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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Expect The Unexpected -- Things Will Be Changing

My mini-vision of a couple of months ago of the date, 4 September,  has proved to be prescient. It is clear now that these days in early September are a crucial watershed period for the USSA and possibly for the world, as the USSA undergoes trial by Hurricane(s) and appears to be poised on the brink of possible nuclear war with North Korea. Both Donald Trump and the USSA as a whole are under terrific stress right now -- militarily, politically, economically, socially, meteorologically -- at the individual and national level.

Here's the reality: we are now to the point where there will be more and more changes, more and more problems and chaos. The world is changing and as we move deeper into the Event Horizon the pace of events will quicken, faster and faster, more and more.

Eventually the confusion may become completely overwhelming, or nearly so, and we may not even be in contact anymore.

As things break down, something new will emerge, perhaps with a more prosperous and peaceful, multi-polar world order as proposed by Vladimir Putin, with more of an emphasis on Asia and the Global South, but first it does look like much of the world will go through a time of  turmoil, even violent turmoil in some countries -- which already exists for people in Syria, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and other places.

Karmically and politically that turmoil has also already begun in the USSA. It will get worse and worse, maybe a very great deal worse. It looks like there may very well be a years-long period of pronounced decline and chaos in the USSA dominated global system of governance. Indeed, the USSA itself may break up and splinter into pieces, much as the former Soviet Union did more than 25 years ago.

The trial by hurricane(s) that the USSA is now undergoing is like the pounding that a heavyweight boxer undergoes when he absorbs a withering series of powerful body blows in a 15-round slug fest. The damaging body blows have a cumulative effect that after a given point can bring even the most powerful of men crashing down to defeat. 

Have no doubt, what has just happened in Houston is a powerful body blow for the USSA system. Houston, and the surrounding area of the Gulf Coast, is a vital component of the industrial and economic might of the USSA, as a crucial petrochemical, petroleum refining and commercial shipping center, and nerve center of the global, petroleum business.

But Houston, and the surrounding region, have been trashed due to the ravages of Hurricane Harvey and its heavy flooding aftermath. Houston may never again be the city that we have known it to be during the second half of the 20th century and the opening years of the 21st century. I used to clean windows for some wealthy clients in the oil business, who had a big, two-storey, rambling house with lots of windows in one of those upscale neighborhoods down along Buffalo Bayou on the west side of town. I imagine their big, expensive house sustained a lot of water damage and may not even be habitable at this point, assuming they will want to live there anymore.

A Texas friend writes in to say: 

Houston has been destroyed.  They may save the tall civic center buildings but the city itself is lost.  All our cities are built upon a structure:  the very poor live in the worst parts of the city, getting by through whatever means they can--selling drugs, selling labor, stealing, etc.  By the time you get to someone who can actually rent a room you are several levels above the real slums. All that housing and the small businesses that served those people are gone now.
Considering the condition of the ground, it will be a long time before it dries out enough to build there.  Frame structures that are flooded can't be saved; they are infected with molds, viruses and industrial pollutants.  Developers can get properties for pennies; they will have a field day, at the expense of the former owners.

Got insurance?  You will have to sue to collect.

But just wait...

Hurricane Irma arrives in South Florida in the coming days and bids fair to be a repeat of Harvey, and maybe even worse. 

It looks like the southeast coastline, from South Florida all the way up to South Carolina, will be ravaged within the next week, with very extensive property damage and displacement of the coastal population.

I used to live, once upon a time, in a tiny little house beneath towering, stately, pecan trees, right along the very edge of a large salt marsh in rural, coastal Georgia. At low tide I could walk barefoot for miles in the tidal flats, through an endless labyrinth of tidal creeks running through a seemingly never-ending expanse of marsh grass that extended nearly to the horizon, with the mud squishing through my toes, watching the marsh hens in their deliberate stalking of their prey, and setting a crab trap or two, which might even have caught the occasional fish along with a few crabs. All of that is likely to be overwhelmed by a furious 20 foot storm surge in three or four days from now. That tranquil little house under the ancient pecan trees down by the sea, will probably be destroyed and those huge, old pecan trees may be uprooted and washed away, as well.

And not only those trees and that little house, but also much of the little town where those trees and that little house stand. It is, all of it, barely 5 feet above sea level, if that, and the projected storm surge is as much as 20 feet and maybe even more. 

Beyond that, there is the USSA Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay, Georgia, the USSA Navy Aircraft Carrier Base at Mayport, Florida and the Cape Canaveral Space Port at Cocoa Beach, Florida. All of these facilities are immediately on the coast, mere feet above sea level, and highly vulnerable to the high winds and high storm surge that Irma is imminently going to inflict on that region.

Then there are the miles of high rise condominiums and hotels, banks and other skyscrapers in Miami, that are built right along the beach, right down along the seashore. What happens when those twenty and thirty and forty story buildings take 10 or 15 feet of storm surge, and 150 mph winds? 

We'll soon find out.

But that's not all.

The USSA Deep State Is Gearing Up To Attack North Korea

The war drums against North Korea are beating louder and louder, week after week. While I realize perfectly well that many people say that the prospect of a shooting nuclear war is too insane to contemplate, that such a ghastly eventuality could never occur, that cooler heads will prevail, that not even the War Hawks in the Pentagon could actually be so demented as to wage such a destructive, genocidal war, the hard reality is that over the last 70 years, the military-industrial-intelligence complex of the USSA has made extensive, multi-trillion dollar preparations to fight and *win* just such a nuclear conflict. 

