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Friday, March 6, 2015

Red-White-And-Blue Fascist WW-III March Accelerates

Just when you think the fascist, war psychosis in Washington, DC cannot possibly exceed itself, it ratchets up another notch.

The march to war against Russia advances ominously, against all reason. It goes without saying that war with Russia, a major nuclear power, obviously carries a serious risk of escalating to outright nuclear conflict. That is a sobering prospect, but please consider:

Two days ago a NATO naval flotilla commanded by USSA Navy Rear Admiral Brad Williamson entered the Black Sea to conduct military exercises with the Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish navies. Also this week the USSA Army announced that it is deploying six companies from the 173 Airborne brigade, numbering as many as 600 men, to the Ukraine, to train Ukrainian army troops.

Poland, a NATO ally, has also announced that it is likely to send military "advisers" to aid the Ukrainian military. The Pentagon and Polish military "advisers" are in addition to the 75 military advisers the British have already announced that they are sending to the Ukraine.

In addition, this week the Chairman of the USSA military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, said that the USSA military "should absolutely consider lethal aid..." to the Ukrainian military, while in recent days a bi-partisan group of USSA Congressional leaders has echoed that call and recommended to USSA President Barack Obama that he send lethal, defensive weapons systems to the Ukrainian military.

At the same time, the USSA and its NATO allies are threatening to impose even more economic sanctions against Russia.

Not surprisingly, the Russians have not watched all this without response. Russian fighter jets have been launched from the Crimea to make practice attack runs on the NATO naval flotilla that has entered the Black Sea. The Russian military has also started major war drills on its bases in the southern region of Russia, the northern Caucasus, the Crimea, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Armenia.

From the Killing Fields of the Ukraine to the Outskirts of Moscow?

All of which raises the prospect of a real shooting war between Russia and the NATO/USSA/Zio-NAZI fascist, imperial, military axis.

Indeed, by all indications, the war is already on and will be intensifying in coming weeks and months.

Glacier Technology Solutions -  "military contractors working directly with the US Marine Corps assisting them with their immersive simulation training program"  are currently advertising for Ukrainian and Russian men on Craig's List, in Orange County, California. The Glacier Technology Solutions employment advertisement states:

Currently, we are looking for role players of Ukrainian and/or Russian ethnicity and language skills. Need MEN ranging 18-65 years of age.

Can there be any doubt that the aforementioned USSA Marine Corps "immersive simulation training program" has to do with preparation for war in Ukraine and/or Russia, whence the need for male, Ukrainian and Russian "role players"?

Earlier this week, the Colonel Cassad website that has been closely reporting on the conflict in the Ukraine displayed a photo of a USSA Marine Corps battle flag that was recovered from the battlefield in Debaltsevo, after the Ukrainian army withdrew in disarray.

(Photo credit:

The logical implication is that either USSA Marine Corps troops themselves, or mercenary soldiers with past or present USSA Marine Corps affiliations were fighting on the side of the Ukrainian army at Debaltsevo. Either they were killed in action, or taken prisoner or fled with the rest of the Ukrainian troops who ran from the battlefield.

Next Move(s) On the Geopolitical Chess Board

I am far from the only commentator, analyst or blogger who sees the looming danger of a serious war that could easily go nuclear, and fast. Like most such situations, things will be just fine, right up until the time that they are not. Nuclear missiles are extremely fast and violent, and if the conflict that has already begun results in a nuclear exchange, it can all occur within minutes.

You will not likely be given any more advance notice than you are receiving now, as you read my comments. You will not necessarily receive any warning whatsoever. So consider yourself duly notified.

As Seumas Milne observed this week in the Guardian, "The demonisation of Russia risks paving the way for war."

To be sure, the demonization of Russia is paving the way to war. I mentioned above that the Russian military is carrying out war games right now.

They are not alone in that. In recent days the USSA Navy also carried out a war game in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Florida. The USSA Navy's Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier task group was testing its newfangled, fancy-shmancy, electronic, integrated combat system. Part of the combat simulation involved the French navy's nuclear attack submarine, Saphir, whose assigned task was to try to penetrate the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt's anti-submarine warfare defenses and torpedo the aircraft carrier and its support ships.

Which the Saphir did.

The French submarine defeated the USSA Navy's anti-submarine warfare defenses and "lit up" the aircraft carrier and most of its support ships.

There is every reason to think that Russian submarines can perform as well as the French submarine. If the USSA Navy goes toe to toe with the Russian Navy it is quite possible that the Russians will kill tens of thousands of USSA Navy personnel within mere hours, or less, and reduce much of the USSA Navy to a bunch of sunken, scrap metal.

If a French submarine can kill an American aircraft carrier and its escort warships, so can a Russian (or Chinese) submarine.

American victory is far from assured in a shooting war with Russia (and/or China).


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