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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hunting Humans Set To Become Big Business

Now I've seen it all.

The Mirror, the widely read newspaper in the U.K., has  a story today about how:

Hunting HUMANS set to become big business for the super rich within next 100 years

The article says: "Hunting HUMANS will become big business for the super wealthy within 100 years according to a leading tourism expert."

But before I go any further I have to tell you frankly that I fundamentally disagree with the article's main premise that hunting humans will be something that the super wealthy will do a century or two from now, as a televised spectacle.

The Super Wealthy Are Hunting Humans as Big Business Now

The reason that I disagree with the article's main premise that in the future the super wealthy will hunt humans down and kill them as a spectacle, is because hunting of humans by the super wealthy is something that has already been commonplace for centuries and that is actively going on today.

It's very simple. The human hunts conducted by the super wealthy are called: war.

Modern warfare is very much a televised spectacle, beginning in the Vietnam War era and coming forward to the present day. Just go on and you can see myriad videos of warfare. Hours, days, weeks of war videos. There is no end to the stream of war videos.

It's all very big business, a multi-trillion dollar business these days. Understand that the trillions of dollars that are lavished on modern warfare do not go to the victims of war - - oh, no, those monstrous blood profits go to the super wealthy, making them even wealthier than they already were.

Every aspect of war generates an income stream for the super wealthy. It's a huge, international business. Let's go down the list:

Contracts to design, develop, build, deploy and maintain all manner of weapons: tanks, submarines, missiles, bombs, bullets, rifles, machine guns, field artillery, side arms, grenades, grenade launchers, mines, bombers, fighter jets, surveillance airplanes, troop transports and cargo planes, space based satellite weapons systems, helicopters, armored personnel carriers, radio and radar systems, etc.

Military uniforms for millions of troops, hats, combat helmets, combat boots, armored vests, back packs, parachutes, ponchos and rain gear, blankets, beds, foot lockers, national flags, caskets for the war dead, etc.

Barracks, airfields, naval ports and submarine bases, training grounds, mess halls (cafeterias), fuel contracts and fuel depots, tires, tools and spare parts for millions of vehicles and weapons, food contracts, electrical supply, medical contracts, military hospitals, medical supplies, ballistic missile silos, underground bases and facilities, command and control centers, truck depots, trucks, buses, cars, repair shops and motor pools, warehouses, munitions factories, etc.

Military academies and universities, military administrative headquarters, military prisons, insurance for millions of military personnel and their families, military pension funds, military computer software and computer hardware, janitorial services contracts, military cemeteries, etc.

And on and on and on. 

To equip, maintain and operate a massive military machine like that of the USSA requires trillions and trillions of dollars in a never ending torrent of cash, decade on end. 

At every turn the super wealthy are getting their cut of the action. They control the financing and production of every aspect of the war machine, through banking services and the world's largest and most powerful corporations. War for them is big business, and the bigger the war, the more money they make, without regard to whom the victor may be. Their interest is primarily financial and therefore they care not so much who wins the war(s), as they do that there is warfare. Their greatest fear is that peace may break out and their global, multi-trillion dollar, warfare cash cow might dry up.

So you see, hunting humans is, and has been for a very long time, seriously big business for the super wealthy. They make obscene fortunes off of killing us.

It's time we got wise to their ghastly, wicked ways.

The Biggest Human Hunt Of Them All Is Now Being Prepared

I have written more than once about the very real danger of a shooting nuclear war, a horrific satanic blood offering of millions and hundreds of millions of human victims. The possibility is all too real.

All the signs I have seen indicate that we continue to steadily move toward such a conflict, with the steady push toward war coming from the USSA/NATO military and political bloc. 

It's insane.

Here's but one example of what I'm talking about. In recent days, 51 diplomats in the USSA's so-called "State Department" have publicly called for Barack Obama to militarily attack Syria, to overthrow the democratically elected Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, and replace him with a puppet government that the USSA government can bend to its will.

The State Department’s Collective Madness

Beyond the fact that an unprovoked attack against Syria constitutes a blatant war crime and violation of international law, if the USSA does carry through with a military attack against Syria, the Russians have pledged to defend the Syrian regime, meaning that the prospect of a direct military clash between the USSA and the Russian military rears its ugly head.

This is no small matter. It may occur before the end of this year, or even within the next two or three months, if the USSA does not radically alter its violent foreign policy course.

Let's say that the USSA launches missiles against and bombs Syrian territory. Let us further suppose that the Russian military, which is present in Syria at the express invitation of the Syrian regime, retaliates against the USSA military forces by shooting down a few fighter jets, or maybe sinking the submarines that fire cruise missiles against Syria.

What does the USSA do then? Does it ratchet up its military posture to attack Russian troops and military facilities in or near Syria? If so, do the Russians then proceed to attack other USSA military assets, like aircraft carriers and military airfields?

And then what happens next? Does the USSA then attack Russian airfields and navy ships? If so, what do the Russians do in response to that? And so forth.

Given the speed and precision of modern weaponry all of this could take place in less than half a day, bringing the world to the brink of outright nuclear war as both sides contemplate launching nuclear missiles to prevail in the escalating conflict.

