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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stuck in Ft. Meade, Maryland With The Kunia Blues Again

With apologies to Bob Dylan, but come to think of it, isn't he conspicuous by his deafening public silence on any of the pressing social, economic, political, military, ecological and/or spiritual issues of the day? I mean, if he's saying anything substantive on the great issues of our time, he's doing it so unobtrusively that his voice goes virtually unnoticed and his views unremarked.

In my recent comments on the NSA's (National Security Agency) totalitarian spying activities, I somehow forgot to mention the underground base at Kunia, Hawaii. It's been there for decades. I first heard about it back in the early 1990s when one of my sources mentioned an underground base in Hawaii that's under a pineapple field.

Anyway, in recent years the Kunia underground base has been one of the NSA's subterranean operations centers dispersed around the world. Please see:

NSA Kunia Regional Security Operations Center

Regional SIGINT Operations Center Kunia

I remember when I was just getting started in researching, writing and speaking about secret underground bases and tunnels. My first question was whether they really exist. Now I know that there are many underground bases, and undersea bases and tunnels, too, and I prove that in my books. Pick any science fiction scenario you prefer and it may well be playing out underground or undersea: time travel, teleportation, genetic engineering and cloning programs, artificial intelligence, secret gold and uranium mining, spy bases, extraterrestrial bases, mind control centers, slave labor camps, hellish torture prisons, secret nuclear missile bases – and much more.

Those are just some examples that occur to me right off the top of my head. I no longer put any limits on what may be transpiring down there. But why is so much of what happens undersea and underground kept so secret?

Why, to hide it from you, of course!

And if it has to be so carefully hidden from you, that implies that you might not like very much what is happening, if only you knew about it, but since you don't know much or anything about what is going on far below your feet, courtesy of multiple, hermetic layers of physical and bureaucratic security, you are not in a position to do much of anything, not even complain, because you simply do not know enough to even be able to complain intelligently. All of that is by coldly calculated design.

But please do understand that the secret bases certainly do exist, along with untold miles of secret tunnels, and that all of this can be, and often is, WAAAAAYYYYY down there beneath the surface. As one expert patiently explained to me, it is veritable “child's play” for modern engineering firms to construct manned bases one mile underground. I have been given softer information that bases can be as deep as 12 or 14 miles. I haven't been deep underground to confirm that, but who knows? I am already impressed with depths of merely one or two miles.

Many years ago in a clear dream, I was shown a cut-out view of the Manzano underground base, beneath the Kirtland AFB-Sandia National Laboratory complex, to the immediate southeast of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I remember thinking that it was much larger than the official documentation admitted. I could see quite a lot of underground water in the northern reaches, as well as an extraterrestrial presence.

As I continued my research I happened to be conversing several years later with one of my sources, and he threw out the information that the Manzano underground base in New Mexico is “truly vast.” He is a man who carefully considers his words. Having lived, worked, traveled and studied in New Mexico and the Albuquerque area, my sense is that the entire Manzano mountain range, including its eastern slopes, is deeply tunneled out. I believe that the tunnels likely extend northward under Interstate Highway 40 and into the depths of the Sandia Mountains, as well. Furthermore, I believe the so-called West Mesa or Nine Mile Hill area to the immediate west of Albuquerque is likely to be deeply tunneled out. And there are probably deep tunnels running from the Albuquerque-Kirtland AFB-Sandia complex up to Los Alamos to the north, and down to White Sands in the south, with tunnel connections from those places to other destinations in Colorado, Texas and beyond. That is my best guess from years of research and many interesting conversations.

NSA Underground All Over The World

Linda Moulton Howe has speculated that the massive, new, NSA spy base in Bluffdale, Utah may have secret underground levels beneath the extensive facility that has been constructed on the surface.

I believe we can accept that as a given, being as the NSA has gone underground everywhere else that it has a significant presence: Pine Gap, Australia; Menwith Hill, England; Ft. Meade, Maryland; Medina Annex, Lackland AFB, Texas; Kunia, Hawaii.

We should expect no less of the center at Bluffdale, Utah. This massive, globe-spanning, NSA spy operation that is sweeping up everyone and everything, is part of the working of The Machine that is assaulting this planet and the human race.

The Machine does not mean well, and it will not stop coming. It is bent on total conquest. It is ruthless. It is relentless. And it has millions of servants and eager sycophants who have and will eagerly sell their souls in its craven service.

