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Monday, December 23, 2013

The Foreshadowing Of What Is Coming

I intend to still be here and in optimal physical, mental and spiritual health in 2050. In fact, I am looking much further down the line than that. Here is part of the reason why:

Michael St. Clair and I have never met, though we do have acquaintances in common, and have been in close, personal communication in past years. He is a Pisces, as am I, and though I am not a financial astrologer and adviser, as he is,  I have been given information, some years back, that does dovetail with, reinforce and generally agree with what he is saying about the period of 2014 to 2048.

In the 20th century I was shown a timeline of the 21st century, of some of the major, macro-trends. Of course, the many niggling details will sort themselves out in the due course of time, but in the bigger picture, the time frame of the early- to mid-2020s will be a time when extraterrestrial civilizations and other intelligent, space-faring species will come to be more openly recognized than now. I am speaking of broad, societal recognition by the general run  of humanity.  Even the dullest tacks in the pack, so to speak, will know and acknowledge that central reality, that basic, fundamental, galactic truth --  that the cosmos is bursting with life, that we are not alone, that there are oodles of other planets with resident populations of intelligent life, in fact, that we are only one of myriad planets with resident human populations. So this will happen between now and the years of approximately 2020 -2025. 

Already now, in 2013 and 2014, the process of dramatic transformation has begun and is well underway. The ferment and change will reach a sort of peak, if you will, in 2020 -2021, and in the immediate aftermath of that will come a dramatic kind of opening, with all sorts of new perspectives. We are on that trend line now. So what Michael St. Clair is talking about corresponds closely to what I have been shown. There will be a definite sort of sea change in the opening of terrestrial humanity to broader galactic realities. Those realities have been there all along, for untold millions and even billions of years. It isn't so much that the galaxy is changing, though at one level, in one narrow sense, it also is changing; rather, it is more accurate to say that the human group consciousness on this planet is about to undergo a kind of dramatic phase change. It won't happen in one day, but the contrast between the general state of consciousness of run-of-the-mill, terrestrial humanity as of today, and what it will be like ten or twelve years from now, will be strikingly different. 

One important factor in that will be the ongoing nuclear apocalypse at Fukushima, Japan and the entire nuclear technology apparatus globally -- from nuclear power plants, to nuclear weapons, uranium mine tailings and nuclear waste. There are literally thousands of various sorts of nuclear sites all across this world, in  many different countries -- France, the USSA, Russia, China, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Japan, Mexico, Iran and many more. Notice how Michael St. Clair points out the powerful influence of Uranus and Pluto in the coming years and next few decades, including in relationship to Mars, the traditional god and planet of war. Of course, the nuclear technology we have developed relies heavily on highly refined and purified plutonium and uranium. There is the obvious connection at a deep, archetypal level between the planet, Pluto, and plutonium, and the planet, Uranus, and uranium. Over the last 70 years, all of this has become tightly bound up with and intertwined with our military technology and commercial, energy production. These are global policy issues that involve the bulk of humanity at a planetary level. What has happened at Chernobyl, Ukraine and Fukushima, Japan with the explosion and melt-down of nuclear power reactors epitomizes our conundrum. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan by the USSA military in August 1945 set the whole process in motion. Since then there have been over 2,000 test explosions by many military forces of a wide variety of nuclear and atomic weapons that have liberally saturated the whole planet with poisonous radioactive, fall out.The widespread, battlefield use of depleted uranium munitions by the USSA and the NATO military forces in recent decades is also part of the nuclear demon we confront. Right now, we are additionally faced with the prospect of potential nuclear war on several fronts, possibly involving any two or more, or all, of the following countries in a complex, violent apocalypse with unforeseen consequences -- China, Japan, Russia, France, the UK, Australia, the USSA, Israel, Iran, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, South Korea, etc. 

Over the next few years and decades we will come face to face with the powerfully purified and highly refined essence of  uranium (Uranus) and plutonium (Pluto). In fact, we will have our collective noses rubbed in the radioactive, nuclear mess we have refused to deal with. In truth that has already begun and is now massively underway. It started in 1945 and never stopped. It will get worse and worse until either we decisively deal with it or it decisively puts an end to all of us and the rest of the planet.  That is perhaps the defining dynamic of the century from 1945 to 2045.

Big time.

We will collectively resolve this powerfully concentrated encounter with uranium (Uranus) and plutonium (Pluto). If we do not, we will probably go extinct. The forces involved are just that powerful.

Humanity is facing the Mother of ALL transformative, archetypal integration passages. It is like a global birth process. It is already underway. If we are not stillborn as a planetary species, if we are not all DOA (dead on arrival) by mid-21st century, completely Fuk'ed to hell, so to speak, then the years between 2020-2025 and again, approximately in the period 2040-2050 will see another period of ferment and transformation, in which the transformation and change that culminates in the catalytic events and change in consciousness of the period 2020-2025 will be consolidated, assimilated and lay the groundwork for what transpires around mid-century. In line with the great change (the great turning of which Michael St. Clair speaks from a mundane astrological perspective), what I was shown indicated a broadening of terrestrial humanity's relationship with other intelligent species in this galaxy, when there will be open establishment of "diplomatic" relations with other groups in the Milky Way galaxy. Of course, the word "diplomatic" does not really strictly apply, but it is probably the closest word we have in our daily language that describes what will transpire about 35 or 40 years from now. 

Without a doubt, this will be a tremendous, watershed period for the Earth and terrestrial humanity. 

Later, in the period of about 2065 to 2075 there will be open ties of "trade" and "commerce" between Earth and other planets and alliances in the galaxy. Humanity will begin to emerge more fully into galactic society on an open, reciprocal basis. This is what I have been shown will phase in as the 21st century progresses.

The heavily compartmentalized, shadowy, criminal control structure that has secretly, stealthily and furtively been dealing behind our backs with certain, nefarious extra-terrestrial and or non-human factions, since at least the 1940s, will fade away into irrelevance.

They have been cheating, lying, double dealing, stealing from, warring against, exploiting and selling out humanity for the better part of a century now (or has it actually been millennia?). They have had their day and their say and now their treachery is about to draw to a close. It won't happen in one day, or even one year, but as the next years and decades go by, their hold on power and the flow of information and control will diminish. The galactic, karmic wheels may turn very slowly, that is completely true, but they also grind exceedingly fine.

As those who would lord it over humanity will ultimately discover. 


Well, don't you know, that right on cue, in preparation for the big, astrological hiccup of April 2014, some of the early seeds of the new Earth have already been sown and are sprouting right on up.

Be not deceived. What can appear insignificant and inconsequential now, can, with the passage of time, become something of great significance and consequence. The analogy would be to the proverbial acorn that with the passage of one hundred years grows into a massive, towering oak tree.  It all happens very quietly, without fanfare, one persistent inch at a time.

So it is with Bitcoin. Those who say it will all fade away to nothing are probably right -- as regards the USSA dollar. As for Bitcoin, its best days probably lie ahead. I don't for one minute propose that Bitcoin is the be all or end all to, or of, anything. It's just one more practical tool to use to navigate through life.

I do not have the financial resources to buy gold or silver, or even to buy Bitcoin. Though if I did have the resources I would certainly accumulate some of all three, as well as productive agricultural land with fresh, year round water. 

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