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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Is Hillary Genuinely Evil Or Merely Completely Bonkers?

Just between you and me, I believe Hillary Clinton to be an empty soul, a shell of an entity, having the appearance of a live human being, but devoid of empathy, conscience, sympathy, compassion, a sense of fair play or any other noble human qualities.

It is also growing clearer that on a physical level, her biological organism is quite ill. Her many public bouts of prolonged coughing aside, for the last year or so she has been caught bizarrely and inappropriately nodding in public, to such an extent that it is clear she is expressing a deep abnormality, presumably neurological in character.

In other words, her brain is sick. How could it be otherwise when someone dedicates her life to serving great evil, in order to achieve narrow personal gain at any cost (to others)?

That the USSA power establishment has pushed such a lying, psychopathic, venal, murderous, treacherous, larcenous sack of political offal to the top of the national control structure reflects the unfortunate depths to which it has sunk.

Hillary is bad to the bone. She doesn't have any readily apparent redeeming qualities.

And conspicuously, here lately, her head doesn't appear to always be under her conscious control. It seems to have taken on a spastic life of its own. Are her inner demons coming to the fore? Is her MK-Ultra mind programming starting to fail; or, alternatively, is her MK-Ultra mind control programming just now starting to kick in? Is she being visibly consumed by evil on the public stage? Is she going progressively mad?

Or as one wag commented in recent days, after all these years has she finally begun to outwardly manifest her inner reptile?

I don't know. Take your pick.

Bernie Sanders recently endorsed Hillary, after failing to get enough votes to win the Democratic Party's nomination for President of the USSA. Look at this clip from his endorsement speech. Hillary is standing onstage at his side; within several short minutes she nods her head an incredible 406 times!

Can you imagine? The normal person might go weeks without nodding their head 406 times.

Or how about this one? She nods nonstop for more than 3 minutes.

Here she is, nodding in Iowa. Pay attention at the 33 to 40 second mark. It looks like the nodding gets out of control for a bit, and she uses her hand to steady her head. Take a look:

How about another video from a Hillary campaign event? She does an extraordinary amount of nodding in the first part of this one. The thing that really grabs your attention is her eyes -- how would you describe those eyes -- cold, psychopathic, empty, evil? It's not a normal human expression, probably because she is not a normal human being. Here you go:

And finally, here's one from about a month ago. She seems to completely lose control of her head for several seconds. She tries to recover and make light of it, but it doesn't look normal. Either she is very ill with a serious brain abnormality or something even more disturbing is going on. See for yourself:

The alarming thing is that Hillary Clinton is being so prominently and persistently advanced by the USSA power establishment to hold the Office of the Presidency when she is manifestly a defective, deficient person on every level of her being, both physical and nonphysical.

Even worse, just yesterday, Wikileaks released a huge batch of Clinton and Democratic National Committee (DNC) e-mails that reveal the criminal extent to which Hillary and the DNC conspired together to rig the primary election process against Bernie Sanders, effectively criminally subverting the democratic voting process.

As I have mentioned repeatedly in my blog in recent years, we are living in a massively fake, rigged, fraudulent, false, artificially controlled system, at the national and also at the international, global level.

In fact, the whole planet and the systems that govern it are so fake and so false that it is hard to wrap one's mind around the enormous extent of the fraud that is being put over on us, at virtually every level, and in every particular, of our existence as individuals and a race.

The fake reality, a global fraudulent virtual reality, if you will, will go on and on until and unless enough people decide to say "that's it - - no more!" and make the conscious decision to analyze and concretely deal with the situation as it is. Lamentably, until that day, which has so far not occurred, the false manipulation and control will continue. 

By the way, I will not be voting for Hillary or for Donald or for anyone else. The fraud in the system is transparent. It's all criminally rigged. Why would any thinking person willingly participate in such a transparent, criminally rigged fraud?


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