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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Unthinkable Torsion Secrets Of Our Most Recondite Delusion

I'll say right up front and unapologetically that I hope this article severely torques your mind and catapults you right into another realm of awareness that is so weird, so unabashedly strange, that you cannot help but reexamine every single preconception you have about how this world really works, and what the fundamental nature of reality is, whether physical or social.

There, I've said it, and I'm not ashamed, on the contrary.

To put it another way, where the commonly accepted precepts of physical and social reality are concerned, where does the truth lie? It's just unthinkable, that's what it is. See what I mean? See the problem? True lies?

You think you know the truth, you've read history, current events, you've learned some chemistry or physics. You may even have a university degree or two in history, or physics or chemistry. You may even work in these fields in some professional capacity. And so you know what's going on. You know how things are put together. You know how the world and the Universe function.

Except you don't, not really.

Lester Hendershot's Fuelless Generator

Consider the case of Lester Hendershot's fuelless motor which most of my readers have probably never heard of. There is no question that that is by design, done on purpose, intended to keep the mass of humanity smugly ignorant and blissfully unaware of the degree of their slavery to powerful interests who manipulate the world in myriad ways that most people scarcely even suspect.

Interestingly, Hendershot's invention attracted the interest of Charles Lindbergh, the pioneering aviator of the early 20th century and a good deal of press attention. And then he was bought off by a major corporation he never deigned to reveal, and his revolutionary electrical generator languished undeveloped. Hendershot's explanation for the method of operation of his invention was that his generator simply tapped the energy potential of the Earth's magnetic field, by cutting the magnetic lines of flux as the Earth rotated. And why not?

Charles Dellschau & The Mysterious "Sonora Aero Club"

This had already occurred to others before him, such as Nikola Tesla. Indeed, it is a realization which is apparent to anyone with an open mind, anyone who regards the Earth's rapid rotation, the global magnetic field of the Earth and some of the elementary concepts of electrical and electromagnetic theory.

But it appears there were others, even before Tesla, who were tapping the fundamental energy sources of nature, albeit in an extreme, very careful secrecy, the better to occult their hidden society's trailblazing work. The discovery in a junk shop of the long-forgotten art work of Charles Dellschau, revealed a veritable 19th century treasure trove of hitherto unknown, genial splendor. Go ahead, click the link and read the story. Linger over Dellschau's lavish illustrations.

Found in a Junk Shop: Secrets of an Undiscovered Visionary Artist

Think of it, or maybe, unthink of it, as you wish: "... a secret society of flight enthusiasts which met in California in the mid-19th century called the ‘Sonora Aero Club’."

But there's more, so much more: "The club’s secret mission? To design and build the first navigable aircrafts using a secret formula he coded as “NB Gas” which could negate gravity and drive the ships wheels, side panels and compressor motors … "

Shades of Joseph Farrell's "red mercury," his NAZI bell technology and philosopher' stone, and by the way, Farrell's books are all rollicking good reads that probably have a great deal more truth in them than the majority of text books in use in the world's universities. I don't doubt that the same thing(s) or closely related class of energetic phenomena and associated engineering exigencies have been independently invented and reinvented, time and again, on the planet and off, over mind bending spans of space and time.

Thank goodness for the artist and UFOlogist Pete Navarro who rescued Charles Dellschau's important work from oblivion. The subtlety and gracious delicateness of Dellschau's renderings are most pleasing to the eye. He had a sophisticated aesthetic sensibility.

I could not help but notice the San Antonio, Texas association with one of the mysterious, 1897 airship sightings, being as I lived in that city for more than ten years. For my part, I accept that Charles Dellschau's Sonora Aero Club really existed and is likely the entity behind the wave of mysterious airship sightings all over the USA, in the late 19th century, many of which sightings were highly bizarre, to say the least, and for that reason, dismissed by many observers as nonsense and fantasy.

The USA Army Explores Dream Time(lessness)

I especially like Dellschau's illustration no. 33, because, well, you know.

I also like it because what he depicts here, and which I had not previously seen until very recently, is rather reminiscent of something that I have repeatedly seen in my deep dreaming, and that would be a time machine piloted by USA Army officers in khaki uniforms. The machine that I have repeatedly inwardly seen has two, large, circular, horizontal, rapidly rotating, fan-like mechanisms toward the center rear, and gangways or catwalks that connect the various parts of the vessel and along which the crew walk as the machine travels along. The time field itself appears to be featureless and grey, like a void, an indistinct nothingness that is difficult to describe with any precision. It is blank, empty and without discernible form. And through this featureless nothing, the time machine travels. I have to say that it is tremendously exciting to see the machine come and go -- you can sense it and feel it coming before you can actually see it; it has a real sense of magical imminence and mysterious wonder. I deduce that that is because it is accessing the featureless field of all that is. The personnel who operate this machine would not be ordinary men. Nevertheless, I have seen them (they are young Caucasians with military crew cuts), and they in turn look at me. I have no idea what they may be thinking or seeing. Neither do I know why I have seen them and the machine, other than that, for whatever reason, I somehow drift into states of consciousness where I perceive them and their activities.

