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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Life In The Spirit World Surrounded By Spirits

I came to South America on a vision quest.

The quest is open-ended and ongoing.  I do not perceive that it has any ending, ever.

It is a continuous process of experiencing, perceiving, learning, evolving.

One of the major aspects of my quest has been the firm realization that we are surrounded by spirits. I am, you are, all of us are surrounded by spirits. For me, that is a baseline reality. I have now seen so many spirits in my shamanic vision questing that I can come to no other conclusion.

And I mean spirits of all kinds -- tree spirits, human spirits, E.T. spirits, plant spirits, animal spirits, insect spirits, bird spirits, reptile spirits, and so forth. The fundamental reality is that we are spiritual beings animating physical bodies -- and when and if the body dies, for whatever reason, we always find ourselves in a spiritual realm, surrounded by spirits, because we are spirit ourselves. That is just the way it is, like it or not, believe it or not, accept it or not.

I recently discussed this issue and many others with Jerry Griffin in a long, rambling interview that he has posted to the Internet at Vimeo.

The Next Phase Of the Game

This is an important issue, because an awful lot of people are going to be taking untimely exits from this Earthly realm, in a wide variety of different ways, for a whole wide suite of reasons, many or most having to do with a broad gamut of unfortunate decisions that humanity has made over the past several decades.

The reasons have to do with things such as poisoning of the seas, killing the global, marine ecology, poisoning of the atmosphere, rampant deforestation, ceaseless warring, failure to resist the warfare state, failure to mature as human beings, studied ignorance or feigned ignorance of the spiritual emptiness of institutional religion, slavish obedience to the dictates of the nation state, childish obedience to transparently psychopathic political, religious and military leaders, and much more.

A lot of what ails humanity boils down to a simple refusal to grow up and think and act as mature, responsible, autonomous human beings.

We are poised to pay an unimaginably heavy price as a species for our infantile behavior.

As I say, it looks like huge numbers of people will be taking an early exit from this Earthly realm. They will arrive in the spirit realms, or more accurately, will be forced to acknowledge the absolute fact of the spirit world(s), as their bodies die or are killed and fail to respond to their frantic efforts to revive or resuscitate their body and go on living a physical life. Instead, they will suddenly, unexpectedly find themselves in the spirit realm(s) with no prospect of going back to the physical realm.


Obviously, the wise thing to do is to prepare in advance, so that the transition to the spirit realm(s) is as smooth and seamless as possible. There are all kinds of ways to smooth that transition.

Good works come to mind. Spend a lifetime doing bad works and what can you expect when you make the transition -- or are suddenly forced to make the transition?

So good works, charitable works, i.e., easing human suffering, being merciful to those in need, would be high on my list. I know charitable works are not a high priority for people in the City of London (many of whom read my blog for some reason), but they should be.

Working for world peace, resisting warfare, promoting international understanding would be high on my list. My blog is read on various USSA military installations and spy bases, and for the life of me I don't know why. These are the very places and people who are doing so much to destroy human life and bring the whole planet to the brink of grim totalitarianism and even apocalyptic warfare.

And they read my blog.

I have one message for those who are deep in the sh*t hole of the USSA military and spy agencies: resign your positions. Walk away and devote your life to world peace.

I recently read an interview with an "ex"- USSA military drone operator who killed more than 1,600 people, if memory serves. The article said that he is now "sorry" for his war crimes.

Really? That red, white and blue piece of psychopathic sh*t had to kill 1,600 people to begin to feel "sorry"?

In the Federal Prison Camp At Texarkana, Texas

As my regular readers know, over the course of my life I have been repeatedly incarcerated in a dozen different jails and prisons in the USSA, for my several public, nonviolent, peace demonstrations against preparations for nuclear war.

One of those "correctional" facilities was the prison camp in Texarkana, Texas, USSA.

One morning at breakfast, I noticed that one of my fellow prisoners looked really bleary eyed.

I said: "Hey man, what's wrong?"

He replied: "I couldn't sleep last night. People were staring at me all night. Hundreds of them."

