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Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Long Good-Bye

Things are moving faster now, much faster.

The ongoing, heavy flooding in China has wiped out a large percentage of Chinese agricultural production this year. Additionally, there has been heavy flooding in many other countries, notably in India. 

The recent damaging weather in the Mid-West of the USSA has also ruined millions of acres of productive cropland.

The upshot of all of this is that global food production has suffered enormous setbacks in recent weeks and months. The large drop in food production, coupled with the major hit to national economies occasioned by the Covid-19 crisis and the concomitant, global economic crisis, is a double, or even triple whammy that will produce tremendous suffering and social strife in the coming months.

Count on it. 

Millions of desperate, penniless, unemployed, hungry people will soon take to the streets in country after country. It's inevitable.

Along with the desperate hunger and poverty that accompany the collapse of the present world system, comes the likelihood of major warfare. A simple scan of the daily headlines in recent weeks reveals potential military flash points all over the world: the South China Sea, the Himalayan frontier between China and India, the Pakistan-India border region, Kashmir, the Persian Gulf, the eastern Mediterranean, the southern Caribbean, the Black Sea and Baltic regions, and more.

Global economic collapse, hunger, geopolitical and military power plays. These are a few of the important elements in the time of Great Trouble that lies just ahead.

There are people who write to me and mock me for saying these things.

More and more, I take those criticisms less and less seriously. I understand that a whole lot of people these days are demented and not thinking clearly. Drugged up, hopped up on alcohol, confused by all sorts of propaganda or even demonically possessed in some cases.

Very well. I am revealing my thinking and they are revealing their "thinking" -- such as it is.

By Christmas, or even before, momentous events will occur that will set the stage for still more events in 2021. I said in this blog before this year even began, that if you lived to be one thousand years old, you would never forget the events of this year. I stand by that observation, and remind you that there are four and one-half-months still to come in this year. The second half of this year will prove to be even more memorable than the first half, which has already turned the whole world on its ear!


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