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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Synthetics: How Many True, Organic Humans Are On Earth?

With everybody and his brother suddenly warning about the danger of an imminent, false flag, nuclear or chemical attack in the Ukraine, to be falsely blamed on the Russians (and more than likely sponsored by the CIA/Pentagon/Mossad/MI-6, take your pick) -- please see for instance:

-- it occurs to me to ask: "How much of the dire melodrama that we see transpiring on this planet is being carried out by flesh and blood, organic human beings with divinely created souls?"

I suspect precious little of it.

My long-time readers will know that I originally came to Ecuador 12 years ago on a shamanic, vision quest, which continues to the present day. Some years ago, during an ayahuasca session, I inquired how many "people" on the Earth were organic, natural human beings with divinely created souls.

The answer that I received from ayahuasca rocked me: a small percentage only! 

I was informed that the majority of "people" on the planet today are clones, cyborgs/human-appearing bodies with technological enhancements to animate them, A.I. downloaded into human-like meat suits, if you will, E.T. and/or demonic entities clothed in human-appearing bodies, biological humans that are, nevertheless. mostly empty, i.e., soulless, though they may have a career, family, a high I.Q., money in the bank, they are essentially devoid of a soul-essence, & etc. 

I was stunned. How is that even possible?

But on reflection, it does explain so much: the global, tidal wave of crime of every variety in country after country, rampant alcoholism, drug addiction, the criminal corruption that saturates business, law enforcement, government and finance, massive global human trafficking, war after war, an epidemic of lying in both the public and private spheres, the wicked machinations of the secret societies, alphabet soup and espionage agencies, the slave-like, feeble-minded stupidity of the majority of society, endless propaganda of every sort, nonstop chemtrail spraying, runaway destruction of the biosphere, the genocidal, global mRNA injection campaign, the astonishingly insouciant acquiescence by the masses to rampaging evil in every sphere of society, and more.

I have been impressed by the increasingly short attention span exhibited by so many "people" that I encounter -- 20 seconds, at most. The reason is simple. Nobody's home. If it seems like an awful lot of people are vacuous and immune to reason, it's because they are. They are superficial, vacant, vapid and soulless. It doesn't matter if they have now, or have had a career, or have university degrees and professional credentials. They're running a script and if you get them off of that script, or challenge their scripted program -- whammo! -- the mental portcullis comes violently down, and the mental and emotional defenses are thrown up in your face. You cannot reason with these people. It is fruitless to try, because they are inherently incapable of considering anything other than their pre-programming -- especially if it has made them wads of cash in the comfortable service of deep, systemic evil. Unfortunately, that description fits myriad so-called "human" entities in the modern world: millions and millions of them litter the corporate and government bureaucracies, the Pentagon, military-industrial complex, the CIA, NSA, FBI, Mossad, MI-6, the medical-pharmaceutical complex, the universities, financial institutions, foundations, nongovernmental organizations, advertising agencies, think tanks, mainstream mass corporate media (TV/radio/newspapers/publishing), entertainment (Hollywood/Nashville/hip-hop/rap/professional sports/rock and roll/video games), and so forth.

Empty, soulless "people" obliviously doing spirit- and life-deadening deeds unawares. In many cases, they may feign having a conscience; in other cases they do not even bother putting up appearances. There is no meaningful introspection. If they appear stupid, gormless, anserine, vacuous, shallow, superficial and the like, it's because they are. They're incapable of more. They cannot be changed or reformed. They're running a script.

Whatever the military/Big Pharma/government/corporate mass media tell them, they implicitly believe or obey. They vote in transparently, massively criminally corrupt elections; they send taxes to transparently, massively criminally corrupt tax agencies; they obey transparently, criminally corrupt governmental edicts; they go themselves or send their children to fight in transparently, massively criminally and morally corrupt wars.  They do all these things and more, with approbation, while congratulating themselves for being "good citizens" -- when that whole behavior pattern is the worst sort of demonic sham.

Celestial Receives A Divine Download

Just the other day, Celestial, the Christian prophetess in New York City posted a new blog article that raises the very same points that I have made above.

In her words, she has been shown in what she calls a "dream" from God that there are teeming millions of these soulless entities intermingling with us right now. They are all around us. Some are what she calls "synthetics", others are soulless clones, androids, or what might be called cyborgs, human-like robots, others are genetically human, but lacking a genuine soul essence. They all pretend to be human, and have an outward, human semblance, that can pass in society, or even in a family or marital relationship, but lack an organic, natural "human being or human essence". 

Celestial writes: "They are a VAST NUMBER WITH US and more are being made with every second the technology of the fallen advances." 

