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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Spherical Surveillance & The Edgy Snowden Saga

(Please note that my new e-mail address is: Yahoo abruptly cancelled my previous e-mail account.)

I don't know what to tell you other than that we are very deep into the weeds, indeed. No doubt you know that already, or you probably wouldn't be browsing the types of websites on which my writings appear, or to which they are linked.

I suppose the best way to begin to deconstruct the hidden 90% of the Edward Snowden Saga (or perhaps rede would be a better lexical selection than deconstruct, in both of its principal acceptations, given that the boy has precipitously jumped into the deep end of the pool and is conspicuously floundering) is to reiterate something which I first heard overtly expressed in about 1986 by a Hindu monk: that the Earth is a prison planet for fallen souls. Therefore, everything that we do and say, everything that takes place on this planet, the conjoined entirety of the contemporary global state of affairs in which the Edward Snowden Saga is occurring, is formed and informed by the prison planet reality in which it all is miserably embedded.

Look around! Given the current state of the great masses of humanity and our highly perilous situation is not the essential truth of that assertion evident on its face? Do we not live on a prison planet? Have we not been provided with bountiful evidence of that?

Given that essential context, then, for reasons that are not entirely clear to me, Edward Snowden, Glen Greenwald and all the rest of those prominently implicated in the Snowden affair have rather curiously, so far, gone out half-stepping. They assure us that what has been revealed about the NSA's spying program so far (and by implication the similar programs of other alphabet soup agencies in the USA and in other countries)-- that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, just about EVERYWHERE in the world is being spied on ALL THE TIME – that all of that is but the “tip of the iceberg”, and that far more astonishing revelations remain to be made.

And then they do not make those other “astonishing” revelations. The whistleblower and his journalistic enabler(s) somehow never seem to deliver the other 90% of the iceberg. They stammer. They stutter. They imply without specifying or revealing. They promise much and then deliver considerably less. They dither. They dribble out little fragmentary drips by tiny bits and pieces. They drabble. They … they … what I'm trying to say is, doesn't anyone have any balls anymore? Are there even any real manly men left who have the courage of their convictions? Are they all hogtied and castrated? Won't someone tell the people?

Which brings me to --

The Prisoner

The 1960s were so important, on so many levels. Every period is important, of course, none more so than the period in which we find ourselves at present, nonetheless, I repeat that the 1960s were especially important. A very dark agenda was given global impetus then, an agenda that had decades or centuries, nay, entire millennia of invidious preparation behind it, and probably carefully concealed tentacles (or should I say pentacles?) of off-planet connections and control extending to planets and star systems far, far away. It's all so ancient, and secretive, and stealthy, and furtive, and subtle, and complex and obscure. And at the end of the day, all the dark agenda wants is to get close to you, to hold you tight, so very tight, and to wrap itself so very intimately around every part of your life and being, the better to control and feed off you, the better to drain you of your vital essence and potentiate itself, at your personal, mortal expense, in just the same way that an anaconda so desperately wants to be one with its prey. It wants it so bad that it simply can't restrain itself. So it wraps its prey in its suffocating coils, strangles the life out of it, and devours it whole. Mission accomplished. Prey and predator merge and become one. That's the gist of what is going on. There's a real reptilian dynamic at play here. We are regarded as prey. We are being sized up. We are being stalked, we are being attacked, destroyed and devoured. And this is taking place at the physical and spiritual levels simultaneously. To you, me, everybody. It is a global, equal opportunity take down. And it is happening RIGHT NOW.

The 1960s television series, “The Prisoner,” is wonderfully illustrative of part of what is going on. It is the creation of the gifted actor, Patrick McGoohan, who is also the principal protagonist of the series. I don't know where McGoohan found his information and ideas, but his series rings the changes on the many permutations in the 20th century of social control, social conditioning and social conformity (society as a prison), rendition (kidnapping and extrajudicial detention and torture) of people targeted by alphabet soup agencies, mind control, espionage, free will, bureaucratic control, the many alphabet-soup-agency technologies of control and extreme compartmentalization, use of mysterious, non-conventional, spherical technology for social control, surveillance and enforced compliance, and so much more. Albeit that “The Prisoner” is a half-century old, its themes are as equally applicable today as in the mid-1960s, and maybe even more so today, than they were then.

One of the most compelling elements (and there are many) of The Prisoner episodes was the "Rover," a large, spherical, white ball that was frequently seen, monitoring, surveilling and even impeding or attacking Patrick McGoohan. It was a totalitarian surveillance and control mechanism, par excellence.

