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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Big Performance Is Just About To Start

It's all about to get ever so much more serious. 

The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia are just the beginning, like the loud, discordant, raucous, warm up notes that the musicians in a symphony orchestra play just before the actual performance commences.

It is obvious to me, and I suspect to a large number of others, that the entire event in Charlottesville was staged, albeit that a woman was killed and many others wounded. To begin with, Charlottesville is an alphabet soup agency town, and has been for many years. It is likely that both sides in the confrontation, protesters and counter-protesters alike, were being played and/or paid by the same unseen hand(s) with ties to one or more "intelligence" agencies.  It was all a big show, a deadly theatrical production, intended as mere prelude, as a stage-setting preview of coming attractions.

The increasingly violent chaos in the USSA and elsewhere around the world is being well orchestrated by very dark agendas and actors, which feed off of strife, violence, confusion, fear, hatred, destruction, chaos, mayhem and death.

The intent is to subject humanity to suffering, death, destruction, economic exploitation, degrading subjugation of all kinds, humiliation, abasement, increasingly more stringent mind and social control -- and even outright elimination. 

Humanity is under attack, on multiple fronts simultaneously. There is a war underway, and it is not conventional. The battlefield is not conventional. The tactics are not conventional. More than anything, it is a war against consciousness itself. Those who are unconscious or heavily propagandized, who are running on reflexive, reactionary auto-pilot, are going to take a very heavy hit, like running headlong, forehead first, into a big, rapidly whirling, sawmill buzz saw -- you know, the kind that slices up large tree trunks into boards and planks. What is coming is intended to slice and dice a lot of unthinking, gullible, weak-minded victims -- on the right and left, and in between.

The only way to win at this game is to withdraw from the contest, to refuse to participate, to the extent that you can.

It's a multi-dimensional chess game -- political, economic, racial, social, mental, spiritual, ethnic, linguistic and more. And the chess masters behind the game are playing both sides -- they are pushing both the black and the white pawns.

It is fruitless to ask which side they are on, because they are on both sides and neither. They have designed the parameters of the game, and are manipulating the gullible, stupid pawns in such a way, that no matter what the outcome of their game is -- they will win! 

The pawns, and even the Kings and Queens, are being played off against each other, while those who have set the board and defined the boundaries of the game have ensured that any and all outcomes redound to their dark advantage. 

They are fully capable of putting someone like a Donald Trump, for instance, into a position of great political power and then eliminating that same player from the game -- because it suits their dark purposes. They own or control all the meaningful pieces on the chess board and if they want to checkmate the King, then that is what they do. 

It Has To Do With Long Cycles And Celestial Geometry

The chess board extends well beyond the Earth, and includes the influence of other celestial bodies, in multiple ways and times. This is well understood by those who have mastered the ancient discipline of astrology. The science of astrology, yes, *science*, has long been used by those in positions of influence to bolster their political and military maneuvers.

Whether or not you know this, whether or not you believe this, whether or not you think that astrology is a real science is of little concern to those who wield its targeted use in the intelligence agencies, major corporations, military institutions and the like. In the main, they regard you and the rest of the teeming human masses as a herd to be managed, and from time to time, as a herd to be culled, a herd to be thinned out, a herd to perhaps be brought to a finer degree of control.

I mention this because the upcoming solar eclipse on 21 August directly impacts the destiny of the USSA and Mr. Donald Trump, in that it has to do with a 54 year cycle of eclipses that has been related to the destiny of the USSA going back at least to the 19th century. In the following video Olga Morales discusses the time that lies just ahead. The period we are now entering has temporal and astrological resonance with the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 and with WW-I in 1918. [Parenthetic correction to article: actually the 54 year cycle would extend to 1909 and 1855, to the years that preceded WW-I and the War Between the States, which was followed immediately by the Lincoln assassination.] Though she does not mention it in the video, another 54 years extends the timeline back to 1864, in the heat of the bloody War Between the States and a year before the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Beginning now and continuing on for the next two months is an astrologically very dark time for Donald Trump and for the USSA. You can expect that the Deep State has already consulted its astrologers and is ready to make full use of the negative astrological cycle that they have also made use of in prior centuries, characterized by war and assassination.

Everywhere you look in the news these days there are threats of and preparations for war, notably against North Korea, and in recent days, against Venezuela. The daily news cycle also has recently carried publicly reported threats of assassination against Donald Trump. Make no mistake: the timing of all of this is no coincidence. The astrological tenor of this period is being used by the Deep State to further its agenda of war, mayhem, confusion, destruction and social and political control.

Nothing would surprise me less than to see a time of increased pandemonium and turmoil in the weeks and months that lie ahead. The possibilities are several: assassination, coup d'etat, nuclear false flag attacks, outright civil war, WW-III, economic collapse and more. I am not saying these things will definitely happen, but simply observing that at 54 year junctures, in near temporal conjunction with the type of solar eclipse that will occur next week in the mainland USSA, the Deep State has waged major foreign war, major civil war and assassinated presidents.

I therefore expect nothing less of them this time around, and maybe even more. Three 54 year cycles have gone by and the USSA once again is being primed for civil war by the Deep State.  The USSA is once again being primed for major foreign warfare. The USSA is once again being primed for assassination, for removal of a president.

In recent weeks I have vividly dreamed of a multi-city, nuclear false flag attack carried out by shadowy elements of the USSA Deep State, falsely blamed on others. I take that possibility seriously. My subconscious is only picking up what is out there in the matrix of near future military and political possibilities and presenting it to my conscious mind in dream form, as a visual read-out.

Recently I was also given a date as I was awakening. I saw the date, 4 September. I extremely rarely am given specific dates in this manner, so I truly do not know what that day portends or why the date appeared to me. Maybe it will just be another day, or maybe it will be a history altering, Red Letter Day.

I couldn't say one way or the other. We'll soon find out. But even if nothing noteworthy happens that day, the fact remains that this entire period of time into which we are now entering is fraught with peril for the USSA, for Donald Trump, and given the role that these entities play globally, for the rest of humanity.

If Olga Morales knows these things, and I am telling you about them, it is an absolute certainty that the Deep State also knows these same things.

The Deep State has a historical record of using this negative astrological cycle for deep evil.

Be prepared, my friends. Expect the unexpected.


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