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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Bloody 2022-2023

I am amazed at the deer-in-the-headlights trance that so many people are in these days. It's very revealing, it really is, both of their low intelligence level and their soul discernment, assuming that they still have souls, recognizing that many of them may have effectively sold their souls long ago for a bowl of porridge, or 30 shekels of silver, just to feel like they were part of something important and were getting ahead in their profession. You know, the little-big man syndrome that leads first to selling out, and then eventually ending up in a spiritual, No Man's wasteland, with ghoulish vultures circling overhead awaiting the inevitable.

It's astonishing that anyone with two spare neurons to rub together would think: a) that things will ever be returning to "normal", or b) that the v(@)xxscenes are good, and that transparently satanic, psychopathic monsters such as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and Klaus Schwab have the best interests of humankind at heart.

And yet, I have just described countless millions of people, many with money, university degrees and professional credentials, who stupidly, idiotically have knuckled under to the demonic v(@)xxscene agenda that is taking humanity down. Even worse, they often condescendingly berate those who are too intelligent, informed and spiritually aware to submit to the demonic jab -- to do so!

Sadly, very sadly, a man whom I have known my entire life, has taken 3 rounds of the Pfizer jab -- the very worst of them all -- and has repeatedly, strongly urged me to also get v(@)xxscene8ed! 

I am agog, I truly am, at his undying faith in Dr. Fauci and the schemes of Big Pharma, the nefarious, vile characters of which can easily be uncovered with even a cursory key word search online.

I hardly have words in my vocabulary to describe the depths of such stupidity. All of this, mind you, under the guise of feigned, pretend concern for my well being. I have drawn the obvious conclusion: the man is thoroughly compromised, and it has clouded his mind and soul. He has too much invested in the filthy, rotten, satanic system to admit the truth. So he has thrown himself headlong into the satanic lie put forth by Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the NIH, the WEF, Bill Gates and their hordes of satanic, demonic, mindless enablers.

I behold this man and his views with wonderment; he's like something out of a vomit-inducing ayahuasca vision

Though he's hardly alone. Replicate him by at least hundreds of millions, maybe a billion or two (or more?) -- the world over. Here in Ecuador, people have lined up by the millions to be v(@)xxscene8ed, most of them twice, and now they're bringing in young children to get the jab, with the intention of jabbing 95% of the population at least twice.

The "stupid" is unfortunately widespread in today's Alice in Wonderland world.

The Karmic Buzzards Are Already Circling

Forget about the chickens coming home to roost, the turkey buzzards, sewer rats and packs of feral dogs are going to feast for weeks and months, if they can survive the spike proteins in the festering carrion of the numerous millions of rotting, bloated cadavers that will litter city streets and rural lanes in country after country. The stench of death will fill the air for months on end as the Great Die Off proceeds to its ghastly end. It will not be a dystopian scenario that we will live through, at least a few of us; oh, no, it will be much worse than that; it will be a hellish time, Hades come to Earth.

I have already had a long list of dreams and visions that have brought home to me the dreadful time that lies just ahead. It will be awful. The body count is going to be very high, extremely high. The dying has already begun, but it will grow worse and worse and worse, until even the willfully blind will be forced to confront the horror, not least because many of them will suddenly find themselves physically dead, and abruptly having their "Come to Jesus!" moment. Imagine their profound surprise if Jesus says something like: "Why don't we take a look at the pro-Big Pharma work you did during your career, and the ripple effect that that had on the lives and untimely deaths of millions of people -- and what the implications are for your soul and theirs?"

Jesus is unbelievably transparent. It's why he's so great. There is no guile in him, no airs, no pretension. He's refreshingly direct. What you see is exactly what you get. And here's the fascinating thing: he's not mean spirited, not at all. He's scrupulously fair and honest, a real straight shooter. He also does not hold back. All the cards are face up on the table, every one of them, yours and his. Nothing is hidden. 

It's going to be downright brutal. A veritable slaughter. One of my visionary friends has been shown events for the next couple of years: a) a mind-numbing wave of mortality will wash over the world, due to adverse effects from the v(@)xxsceenashuns, and also due to the b) outbreak of WW-III. The "v" die off is now underway, but according to what he was shown will grow very many times worse. As for WW-III, if you follow the headlines in the global news cycle there are plenty of incidents and stories outlining the preparations for military conflict on the part of major powers such as Russia, the USSA, India and China, as well as minor powers such as North Korea, the Ukraine, Iran and Israel. You don't need a telescope to see the looming war clouds. Here's just one example from this week that illustrates the sort of geopolitical and military tension that exists in the contemporary international order. 

Joe Biden sends CIA Director Bill Burns to Moscow to warn Vladimir Putin off building up troops on Ukrainian border

A week ago the Russians broke off all diplomatic ties with NATO. Foreign Minister Lavrov dryly remarked at the time that relations with NATO were not catastrophic, they were "nonexistent".

From what my visionary friend was shown, the scale of death and violence next year will be orders of magnitude worse than this year. He's an educated man, so when he says "orders of magnitude" worse that means hundreds of times, maybe thousands of times worse. And 2023 will be worse than 2022, which will be dreadful.

Dark times lie just ahead, extremely dark times.

The New York City, Christian prophetess, Celestial, has seen the same scenario for the near future.

"Scorched Earth"

"The Lord said the truth is Satan himself is behind the entire process of these vaccines and his main protocol is to KILL. His objective is to leave none alive. “Leave nothing alive”, that is his objective Celestial. That’s what the Lord said to me. “Scorched earth. This is a scorched earth approach to the flesh of humanity and those who have participated have nothing to look forward to but misery- even the ones who are well. There will be a rapid decline in population across the whole earth just as Revelation says..."

I don't disagree with my visionary friend's visions, or with the messages that Celestial says that she receives from God and Jesus. Over the course of my life I have also received my share of visionary downloads -- as recently as last night, in fact -- and they have certainly made an impression on me, whence this Event Horizon Chronicle blog of mine.

The information coming to me from multiple inner and outer sources indicates that the next couple of years will be virtually beyond human belief and endurance. There will be survivors, there are always survivors, but the toll of dead, dying and gravely injured is going to run into the hundreds of millions, maybe billions. 

We are headed into a new world order, ready or not. It wouldn't have had to have been this way, but for a multitude of reasons it is as it is. The slaves chose not to rebel, but to conform themselves to great darkness and evil, among other things.

Oh, well. It's a free will planet. The people have freely chosen evil or acceded to it, by the many hundreds of millions (billions?), and so they will receive a great outpouring of evil, death and destruction.


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