And that has direct relevance for us today, because in recent decades very similar spheres have been reported in or around the underground bases of the American military-industrial-espionage complex. For instance, observers of the Northrop-Grumman deep underground Tehachapi base in southern California (and I will have more to say about Northrop-Grummans's wicked treachery below) have told me that they have seen floating, spherical, basketball-sized devices that seemed to be performing a surveillance function.

I have also seen similar spheres, lots of them, on multiple occasions, in geographically diverse and dispersed locations, over the past 25 years. I have personally observed many of them in the Albuquerque, New Mexico region, specifically near to, or actually on the Sandia National Laboratory-Kirtland Air Force Base military-industrial complex. Of course, that is the site of at least two, publicly acknowledged underground bases, one of which, the Manzano underground base, has been described to me as truly "vast" -- and that description came from a world-class expert on underground bases, and here I am describing someone of the stature of a Xaver Dorsch, the Third Reich's leading underground base expert, someone who worked within the USA alphabet soup at the deepest levels, the deep levels where the Edward Tellers, and others of that ilk, roam the subterranean corridors carrying out their Top Secret projects. That is where I have seen brilliantly glowing, small spheres appear, near the ground level, whenever I observed the front range of the Manzano Mountains. These things would appear in response to my observation. I have concluded that they respond to focused mental intent, and deploy to monitor whomever or whatever is observing the Manzano underground base. They would represent a preliminary level of security.

I have seen small flocks of them, beach-ball-sized, dull, metallic grey spheres, accompanying fighter jets that fly out of Kirtland Air Force base. They trailed alongside and behind the jets. One day, I saw several large spheres of various colors, as I recollect, red, black, green, iridescent, maybe 40 feet or so in diameter, materialize right out of thin air, over the crest of the Sandia Mountains (and let me say here that I believe the Sandia Mountains to contain a real ant hill of very secret high-tech tunnels and caverns). The cluster of large spheres then proceeded to sail at a sedate pace down to a position over the Northeast Heights area of Albuquerque, before turning about 90 degrees and very deliberately sailing up and over the middle of the Sandia Mountains and out of sight in a direct beeline to the east. This definitely piqued my curiosity, so not long after I got in my car and drove to the other side of the mountains in search of their destination, seeing as I had the very real feeling that they were en route to a specific location not far away.


That place turned out to be ICE Station Otto (ICE stands for Ionospheric Communication Experiments), on New Mexico Rte. 41, just a few miles north of Moriarty, New Mexico, headed towards the even smaller town of Stanley. It is remote and sparsely populated country, even today. And, wouldn't you know, ICE Station Otto coincidentally happens to be located just after mile marker 33. Why mile 33? Well, in the world of strange, space-time and mind-bending forces, realities, events, factions, plots, conspiracies and technologies of all stripes and improbable persuasions, the number 33 pops up time and again. That's just the way it is, for whatever reason. More than that I cannot tell you.

There are fewer antennas now than there were in 1989, but the appearance is practically identical in all other respects. The whited out area of the faded sign out front conceals the name of Sandia National Laboratory on the southeast outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico. And, yes, it is my highly educated observation that ICE Station Otto is a part of the secret electromagnetic research that the USA military-industrial-espionage complex has been carrying on for at least the last 100 years, and probably longer. It is part of the global control grid that has been set up. I may not understand everything that it does, because I am not on the inside of the project, but rest assured that the project does exist, it spans the globe and if you are reading this, it is highly probably affecting you, because you are almost certainly on, or very near, this (prison) planet called Earth.

I worked out the exact latitude-longitude coordinates of the installation and sent them to Bruce Cathie (now deceased), the pioneering New Zealand researcher into the shadowy, global electromagnetic grid network that has been set up in recent decades by the alphabet soup agencies of the world's major governments. He did respond to me and verified that the ICE Station Otto facility fits extremely precisely into the grid network that his research had discovered, and not only does it fit, but it fits with an exceptional accuracy of several decimal points. If you physically visit the place, you can verify this for yourself, by driving in from Moriarty, and as you crest the hill and descend towards ICE Station Otto you will see that New Mexico Rte. 41 was originally built so that it physically, slightly deviates and curves around ICE Station Otto. The ICE station takes precedence. The road was displaced, not the ICE station. The antennas have been extremely precisely positioned.

