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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Is It Game Over In Mid-June?

I have had unusually puzzling dreams in recent weeks and months. I've always had plenty of dreams my whole life, but many of the recent ones have been especially thought provoking.

In light of the personal ordeal I have been through over the past year and a half, the immediate inclination is to think that what I have been seeing in my dreams is merely a reflection of what is happening in my personal corner of the Universe.

But I have rejected that interpretation at this pass, because many of the events that are objectively occurring  all around the planet are either without precedent, or if they do have precedent, the historical parallels are deeply alarming.

To wit: exactly one week ago, a wise, older man I seemed to know very well appeared in my dream. I pulled him aside and told him I really needed to talk to him about a seriously pressing matter. Whereupon he very soberly informed me that he had very important news for me: his funding would be cut off in two weeks, the money source would dry up in exactly two weeks. He was very emphatic about the two week period of time and the money flow stopping then.

Two weeks ago from one week ago, is next weekend, the middle of June. I initially thought that probably the dream was simply my subconscious' way of acknowledging that I have very little money, in light of my tremendous struggle of the last year and a half, which I have detailed in my numerous posts on this blog over the last year or so.

But then, over the last week, I started to run across more and more stories that have caused me to reconsider and posit that the interpretation of the dream really points to major, upcoming events in the world at large.

I now believe that the older man in the dream actually represents the collective voice of seasoned wisdom of the collective unconscious, come to whisper in my ear a two-week warning of imminent financial turmoil.

And then this morning I had another dream, in which I was again standing with a wise, older man looking on at a busy highway in the near, middle-distance. As we watched the passing cars, two vehicles suddenly, unexpectedly, collided with considerable force.


It was one of those deals where all of a sudden you see that the respective drivers have very badly miscalculated and set their vehicles on an unavoidable collision course. I saw what they did wrong, I saw what was about to happen, and I was completely helpless to do anything about it. It's the kind of situation where you see what is going to happen and all you can say is: "Oh, no!"

Neither the man who was with me nor I were involved in any way with what occurred. It did not affect or impact us. We simply stood off to the side and observed the event unfold.

I am inclined to think that my two dreams, a week apart, are anticipating what is about to occur, with a high degree of probability, quite possibly in one more week from now, and if not in one week, at least relatively soon.

Let me explain.

The elements of a massive financial crash are already in place. In fact, the financial crash is well underway, and has been for some time.

Not long after my initial dream of one week ago, I ran across a velocity of money chart  for the USSA dollar, with a downward plunging curve. It's now at about 1.5 and rapidly headed lower. As it approaches closer to one, that means that very little money is changing hands in ordinary commerce. Take a look:

The velocity of money right now is just about where it was in 1929. That was the precise time that the financial system crashed, followed some years later by the hell of WW-II. 

I am now examining my two dreams in  the context of the instant velocity of money, in comparison to where it was in 1929 and what happened then, and what that portends for the present situation.

Game Over In Two Weeks?

And then, just two days after I received the dream warning about the money running out in two weeks, a prominent story popped up in the daily news cycle, warning that computer users had just two weeks to protect themselves against the Zeus Game Over virus that has infected many computers worldwide, and which steals users' financial information and money.

Is the Game Over virus to be activated and used to take down the global financial system? Will it be the proximate, initiating event for a massive, financial, false flag event? I don't know, I am not in that loop, and don't want to be, but I find the temporal coincidence of my warning dream and this news release by the British National Crime Agency and the USSA's FBI to be noteworthy. Are MI-6 and the FBI planning something like that for next weekend?

Maybe nothing will happen, or maybe the criminally rigged global casino, masquerading as "global high finance" is about to be brought crashing down.

We'll find out soon.

The Joys Of Modern Banking

Then just a couple of days ago the European Central Bank (ECB) suddenly announced that it is to begin offering negative interest rates. In other words, institutional depositors will pay the ECB to hold their money. 

Isn't that special?

It's all but announcing that high finance is a protection racket, it's all mobbed up. Depositors are now to pay the bank protection money.

Of course this will quickly filter down to your local bank. Soon, ordinary bank customers will also be able to experience firsthand the joys of negative interest rate banking -- the more money you put into the bank, the less you will have! Every year, your balance will go lower.

Isn't modern banking wonderful? The bankers have thought of everything. Why should you have your money, when you can deposit it in the bank and let them steal it from you?

Why, it is just as clear as anything could ever be.

The obvious question is how long the new arrangement will work, or be accepted,  until people start drawing out their money from the banking system, en masse, and buying gold, silver, platinum, land, anything that has intrinsic value; as opposed to leaving their money in the bank and having it incrementally stolen by "negative interest".

Trouble At the Vatican Bank

And then, just today, comes the news that the Pope has fired the entire financial oversight board of the Vatican Bank and replaced them with new board members of his personal choice.

Translation: something is seriously wrong at the Vatican Bank, the Pope has sniffed it out, and he is taking drastic, remedial action to try to salvage the situation. 

Mind you, the Vatican Bank has long been rumored to be a major money launderer for the Italian mafia and other unsavory actors. Please see the 1982 Roberto Calvi affair, involving the criminal failure of Banco Ambrosiano, the Vatican Bank, the highly secretive, Masonic Lodge Propaganda Due (P2), Pope John Paul II and the thug-like Archbishop Marcinkus (then head of the Vatican Bank), in which Roberto Calvi was found dead, hanging by the neck beneath Blackfriars Bridge on the edge of the London financial district. 

Propaganda Due was involved in Banco Ambrosiano, the Vatican was involved in Banco Ambrosiano, Calvi was president of Banco Ambrosiano and also a member of Propaganda Due (P2) whose members were referred to as frati neri, "black friars", and Calvi was found  hanged by the neck beneath Blackfriars Bridge, with bricks stuffed in his pockets. 

Get it? Black friars (frati neri), who are hanged by the neck 'til dead from Blackfriars Bridge, tell no tales.

As I am saying, the Vatican Bank is all mobbed up, and has been for a very long time. Its tentacles are everywhere -- organized crime, other banks, Switzerland, the City of London, the Middle East, you name it. 

Clearly, the new Pope sees trouble on the horizon and is taking corrective action. But it is probably too little, too late. The Vatican is massively, criminally corrupt to its core.

The dramatic action by the Pope is a signal that serious problems probably lie straight ahead for the Vatican Bank. 

My Current Situation in Ecuador
After more than a year of intense struggle, the shaman who assaulted me has been indicted and has now been arraigned. There will be a trial hearing in less than a couple of months.

I have been pushed to the wall by this ordeal, to my financial limits and beyond. The case is actually bigger than me, in that there certainly are other victims of shamanic abuse in the Amazon region. I am not the only victim. Indeed, I have already heard from another victim of the same shaman who has nevertheless declined to pursue justice or even to support me in my case. But unlike 99% of the others, I have elected to stand up and fight back, no matter the odds. And against all expectations, my assailant has been indicted and is going to trial. But the battle is not over.

I have no illusions about what I am up against. I was almost killed.

What happens in the Amazon is vitally important to what happens on this planet. The shamans of the region theoretically have an essential role to play in healing the Amazon and showing the way for humanity to deeply bond with the natural world -- but not if they themselves are abusive to the very people who come to the region to consult the sacred power plants in search of hyper-conscious communion with Mother Nature. 

And so I need your assistance. I am asking for your aid. I know that some of you are more than able to assist me. For USA dollar contributions please e-mail me at:  and I will tell you how to send a donation. 

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