That is what we are up against. The only way out that I can see is creative, nonviolent noncooperation with The Machine. We don't have a lot of time. This century, and specifically these very months and few years that we are living right now, are decisive, determinative.

The battle for the disposition of the Earth has been joined. If you are on the planet at this juncture in history then you are caught up in a great conflict that has been raging for a very long time, and which has reached a critically important pass in our lifetime.

Everything is on the line: the oceans are dying, the great tropical forests are disappearing, the ecology is contaminated with a witch's brew of chemical toxins and radioactivity, the ruinous global financial system has plunged people into dire poverty by the hundreds of millions and billions, the biosphere is reeling from a vast world-wide extinction event, and in the international political arena there is the continuing threat of a global nuclear war.

Some years back, I was reflecting on some of these issues with another man and I asked: “Where is the front?” I now realize that if you are on this planet you are “at the front.” This whole Earth is a battleground, for the Life Force of Nature itself.

For all I know, the battle is raging throughout the entire galaxy and the Earth is the last, desperate hold out, a sort of galactic Waterloo, Gettysburg and Normandy landing, all rolled into one, a pitched battle for the salvation of the entire galaxy – or maybe for the whole Universe.

Who can tell? Because what is happening on the Earth is very strange, and apparently extremely important, because great and persistent effort has been made, for unknown thousands of years, to conquer the planet's territory, and to destroy or subjugate the resident human population(s). Clearly, someone, or some faction(s), very highly value(s) the subjugation of the Earth.

I am convinced that to answer that question is to gain invaluable, very high level insight into the working of this galaxy, and maybe even the Universe itself.

The highly secretive, massively funded and deeply intrusive and oppressive spy program of the NSA is part of the assault against the entire Earth. We are dealing with a cold, inhuman, inhumane, implacable, merciless and pitiless adversary who does not wish the vast majority of us well.

Bob Monroe, How Could You?

In that sense, I regard the betrayal of Robert Monroe, as he sold out to the CIA, the NSA and the DIA as an exceptionally vicious and nasty Judas kiss to humanity. Why do I say that? Consider:

The work of the CIA is drug running, human trafficking, assassination, murder, money laundering and theft, invasion and overthrow of other countries, mind control, false flag terror events. That is the unspeakable work of the CIA. They have been at it for more than half a century. In a word, they are psychopaths.

The NSA. All we know about them is that they are super-secret, have squandered billions and billions of the American people's tax dollars, and, oh yeah, are engaged in a massive, world-wide, immoral and illegal violation of the human rights and civil liberties of all of Humanity. In a word, they are psychopaths.

The DIA, and the whole umbrella of so-called “military intelligence” (I know, I know, it's a classic oxymoron) agencies have been involved in every filthy, perfidious, reprehensible activity you can possibly imagine: torture, murder, rape, institutionalized lying, disinformation of every variety, prolonged cover-up of the UFO and extraterrestrial reality, and much more. In a word, they are psychopaths.

Add it all up: unending wars, here, there and everywhere, coups d'├ętat , assassinations at home (anybody remember how the Kennedy brothers, Malcolm “X” and Dr. King got blown away?) and abroad (anybody remember Che Guevara and Patrice Lumumba?), lies and more lies, disinformation, theft of billions and trillions of dollars, rape, torture, narco-trafficking, gun running, human trafficking, false flag terror attacks, mind control programs, and other satanic activities too despicable to even be mentioned.

And Bob Monroe contracted with these agencies, trained their spies, furthered their activities.

Has even one of the psychic spies he trained ever apologized for being associated with the repugnant filth and rot at the NSA, CIA and DIA? Have they ever publicly renounced their ties with these organizations and publicly repudiated the agenda of the American government, and its military and espionage agencies as they assault the Earth and the rest of humanity, spreading death, destruction and suffering most everywhere they go?

Have they? You see, that's what profoundly bothers me about Robert Monroe and the nest of psychic spies he trained for the American alphabet soup agencies.

And Lyndon Baines Johnson, Too

I lived and worked in the San Antonio, Texas and nearby Texas Hill Country region for more than ten years, including in Gillespie County, home of Lyndon Baines Johnson, and site of his Texas White House when he was in office in the 1960s. I knew people who knew Lyndon and it is the considered opinion that LBJ had personal involvement in the plot to kill Jack Kennedy.