So I was watching the spheres, the spheres were certainly watching me, and the spheres clearly monitor or otherwise have something to do with ICE Station Otto, after all they led me directly there. And those who monitor and keep ICE Station Otto certainly know that I know about ICE Station Otto and its exact, nodal role in the global, electromagnetic grid network that the alphabet soup agencies (including the Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico) have established over the last several decades.

VAL COMM in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the outfit that answers the telephone for ICE Station Otto. If you want to know more, ask VAL COMM. I did. They have their name out front and presumably know something about it. For the record, I telephoned them in 1989 and inquired about ICE Station Otto. The only response was, "Do you have a need to know?" Of course, this is a clear signal that ICE Station Otto is, to at least some degree, a secret project, a black project, a classified project, etc., since "need to know" is the operative mechanism for preserving secrecy in compartmentalized operations of the military-industrial-espionage complex. Only those with a "need to know" are permitted to "know" about a given project's operational parameters. So I said that, yes, I did have a "need to know." And then I was given a dog and pony show explanation about how the Sandia National Laboratory is running an experiment in using the ionized trails of meteors to reflect radio waves as a secure communications mode, or some such hokum.

The ICE Station Otto installation, and its stealthy, shadowy connection with the USA military-industrial-espionage complex (i.e., the USA Department of Energy - Sandia National Laboratory) are clearly an integral part of the eerily shimmering, overhead control grid that ayahuasca showed me in an Amazonian, shamanic vision last year. We are on a prison planet, and we are bound by myriad control mechanisms, both see and unseen. I have just outlined for you some of the known elements of that system -- the control spheres (which a great many people other than I have also seen), the USA alphabet soup agencies, including Sandia National Laboratory, a globe-spanning, nodal grid of electromagnetic control stations, and, a decades-long program of international coordination with shadowy agencies in other countries. This program is global, and though it certainly includes the full complement of the USA alphabet soup agencies (NSA, CIA, DOE, etc.), this world-embracing, electromagnetic, multi- or inter-dimensional panoply is a joint project, a comprehensive control grid set in place by the dark powers that presently lord it over this planet and the human race.

The secret underground bases that I have written about extensively are absolutely also part of the global, control grid. Indeed, Edward Snowden was working in one of the NSA's multiple, underground bases at Kunia, Hawaii, before he fled to Hong Kong.

Now Then, About Ecuador ...

I have seen the spheres on other occasions, including just three months ago, in central Quito, Ecuador. As I have previously mentioned, I was hospitalized for several months earlier this year as a consequence of an assault here in Ecuador (more about that below). As I reclined in my hospital bed in central Quito, I suddenly saw a robin-egg-blue, beach-ball-sized sphere fly right by my hospital window. Now it is a large, bay window with a spectacular view of most of central Quito, and Mount Pichincha, the volcanic mountain that looms large over Quito, so I got a really good look at the sphere. It was moving southbound at about 30 miles per hour, right over Avenida Gran Colombia. About a half hour later I saw it pass by again, this time on the other side of the Ecuadorean Asamblea Nacional building, moving northward at the same rate of speed. In the several days thereafter, I also observed a number of very large, white spheres (just like the large, white sphere in "The Prisoner") slowly meandering over the slopes of Mount Pichincha. Given the distance and comparing to the size of fixed structures on the mountainside those spheres would have been in the range of 15-20 feet in diameter.

All of this took place just several weeks before the Edward Snowden NSA revelations and Snowden's subsequent very public request for asylum from many countries, including Ecuador and a number of other Latin American countries. The propaganda of the mainstream news media in the USA and Europe notwithstanding, the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, has clearly stated that if Edward Snowden can make it to Ecuadorean soil or to an Ecuadorean embassy, the Ecuadorean government will duly consider his request for asylum. Additionally, in recent weeks Rafael Correa and other Ecuadorean officials have played both a public, and a behind the scenes role in subsequent events related to the Snowden affair.

Segueing back to the blue sphere momentarily, as it went by my hospital window, about 100 feet in the air, I had the immediate impression that it instantly read and scanned me. That it was aware that I was observing it fly by the window, and that it also knew who I am, what I have done, what has happened to me, why I was where I was, my mental and physical condition, and what I would probably do in the future. It did all this in a split-fraction of a second, as it simultaneously read and scanned everyone and everything else in the vicinity. I had the impression that it was not focused solely on me, but on everyone and everything, comprehensively reading, noting, scanning, surveiling and minutely detailing and massively archiving it all.