Though could it perhaps have something to do with my intense interest in electronics when I was younger? I knew almost nothing of accepted electrical theory, but I saved my pennies and nickles and at a young age acquired a soldering gun. I remember putting odd collections of resistors, capacitors, transformers, coils and so forth together, connecting batteries to the hodgepodge of assorted electronic components that I stripped out of junked radios and discarded circuit boards I salvaged from trash I found in the neighborhood and --- nothing happened. I had no idea what I was doing, but in my imagination I was connecting up circuits that would do -- God only knows what. I was flying completely blind.

However, in light of the numerous flying saucers I have subsequently seen over the years, and the many sorties I have made into other realms of consciousness and spiritual dimensions, as well as the fact that I just don't think like the run of the great bulk of humanity (and thank God for that!) maybe the cobbled together hodgepodge of odd electronic parts I assembled from here and there and activated with no discernible results (at least to me, at the time) really did have results, but with a lag time of a few years, or decades.

And I don't know where to mention another USA Army time machine that I have also seen in the very clear, deep dream state. This one is a more modern looking model, that somewhat resembles a helicopter, in that it appears to use a modified Huey helicopter chassis, but the rotor is short, blunt and stunted. Inside the "flight" officer operates a console that somewhat resembles a complex panel of avionics controls, but in reality is not conventional electronics. The controls are radionic, or harmonic controls, that have to do with temporal resonance, with tuning into a desired temporal-spatial coordinate in the time-space flow. This machine is operated by two young, male Caucasians, and a young, African-American woman, who is the officer in charge of the time missions. They are all dressed in USA Army officers' uniforms. This particular machine operates by starting the rotor, which rotates faster and faster, until the machine lifts off the ground about two meters, and then it abruptly transitions to the grey, featureless, blank, nothingness of the universal time field, and is lost to physical sight.

It's About Time, It's About Space

It all has to do with time, timing, charged intent and torquing the field.

If you have perhaps ever chanced to read through Patrick Bailey's "OTHER VOICES: A SUMMARY OF RESEARCH NOT PRESENT," report to the Second International Symposium on New Energy (2nd ISNE), 12-15 May 1994, in Denver, Colorado, USA, and I truly encourage you to do so, you will have spotted the idea that: "bucking (opposite) electromagnetic fields can cancel their vector fields and generate a time varying quantum potential (the "A field," for those in the know)."

So who knows what kind of subtle "time varying quantum potential" the little butterfly-delicate "vector fields" of the capacitors, transformers, batteries and coils, that I dragged out of the neighborhood garbage, might have produced? Who knows? It was a kind of mania for me, there for awhile. During those years I also played with a little crystal radio set that I built, and spent many hours listening to the engaging transmissions that came in. They really fired my imagination. I understood that in certain respects the little crystal in my simple radio (or was it simple?) was not altogether ordinary. Thinking back on those days, I am not sure that everything that I received were all regular, commercial radio broadcasts. I spent hours, hours and hours, listening to the voices talk, from right out of thin air, deep into the night.

Due to my extensive reading in many fields, and close personal observation of nature itself, I arrived at the same position that many tinkerers, inventors, theorists, scientists and engineers have reached. I realized that the time field, and its closely related time-space field can be engineered, and the technical means of doing so involve very high electrical energies and/or the physics of rapid rotation (of almost anything really).

As to the time-effect aspect, or time-space-altering effect of very high powered electrical fields, currents or voltages, and/or rapidly rotating physical objects or energy fields, for whatever reason, when you place them in opposition, in the right configuration, and the energy fields cancel each other out, you can be left with -- um, well sometimes you are left with a sort of weird factor, where space and time and what you think you know is real, just goes goofily awry and REALLY STRANGE STUFF HAPPENS.

I think this is what the Sonora Aero Club stumbled across back in the 19th century, this is what the NAZI scientists were doing in the 1940s, this is the basis for a lot of so-called UFO technology (whether terrestrial human technology or technology of other races from elsewhere and elsewhen) and it is definitely known to the modern military-industrial-espionage complex. I surmise that the extremely high powered, high velocity linear accelerators so beloved of particle physicists produce a ripple in the Force, as it were. Like maybe at Brookhaven, Long Island, Fermilab, Stanford Linear Accelerator, CERN, or for instance, Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque.

