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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Trump's Greenland Gambit and the Technate of North America

Donald Trump's very public proffer in recent days to buy Greenland from Denmark has been met with amusement in many quarters, as if it were a joke.

But there is ample reason to believe that Trump's Greenland Gambit is indeed a very serious trial balloon on the part of the Deep State, i.e., the shadowy, corporate, power brokers behind the presidential office, especially in view of the centuries-long history of territorial acquisition by the USSA.

A bit of historical context is in order. The USSA has acquired or seized territory in four main ways:

1) warfare, i.e., overt military conflict, conquest or invasion;
2) negotiated purchase for an agreed upon price;
3) via non-commercial, non-military, diplomatic negotiation;
4) via openly illegal annexation, essentially non-military regime change. 

What follows does not at all pretend to be historically comprehensive or complete, but merely to illustrate in broad brush form what has transpired over the centuries.

Under the first category the USSA acquired the following territories that it now holds:

a) most of what is now the eastern, southeastern and part of the mid-Western mainland, continental USSA during the late 18th and early 19th centuries;

b) much of what is now the southwestern quadrant of the mainland USSA was transferred from Mexican to USSA possession under the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, which concluded the Mexican-American war of 1846-1848;

c) the islands of Puerto Rico and Guam as a consequence of the Spanish-American War of 1898; Spain also ceded Cuba and the Philippines to the USSA (neither of which are now territories of the USSA);

d) American Samoa via military annexation by the USSA Navy in 1900; 

e) Wake Island by military occupation in 1899 (also claimed by the Republic of the Marshall Islands).

The following territorial acquisitions fall under the second category:

a) the purchase from France in 1803 of the Territory of Louisiana which essentially comprised the western portion of the watershed of the Mississippi River, including the drainage of the Missouri River; a huge piece of real estate stretching from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to what is now southwestern Canada;

b) the Gadsden Purchase from Mexico in 1854 of what are today southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico;

c) the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867;

d) the purchase of the U.S. Virgin Islands from Denmark in 1917.

In the third category are:

a) cession of Florida by Spain to the USSA in 1821;

b) recognition of the Oregon Territory in 1848, and the Washington Territory in 1853, in response to increasing civilian settlement/invasion by waves of westward migration from the eastern states of the USSA;

c) the Northern Mariana Islands which voted in a referendum in 1975 to become a commonwealth in union with the USSA.

And the fourth category comprises:

a) the flagrantly illegal overthrow and annexation of the Kingdom of Hawai'i in the period 1896-1898.

Not to say that in one way or another, most of the territorial acquisitions of the USSA, have not been illegal, and often very violent, before, during or after the fact. The entire, sordid history is full of theft, suffering and slaughter, directly or indirectly.

Which Brings Us To Greenland and the Technate of North America

The long point I am making is that Donald Trump's recent proffer to Denmark to purchase the very large and frozen, Arctic island of Greenland, which is a Danish overseas territory, should be seen as just the latest episode in a very long chain of territorial acquisition by the USSA, including many overseas island territories. 

President Harry Truman tried to buy Greenland from Denmark in 1946, for $100 million. And why not? -- after all, Denmark sold the U.S. Virgin Islands to the USSA in 1917.  Besides, the USSA had successfully previously bought huge tracts of territory from France (the Louisiana Purchase), from Mexico (southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico), and from Russia (Alaska). Not to mention the Panama Canal Zone, which was purchased by the USSA from Panama, and granted to the USSA in perpetuity by Panama in 1903. The USSA administered the Panama Canal Zone as its own territory from 1903 to 1979.

Moreover, the USSA has wrested large chunks of land and islands from other European states in warfare -- Britain in 1776-1781, Spain in 1898.

You never know, if Denmark adamantly refuses to sell, the USSA just might possibly make the Danish government an offer that it can't refuse. To be blunt, in a military face off between the Pentagon and Denmark's armed forces in the North Atlantic, who is likely to prevail?

That's the way the USSA seized control of most of the territory that it possesses: it tends not to take no for an answer. When its entreaties or threats go unrequited, it has a nasty habit, again and again, of resorting to military force.

1933 and The Technate of North America

1933 was a watershed year. The NAZIs came to power in Germany, Franklin Roosevelt rolled out his nation-changing New Deal, and Technocracy, Inc. was also established in 1933. Technocracy, Inc. was very active in the USSA and Canada in the 1930 and 1940s. It has a much lower public profile today, but don't be fooled.

As its name suggests, the Technocracy movement advocates managing society by technocratic means, rooted in engineering efficiency, and basing the economy on energy. 