To put this in what I believe is an appropriate context, this grand, intricate, high-stakes, deeply nuanced chess match involves multiple powerful espionage and intelligence agencies, multiple national governments and diplomatic agencies, private international organizations, national and international media and press organizations, several national police agencies and an engaged audience of myriad millions of so-called “ordinary” individuals worldwide. In other words, the whole affair has a very high historical valence. It is a sort of focal point or fulcrum that can have a very dynamic “quantum” effect on the historical time line.

What I am trying to say is that Edward Snowden is one hell of a vigorous butterfly, as these sorts of things go, and he is actively flapping his wings (though much more so on some days than others). It would seem that he has precipitated a, um, “ripple,” in the Force, as it were.

I believe this is well understood by a whole wide range of "observers of the contemporary Earth scene." I believe it is widely understood, both on this planet and off, in this time-space continuum, as well as in other interested and entangled realms and dimensions, that the Earth and humanity itself, stand poised at a historical and spiritual inflection point of enormous moment and import. Enormous stakes are riding on the consequences, possibly up to the galactic level and maybe even farther afield than that. It is clear to me now, given the totality of all that I have learned and observed, that the Earth is a crucial battleground in a stupendous conflict being waged over unimaginable spans of time and space, and that the outcome has incalculable significance. And tiny Ecuador, serving as a sort of proxy for a global heart chakra, has improbably surged to the fore of the exceedingly complex fray.

It was an Ecuadorean diplomat who facilitated Snowden's flight from Hong Kong to Russia, where he remains, as of today. Ecuador has also openly said that it would consider his asylum request. So Ecuador has played a pivotal role in these important events, and I do accept that they are important, potentially even civilization defining, in all of their ramifications and permutations. Of course, Quito, especially the central part of the city, is the main power center of Ecuador. I do not think it was coincidental at all that the blue sphere slowly flew down one side of Quito and up the other. My opinion is that the blue sphere is an unimaginably sophisticated surveillance device, sent to compile an exceedingly detailed record of Quito and Ecuador, and of the humans in Quito and Ecuador, and their myriad interrelationships and interactions, in all their myriad permutations and combinations, at all levels and in all ways. My opinion is that someone, maybe even a galactic-level archival expedition, wanted a mind-boggling, complexly comprehensive record of that slice of Earth space-time, in all its bewildering dimensions to archive, to analyze, to preserve for all time, to take a universal snap shot of Quito, as it were, as we all stand poised in an extremely uncommon, exceedingly infrequent planetary, perhaps even galactic (and beyond) moment.

Given the flight path of the blue sphere over central Quito it would/could have scanned or surveilled the:

Military Geographic Institute (with many of the functions of the U.S. Geological Survey)
Eugenio Espejo Hospital (the major public hospital in Ecuador)
National Medical University
National Military Hospital
National Museum and several other major museums
National Comptroller
Institute of Public Works Contracts
National Social Security Offices
The Ecuadorean Justice Department
The Ecuadorean Supreme Court
The provincial government office buildings
The Quito municipal office building
The Ecuadorean National Congress
The Ecuadorean National Archives
Ecuadorean Central Bank
Headquarters of the National Development Bank
Several of the most prominent universities in the country

Just a mile or so away is the Presidential palace, the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Quito and numerous museums full of literally thousands of years of the historical treasures of the northern Andean region, including quite a lot of gold and silver jewelry, fine art work, ceramics, stone work, ancient weapons and other cultural artifacts. In addition, there are literally tons of gold and gold leaf religious decoration and ornamentation in the ancient Roman Catholic cathedrals in the historic district of Quito.

My guess is that the most sophisticated of the spherical devices are unbelievably sentient machines, and very possibly have at least the following sorts of characteristics and capabilities:

* advanced radionic, scalar, radio, optical, psychotronic, magnetic and astral surveillance technology;
* ability to pop in and out of any time-space continuum at desired spatial-temporal nodal junctions;
* sophisticated mind and memory reading technology;
* some are used in the military-industrial-espionage complex's most secret underground and undersea bases;
* can collect and archive massive amounts of information using variety of scanning modalities and comprehensively cross-correlate all collected data, images, thoughts, memories, files, archives, paper or electronic records, audio and video recordings in any format or medium, any governmental or private organization projects, plans, etc. using sophisticated, quantum super-computing technology;
* read and analyze thoughts and memories of millions of persons in real time and archive, analyze and cross-correlate that data;
* remotely scan and download any size digital data bases;
* comprehensively and minutely optically surveil any area with video;
* completely remotely scan and surveil the physical contents of any targeted building;
* scan for the physical location and specific quantity of precious metals and stones such as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, topaz, etc.;
* use sophisticated algorithms to project the most probable future history time stream of the targeted locale and populace;
* scan and report the aggregate level of conscious awareness of the resident populace of the targeted locality;
* scan, record and report the level of conscious awareness of any specific individuals of interest in the targeted locality;

-- and much more.