It Was All Taken TOP SECRET

In the very interesting paper that I cite above, Patrick Bailey observes: "...a new investigation of the physics of rotating permanent magnets and rotating EM fields would be very interesting. All reported research in these fields seems to stop in the early 1950's. Why?"

Why because the military-industrial-espionage complex discovered tunnels in the time-space field, or distortions in the warp and woof of consensual reality, or something approximately like that, by playing around with the high energy physics of rapidly rotating, highly electrically charged technology, and took the whole shebang, deep, dark, blackest TOP SECRET.

That's why, Patrick.

I say this, because I had my own "ah-hah!" moment in the early year or two of my big block of secret underground bases research that I began in the last week of 1992. I combed exhaustively through the open source technical, engineering, industrial and scientific literature. I mean I went all the way back to the WW-II era and came forward in time, month by month, document by document, micro-fiche by micro-fiche. It took a lot of time. I did this because of the mysterious telepathic communication I had received the last week of 1992, right out of the clear blue, specifically alerting me to the presence of massive, sophisticated, TOP SECRET, deeply buried underground bases with unbelievable, sci-fi technology. As I went along, in my tedious document search, I certainly found plentiful evidence for a decades-long program of underground base planning and construction (thus definitively corroborating that what the telepathic voice had told me is completely true); and I also found something else that I had not anticipated: research into antigravity and electrogravitics, especially up until about the mid-1950s, or so, and then it all dwindled away to almost nothing. I remember thinking at the time; "They found something, they got results, that's why the open source document trail disappears, and they took all the antigravity and electrogravitics R&D classified, DEEP TOP SECRET." And I mean that literally -- DEEP TOP SECRET, as in deep underground, in secret, underground laboratories and fabrication facilities.

In any event, I almost set off on a multi-year project of intensive study of certain aspects of mechanical engineering, physical chemistry, vector physics and electrical engineering, the better to understand the partial evidence trail I had stumbled across. But real life intruded and I spent the next decade doing other things, instead. (Funny how that works.) But I saw enough to grok the major outlines of the big picture.

Undoubtedly, with the 19th century technical advances in electrical theory and engineering, high tolerance machining of precision mechanical parts, fly wheel technology, steam power, and the like, men with clever minds and access to well-equipped machine shops, stumbled across the same realizations and discoveries as other men would, in later decades, and previously had, in far remote millennia. This must be what happened with the Sonora Aero Club. And so they tinkered, and built, and experimented, and realized they had to keep it all hidden away from ignorant, prying eyes. And along the way, they presumably also encountered the high strangeness factor that technological engineering of the time-space continuuum, of the warp and woof of consensual reality inevitably produces. The parting of the perceptual and experiential veils between dimensions and time streams and all the disconcerting weirdness that eventuates when you step out of the mass mind, and then reenter the flow, after having somehow been away to somewhen else.

The Toy Gyroscope Proof

And by the way, you can very easily demonstrate the truth of part of what I am talking about for yourself, with a basic, toy gyroscope, or a spinning top, of the sort that young boys play with. Set the gyroscope to spinning and you can even position it horizontal to the floor without it falling over. That spinning gyroscope has established a partial, localized, temporary, anti-gravity field. When it stops spinning, it topples over, it falls down. It is no longer generating a partial, localized, temporary, anti-gravity field. The same thing with the spinning top. If you whip it out there fast, often times it will spin on its side, canted at an angle to the vertical. As long as it continues to rapidly spin, it doesn't fall over.

Now imagine what has been done in secret laboratories with technology multiple orders of magnitude more powerful and sophisticated.

This is no recent thing. This type of research has been going on for at least a century, or more. After all, do you think that the mysterious airships of 1896-1897 went unremarked by the turn-of-the-century military-industrial complex? Of, course, they didn't. At least since the mid-19th century, and probably since before that, there have been at least two (and possibly more) tracks of technical development: the open, public track and the hidden, occulted, TOP SECRET track.

T. Townsend Brown

Take T. Townsend Brown, for example, who for decades was investigating antigravity and electrogravitics for various agencies of the USA military, and also in France (explore all the links), for a period of time. What Brown was investigating was essentially the physics behind what most know as UFOs or flying saucers. A great deal of his work explicitly involved literal, highly electrically charged, flying saucers.

Do your own key word searches on T. Townsend Brown, his research and his career, his interaction with the USA military agencies, and his encounter with Admiral Hyman Rickover, who discouraged him from pursuing his research further. The obvious explanation of Rickover's warning is that Brown was getting too close in his research to classified projects of the USA military-industrial complex.

Interestingly, T. Townsend Brown was from the small town of Zanesville, Ohio. As it happens, Zanesville, Ohio popped up in one of the USA military documents that my early, underground bases research uncovered. Zanesville was mentioned as the possible site of a deep military excavation. I suspect that this is not a coincidence, though I do not know if the military ever put anything underground there.

