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Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year, Harry Reid!

It could not have happened to a nastier person.

On New Year's day, in an unfortunate,  home "exercise" accident, USSA Senator, Harry Reid (D-NV) smashed his face, resulting in broken facial bones, as well as broken ribs and a very black eye.

Reid also previously dislocated his shoulder, bumped his head and got a black eye, while "jogging" in 2011.

It Happens All The Time

To high level politicians, I mean. Getting savagely brutalized by home exercise equipment, dislocating their arms while jogging.

By contrast, how many times have you gone to work out at the gym, and inadvertently smashed your face on a piece of exercise equipment, breaking facial bones and ribs, and getting a black eye? Probably never, but then you are not a high level politician.

How often have you gone "jogging" and returned home with a dislocated shoulder, a black eye and ugly contusions on your head? (See preceding.)

No, Senator Reid is obviously getting extra-curricular tutoring from one or more "special" interest groups, who want to help him better perform his "official" duties.

Now, I don't mean to single out Harry Reid for individual attention all by his lonesome, after all others certainly aren't! The beatings and even worse are actually fairly commonplace in national politics.

Many Other Examples Can Be Cited

1) The assassination of Pres. Kennedy in 1963.

2) The assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy in 1968.

3) The attempted assassination of Pres. Reagan in 1981, by a friend of the Bush family. Hey, things happen, right?

4) In a more minor example, in 2002 Pres. G. W. Bush choked on a pretzel, fainted and fell off a couch, leaving him with a bruised nose and cheek bone. I'm sure we all have had similar issues with aggressive pretzels, that left us with ugly, facial contusions.

5) In 2006 Vice Pres. Cheney shot his hunting partner in the face, who subsequently apologized to Cheney for all the trouble to which the incident had put Cheney! How rude to have put his face in the way of Cheney's gun ......

5) In 2012 Hillary Clinton  was hospitalized because she "fell"and hurt her head, giving her a concussion, thus unfortunately preventing her testimony to Congress about the Benghazi attack in Libya that somehow killed the USSA ambassador to Libya, while she was the serving Sec. of State.

And so forth.

This is just a partial list. If you want to do a little digging, you can easily come up with much more. Forget about whatever nonsense you might have learned in your high school civics course, once upon a time. The way that politics really work, the way that government really runs, is nasty and brutish. 

People get beaten. People get shot. People get killed. That's the way the system works.

There is nothing fair or democratic about it at all.

It's A New Year's Telegram

Whoever worked over Sen. Reid is sending their own, special, New Year's greeting. 

Whether it was the Chinese, Barack Obama's boys, Jeb Bush's boys, or someone else, Harry Reid is their 2015 poster boy.

The message is that the rough customers are going to play rough. Big events are barreling down the turnpike towards us -- towards all of us. The events that are coming will be no respecter of persons.

In my previous blog post I observed that, to use a Monopoly game allusion, we are coming up fast on the last few rolls of the dice in this international competition for global control. The stakes are very high. 

The destiny of the Earth and of all humanity is very much in play. Roughing up a sitting, USSA Senator is but the barest beginning of what is to come. 

We will be fortunate if the game does not escalate to a shooting, nuclear war in the coming year or two or three. The upcoming time is going to be just that turbulent.


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