Many factions could be using these spheres, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, demonic and divine, benevolent, service to other factions, and also very violent, psychopathic, service to self types. You could have basic, no frills models of spheres, and then there could be the Rolls Royce of spheres, with all the bells and whistles, all the sci-fi technology that is so far advanced that you cannot even begin to imagine or comprehend it.

And, yes, I do think that what is going down on this planet right now, in these crucial months and years is extremely important, and has attracted a lot of very heavy duty attention, from very far and wide.

It could be the USA that has spherically surveilled Quito, but I rather suspect the surveillance came from a much higher, and much more sophisticated and benevolent level. I say that because of the astonishingly ham-handed kidnapping of Bolivian President, Evo Morales, by ignorant European factions, goaded on by an arrogant and even more ignorant USA power structure.

The USA-Euro Kidnapping Of Bolivian President, Evo Morales

By recently detaining, questioning and searching the presidential airplane of Evo Morales, in Vienna, Austria, as he flew back to Bolivia from Russia, the USA and Europe in one fell swoop have managed to alienate and enrage much of Latin America, and virtually all of South America. Far from winning hearts and minds, the so-called western powers are more and more revealing themselves to be ham-handed oppressors and aggressors, without the slightest regard for decorum of any sort, including international law and human rights. Oh, the USA government is just chock full of foreign policy geniuses. Ditto for the USA's European colonies in France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, and Spain. Geniuses, all of them, just brilliant.

The headlines here in South America have been large and indignant about the Evo Morales' detention. I am in total agreement with those who maintain that: "forcing down the Bolivian president’s plane was an act of piracy."

I also fully understand Evo Morales sentiments and reasoning when he stated that Bolivia does not need the USA embassy. Who can blame him or Bolivia for saying that? Or for closing the USA embassy in Bolivia? The USA government has no scruples or respect for anyone or anything, so who needs it? It has abundantly demonstrated its violent, lawless character,and who wants that in their country, their capital or on their continent?

Latin America Presidents Show obama What Real Manhood Is All About

Earlier, I lamented that it seems that there are no men with balls left. I spoke too soon! It turns out that there are several Latin American presidents with real cojones. Who knew?

The presidents of Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia have offered asylum to Edward Snowden. And the First Lady of Uruguay has also extended an offer of asylum to Snowden.

O.K., so technically the First Lady of Uruguay is of the female species and therefore does not have cojones, but can there be any realistic doubt that if she did, that they would be bigger than obama's? I mean, here she is, standing in solidarity with her presidential brethren in Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Nicaragua, in opposition to the astonishingly clumsy, thug-like policy of the obama administration and its knuckle-dragging fellow travelers in Europe.

And then there were the revelations in recent days of a major NSA spy operation against Brazil and other Latin American countries, which has produced another round of outraged suspicion in the region.

To say that there is growing distrust and mistrust of the USA government in Latin America would be much too charitable a statement. What comes next, is the logical question. It's hard to say, but barack obama is rapidly shredding whatever dwindling speck of goodwill he and the USA government may have still had in Latin America.

One has the feeling, though, that obama has scarcely begun his great, red-white-and-blue magnum opus of "Change That America Can Believe In!"

Are you excited yet?

The Deep Wickedness of Northrop-Grumman

Early in my research on underground bases I was made aware of Northrop-Grumman's Tejon Ranch, huge underground base, in southern California, where glowing surveillance spheres have been seen. The base is reported to be quite deep and elaborate, and to conduct electromagnetic research. If I had to guess, based on soft evidence and logical deduction from my years of archival and documentary research, I would say that they are probably delving into advanced, electro-gravitic technologies, and maybe time travel. I would make a reasonably educated guess that Northrop-Grumman have done advanced R&D on the mysterious, floating sphere technology, and probably on the big, electro-gravitic triangles with the glowing, reddish-orange, plasma drive, too.