In Conclusion

So if all these great discoveries and inventions have been made, why haven't they been made public? The simple truth is that people have been killed, intimidated, threatened, warned off, their careers and family life destroyed, all for coming forth with revolutionary new technologies and scientific and engineering breakthroughs. Patrick Bailey discusses some of these unfortunate cases in his presentation, "OTHER VOICES: A SUMMARY OF RESEARCH NOT PRESENT," to the Second International Symposium on New Energy (2nd ISNE), 12-15 May 1994, in Denver, Colorado, USA. The examples of T. Townsend Brown and Lester Hendershot (see above) are also illustrative of what goes on.

What it gets down to is that there is a real nasty cabal of industrial, banking and governmental interests on this planet who are doing all within their viciously dark powers to hold back humanity and destroy the Earth. Look at what is happening in Fukushima, Japan, in Chernobyl, Ukraine because of the nuclear industry, in the Gulf of Mexico because of British Petroleum, look at what is happening to the genetic codes of food crops worldwide because of the deep evil of Monsanto, look at the hell that has been unleashed on Libya, Syria and Iraq because of the unfathomable wickedness of the Pentagon, NATO and the global petroleum industry, look at the desperate poverty that afflicts billions of people because of the profound injustice of the global banking cabal, and on and on it goes.

I think it is fair to assume that if you made a genuinely functional, antigravity vehicle (a UFO or flying saucer in ordinary parlance) and went zooming around on test flights that your breakthrough would very quickly come to the attention of those who would rather that humanity not have such technology, and the USA military would dispatch a fighter jet or two, to blast you right out of the sky and hasten you along the way to kingdom come.

It may even be that the capability exists to send out teams through time to put the kibosh on such breakthrough discoveries in other historical periods, in other places and other times, the better to suppress and control the historical timeline, to the benefit of those who would aggressively lord it over humanity, and to the detriment of everyone else.

Ongoing Need For Legal Expenses Assistance

My quest for justice continues, as my criminal complaint against my aggressors slowly inches through the Ecuadorean justice system. Due to the gravity of my injuries, which included internal injuries, physical blows, extensive nerve damage, and extensive physical and emotional trauma, I spent more than four consecutive months hospitalized. I am now out of the hospital and continuing to recuperate with acupuncture, nutritional supplements, electrotherapy, radionic and scalar treatment, deep massage and physiotherapy. Due to persistent nerve damage and impaired function in my lower extremities I am now walking with crutches.

Serious crimes are occurring in the Amazon region, including in the shamanic tourism industry, so my case is therefore not completely unique. However, due to factors such as fear of retaliation and lack of money to retain legal counsel, comparatively few victims come forward to challenge the criminal elements. The sacred shamanic path of spiritual realization and integration has been criminally corrupted or violated in many instances, by indigenous shamans and brujos who are not seeking higher consciousness and divine wisdom. This is a deeply rooted problem in the shamanic tradition in the Amazon region. The shamanic plants themselves recognize that this is a problem.

I am therefore a bellwether, a sort of path breaker who is opening the way for others, as a type of wounded warrior who stands up for justice, in spite of the personal cost. The National Police recognize that there is a crime problem in the Amazon region on the part of certain shamans and brujos, but without witnesses who will testify, or victims who will file criminal complaints, it is difficult to successfully prosecute cases. So my case is important, as a help to break the "omerta" barrier, the fear-based silence.

In the nearest term, I need $1,750 to meet the legal fees to move the case forward to trial. There are legal motions to be made, other legal paperwork and research, meetings with the prosecutor, medical examiner and police, the gathering and analysis of evidence, etc. It's the nature of the legal system and my attorneys also have to travel from Quito to the Amazon region, which is an all day trip. So it costs money. The billable hours add up. Justice has a price -- in time, suffering and money. That is the character of the world that we live in. I would say more, but my attorneys do not want me to divulge more detail before trial.

My medical and legal ordeal has wiped out my meager personal savings. My legal expenses are ongoing and thousands of dollars more will be needed to prosecute the case all the way to a successful conclusion. The case has wider importance beyond just my personal situation, in the sense that justice for one man will shine the light of public and legal scrutiny on the wider problem of many other crimes in the region, crimes against both persons and nature, and others will be encouraged to come forward. I appreciate your generosity in aiding my ongoing legal struggle for justice in the Amazon. Donations are not tax deductible or refundable. They go for my legal expenses in Ecuador, to bring my assailants to justice at the earliest possible time. Won't you please be generous! Contact me at or Skype me at richard.sauder333 (I am not a Free Mason.)