You don't believe her or me? Tell me what this is:

I assure you that there are a very great many like it. is it real, or is it a cyborg/clone/synthetic/android/A.I. program running a human meat suit? You don't know and you can't tell. 

Look at the following link. What is it? It sprung out of nowhere some years ago like a mushroom after a spring rain, is allegedly a great genius, and now is by some accounts the richest so-called "man" on the planet. But precisely what and who is it:

You don't know and you can't tell. But it named its child "X Æ A-Xii". What human names their child something like that? Have you ever known anyone at all who has done that? I don't.

Popular culture and the mass media are full of all sorts of clues that things are not as we have been told, not at all as we have been enculturated to believe. I love the following scene from The Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon. The film was adapted from a short story by -- who else? -- Philip. K. Dick, who saw things so very clearly, decades ago! For my purposes here, the first part until about time-stamp 4:30 is most germane, and in most particular, time-stamp 0:30 to 0:45.

Keep in mind that Hollywood is the creation and playground, for the purpose of cinematically programming the mass mind of humanity, of various nefarious vectors such as the CIA, the Pentagon, the Freemasons, Zionists, Satanists, Illuminati, and others. There is, of course, substantial overlap between the aforementioned groups. Many writers have remarked on the predictive programming function that Hollywood feature films perform in the global script that humanity is running.

In other words, this world can be seen on one level as a huge, global, highly scripted feature film starring: Humanity and myriad millions of other, not-so-human entities that try to blend in and mingle, to "enjoy" or participate in the Earth realm, albeit that they are soulless. 

The first four minutes of this video perfectly illustrate that we are in a reality that contains both human and non-human, human-appearing entities, and that this reality is scripted and stage managed to an alarming degree by shadowy agencies that the vast majority of the time do not present themselves to public view, much like the compartmentalized, covert operations of espionage agencies like the CIA, Mossad, MI-6, etc., that very elaborately create a parallel, extremely stealthy,  social reality.

I understand this. Celestial understands this -- or at least a big chunk of it. Philip K. Dick understood this. Espionage agencies and secret societies understand this. Clearly Hollywood, or at least important elements of it, understands this, or feature films like The Adjustment Bureau would not hit the silver screen.

I dearly hope that you, my loyal readers, also understand this.

I have to reiterate that when I first began to drink ayahuasca, 12 years ago, and it began to show me different aspects of this "staged' Earth reality that we are ensnared in, my instant gut reaction was: "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" It was fantastical in the extreme.

And yet here we are, for whatever reason(s).

I have a feeling that things may be just about to get even more surreal, as if everything that is going on now were not strange enough -- the war in the Ukraine, the ongoing supply chain collapse, the global, genocidal "injection" campaign, the crashing ecology, the ongoing chemtrailing (yes, even here in Ecuador), looming agricultural failure and imminent famine in many countries, the underway petro-dollar collapse, etc. 

To come to my point, perhaps you noticed, as did I, that a few days ago the following article appeared and was linked to and/or mirrored on a whole slew of websites all over the Internet, by both mainstream mass media and so-called "alternative" websites. 

Humans May Be All Over The Universe, Scientists Say

Talk about predictive programming. I mean this brief article was suddenly flooded everywhere, on website after website after website. Someone or something wanted to implant the idea in the mass mind  -- now, in late-April 2022 --  that humans, or entities that appear human, or human-like, are commonplace in the cosmos.

Now, I happen to believe that this is objectively true. I don't doubt whatsoever that humans genetically similar to Earth humanity, and human-like beings are widespread in this galaxy and beyond. For me that is no stretch.

But why now? Why is this concept abruptly being flooded out to the mass mind now, in April 2022?

I smell something in the works. Are the "controllers", whoever or whatever they really are, about to introduce large numbers of strange, human or human-like beings onto the world stage? Is that what this is about?

I wonder, I really do.

If so, who or what will these beings really be? And where will they come from? From other dimensions? From other planets? From secret, hi-tech, underground cloning or cyborg production facilities?

If such a scenario does occur would these "other" entities have human souls, or would they be androids, biological robots, or human -appearing meat suits biologically engineered from human DNA (whether natural or artificially created) and animated by an A.I. consciousness, say, by a technology something like Elon Musk's, brain to computer, Neuralink brain implant?

Indulge me for a moment, please, if I say that I suspect that all of this may already be set up, and just about ready for prime time. I suspect that this scenario is hard reality now, and the next step is to publicly roll it out. It's here now. They are here now; it's just that so many of us are oblivious and unseeing. 


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