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Monday, February 3, 2014

World's Leading Precognitive Dissident Breaks His Silence

Um, that would be me. The precognitive dissident, I mean.

For just about three weeks I have very patiently bided my time, and now, considering the stunning enormity of what will shortly transpire, I am ready to speak again.

Here's my main message: a BIG STORM is coming. So get ready. I know this from my very pedestrian analysis of the trajectory of world events, which plainly reveals that big trouble is one the way, and also because I have seen this approaching storm in my dreams and visions, for about the last five years or so. It is and will continue to be a real humdinger for some time. You won't want to be caught in it, but I am afraid that a great many people will be caught up in it.

One of the epicenters of the storm will be the world's fraudulent, central-bank-run, fiat-currency-based economy, as in, the spectacular failure thereof. One of the time-honored ways of gauging the arrival of a big storm is when the first, big, hard, rain drops start to splatter down.

Or in the case of the impending failure of huge, too big to fail banks, maybe when it starts raining senior bankers in business suits from the 33rd floor.

Perhaps you saw this in the news. You could be excused for thinking that the long knives are now coming out.

Let's parse this out. He fell (or maybe jumped or was pushed or thrown?) from the 33rd floor. Let's see -- 33 -- is that the 33rd degree Free Mason calling card? The City of London is lousy with secret societies.

Near Canary Wharf. Is he the canary in the coal mine?

JP Morgan. This bank is likely going to take a great and crippling fall before the year is out. Translation: the Technology VP of JP Morgan either was offered up, or offered himself up, as a fair warning to the rest of the City bankers.

There are many trillions of (lost) dollars on the line in what is about to go down. The Sicilian mafia breaks people's knees with baseball bats for delinquent loans of mere thousands of dollars.

It looks like in the City of London when things start to go south, they either frog march guys in $2000 Armani power suits up to the 33rd floor and throw them over the railing, or amazingly, they take themselves up to the 33rd floor and throw themselves over the railing to their death.

Either way, it's an object lesson to others looking on. Read the story. There were plenty of others looking on from the adjacent corporate towers.

Just imagine. If they are willing to fling their own(self?) to their death from the 33rd floor, then what do they think of us, whom they regard as their anonymous slave units? The consumers of what they like to call their “credit” products (usurious loans), but which should really be likened more to slave shackles.

For my part, I judge that there is a strong chance of spectacular false flag attacks from here on. I rule nothing out, mostly because I know the ruthless power factions in the City of London, Tel Aviv, and Washington, DC are prepared to commit any atrocity to continue their reign  of savage terror. 

The Ever Present Danger of Nuclear Warfare 

Actually, the nuclear war is already well underway. The USSA military and its allies have shot depleted uranium (DU) munitions all over Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Libya, that we know of, so far .... I don't care what the Pentagon says about the supposed "safety" of DU munitions. They are war whores. They're lying. The truth is that DU munitions are really dangerous and they spew toxic radioactivity all over the place.

And then there are the 2,000+ nuclear and atomic detonations since 1945 (that we know about) as the world's Dr. Strangeloves hone their diabolical, nuclear sorcery. And speaking of Dr. Strangelove, it turns out that almost everything in Dr. Strangelove was true, and likely still is. That is why, in my life, I have repeatedly gone to places where nuclear weapons are either stored or deployed and protested against them, most recently on 15 April 2010 on a nuclear missile silo in North Dakota. You can read my Minot Manifesto here, and my Serious Message from the Heart of America here. I don't know why everyone is not out on the silos protesting. But I always found the view real clear out on the silos. Just me and the heavily armed men who came to arrest and handcuff me and take me jail. Clearly terrestrial humanity is a species in deep, deep, deep, deep denial.

Then there are the exploded and melted down nuclear reactors at Chernobyl, Ukraine and Fukushima, Japan, both of which sites, especially Fukushima, continue to be highly, dangerously radioactive, and represent extreme risks to this planet's biosphere -- that would include you and me and everyone else in the world. For decades the nuclear industry told the public that everything was under control, that they knew what they were doing, and that nuclear power reactors could not blow up. We know now, after Chernobyl and Fukushima, that all along they were simply lying and are absolutely not to be trusted. They are pathological liars.

There is also the global issue of radioactive contamination from uranium mine tailings and nuclear waste from nuclear power reactors and nuclear weapons production facilities in the USSA, Russia and the former Soviet Republics, and other regions of the world.

We have to thoroughly resolve the nuclear issue. If we don't, it's probably game over for terrestrial humanity. 