Although Technocracy, Inc., and its associated Technate of North America, carry a very low public and political profile today, I would submit that the trajectory of political, military, economic and diplomatic events in North America over the past 245 years corresponds very closely, indeed, to the Technocracy. Inc. program. It is obvious that the Deep State and Technocracy, Inc. are reading the same play book. In other words, it is fair to presume that Technocracy, Inc., for all that it is but a mild outer face, barely even rising to the level of public recognition, as a sort of tip-of-the-Deep-State-iceberg, in fact accurately reflects the Deep State's agenda for the North American sector of the world, and has for a very long time. 

In other words, the Technate of North America is a sort of Monroe Doctrine 2.0, a more modern compliment to the Monroe Doctrine, or, as appears very possible, has actually superseded the Monroe Doctrine, and taken its place. I am suggesting that many analysts and political commentators are mistakenly trying to frame events in this sector of the globe, within an outdated context from over two centuries ago, when the Deep State has long since moved to a newer and different game plan -- or in fact, perhaps has always been following the Technate of North America plan, and only publicly showed its hand in 1933, albeit that most analysts have absolutely failed to grok what is afoot.

Take a look at Technocracy, Inc.'s Technate of North America.


The totality of everything that the USSA has done within the last 245 years or so, falls within the framework of the Technate of North America.

Notice that the Technate of North America comprises everything from the northern tier of South America to north of the Arctic Circle, including the Caribbean, Bermuda, the northeastern Pacific Ocean and islands, including the Galapagos Islands, all of Canada and -- not insignificantly  -- Greenland.

Think of it: the illegal annexation of Hawaii, the purchase of Alaska, The Gadsden Purchase, the Louisiana Purchase, the acquisition of Florida, Manifest Destiny and the genocidal,  anti-Indigenous conquest of the mainland USSA in the 1700s and 1800s,  the acquisition of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the North American Free Trade Agreement between Mexico, Canada, and the USSA, the ongoing economic embargo of Cuba, the Reagan administration's CIA-run Central American Wars of the 1980s, the invasions of Panama and Grenada in the 1980s, the present military use by the USSA of the Galapagos Islands for its eastern Pacific Ocean surveillance airplanes, the ongoing economic and diplomatic warfare against Venezuela, the CIA's narco-states in Colombia and Mexico, and the recent proffer by the Trump administration to buy Greenland from Denmark, all fit within the Technate of North America framework.

Richard Nixon's decision to establish the petro-dollar fits very well into the Technocracy, Inc. agenda to found the economy on energy. Petroleum is obviously the dominant energy source in the world in modern times, and the USSA dollar is completely tied to petroleum, whence the moniker, "petro-dollar".

The current economic and diplomatic warfare against Venezuela is also clearly a function of the enormous pool of petroleum in Venezuela, control of which is vital for the continued viability of the petro-dollar. Both Venezuela's geographic location and its energy resources can be seen as an integral part of the Technate of North America paradigm.

As For Greenland .... 

The last, big, missing piece in the Technate of North America puzzle is obviously Greenland.

It cannot be a coincidence that for decades the USSA military has had bases in Greenland, and to this day operates Thule Air Force Base in northern Greenland, notwithstanding that Greenland is a territory of Denmark. 

Remember that Technocracy, Inc. was born in 1933 and had its highest public profile in the 1930s and 1940s; and remember that President Harry Truman tried to buy Greenland from Denmark in 1946.

The Deep State is nothing if not persistent. It just does not stop coming.

Of course, Greenland is geopolitically important for a number of reasons: 

a) its geostrategic location just off the northeast coast of North America;
b) any mineral wealth it may have;
c) its exposure to Arctic Sea shipping lanes and mineral resources;
d) marine fisheries in its coastal waters;
e) the massive Greenland ice cap, i.e., lots and lots of pure frozen water

Though all of these points make Greenland highly desirable, the last point just may be the most significant of all. In a world faced with abrupt climate change, facing the prospect of rising temperatures and prolonged killer droughts, access to, and control of, the second largest source of fresh water on the planet (after the Antarctic ice sheet) becomes a key survival issue.

In the coming time of chaotic climate change those who have water will survive, and maybe even prosper. Those without water in a time of searing temperatures and prolonged droughts will surely perish.

Fresh water is a game changer.

It's just that simple. The climate change has already begun.

Whence the Trump administration's new Greenland Gambit. 

I don't think it's a joke.

If water push should perchance come to military shove, the Pentagon can surely prevail over the Danish military. If so, it wouldn't be the first time that the USSA went to war against a European nation and seized its overseas territories.


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