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Friday, October 22, 2021

Demonic Alcohol Programming

A few years back I read a comment by the rogue, Bulgarian archaeologist, Sylvie Ivanonova, to the effect that in her opinion alcohol is perhaps the single, greatest factor in the downfall of the human race. I really like her work, which I want to explore more extensively in another blog post. You can find a whole slew of her videos on YouTube:

She has another website:

Unfortunately, her comment about the deleterious effects of alcohol rings uncomfortably true. Alcoholism is certainly a huge societal issue in many countries all over the world, whether in Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Russia, the USSA, Mexico -- or Ecuador, where I live. 

Because of the prevalence of alcoholism in many countries, and my global readership, it is a statistical certainty that some of my readers struggle with alcohol abuse. 

That is both lamentable and painful. It is also very intentional on the part of the alcohol industry, which has deep roots, going back thousands of years. The alcohol dynasties have long since made a king's ransom off of promoting drunken mayhem, all while making a hypocritical, public show of urging people to "drink responsibly." Their satanic profit-taking continues to this very minute, while appealing to many people's worst impulses.

In English, alcohol has for centurie
s been referred to as "demon alcohol", with good reason. Alcohol does open the door to the demonic, hell realms. Just ask the many women who have been assaulted by their alcoholic husbands, who come home in a drunken rage and brutally beat them, sometimes fatally. Just ask the myriad victims of drunk drivers, in cemetery plots and hospital wards the world over. Ask the many millions of emotionally dysfunctional people who had the misfortune to have grown up in a home with physically and emotionally abusive, alcoholic parents. Go through the tiers and cell blocks of jails and prisons the world over, and you will encounter literally millions of men, and not a few women, who have committed stupid, often cruel, even savage and murderous crimes, while under the influence of alcohol.

The alcohol industry knows all of these ugly facts and still it continues to shamelesslly peddle its nasty poison -- for filthy lucre, nothing else. The destruction of human beings is a dark, money game; it's very big money, and a lot of people have their hands and fingers in the game.

Here in Ecuador it is as big a problem as anywhere. Alcohol is hammering this country really hard. And it is very much by design. A drunk population, a people physically and mentally enslaved by "demon alcohol" is very easy to subvert and control.

A couple of weeks ago, a neighbor, a man with a wife and young children, came home in a drunken stupor in the wee hours of the morning, and awakened the entire apartment complex with his incoherent, animalistic, alcoholic bellowing. His wife had locked him out!! -- and he was furious. He ranted and raved at the top of his lungs until he was able to pry open a window and climb into the house. Imagine the effect of his alcohol abuse on his marriage and on the emotional well-being of his children.

Last weekend, I awakened on Sunday morning to discover that during the night someone had messily vomited on the wall and sidewalk of the house directly in front of mine. The housewife was out with a bucket full of water and a broom, cleaning the unsightly, unsanitary yuckiness away. Her husband was the likely culprit. Yesterday, she made a show of giving me a handful of Alcoholics Anonymous literature to read. She knows very well that I do not drink alcohol. It was her way of tacitly admitting to me that someone in her household is struggling with alcoholism -- or else why did she have the Alcoholics Anomymous literature?

Later that day, I went to the bus stop to catch a bus into town, only to find a young man, maybe 25 years old, sprawled out on the grass beside the bus stop shelter. He was 100% unconscious, totally drunk to the world. He was lying there in the drizzle, without any shoes. I shouted at him: "Get up!" He did not budge. His eyes remained closed. I shouted at him again: "Get up!!" He stirred a little. Deep in his sleeping, drunken, reptilian brain stem it had dimly registered that someone was shouting at him. I shouted at him again: "STAND THE F*CK UP, DRUNKARD!!"

That got his attention. His eyes fluttered open and he weakly focused on my face. I told him again: "Stand up!" He laboriously rolled over and sat there in the wet grass and drizzle. I asked him: "Where are your shoes?" He blankly looked at his shoeless feet, agape, and then back at me. Someone had stolen his shoes -- perhaps his drinking "buddies". They had probably stolen his wallet, too, though I did not inquire. I forcefully told him: "Do not drink alcohol."  He nodded his head drunkenly in agreement and made a sign with his hand to indicate that he understood what I had said. I told him. " Alcohol is a poison. It destroys a man." He again drunkenly nodded his head in agreement and motioned with his hand to show that he understood. He wobbled shakily to his feet and took several steps before collapsing again to the grass. where he remained sitting when my bus came.

