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Monday, June 27, 2022

Update From Ecuador -- 27 June 2022

The protests are continuing all over the country. I list some hyperlinks below for just a small selection from some of today's events. I cannot predict when and how this civil uprising will be resolved, but it hasn't been yet. There is widespread dissatisfaction with the government and its policies.

Here's a roadblock on the northside of Quito today, on the Pan-American Highway, a major north-south artery in Ecuador:

Here's a rolling roadblock by protesting taxi cab operators on a major artery leading to the heavily populated, southeastern Quito Valle de los Chillos:

Here's a Twitter video of a raucous protest in front of the Azuay Provincial Government Building in Cuenca, in the southern mountains:

A protest this evening in the southern, coastal city of Guayaquil:

A rolling protest by a trucker's union on the southside of Quito:

A protest in Quito by intercity bus operators:

A boisterous protest in front of the Roman Catholic Basilica in Quito, where protest leaders met today with various representatives of the Ecuadorean government.

But the President of Ecuador did not attend the meeting. He signed in as an observer on Facebook. How weak is that??

Is he even in the country, or is he just too scared to personally be in the same room with the protest leadership? For fear that they would show him up, and reveal him to be the weak, incompetent coward that he really is?

Note: a lot of so-called, national "leaders" are, in reality, very scared, hypocritical, mentally feeble persons with severe "little-big-man" emotional complexes.

My lexical scrying suggests that the so-called "President" of Ecuador is in a very negative emotional state.  It is lamentably true that weak, scared, hypocritical, fearful, nervous men who have insinuated themselves into positions of power via political chicanery, sometimes end up doing reprehensible things to compensate for their tremendous emotional and psychological insecurities -- which have led them to seek political power in the first place, in a vain attempt to fill up the gaping, empty, hollow void they carry around inside themselves.

And on that note, the national protests in Ecuador have continued for another day. At this rate, the National Uprising may soon lap over into July, which is just a few days away.


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