You may or may not recall that Grumman built the Apollo manned space program's “lunar lander modules” back in the 1960s and early 1970s. And here is more about that. In other words, while everyone has been focused on alleged high strangeness at Montauk all these years, maybe they should have paid a little more attention to what was going on just up the road at Grumman, in Bethpage, Long Island. Richard Hoagland is right about the Masonic, ancient Egyptian and Top Secret aspect of the manned space program that has been largely hidden from the American people and the rest of the world. And, hey! -- it turns out that Grumman was right there in the thick of the secret mix, right at the very heart of the Apollo program. The allegation in some quarters is that, yes, the Apollo astronauts did go to the Moon, but that the technology that got them there was souped up a bit. I can believe that, especially given Grumman's involvement and the decades of Grumman's secretive work in the military-industrial-espionage complex. Nowadays known as Northrop-Grumman, the company is today heavily involved in Homeland Security. And it produces a wide variety of drones.

Is it any surprise that Northrop-Grumman is also heavily involved with the NSA? And here is more evidence of Northrop-Grumman's NSA complicity.

So add Northrop-Grumman to the list of evil entities that are dragging Humanity down -- the NSA, CIA, Mossad, DHS (Homeland Security), the Pentagon, the USA Federal Reserve Bank, Monsanto, BP, General Electric, MicroSoft, Northrop-Grumman. Is there no end to the treachery and evil?

If Humanity Has A Future It Is In The Southern Hemisphere

I think it's over in the northern hemisphere. If Humanity has a future it is in South America, sub-Saharan Africa , Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific islands (and if is the operative word). By itself, the radioactivity that continues coming from the exploded, melted-down nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan, is an extinction level event. The radioactivity is saturating the air, water and soil. The northern hemisphere is being irradiated the most heavily. North America is done for, that's what I think. I'm sure that the more savvy of the so-called, ruling elites are also aware of that. The Bush family has bought a very large piece of real estate in rural Paraguay, which not coincidentally, is in the south-central region of South America, most of which continent just happens to be in the southern hemisphere, don't you know.

As for the USA and Europe, the prospect is for the situation to continue to get grimmer and grimmer, week by week, month by month, year by year. There is already extensive Predator drone spying in the USA. The USA Postal Service is photographing and logging for law enforcement every single piece of mail that transits the mail system, and previously secret FBI documents uncovered by the Freedom of Information Act reveal a recent assassination plot to shoot Occupy Movement leaders via sniper fire, including in San Antonio, Texas, where I lived from 1999 to 2009. You can peruse the documents here. Pages 61, 68 and 69 are perhaps most salient, but it is all educational. Now I have a history of public activism; my publicly stated opposition to any number of USA government policies is known by many. And I continue to write, and to give occasional radio and Internet interviews on timely topics. So recent, internal, heavily redacted, partially whited-out, FBI documents that pointedly refer to killing activists, including in San Antonio, Texas, where I very recently resided for ten years, definitely have my full attention.

If you live in the USA that ought to have your full attention, too.

It gets even worse. It seems that each new day brings a further outrage. The NSA's powers have been increased even more by the rulings of a secret court that is completely outside the constitutionally mandated system of governmental check and balances.

Of course, the logical question in the face of so much criminal violation of civil liberties becomes, "Are we really free when Big Brother is systematically turning America into a giant prison?"

The answer to that question can only be, "No!"

The Future Is Here Now

The Dark Future that ayahuasca and malicagua have intimated to me, a scenario of totalitarian dictatorship controlled by a shimmering, overhead net, or grid, that controls everyone and everything is already in place: the drones, the spy satellites, the NSA global surveillance and monitoring, the control and surveillance of the Internet and the telephone network, it's all already in place. Now they are just tightening the screws. And the plants also warned of plans for “totalitarian nuclear warfare,” which is already underway, with the use of depleted uranium munitions by the USA and NATO, with exploded, melted down, nuclear power plants in Chernobyl, Ukraine and Fukushima, Japan. These plants cannot be fixed or repaired with present technology. Then I was specifically warned of the danger of "false flag," low-kiloton, very high radiation yield nuclear explosions in multiple American cities, to be carried out by a sinister, shadowy, very well connected, international cabal that hopes to spark off thermonuclear warfare. Not to say that this will happen, only to say that it appears there is a psychopathic faction that wants it to happen.