Ayahuasca Vision of Totalitarian Dictatorship 

I have previously written about the vision that ayahuasca showed me two years ago, of a grim, totalitarian dictatorship. That dictatorship is being set in place right now.  Either you see it and understand what is happening, or you don't. Some do, though a great many prefer not to look. At a soul level, many prefer ignorance and stupidity and so they will suffer greatly. That is their choice. Another shamanic plant, malicagua, gave me warnings of furtive, secret preparations for  nuclear false flag attacks against American cities to spark off totalitarian nuclear warfare. It did not say that this would definitely happen, only that there were evil preparations for it. God willing, it will not happen. That would be a very bad day for humanity and planet Earth. 

So Where's the Exit From This Hell Trap? 

It turns out that it is all around and within us, and always has been. The peerless, the one and only, subconscious, Get-Out-Of-Jail card. The master key to the prison door is within us. It is our subconscious, if properly understood and properly programmed.

It's completely imaginary, and, for that reason, completely free and accessible to one and all, without distinction for class or station. You want out? You will have to subconsciously manifest your own divine exit.

Psychologists, hypnotists, high level political strategists and corporate advertisers all know that the real determinant of the vast majority of human behavior and thought is not the conscious mind -- it's the subconscious, by a ratio of about 9 to 1. That's the reason for the mass NAZI rallies at Nuremburg during the Third Reich; that is also why American school children salute the USSA flag and recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag and the USSA government every day of every school year, year after year, to program their subconscious into unthinking obedience to the USSA government and flag. It is group-think, mind control, pure and simple. That is also the reason why corporate commercials are run every 5 or 10 minutes on commercial radio and TV, to groove the subconscious of the audience, to imprint brand loyalty. And it works. It is very effective.

So if you want to program yourself, instead of being programmed by others, you will have to groove your own subconscious, so to speak. You will have to create your own scripts to program your own subconscious meta-reality that puts you on course to personal liberation. Otherwise you are trapped.

One of the best "do it yourself" methods that I have so far discovered for fundamental self-programming is the suite of products from the Subliminal Cookbook, including the NVision subliminal slideshow program.

It turns out that the subconscious is very malleable and eminently programmable. The question is: who is going to program your subconscious? You, or someone or something else? If you decide that you are going to do the programming then the Subliminal Cookbook and the NVision subliminal slideshow program can be of great assistance to you. 

Everything you need is there, from writing and recording your own subliminal, life changing scripts, to the software for making your own binaural beat or isochronic tracks, to composing slide-shows that imprint new images into your subconscious to replace the negative loops you may have running now. The subconscious is very childlike and literal minded. It has a tendency to accept whatever is presented to it. Whatever is presented over and over, especially with strong emotional valence, tends to influence it, and it scripts life events and predispositions accordingly.

This explains all sorts of things -- alcoholism that runs in families (a deep-seated, subconscious, family script); the 9/11 events and the showing on TV all over the world, again and again and again and again the footage of the airplanes hitting the twin towers in New York City and their subsequent collapse; the pervasive showing of adversarial, competitive, often violent, stadium sports on TV all over the world -- rugby, American football, international football, cage fighting, etc.; movies filled with violence, horror movies and vampire movies, all deeply program the global population with themes of violence and gore and vampiric predation, etc.

And you can think of many other examples in which counterproductive programming has impacted us all.

Only by inserting your own programming into your subconscious can you meta-program yourself at a deep level and chart a different course in life. It's like magic. You literally become your own muse, your own subconscious programmer.

Trust me: the CIA is doing this. The NSA is doing this. So you had better be doing it, if you would be the Captain of your own Soul.

The advantage of the programs above is that you don't have to rely on any of the businesses, individuals or organizations that offer this sort of thing, with their possible ties to the Mossad or CIA and NSA. You get around all of that by writing and recording your own scripts, creating and recording your own brain wave entrainment tracks. The target range for self-hypnosis and expanded states of awareness and suggestibility is roughly between about 12 Hz and .5 Hz. Most literature on brain wave states indicates that from about `12 Hz to 8 Hz is the alpha state. This is a productive state for hypnosis or self-hypnosis. From about 8Hz to 4 Hz is the theta state. This is a deeper state, also useful for hypnosis, self-hypnosis and remote viewing, out of body experiences and that type of thing. The deeper state, the state of deep sleep, is from about 4 Hz down to 1 Hz or lower, down to .5 Hz.

I have read that advanced meditators have the ability to be fully conscious in the deep delta state. They are fully conscious in a state where the average human  being is deeply asleep, totally unconscious. But the ability to remain fully conscious with very slow brainwaves opens the magical doorway to the depths of the subconscious, and tremendous possibilities to mould reality.

Reality is plastic, and those who can remain highly conscious while deeply immersed in the subconscious realm can shape reality as easily as a young child toying with a clump of play dough.