The ranch where he and Lady Bird lived in his presidential years lies right along the Pedernales River. I know the river well, as I do the Guadalupe, too. I worked all up and down those rivers, from one end to the other. I know the whole Hill Country region practically like the back of my hand, and I love it so, though I may very well never see those parts again in this lifetime.

Not long before I headed up to North Dakota in the spring of 2010 for a nonviolent, peace demonstration on a nuclear missile silo at Minot Air Force Base, I stopped at Lyndon Johnson's grave site. I lingered by the fence of the family cemetery and said: “What the fuck, Lyndon? How could you? Just for temporary political power? Only to slaughter people in Vietnam by the hundreds of thousands?”

Before leaving I picked up a couple of quartz pebbles from the banks of the Pedernales, just below the cemetery where LBJ is buried. I incorporated them into the crystal necklaces that I wore when I went over the fence onto the nuclear missile silo in North Dakota. You can see my statement and my get up here. Read the statement to the end for a full explanation of my dress and motivation.

What the Fuck, Robert Monroe?

And that would be my same question for Bob Monroe: “What the fuck, Bob? How could you? Is it worth that to you, just to belong? To be on the inside of the action in the CIA, the NSA and the DIA? Do you really believe in their lies, their murder, theft, narco-trafficking, spying, assassination, gun running, deceit, two-faced double-dealing, serial wars, false flag terror operations, coups, human trafficking, disinformation? Do you? And if so, what does that say about you and your eternal soul? And if in your heart you don't really believe in that agenda, and you just did it for the money, then how are you different from any other whore?”

I am beginning to understand why Bob Monroe was so outwardly cold to me on every occasion that I personally met him. By personal and professional choice he was closely involved with some extremely dark and evil forces associated with the USA government and military. At the same time he saw inwardly my future life trajectory, and that he wouldn't turn me to their service. Whence his frosty demeanor toward me.

Ongoing Need For Legal Expenses Assistance

My quest for justice continues, as my criminal complaint against my aggressors moves through the Ecuadorean justice system. Due to the gravity of my injuries, which included internal injuries, physical blows, extensive nerve damage, and extensive physical and emotional trauma, I spent more than four consecutive months hospitalized. I am now out of the hospital and continuing to recuperate with acupuncture, electro-therapy, radionic and scalar treatment, and physiotherapy. Due to persistent nerve damage and impaired function in my lower extremities I am now walking with crutches.

Serious crimes are occurring in the Amazon region, including in the shamanic tourism industry, so my case is therefore not completely unique. However, due to factors such as fear of retaliation and lack of money to retain legal counsel, comparatively few victims come forward to challenge the criminal elements. The sacred shamanic path of spiritual realization and integration has been criminally corrupted or violated in many instances, by indigenous shamans and brujos who are not seeking higher consciousness and divine wisdom. This is a deeply rooted problem in the shamanic tradition in the Amazon region. The shamanic plants themselves recognize that this is a problem.

I am therefore a bellwether, a sort of path breaker who is opening the way for others, as a type of wounded warrior who stands up for justice, in spite of the personal cost. The National Police recognize that there is a crime problem in the Amazon region on the part of certain shamans and brujos, but without witnesses who will testify, or victims who will file criminal complaints, it is difficult to successfully prosecute cases. So my case is important, as a help to break the "omerta" barrier, the fear-based silence.

In the near term, I need $3,000 to meet the legal fees to move the case forward. There are legal motions to be made, other legal paperwork and research, meetings with the prosecutor, medical examiner and police, the gathering and analysis of evidence, etc. It's the nature of the legal system and my attorneys also have to travel from Quito to the Amazon region, which is an all day trip. So it costs money. The billable hours add up. Justice has a price -- in time, suffering and money. That is the character of the world that we live in.

My medical and legal ordeal has wiped out my meager personal savings. My legal expenses are ongoing and thousands of dollars will be needed to successfully prosecute the case. The case has wider importance beyond just my personal situation, in the sense that justice for one man will shine the light of public and legal scrutiny on the wider problem of many other crimes in the region, crimes against both persons and nature, and others will be encouraged to come forward. I appreciates your generosity in aiding my ongoing legal struggle for justice in the Amazon. Donations are not tax deductible or refundable. They go for my legal expenses in Ecuador, to bring my assailants to justice at the earliest possible time. Won't you please be generous! Contact me at or Skype me at richard.sauder333 (I am not a Free Mason.)