Another thing that I have observed, inwardly and outwardly, during my almost three year shamanic quest in South America, is that the Pentagon is definitely injecting itself by bits and pieces, here and there, into the South American shamanic scene, especially in the Amazon. Ayahuasca is aware of this, and there is one individual in particular I was made aware of, whose name I will not mention, but he is a real darkly wicked piece of work. It would not surprise me if Satan himself came to personally carry his soul to the deepest, most ghastly pits of hell at the end of his days, so slimy and putrid is he. I would add one thing more: whoever you think he is, he's not that person, and that is all I have to say on that score.

But don't doubt for one minute that there are deep, dark crimes going down in the Amazon region. Last year, in Pastaza Province, Ecuador, a young school girl was kidnapped and decapitated. Her headless body was discovered some days later, discarded near the main highway in the region. Her head has yet to be recovered.

Just a few weeks ago, a young American student disappeared in BaƱos, Ecuador and was last seen headed towards the jungle in Pastaza in a pickup truck. I fear for young August Reiger's well-being, if indeed he is still alive.

I can only wonder if John Lash's Archons are behind all of this evil and wickedness, that is rampaging over this world. I don't know, but it does give pause to think and ponder. Certainly, ayahuasca has shown me visions that are very reminiscent of what Lash has to say, the heartless, soulless, pitiless Machine that is ravaging this planet and humanity -- destroying, conquering, devouring, enslaving, controlling, just rolling on and on, mechanically rampaging and sucking the very life juice out of veryone and everything. It will stop at nothing. It will never relent, it will never tire. The only way out that I can see is for a massive, creatively nonviolent, planetary Upwising of Humanity, and while it is true that there are some signs of that here and there, even now, I am not sure if there is enough of it, and if it is happening in sufficient time to remedy the dire situation in which we find ourselves.

To cite but one example of many, the Amazon forest is disappearing. It is being destroyed by legal and illegal logging, cattle ranching, slash and burn agriculture, population growth, oil company toxic chemical contamination, you name it. Perhaps it wouldn't matter so much, but the luxuriant vegetation in the Amazon region pumps out something like 20-30% of the oxygen in this planet's atmosphere. And the Amazon forest is being destroyed. I've seen it with my own eyes. I hope the destruction can be stopped, and maybe even reversed, but if it is not, we're cooked. We're done. We are oxygen breathers and I don't know about you, but I seriously doubt that I can survive with 20-30% less oxygen.

But that is where we are headed, and real fast.

The flip side of John Lash's Archons, and their destructive, predatory nature is Sophia. Mother Nature. The divine feminine, if you will. I can also relate to that, as perhaps the most remarkable personality, and arguably the most impressive and powerful spirit that appeared to me so far in my shamanic quest is none other than Pachamama herself, Mother Nature. She appeared to me as a supremely compelling, strikingly regal and very green Mantis Lady, full of authoritative dignity and possessed of a consummate femininity that defies easy description. I could best describe her as all female, a woman's woman. She exudes a most pleasing, gracious feminine aura.

To say that she is comfortable in her own exoskeleton is a serious understatement. She runs the show. She directs the ecosystem. She animates the biosphere. It is my considered opinion that only an absolute, blithering ignoramus would work against her. The far more intelligent approach is to fully cooperate with her in animating and caring for Nature. That is the only wise course that I can see. All else is folly and leads straight to catastrophic ruin.

But look around, and you see the folly on every hand, all over the world, including in the Amazon region. There is a surfeit of foolishness, there's no end to it.

Of course, the plants are aware of all of this, and much more. In that, I also agree with John Lash, that direct, conscious communication with Nature, via the agency of entheogens, i.e., hyper-conscious plants such as Iboga, ayahuasca, malicagua, San Pedro cactus, peyote, salvia divinorum, and the psychoactive mushrooms can be immensely helpful for those who are ready for and open to the deep message that Mother Nature has for humanity.

Most of these plants and mushrooms are illegal in the USA, so that tells you something more about the USA right there. The USA is not about freedom, liberty, deep thinking and deep communication with Nature. On the contrary, the agenda is one of control, war, destruction, shallow thought and violation of Nature.

Think petroleum industry fracking, British Petroleum destruction of the Gulf of Mexico, Monsanto's terminator seeds and Round Up pesticide, genetic engineering of almost every organism known, Big Pharma run amok, numerous nuclear power plants on the verge of failure with constant maintenance failures and crises, and that is just a partial list.

