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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Meta-Scripting The Fake Reality Stream

Maybe you've seen the story making the rounds recently on the Internet about how the current stock market chart is so closely paralleling the chart from 1929, just before the crash that brought the roaring '20s to a close and ushered in the deep gloom and despair of the Great Depression years of the 1930s, immediately followed by the Second World War.

And that brings up an interesting question: are Wall Street and the City of London following a script? Is it a script that several decades ago reliably caused financial chaos and suffering and issued in a devastating Second World War, and that therefore is being implemented again, for the same reasons, only on an even grander scale, to create even greater financial chaos and suffering, to result in a World War that is even more destructive and murderous than the Second World War?

Is that one of the reasons that the vast majority of the trading on the world's exchanges is now managed by powerful banks of corporate computers running highly complex, statistical algorithms that buy and sell shares of stock at speeds that the human mind cannot comprehend? Have the machines been given free rein to crash the system just the way it was done in 1929? In other words, is what we are seeing consciously programmed into the system to ensure that the events of 1929 to 1945 are repeated, only with far more devastating effect, this time around?

I think so. I think we are seeing raw evil unleashed.There is real, calculated malice behind contemporary events. 

Technology has changed radically, there are three and one half times as many people in the world now as there were in 1929, the economy is far larger and more complex, and yet we are to believe that the stock market chart now, almost exactly mirrors the stock market chart in 1929?

We are to believe that that is due to mere chance, random coincidence?

No, sir. No, ma'am.  It's a set up. The whole global system is rigged. 

I used to know a man who did this sort of thing for a stock brokerage. He was an aggressive, obnoxious, alcoholic, really foul mouthed, 30-year old. But he had an aptitude for advanced statistics and higher mathematics. In fact, he had an MS in applied mathematics and statistics and he wrote algorithms that were programmed into the brokerage's computers. That's the rule nowadays. The algorithms that the big financial houses use are quite complex and they determine what stocks and financial instruments are bought and sold, in what quantity, when and where, under what circumstances and how long they are held. Large trades are made in mere fractions of a second. 

And men like my former acquaintance make this system go. Actually, they are just the peons, the programmers who are told what to do. They are given the game plan by other players higher up in the control hierarchy, or at least they are given the part of the game plan that they are to put into play, and they then make it so. They program the computers accordingly.

The entire global system is modeled in detail. Intricate multivariate analysis, that correlates reams of data from corporations, huge financial institutions, government agencies, spy agencies, scientific studies and more, is run through banks of super-computers. Everything is modeled and gamed and schemed, again and again, for maximum global profit, for maximum global destruction.


Because we are dealing with malevolent, wicked entities at the top of the control structure who are larcenous beyond belief and whose blood lust knows no bounds. They thrive on planetary pillage and genocidal destruction. They literally have it down to a science that they manage on a global scale.

That is how you explain what is happening at Fukushima. That is what is driving the vicious take down of the whole of humanity and their consequent impoverishment. That is ultimately behind the preparations for martial law and fascist dictatorship in the USSA and other countries. That is what is behind the international chemtrail program. That is what is behind preparations for a probably nuclear, World War Three. 

Evil run amok. And it's being directed from behind the scenes, by shadowy entities. I don't know if they are all human, or whether the ones who appear human, even are, in actuality, human beings, according to the ordinary acceptation of the word, "human."

We are dealing with something truly malevolent and hard, and it does not mean well. If you look at the available evidence it trends in the direction of humanity's enslavement and/or extinction. And not in the far distant future. We are talking about events that are in motion right now.

I refer you to the ghastly, ongoing catastrophe at Fukushima, Japan. Or the rapidly developing, global police state. Or to the ever more oppressive and repressive, global, financial system. Or to the rampaging ecological crisis -- as dead zones appear in the seas, the oceans die off, and the great forests are cut down. And that is just part of what we are facing.

This is all part of an unspeakably vicious plan that is being enacted on a global level. 

It also definitely has a personal dimension. Millions and millions and millions of people are being destroyed, right and left, in all sorts of ways, all over the world.

In my case, I have been jailed repeatedly for my anti-nuclear demonstrations. I have lost many thousands of dollars of foregone compensation as a result. I have been spied on, ostracized, evicted, fired, threatened, assaulted, almost killed, and crudely criticized. There are people who snipe and snip at me, and about me, behind my back. They say I have gone off the rails, that I am a mere shell of the man I could have been. That I have been led astray by my embrace of shamanic consciousness, drinking malicagua and ayahuasca and communing with the Nature Spirits in the Amazon forest.

Poor Richard Sauder, they say, such a sad case. If only he had stuck to researching underground and underwater bases. But then he went and protested against preparations for nuclear war at Minot AFB, in North Dakota, and got put in jail, and then he went down to South America and ended up in the Amazon communing with the Nature Spirits and totally lost it.

And they shake their heads. Some of them even write to me and verbally abuse me or threaten me. They tell me that I got what I had coming. 

I see this as yet one more manifestation of the outworking of the evil that is attacking this planet.

If we are to avoid a real, shooting nuclear war, a WHOLE LOT more people than just Richard Sauder and a paltry few others will have to stand up publicly and perform nonviolent actions of great valor, because the preparations for nuclear war are well advanced.

If we are to avoid a catastrophic collapse of the biosphere on this planet a WHOLE LOT of people had better start communing with the Nature Spirits, and really soon. We are facing ecological Armageddon, if we as individuals and a species do not establish a conscious connection with the life essence of Nature on our home planet. If we do not do that, we do not have a future here.

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