The faceless powers behind Madison Avenue have invested untold billions of dollars into programming the global, mass subconscious into creating the fake, destructive, hell world that we see on every hand. That's the power of the subconscious. Mass advertising, mass mind control -- is not primarily an intellectual process of the conscious mind -- the global controllers go right to the emotions, the primal wants and needs, they use catch phrases, emotional slogans, flashy imagery. The subconscious mind responds to images, pictures, emotions, action words, commands. So they target that.

You therefore must implant your own preferred emotions, your own preferred images, your own phrases, your own commands. And your subconscious will respond. It is waiting to hear its Master's voice: your voice. And when it hears you speaking decisively, with conviction, giving it short, positive, present tense, suggestions and affirmations it will respond. It does take repetition, months and months of daily repetition. But look what you are up against: a 24/7 onslaught of programming, everywhere you turn. And you have been immersed in it for decades, from birth.

So reprogramming takes effort, will, dedication, imagination, determination, and daily repetition, over and over. If you want to reprogram your life you will make the requisite effort. And then, once you groove the subconscious, it has a very different way of doing things than the conscious mind. The conscious mind tries to force things, to make things happen; whereas the subconscious mind very subtly arranges for things to happen; it very smoothly permits things to happen; it just allows things to happen. It's a smooth operator, subtle, understated, inscrutable, natural and effective.

I have known some of these things, more or less, for a number of years, but the events in my life of the last 13 months and events in the world over the last few years, have driven home to me the importance of deep, fundamental, personal reprogramming, not just for my own personal benefit, but also for the greater benefit of society and the planet at large.

The tools I have listed here, the Subliminal Cookbook, and the NVision subliminal slideshow program are some of the best and most cost-effective I have discovered, and I have looked at a lot of this sort of material. Plus there is the benefit of doing your own programming yourself, and not putting your life and subconsciousness in the hands of  individuals and organizations with ties to the Mossad, the CIA, NSA, USSA Army Intelligence, etc. You know better than anyone what you want or need to transform in your life, what sort of spiritual goals you have, what states of consciousness you desire, what you want to achieve, and so forth.

I am telling you that you therefore are the best qualified to reprogram yourself. You do not need to look to another person or authority to do it for you. You are the Captain of your own Soul.

Because of the types of things that I write about, I am quite sure that there are individuals reading my blog, maybe a great many individuals, who can very productively reprogram themselves to attain powerfully deep, hyper-conscious and slow, transformative brain waves in the 12 Hz to .5 Hz range. To enter the magical wonderland of deep theta and delta, and it is magical, believe me, magical beyond the power of words to tell. But you do not need to run off to an academy or institute to enter that magic realm. Why should they program you? You do it yourself. Your subconscious already knows what needs to be done and how to do it. In fact, if you are reading this, consider that your subconscious may have arranged for you to expose yourself to this very information for a reason -- it wants you to get in personal touch with it! It wants you to phone home to the Great Within ! You simply need to peel away  the artificially imposed programming and replace it with your own deep-self-directed programming that restores your subconscious to primacy in your life. 

As the Stock Market Plunges ..... 

It's like a soap opera, isn't it? Well, I have been writing about these things for awhile and true to form, they are occurring. The world markets are in turmoil. The USSA stock market plunged 320+ points today, lost something like 2%+ of its nominal value in one trading session. There will be more of that, that's a firm promise. We are heading into new territory and it will not be a dull ride.

As the USSA dollar and global markets that rely on it, or are influenced by it, are rocked and roiled, other financial instruments are warming up in the wings.

Please note: 

Johnson, Morgan & White To Accept Bitcoin

NBA's Sacramento Kings Basketball Team Accepts Bitcoin

TigerDirect Accepts Bitcoin

Las Vegas Casinos Now Accepting Bitcoin

The tide is already beginning to turn. The sort of people who own major online retailers like and TigerDirect, who own major league sports teams in the USSA, who own major debt collection agencies and Las Vegas casinos are the sorts of people who routinely handle money by the many millions and even billions of dollars.

So if they are now beginning to deal in Bitcoin, it is an explicit admission that there is a new kid in town. The USSA dollar is beginning to lose market share on its home turf. You can read it in the headlines. I've just posted some of them right here. There will be more. 

I don't deal in the millions and billions at present (though who knows what the future may hold?). But it is clear to me that Bitcoin is steadily establishing a growing foothold in the global economy. As such, it has financial value, and may have a great deal more value in the future. So I have made it my business to acquire some. One of the ways I am doing that is by accumulation of Bitcoin from a variety of free, or very low cost Biutcoin websites that are springing up on the Internet. I have made and continue to make Bitcoin from these websites and so can you. No, I haven't gotten rich from them, but they do pay me incremental amounts of Bitcoin, and by repeated visits to the websites the amount gradually grows. The key is to keep going back, again and again. By getting in the Bitcoin groove you get more Bitcoin. Simple, but true.