I rejoined: "What are you talking about? What people?"

"All the people I killed."

"Get out of here! You haven't killed hundreds of people."

And then the story came out. He fought in Vietnam in the USSA military. He was a machine gunner. When his platoon took any fire from a village or in the vicinity of a village his orders were to exterminate the village -- men, women, children, old people, babies, water buffaloes, ducks, pigs, anything living.  

He was a profoundly tormented soul. He was having flashbacks. The babies he had slaughtered, the pregnant women, the old people, the children -- they came back to haunt him. Their blood was on his hands; their blood had stained his soul.

In fact, the soul of the USSA is deeply stained with an endless string of these atrocities, extending over centuries: the so-called Indian Wars (really genocidal extermination) of the American West in the 19th century, the Spanish American War and the slaughters in the Philippines, the First and Second World Wars, hideous atrocities in Korea, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, the Central American wars of the Reagan years, the ongoing atrocities and drone murders in Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, the endless coups and savage dictatorships in Africa supported by the USSA, and much more.

I am reminded of a fellow graduate student when I was doing my three graduate degrees, a USSA military officer and B-52 crew member during the Vietnam war, who participated in carpet bombing of the North Vietnamese countryside  and who felt not one iota of guilt for the unknown thousands of lives he summarily exterminated. He felt not one twinge of remorse.

There are MILLIONS of men and women like him in the USSA.

A Great Judgment Is Coming 

The savage, satanic, red-white-and-blue hell pit known as the USSA will be judged, in this life or in the spiritual realm to come, if things get that far.

Of that you may be sure.

One of the iron clad rules of Creation is that equilibrium must be maintained. Wise beings understand that and govern themselves accordingly. Red-white-and-blue beings who fancy themselves as the "exceptional" people -- well, they come a little slow to wisdom.

But even they will one day focus their minds on that iron clad, universal rule.

All I can say is, I sure would not want to transition into the spirit realm with the blood of 1,600 innocent people on my hands.

When you "serve" the USSA, understand exactly what you are "serving", and it is not pretty.

No, sir.

The Spirit Beings

In my forays into the spirit world(s) I have only once encountered a fearsome entity, and that one was so fearsome and so loathsome that I hope never again, in this world or the next, to encounter such a being.

You see, there are demons. They do exist and they are terrible beyond the power of words to describe. You would never, under any circumstances, want to end up in their hideous clutches. It is a fate worse than ten million deaths.

So consider carefully where you want to end up when this lifetime transitions to the spirit realm(s). Take conscious steps to avoid consorting with demons.

I know I am pondering my own words right now, even as I write them.

The Deepest Souls and the Naguals

I would say that out of all of the beings I have encountered, the large insectoids of the Mantis or Walking Stick variety are certainly among the most impressive. They have a very deep consciousness. I have never felt threatened by them in any way. They are highly intelligent, profoundly spiritual and even inquisitive. Ah, the mysteries of their antennae and their big eyes, and the subtle frequencies they detect and emit.

The most impressive of the human spirits for me are the ones who have infinity for eyes. I presume these are the Nagual beings, the very, very few human beings who are able to consciously come and go between the 3-D Earthly realm and the vast, infinite, inscrutable spirit realm(s).

These are genuine mystery beings. Carlos Castaneda alluded to the Nagual in his series of books about the Yaqui sorcerer, Don Juan Matus.

But to actually see and interact with a Nagual and with the Nagual is another thing entirely. It's something you cannot directly talk about in any degree of meaningful detail. You have to experience it; verbal description can never suffice, not at all. You can't even scratch the surface of the Nagual with words. To say that when you look into the eyes of the Nagual or into the eyes of a Nagual that you only see indescribable infinity is to say virtually nothing at all.

It happens to be the literal truth, but what does it even mean to say that when you look into the eyes of the Nagual or into the eyes of a Nagual that you only see indescribable infinity?

You see the hopeless limitation of words and talking. When you encounter the Nagual or a Nagual you have come to the end of language.


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