I hope we can turn this desperate situation around, but so far we have not, and unfortunately time is continually tolling, the clock is winding down.

How About A Musical Interlude?

I don't know about you, but I could do with a break. Why not have a listen to some of my favorite songs and performances, from the late 1950s and early 1960s, when I was a very small boy. These were the sounds that were on the radio half a century ago when I was knee high to a grasshopper. I never tire of listening to these artists and their music. For me, it's all timeless and encapsulates a cultural period that will not come again, and won't be surpassed, not by the present American culture, at any rate, what to speak of the future American culture, if such there even be.

I'm Sorry (Brenda Lee)

Walking In The Rain (The Ronettes)

In My Room (Beach Boys)

Da Doo Ron Ron (The Crystals)

Twist and Shout (The Beatles)

There was an enormously productive, rich, fertile, cultural ferment in the USA in the 1950s and 1960s, but by the mid-1970s, the life had been throttled out of it and it was essentially over for the USA, as any kind of promising society with something fresh and creative to offer to the rest of humanity. High powered rifle slugs that blew the brains out of Jack Kennedy and tore the throat out of Dr. King had everything to do with that. Several co-conspirators in the murder or cover-up of the assassination of JFK subsequently went on to become President of the USA – lyndon johnson, richard nixon, george h.w. bush and jerry ford. Very bad men all of them, foul, cowardly, craven, hollow souls, who turned deeply, sharply to the dark side, and the world is the worse for that. Their vile perfidy set the stage for what is going on today and now barack obama has set the USA on a headlong course for the pits of hell. And if you don't believe that, if you haven't grokked that, then maybe it's simply because you are not on that hideous monster's kill list this week.

Ongoing Need For Legal Expenses Assistance

My quest for justice continues, as my criminal complaint against my aggressors moves through the Ecuadorean justice system. Due to the gravity of my injuries, which included internal injuries, physical blows, extensive nerve damage, and extensive physical and emotional trauma, I spent more than four consecutive months hospitalized. I am now out of the hospital and continuing to recuperate with acupuncture, nutritional supplements, electro-therapy, radionic and scalar treatment, deep massage and physiotherapy. Due to persistent nerve damage and impaired function in my lower extremities I am now walking with crutches.

Serious crimes are occurring in the Amazon region (see above), including in the shamanic tourism industry, so my case is therefore not completely unique. However, due to factors such as fear of retaliation and lack of money to retain legal counsel, comparatively few victims come forward to challenge the criminal elements. The sacred shamanic path of spiritual realization and integration has been criminally corrupted or violated in many instances, by indigenous shamans and brujos who are not seeking higher consciousness and divine wisdom. This is a deeply rooted problem in the shamanic tradition in the Amazon region. The shamanic plants themselves recognize that this is a problem.

I am therefore a bellwether, a sort of path breaker who is opening the way for others, as a type of wounded warrior who stands up for justice, in spite of the personal cost. The National Police recognize that there is a crime problem in the Amazon region on the part of certain shamans and brujos, but without witnesses who will testify, or victims who will file criminal complaints, it is difficult to successfully prosecute cases. So my case is important, as a help to break the "omerta" barrier, the fear-based silence.

In the near term, I need several thousand dollars to meet the legal fees to move the case forward. There are legal motions to be made, other legal paperwork and research, meetings with the prosecutor, medical examiner and police, the gathering and analysis of evidence, etc. It's the nature of the legal system and my attorneys also have to travel from Quito to the Amazon region, which is an all day trip. So it costs money. The billable hours add up. Justice has a price -- in time, suffering and money. That is the character of the world that we live in. I would say more, but my attorneys do not want me to divulge more detail before trial.

My medical and legal ordeal has wiped out my meager personal savings. My legal expenses are ongoing and thousands of dollars more will be needed to prosecute the case all the way to a successful conclusion. The case has wider importance beyond just my personal situation, in the sense that justice for one man will shine the light of public and legal scrutiny on the wider problem of many other crimes in the region, crimes against both persons and nature, and others will be encouraged to come forward. I appreciate your generosity in aiding my ongoing legal struggle for justice in the Amazon. Donations are not tax deductible or refundable. They go for my legal expenses in Ecuador, to bring my assailants to justice at the earliest possible time. Won't you please be generous! Contact me at or Skype me at richard.sauder333 (I am not a Free Mason.)