That is the harsh truth of the matter. Whether or not you think that is a good idea, whether or not you approve of such a plan and preparations -- none of that matters to them. Their priorities are not necessarily your priorities. For you, nuclear mushroom clouds are probably a really, really bad thing; for them, nuclear mushroom clouds are but a means to an end -- domination of the planet by them on their terms They intend to engineer the enormous death and destruction in a manner that results in their political, military, economic and social control of the entire planet, or so they think.

Accordingly, in recent days, Donald Trump has proposed cutting off trade with all countries that engage in trade with North Korea, including China. Now, China and the USSA have bilateral trade that runs to $600 billion or more per year, so a cut-off of trade with China would be a crippling blow for the Chinese economy and also the economy of the USSA. In fact, a policy that stupid would end up harming China and the USSA far more than North Korea. Even worse, it might lead to a shooting war between the USSA and China.

Not surprisingly, the Chinese can see that geopolitical events in northeast Asia are rapidly spiraling in an ugly direction and have just staged a defensive military drill in the region near North Korea. The Chinese understand that the USSA has a more than century-long history of repeated, highly destructive military interventions and wars in Asia -- in the Philippines, against Japan, in Korea, in Indo-China -- and are overtly signalling that if they are threatened, that they will militarily defend Chinese territory and interests.

Essentially, the USSA is now in real deep kimchi, if you catch my drift. My personal analysis is that if the stand off with North Korea goes to a shooting war, in the end it will not go well for the USSA, not even if it initially appears that the USSA is prevailing or has prevailed militarily. I don't believe at all that the Pentagon can deliver a knock-out punch to North Korea's political leadership, its military, its command and control structure and its industrial base without unleashing a broader war that will inevitably blow back to the USSA mainland itself, with disastrous effect. To wit: what if the North Koreans do manage to explode an A-bomb, or two or three, on cities in the USSA, as they have said they can do? Or pop off an EMP weapon over the mainland of the USSA that plays havoc with the national electrical grid and electronic and digital infrastructure, with deleterious consequences for the national economy and industrial base? 

Nevertheless, it does seem that the USSA really intends to attack North Korea, no matter what, and the North Koreans understand that. I think that the North Koreans will fight back, very fiercely, if they are attacked by Pentagon forces. They have watched what the USSA and "friends" have done to Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc. They remember very well the millions that the USSA slaughtered in Korea in the 1950s. They remember what the USSA and friends did to Muammar Ghaddafi and Saddam Hussein. I do not believe that Kim Jong-un intends to be sodomized to death with a bayonet up the butt like Muammar Ghaddafi, or to hang by the neck like Saddam Hussein after a rigged, political show trial.

The North Koreans have determined that they will not permit that to happen in North Korea. I understand their point of view. There is a viciously genocidal rogue state in this equation and it is the USSA, far more so than North Korea, which has invaded no other country in the time that the USSA has rampaged all over the planet, attacking, bombing and invading country after country after country.

So which country is the out of control, rogue state that most threatens international stability?

That said, the evidence suggests that the North Koreans do have, at the least, a boosted yield A-bomb, with a yield perhaps of up to 150 kilotons. They may have ten or twenty of them, for all I know. If they're attacked, they will certainly use them, or try to. They may already have fitted them to their intermediate range and intercontinental ballistic missiles. They may already have a couple of submarines at sea with these missiles, silently drifting with the current, with a skeleton crew, awaiting launch orders from Pyongyang. I mean, who knows?

The North Koreans may even have their own, rudimentary Dead Man's Switch, such that if Pyongyang is destroyed or the North Korean national leadership is decapitated the submarine commanders and other missile commanders have orders to fire immediately and at will.

I rule nothing out. 

I don't even rule out possible nuclear false flag attacks by the USSA Deep State against cities and targets in the mainland USSA, so that the Pentagon and the Deep State can falsely blame the North Koreans and get their eagerly desired nuclear war on. Of course it will be a total, red-white-and-blue Hell, if they do that, but did that stop them from attacking the Pentagon itself on 9/11, and the World Trade Center Towers in New York City? On the contrary, killing thousands or even millions of people is what they do, what they have done repeatedly in the past, and what all the publicly available evidence suggests they are now preparing to do again, maybe even yet this week, for all anyone knows.

Were I USSA President I would offer North Korea a genuine peace treaty with an international guarantee of their national borders being secure, thereby finally putting a definitive legal end to the Korean War, and engage them in trade and direct diplomatic negotiations. But then, in the political world as it is, men who think as I do cannot come to power in the USSA, because the business of the USSA is war. Men like me are jailed by the Feds and I have been jailed and imprisoned by the Feds, multiple times, for my nonviolent, always peaceful, anti-nuclear protests, so I am writing you these words from South America, where I intend to remain, as the Northern Empire goes through its violent, psychopathic, demonic, insane death throes.

I know what the political rhetoric is, but the reality is that it is the USSA that is primarily responsible for having brought the Korean situation to the crisis point. However crazy the men in Pyongyang may be, at least history explains and even largely justifies their profound mistrust of the USSA and its policies, whereas the crazies in Washington, DC are simply demonically, insanely, psychopathically barking mad, beyond all hope of redemption or correction, and beyond all rational understanding.

We'll see what the coming days bring, as the USSA drifts deeper into serial disasters, largely of its own contrivance. 

Will it inflict a hideous nuclear war on itself? 

Or will it go down by cascading failure of its infrastructure, as its large cities sequentially self-destruct due to natural disasters, political, economic and social chaos, and a growing, destitute, homeless, unemployed, refugee population?

Or both at the same time?


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