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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ready Or Not -- It's Just Getting Weirder And Weirder

I have mentioned before that last year the Amazonian shamanic plants pointed out a couple of things to me.

1) That a suffocating dictatorship would be clamped down. Sure enough, the repressive police state is clamping down, here, there and everywhere. The Edward Snowden revelations of universal NSA surveillance of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is very much a part of the totalitarian social control system that is being quickly locked into place. There is one objective: to thoroughly enslave you beyond all hope of any semblance of true freedom.

2) There was/is a sinister plan to stage "false flag" nuclear attacks against several American cities, as a false pretext to initiate what was described to me as "totalitarian nuclear warfare." A number of cities were mentioned, including Baltimore, Maryland.

And wouldn't you know that just a couple of days ago a story popped up in the mainstream news cycle about a US Navy blimp loitering over the Baltimore area, doing "aerial mapping." Aerial mapping of what the story does not say.

Might the "aerial mapping" have anything to do with the sudden sacking of Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina from the number two command post at the US Strategic Nuclear Command? His firing was allegedly due to a fake gambling chip scandal at an Iowa casino.

Let's see. Aerial mapping. Fake gambling chips. Do you believe that?


And all of this comes just three weeks after the reported sudden movement of off-the-book nuclear weapons from Dyess Air Force Base in Texas to a destination in South Carolina, and an almost simultaneous warning from U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham that Charleston, South Carolina was in danger of being nuked by terrorists.

The timing seems very suspect to me.

It is all very much reminiscent of the nuclear weapons that went missing from Minot Air Force Base back in 2007, without authorization, and wound up at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana mounted on the wings of a B-52 long range bomber. It still is not clear where the missiles were headed and the whole incident was subsequently swept under the rug. Out of sight, out of mind. To this day, many unanswered questions remain about that incident.

Also at Minot AFB, just a few months ago, 17 nuclear missile launch officers were relieved of duty for, among other things, "... unwarranted questioning of orders ..."

I am speculating because I wasn't there and so do not know, but it occurs to me to wonder if they perhaps refused orders, to a man, to launch a unilateral nuclear strike?

Whatever the case, a similar incident happened at Malmstrom Air Force Base in August. What was the nature of the missile launch crews' "failure" at Malmstron AFB? It´s not clear from the media reports, but is it possible that the Global Strike Command gave them a strike order, and they refused to launch the strike?

Is it possible that the orders to launch nuclear war were given and the missile launch crews questioned and refused those orders?

One can always hope.

Judging from the sketchy information that makes it into the mainstream news cycle, there are very serious irregularities in the U.S. military's nuclear weapons programs. I doubt we are being told the complete truth about any of these events. I truly hope that the nuclear false flag attacks I was warned about do not happen. They don't have to occur. We do not have to have nuclear warfare. We can avoid that hell by choosing a different probability field. The future still has a plastic character. We can shape a different, better, humane future if we want to, and I hope and pray that we do.


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