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Sunday, September 27, 2020

USSA Aircraft Carriers Going Right Back To Sea

I was perusing the military news today, and what do you know? -- it looks like the Pentagon has something up its sleeve. Big surprise, right? Please read the following two news items.

A few months after getting home, the Theodore Roosevelt is about to deploy again

After a grueling deployment, the carrier Eisenhower gets set for a dubious ‘double pump’

The USSA Navy aircraft carriers, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower, are both getting sent right back out for new deployments in the near future. The articles report that crews are stressed, both ships have major maintenance issues and needs, and yet they're going to go to sea right away again after comparatively brief periods in port.

Obviously war is planned. These are not routine deployments. Something is brewing.

The Navy knows very well that their aircraft carrier battle groups are extremely vulnerable to modern, anti-ship missiles, and stealthy torpedo attacks. So why bother with extensive maintenance and repair of large ships that have a high probability of being sunk anyway, in the early phase(s) of the upcoming, planned conflict(s)? Why worry about how well rested crews are who very well may soon be dead? Is the Navy planning on using the ships and their crews as pawns, ordering them to fight for as long as they can-- or at the least to threaten to fight -- knowing full well that the ships are likely to be sunk and their crews killed early on? And then would/will the USSA Navy use the sinking of the ships and the deaths of thousands of sailors as the casus belli that the Pentagon needs to make its (false) public case for major warfare?

All the while, the boomers (large nuclear-missile-firing-submarines) and ICBMs lie in wait, all ready to go, on all sides. The missiles already have their targets programmed.

Oh, yes, the mundane astrology is extremely war-like and bellicose over the November to January period. This is no coincidence. I learned years ago first-hand that the military-industrial-espionage complex have their astrologers. King Arthur had his Merlin, Queen Elizabeth I had her John Dee, and the CIA and Pentagon have their remote viewers and astrologers. They wait for the negative astrology and then they use it. Look for the upcoming false flags, the troop maneuvers, the military aircraft movements, the naval deployments, the military provocations. A great deal of this is astrologically timed.

You can see war coming or simmering everywhere you look. The next 120 days will be fraught with geopolitical and military tension, even higher than now, if not the outbreak of full-on warfare. Armenia-Azerbaijan, China-India, India-Pakistan, China-Taiwan, China-USSA, USSA/NATO-Russia, Israel/Saudi-Arabia/USSA-Iran, Turkey-Greece, Libya-Turkey-Egypt-Russia, Syria-Russia-USSA, USSA-North Korea, and more. You can feel and see events ramping up.

Any given day of the next 120 days could see spectacular false flag attacks and/or the outbreak of major, military conflict. The mundane astrology is extremely hyper-combustible right now and over the next few months.

Wait for November-December-January. The threat of a military coup d'├ętat in the USSA in that time-frame is nontrivial. That would be quite the geopolitical-military wild card.

As for the rest of 2021 beyond January? -- we'll be in a different world by then. One year at a time.

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