Now Is The Time To Say or Do Something If You Object

This doesn't have to happen, though it certainly may, if the masses of people, especially in Europe and the USSA do not collectively refuse to permit the mad march to war to proceed any further.

But if the people passively acquiesce, without meaningful objection, why, then, very, very bad things can happen, and maybe will.

In the law, there is a principle that can be simply stated:

Silence implies consent.

If you do not overtly object, it is assumed that you agree, that you are in accord with what is being done, with what is being prepared or proposed, i.e., in this case, that you do not object to your own execution, your own destruction, or to the annihilation of your family and friends, or even to paying with your taxes for the genocidal weapons systems that will be used to exterminate you and everyone that you know.

And there is scarcely a whimper of objection on the part of the people.

That's the situation. And yet the people remain very passive, acquiescent, meek, tractable, docile, obedient, subservient.

I can't explain such ignorance and willful stupidity. I have stopped trying to wrap my head around the numb mindlessness of the masses of people in Europe and the USSA. 

Instead, I have removed myself to South America where I intend to remain. I feel no affinity with hundreds of millions of mindless, self-destructive dunces who won't even trouble themselves to save their own lives and those of their families. It's completely incomprehensible to me.

I have seen all of this coming for many years, for a variety of reasons. Indeed, I believe anyone who thinks clearly and soberly analyzes the world and modern society could and would also see the same or similar things as I have, and could and would draw similar conclusion(s). And yet so few do, and have.

The Minot Manifesto

Before I left the USSA in 2010, I staged a nonviolent, peace demonstration against preparations for nuclear war on the launch lid of Minuteman nuclear missile silo H-8, in the Minot Air Force Base missile field, near Parshall, North Dakota, USSA. I went right over the fence onto the missile silo, badly gashing my hands on the barbed wire in the process. 

The USSA military and local law enforcement personnel showed up with heavy armed force to arrest me and take me into custody. I was jailed for 100 days in North Dakota before being tried in federal court, being found guilty and being subsequently discharged from jail with time served.

Whereupon I left North Dakota, and a few months after that I left the USSA and relocated to South America.

You can read my philosophy and reasoning in the two statements that I released to the press on the occasion of my demonstration and subsequent arrest and jail time.

Minot Manifesto

A Serious Message From The Heart of America

Of course, you might say: "Well, Richard, isn't that really a very serious step?"

Yes, it is.

"I mean, you might get shot or beaten by the military police and other law enforcement personnel for protesting like that."

Yes, that is a real possibility. They might shoot you or beat you.

"And isn't it dangerous in jail and prison?"

Yes, it can be. There are some very unsavory, sociopathic and psychopathic characters in jail and prison, some with decidedly violent tendencies. Being incarcerated is not pleasant. I would not minimize the potential risks. Anything can happen. 

However, balance all of that against the horror, death and destruction of nuclear war. Balance all of that against the obvious run-up to a shooting nuclear war. We are getting closer and closer to it.

Please understand that i have been out on the nuclear missile silos in the USSA repeatedly, again and again and again, in past years in Arkansas and Missouri and the most recent time in North Dakota. That is because I understand just how serious the issue is and what is at stake: EVERYTHING is at stake.

And yet I am surrounded by complacent, passive, willfully ignorant dummies and dunces who f*cking refuse to get it.

Imagine if tens and hundreds of millions of people had done what I have done, if hordes of people had gone out with me to the nuclear missile silos to say: "Hell, no! Not with my money. Not with my life. Not with my family! Not with my planet!"  There would be no preparation for nuclear war, as there is now.

But you see, that didn't happen. They - -  you - -  could not be bothered. You had better things to do, much more important things to do than to concern yourself with the welfare of the Earth or the human race. You certainly could not be bothered to go to jail or to be arrested or to be publicly known as someone who is adamantly opposed to USSA government policy or to U.K. government policy or to German government policy.

And so we move closer and closer to war, war with Russia and China.

We all make our decisions. I am not claiming that my decision to go out in nonviolent protest on the nuclear missile silos again and again and again and to be arrested and jailed over and over again was easy.

On the contrary, it was very hard and extremely risky. And because so very few of my fellow human beings have seen fit to act similarly, we all now face a very, very difficult situation, perhaps a situation of impending annihilation.

Because so many could not trouble themselves a little, the world may pay a very harsh and ghastly price indeed.

Life is nothing but an extensive decision tree. One decision after another: to object to preparations for the destruction of humanity and the world or just to go along to get along. To do the hard things, or just to slide along on easy street, so that other people don't think we are not loyal to the USSA.

We make our decisions and our decisions make the world we live in - -  or die in.

I have publicly acted, again and again and again. My conscience is clear. I am not saying it was easy. It was damned hard, swimming upstream the whole way against a tidal wave of ignorance and mindlessly smug stupidity. 

Now it is up to others to act, in fact, it is up to you to act. 

And if you do not? Or will not?

Oh, well ....  We all make decisions and those decisions determine what happens in and to the world. The clock is ticking.


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