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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Who Let The Demons Out?

Unfortunately, the recent, bloody, false flag attacks in Paris and Mali may well be just the first in a series of ugly events that will transpire in the coming days, weeks and months.

In fact, much worse may lie ahead. I wish it were not so, but the world has arrived at a dangerous pass and those who would malevolently rule the Earth, are, well, very malevolent. They are ruthless, endlessly ambitious, cruel, wicked and heartless; they kill and maim without remorse or compunction.

The major centers of malevolent darkness are well known: the Pentagon, the CIA (Langley, in northern Virginia), the NSA (Laurel, Maryland), Wall Street, Washington, DC, the City of London, Brussels, the Vatican, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, Qatar.

The ties of the terrorist organizations known as ISIS/ISIL and al-Qaeda to the CIA and Pentagon are well established. There are also important ties with Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey and Qatar. Without the support of Turkey, Qatar, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the USSA these groups would wither and die. 

Tellingly, in spite of repeated Russian invitations to the USSA military to join forces with the Russian military in destroying ISIS forces in Syria, the USSA military has declined to make common cause with the Russians.

The conclusion is obvious: the USSA (and its allies) backs ISIS. 

Therefore, in order to completely eradicate ISIS and related groups such as al-Qaeda, the Russians, and now the French, will ultimately have to go to the root of the problem.

Washington, DC. The Pentagon. The CIA. Riyadh. Tel Aviv. 

Consider: in the deadly attack at La Belle Équipe restaurant in the heart of Paris, the two shooters drove up in a new, black Mercedes with tinted windows. They were described as white, clean shaven, very muscular and calmly professional. They went about their deadly business for six minutes and then got in the car and drove away.

An eyewitness said: "They looked like soldiers or mercenaries and carried the whole thing out like a military operation."

My best guess is that they probably were "soldiers or mercenaries" -- likely working for agencies such as the CIA, MI-6 or MOSSAD. The NATO/ZioNAZI Axis.

I doubt that we will ever know the complete truth of what happened in Paris last week, but I do not doubt for one minute that state intelligence agencies were involved. It was not an amateur operation.

It clearly was intended to violently shock and awe the French and the rest of the world, and promote a political agenda of war, chaos, confusion and authoritarian political and social control, which was not long in coming, seeing as France is now under what amounts to martial law.

Neighboring Belgium is also under what  amounts to martial law, as threats circulate to stage terror attacks there, too.

Meanwhile, there was a violent terrorist assault in the African country of Mali yesterday, also by so-called Muslim terrorists. And as in Paris, the unfolding story also raised questions as to probable state intelligence agency involvement.

Consider: several witnesses to the attack in Mali said that the shooters arrived in a car with a diplomatic license plate. One witness said that he heard the gunmen speak in English. So what country's diplomatic plates did the car have? Perhaps those of an English-speaking country?

The attack has been attributed to an al-Qaeda affiliated group in Mali, but seeing as al-Qaeda is a creation of the CIA, the plot is certainly much thicker than is being presented by the mainstream news media.

My best guess is that, as in Paris, the Mali attack likely had involvement by the CIA, MI-6, MOSSAD, etc.  The NATO/ZioNAZI Axis.


Because it is what they do. They specialize in bloody, false flag attacks.

With the ongoing, massive collapse of the global, debt-based, Ponzi scheme economic system, the so-called ruling elite are going to pull out all the stops to maintain their political and economic power.

They are plainly indicating that they are willing to kill people on the international stage, using their mercenary and terrorist pawns, in order to sow panic, confusion, fear and discord. They then use the ensuing chaos to impose draconian laws, advance authoritarian government, and foment open warfare. 

They won't change. That is their game. 

The danger is that as the global, economic crisis deepens the monsters who pull the strings of the hyper-violent terrorist groups and mercenary "guns for hire" will resort to even more spectacular false flag attacks.

I am thinking again of the cover of The Economist magazine in January of this year, which clearly depicted a large, USSA rocket launch from the head of Winston Churchill and a nuclear mushroom cloud billowing out of the top of David Cameron's head. Churchill is long gone from this world, but his presence is plausibly a World War II allusion, which is concerning given the nuclear mushroom cloud beside the rocket. World War II concluded with two atom bomb mushroom clouds. Are we to understand that the coming war will begin with mushroom clouds?

Is that what The Economist cover earlier this year is telling us? It prominently displays a Jihadi with an assault rifle, and we have now seen the Jihadis with assault rifles (or gunmen whom we are made to believe are Jihadis).

So is the nuclear mushroom cloud soon to appear? And if so where?

Hamburg? Mannheim? Bordeaux? Strasbourg? Manchester? Liverpool? Indianapolis? Little Rock? Las Vegas? Boise?

The Economist cover also has symbolism plainly alluding to a Federal Reserve Bank panic. Given the parlous state of global trade and the rapid weakening of the USSA economy, the panic at the Federal Reserve Bank cannot be far off.

In a word, we are in a dire pickle. Historically, empires have resorted to major warfare to maintain their economic power and political and military control. The problem in the modern era is that the major, probable combatants are very heavily nuclear armed.

And that's a big problem.


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