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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Evanescent: The Parallel Living Earth

My recent article, Harmaline Wonderland of Gnomes, Elves, Faeries and Sprites, brought a fascinating response from an unexpected quarter.

Mark Abriel, chiropractor, healer, visionary, energy worker and director and independent producer of short films, has recently issued a one-hour movie, filmed at Byron Bay and Burleigh Head National Park, Australia, that deals with some of the same luminescent, energetic,  life phenomena that I have witnessed in the Upper Amazon region of Ecuador. I don't think they are biological life forms; but it does seem to me that they are alive, and quite possibly sentient. They clearly react to human presence.

A two minute trailer for Mark's film can be viewed here: Evanescent.

At the 1:03 mark he has a photo of something that somewhat resembles what I have seen myself on multiple occasions in the Amazon region.

While Mark uses high speed camera and video equipment to catch fleeting images of these intriguing, luminescent phenomena, I have seen much the same thing in the Amazon, but without any high-tech video or camera gear, at a much slower, almost leisurely pace, with natural, unaided vision.

What I have seen are really bright, yellowish-white, little lights about the size of the marbles that little boys play with (or used to years ago). On occasion they would meander along behind me  or in my near vicinity as I walked down the trails, at head height or a little higher. I first noticed them when one evening I was walking along the trail from a creek, and happened to suddenly turn around for some reason, and noticed one following right behind me. I was a little bit startled.

The light was so bright that at first I thought the shaman with whom I lived at that time, was trailing me for some unknown reason, holding an extremely bright flashlight above his head.

I quickly ascertained that that was not the case. Then I incongruously thought that there must be a tiny, miniature, silent helicopter or drone of some kind, with a very bright searchlight, tailing me for unknown reasons. 

But I quickly ascertained that that was not the case, either. Besides, I was in the rural Amazon.

Then I thought the light must emanate from phosphorescing insects. But I never could see any insects, try as I might; and besides, the intensity of the light was so prodigiously bright, and persisted for so long, that I also abandoned that thought. It was hard for me to conceive of any glow bug generating that kind of intense wattage. 

I finally decided that the lights were of unknown provenance and simply accepted them for the unknown entities that they were/are.

Mark Abriel sent me this image that he snapped of something that closely resembles what I saw, though what I saw was much brighter, more intensely luminous, with an almost searchlight- like brilliance, without, however casting a shadow or beam of light.

Now it is true that I have gone a very small distance into some of the preliminary mysteries of Amazonian shamanism, and that part of that journey has involved seeing and/or interacting with a surprisingly large spectrum of spiritual denizens of the cryptic precincts of the Amazonian shamanic plants. 

However, I want to emphasize that I always saw what I am narrowly describing here, while in my normal waking consciousness, in the conduct of my normal daily routine. Albeit that that routine took place in those days in the rural Amazon, and so was not at all the routine of a city-dweller in a large, modern, conurbation such as Greater London, England or Paris, France or New York City.

This Little Light Of Mine

I could however liken it in some wise to certain visions that malicagua showed me, with the caveat that I cannot say exactly when or how malicagua showed me what I am about to relate to you, due to the fact that when you enter more deeply into the consciousness of the Amazonian plant realm you gain access to a way of knowing that is not strictly delimited and delineated by the narrow strictures of the modern, "civilized" concepts of linear, industrial, clock time and coordinate, grid-based, Cartesian space, as understood by classical, Western, natural science. 

Be all that as it may, multiple times malicagua showed me immense lights in the sky, that must have been in very high Earth orbit, or even much farther out than that, perhaps at about the distance of the Moon that presently orbits the Earth. I mean to tell you, those babies were whopping HUGE, and whatever they were, they were very well lit up. I remember thinking, "What in the world is that? It must be the Moon. It's awfully big and bright." And then I would remonstrate internally, "No, that can't be right, because the Moon is over there, on the other side of the sky." Then I would think, "But what can be the meaning of this? Because there are three, no, four of them!"

You have to understand that one of the peculiarities of malicagua's impressive field of awareness, is that it is not bound by the confines of linear time, as is our everyday consciousness; to wit: it has a propensity to sometimes (though not always) show you future events with an impressively high degree of fidelity and probability. I would not think of troubling you at this pass with a litany of trivial detail in that regard; suffice it to say that it is so. 

I cannot possibly say with any certainty, but it does raise the question as to whether the Earth may at some possible, relatively near-future date entertain, shall we say, visitors from elsewhere or elsewhen or otherwise? Who may show up as galactic adults to announce to the deranged, satanic regents of this planet: "Enough. Now we will bestow on you the reward that you have worked so very hard and so very long to merit." And then they will hand out, how to put this diplomatically? --  "merit badges" -- to the Trilateralists, the European Royals, the Bank of England and ECB, the BIS, the Council on Foreign Relations, to Skull and Bones, the Zionists, the CIA and NSA, the Pentagon, the Vatican, ISIS/ISIL/IS, the Mexican Mafia, the Yakuza, to the USSA Federal Reserve, the City of London, Wall Street, etc. They all get rewarded, without stinting, nothing held back at all, in direct proportion to their life's body of work, perhaps extending over an impressively long, sequential string of dark, evil incarnations. 

The "visitors", look back through the family tree, the DNA, the many millennia-long, karmic tab, and tally it all up.

And their verdict is final. There is no appeal. Time is up. They are the Supreme Court, so to speak, God's Deputy Regents over the Earth.

Of course, I am an ordinary flesh and blood man, like you. I can obviously speak for absolutely no one beyond myself, least of all for God and His Holy Regents. They are all w-a-a-a-y above my pay grade. But I have seen enough through the plants to know that we are not alone, oh, no sir, no ma'am. Not at all. Not by a long shot.

Could it be that those who think that they are "important" in this world are the very ones who will one day learn exactly who really is "important", and who is not? Is it a lesson that they have adamantly, categorically refused to learn, and so they categorically will not learn it, right up until the time that they unexpectedly do? And in that decisive moment, will they suddenly understand with excruciating clarity exactly what abject humility is, though it will be much too late for them by then? Is that the way it is?

I would hasten to add that malicagua is definitely not for the idly curious, the physically or psychologically frail, the faint of heart, the shallow and superficial minded, or for recreational use. 


So if you are not on a very serious shamanic quest, don't even think about it. Stay away from it and the Amazon.

A Curious Soul Astray

I love this song by K.D. Lang. Uma Thurman's gracious self requires no editorial comment, beyond registering a self-evident 10+ on the babe meter.


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