Some of the websites present other opportunities to earn or acquire Bitcoin. You have to evaluate what is offered and use your best judgement as to what works for you. What is appropriate or useful for me, may not be for you, and vice versa. Everyone is different, and everyone's life circumstances are unique to them.

Anyway, here's what you need to get some Bitcoin. If you want to get more, get some referrals at the sites that permit referrals and you will increase your rate of Bitcoin accumulation. The vast majority of these sites are free, or have an option to join for free. So you can get some Bitcoin for free. How much you acquire depends of you, and your initiative. 

To start you need a Bitcoin address or digital “wallet.” You can get a wallet at Coinbase  or  Block Chain .

You can have as many wallets and addresses as you like or need. Ten or one hundred. It's up to you. But make sure you guard your passwords and account access carefully. Hackers abound in the online environment. Your Bitcoin wallet is just like your online bank account, your ATM password or the physical wallet in your pocket or purse. You have to keep it secure from thieves. 

Without further ado, here is a brief list of sites where you can sign up and earn small amounts of Bitcoin for free. Some of them you can visit multiple times per day, others just once per day. The key is to study each site's requirements and conditions and maximize your accumulation of Bitcoin. Note that in some cases, if you get referrals you can dramatically increase your take of Bitcoin. Make it a daily routine and you can accumulate your own Bitcoin stash for free. If Bitcloin increases greatly in value then even a fraction of a Bitcoin could be bartered for something of value, such as food, transportation (like maybe over an international border in a time of crisis), medical care, lodging, etc.

Earn free .00003 bitcoin.  It means just what it says. It's a one time deal.

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The Bitcoin Faucet” needs no special registration. Just fill in your BitCoin wallet address and fill in the “captcha” text, then wait several seconds while the timer counts down until you request your BitCoins. When you accumulate 0.00005430 BTC you can cash out.

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That's it. Regularly visit these sites and perform the simple steps required and you will accumulate Bitcoin and Litecoin. The amount depends entirely on you and your personal efforts. If you get some referrals you can increase your rate of Bitcoin accumulation. Simple and free.

My Really Serious Legal Need

My legal case against the shaman who assaulted me continues. I desperately need $3000 to move the case to indictment and trial right now, in February and March. It is an important case for me personally, but also because others are being assaulted by shamans here in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia, and little is done about it. The primary reasons for inaction are intercultural, inept and corrupt police agencies and courts, and lack of money or fear on the part of victims to press charges.

I am the rare victim who is fighting back, fighting for justice in the Amazon against a very troubling trend of corruption on the part of indigenous shamans. It's much more common than the international, shamanic tourist trade will admit, and it has to be curbed, for a whole host of compelling reasons.

But I can't do it by myself. I've tried and I have run completely through my very limited resources. I really do need your help. Even in South America attorneys cost thousands of dollars and my case is neither simple nor cheap. My circumstances required me to retain the services of a fairly well known Quito law firm. I intend to win. Failure is not an option. 

I was nearly killed on 29 December 2012. I realize that now. I am now starting the second year of my recuperation and I still have a ways to go, to recover normal function in my feet, ankles and legs. A year ago today, i could not even stand up unassisted without instantly falling over like a 210 lb. sack of potatoes. So I have made a lot of progresss.

It is vitally important to send the man who almost killed me to jail. Who knows what he may do to others if left undeterred, or what he may already have done to others who suffered and went quietly away, perhaps out of fear or intimidation? I do have reason to suspect that this is the case. A victory will set an important legal precedent in the region, that indigenous shamans may not criminally assault those who come to them, without personal, legal consequences. 

Please help me! I know for a fact that some of you do have the means to do so, and I am plainly asking for your help right now. I have gone into the Amazon in search of expanded consciousness and found that evil forces, evil consciousness have penetrated even there. I have gone out on the nuclear missile silos to peacefully protest, and paid a heavy price for that, too.

I have fought the battles, and continue to fight the battles that many people have assiduously avoided. But I do need flesh and blood human allies, and I need concrete, financial assistance right now to successfully, criminally prosecute the shaman who almost killed me. If you find value in what I write, and what I have done and continue to do, then I am asking for your support.

Please contact me at for how to donate to my legal defense, in a difficult but very essential case.

I gratefully accept Bitcoin donations or tips in any amount, large or small, at the following BTC address:    1Dht92qEzCmvuLRKQD2MSJ1JdQ7rFRMVdA