it's very easy. It's living a worthy life, a life with significance and meaning, that is difficult.

A Word About the Many Sink Holes, Booms and Earth Tremblings Being Reported Globally

Linda Moulton Howe (one of my favorite people) has been reporting for some time on the many sink holes, huge, loud booms and unexplained explosions and ground shaking being reported from all over the world.

This reminded me of one of my most interesting interviewees over the last twenty years. I am talking about a polymath, genius or near genius level IQ, with expertise in geology, mechanical and industrial engineering, mathematics, chemistry, rocket engineering, lunar science and more. He worked for decades at a very high level in the Top Secret alphabet soup, including at Area 51 with Edward Teller. I once asked him if he ever worked with an extraterrestrial. His answer was interesting. He did not say "yes" or "no," instead he said, "I don't know." And then he added that the subject of extraterrestrials and UFOs was certainly a topic of discussion in the cafeteria at Area 51.

Anyway, I asked him about the issue of the huge, deep underground earthquakes, the ones that occur hundreds of miles beneath the surface. He told me they are likely attributable to phase changes in the state of matter, from liquid to solid, for example, or vice versa, or from crystalline to another state, or vice versa, etc. I asked him what constituted the core of the Earth. He told me that the truth is that no one knows for sure -- is it a plasma, super dense metal, hollow, a vacuum, something else? No one can say for sure. This is a man who worked at the very highest levels of the American military-industrial complex in the second half of the 20th century, on a lot of sensitive projects.

I spent many hours in personal conversation with him, including talking about evidence of previous pole flips or sudden pole meandering and precipitous climate change -- IN ONE DAY! There are certainly people in the military-industrial complex who have an awareness of these things.

One of the things he told me was to pay attention to the books of Immanuel Velikovsky, which of course deal with planetary and solar system upheaval, when the planets go walk about and cause cataclysmic geological upheaval here on Earth.

This would include stupendous inter-planetary electrical discharges, as the various bodies seek electrical equilibrium, producing apocalyptic, atmospheric energy displays.

We are just in beginning days of great changes, based on what I've seen in a lot of my dreams and visions. What happens in the Earth's core can take a period of years to work its way out to the surface.

Got any popcorn?

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A Fond South Texas Echo

And finally, a little something from my Texas Hill Country days, a snippet from a Doug Sahm concert in Switzerland, with that big, hard driving, South Texas sound. You can hear echos of the dance hall in Luckenbach, and those sauna hot summer nights with the dry droning of the cicadas as the huge, full moon rises up over the Balcones Escarpment and washes over the countryside. So many memories of a time and people and places I will never see again.

They get rolling about 33 seconds in:

Dynamite Woman