When I returned a couple of hours later to the bus stop on the other side of the highway, I encountered another young man, also completely drunk, 100% unconscious and oblivious to the external world, lying in a heap on the sidewalk. There were other people present, so I didn't make as big of a production with him, though I did bend over and loudly tell him to wake up. He stirred a little and opened his eyes to look at me. I crossed the highway on the pedestrian bridge. I looked back when I reached the other side of the thoroughfare, and saw that he had managed to struggle to his feet and was leaning blearily against the wall beside the bus stop shelter.

A lot of people disappear in Ecuador. I see missing person fliers all the time. An oblivious, unconscious, drunk man is an easy victim for vile, human traffickers. For all I know, I saved the lives of those two, young men. You never know.

Chances are very good that they had been drinking a cheap, fruity, vodka-based, alcoholic beverage that is widely sold in Ecuador, and which is very popular with young people. It is called "Switch" -- get it? It "switches" off the conscious mind, and switches on a drunken, demonic stupor in the place of conscious awareness.

This is all by satanic intent, on the part of the alcohol beverage company that peddles this particular devil's brew.

I collect plastic bottles to recycle, and I pick up this particular brand all the time. It is sold in 1.5 liter bottles, at either 8% or 10% alcohol content, which is the equivalent of drinking a pint of hard liquor of about, what? -- 26% or 33% alcohol content? It will get you well lit, for sure, and people are drinking this stuff by a liter and a half at a pop ( = 1.65 quarts). Carbonated, fruity, vodka.

I read the labels as I collect the empty bottles that the drunks fling down on the public staircases, in the weeds in vacant lots, in the parks and playgrounds, at bus stops, in the gutter along the streets.

This particular brand has a number of different labels. On one label there appear three, stylized faces, one of which is that of a young woman with her lips sewn shut, in the manner of a corpse with its lips sewn shut, though "her" eyes are open. This is not even subliminal programming. It is overt and it is a clear allusion to death. A whole bottle of death programming. Carbonated, fizzy, fruity, alcoholic, death juice.

Another label of this particular brand also has stylized faces on it, both wearing Covid-19 masks. The face that appears to be male has something like dark sunglasses on its face, and on both lenses appear the NAZI The double-sig rune insignia of the SS symbol, the symbol of the Waffen-Schutzstaffel.

And you thought that NAZI -ism was dead and gone. a mere historical footnote. This is more alcoholic programming, fascist programming in this case, straight to the subconscious mind, which is extremely susceptible to symbolic programming.

Yet another label is even richer in programming content, featuring a bunch of weird, colorful, parasite-like, worm-looking creatures, beside which are printed the English words: eat me and drink me. Clear enough?  Take the alcoholic parasites right into your body, right down the hatch. Where will that lead? Right down Alice's famous rabbit hole, that's where, to her bizarre Wonderland and the weird, white rabbit with the big pocket watch, who is "late for a very important date!" Because just above, higher up on the label, is printed in big, bold letters: DOWN 2 the Rabbit Hole. And speaking of the white, Wonderland rabbit with the pocket watch this particular label even informs as to the precise time, because just beside an ogre-like creature with big, yellow eyes, and a big, green tongue is a clock which conspicuously displays the time of 3:22.

Imagine: 322. That number so beloved of the Skull & Bones Society at Yale University which is linked to the Deep State power structure in the USSA. 

All of this verbal and symbolic programming is going straight to the subconscious mind of the millions of people in Ecuador who are imbibing the satanic, alcoholic "SWITCH" and plunging themselves into drunken stupors, "switching" off the conscious mind and "switching" on the drunken, demonic, alcoholic stupor.

It does not matter that the words are written in English. The subconscious mind understands all languages, and anyway, millions of Ecuadoreans have studied English in school, and millions have also lived in the USSA for years and speak a fair amount of English. Ecuadoreans come and go by the thousands between Ecuador, and Miami and New York all the time.

And finally, one more label, also from the vodka-based, SWITCH brand of alcohol which is so widely sold and guzzled here in Ecuador, which displays a genderless, human-appearing sort of creature, with a green hat, yellow Covid-19 mask and the words printed on its body in small print: Party Hells. Does that even need any explanation? Hell juice.

I used a magnifying glass to make out the words, but not to worry, the subconscious minds of those who swill this particular brand of "demon alcohol" will pick up the words and the blatant Hell allusion just fine. There are some other, very small symbols scrawled on the body of the creature, but I could not make them out, even with a magnifying glass, though I am sure that the subconscious perception picks them out loud and clear.

I'm done. That's it. That's all the news for today.

Live long! Live well. And please refrain from consuming alcohol. It is bad stuff.


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