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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

More Pentagon UFO Lies

Did you catch this item in this week's news cycle about a huge, triangular shaped UFO over the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base in California?

The large, triangular craft was seen and filmed by many people on the base two years ago, in April 2021. After the sighting, witnesses reported that helicopters quickly flew out to the area where the triangle was seen. A convoy of more than 60 trucks also drove out to the area. What did the trucks do? Were they expecting the black triangle? Did the huge, black triangle make a scheduled delivery of some sort? 

People have been seeing these things for decades. You can bet that the military sensors got this particular, black triangle's radar signature, photos, probably infrared readings, and who knows what other instrument readings. The Pentagon also would have remote viewed it after the fact.

The Pentagon has not divulged even 1/10th of one percent of what it knows and has learned about UFOs, including the fact that some of them certainly are the Pentagon's very own craft, whether accidentally found, shot down, recovered, reverse engineered, or home built from scratch.

After all, where do you think that that pesky, multi-trillion dollar, Pentagon Black Budget disappears to? The U$$ of A military are lying through their teeth about so many things, including UFOs and E.T.s., secret underground and undersea bases, and much more.

Over the years, I have spoken with two women who have personally seen these large, black, triangular UFOs. One of my former coworkers was hiking in the Gila National Forest in southwestern New Mexico when she saw one flying nearby.  She was very matter of fact about it. She made note of the craft, and that was that. She was not perturbed in the slightest. Her sighting was about 30 years ago.

I also spoke with a French woman who saw one about 20 or 25 years ago, in Lyons, France, during midday. I had asked her if she had ever seen a UFO and she said that she had not. Whereupon I replied that many people see UFOs, without understanding what they are looking at, that UFOs can have many shapes: flying saucers, large tubes or cylinders, cigar shapes, spheres, large black triangles ...

Which prompted her to ask: "Large black triangles?" I answered in the affirmative.

At which she instantly told me that a huge, black triangle had flown right over her home in Lyons. She had been outside in back of the house when it came over, very slowly and very low. She thought it was some sort of military aircraft. It had been not much higher than the tree tops. 

I asked if it made any audible sound. She said that it made a sound that was reminiscent of a diesel engine idling, like a heavy truck or a railroad locomotive. A sort of quiet, rhythmic, run-run-run-run-run-run-run sound.

Which raises the question as to whether diesel engines are used for powering the propulsion units of these craft while in the Earth's atmosphere. I honestly don't know, but it occurs to me to raise the possibility.

Many people assume that these big, black, triangular UFOs are of extraterrestrial  origin and manufacture.  But are they? What if they are built in secret underground bases right here on Earth? Diesel engine technology is well developed. It's reliable and it dependably works. What if it is incorporated into the power plant on these craft, perhaps to drive other machinery or equipment?

During the 1980s, there was a much publicized wave of UFO sightings in the Hudson River valley, north of New York City. One of the many sightings was of a large, black triangle:

... there was (a) sighting over the IBM facility in East Fishkill. It was a cold November evening in 1986. At about 9 p.m., the second-shift workers were returning from lunch. The observer reports that a huge triangular craft, dark in color, was hovering over the plant. It had four lights on it, one at each point of the triangle and one in the center.

That was 40 years ago. Like I said, people have been seeing these things for decades. There's even a book devoted to triangular UFOs, by David Marler: Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation. He comes down in favor of an extraterrestrial explanation for the Black Triangles. And maybe he's correct, or partially so, or wide of the mark.

Personally, I don't rule out other possibilities such as parallel, high-tech, terrestrial Human civilizations, both modern and ancient, that keep a very discreet distance from the contemporary, mainstream Human cultures on Earth. 

And then there is this account from Arkansas, in 1980, in the aftermath of the Titan II nuclear missile silo explosion in the Little Rock Air Force Base missile field in north-central Arkansas:

We lived a mile west of the missile base between Bee Branch and Damascus, Arkansas. Since the missile base explosion September 20, 1980, we had seen a lot of craft. We had a 240 foot chicken broiler house, and coming out around 2:30 several afternoons a week we would see the cigar shaped craft going by overhead heading NNW which is the course they used nearly every time. Mother had one come right by the broiler house one afternoon, I was not there to see it..but she tells of how it scared her, just last Sunday even.

Nine of us were under the big mimosa trees in the front lawn of our farm house.. .when from the south lined up with the Damascus water tower came this huge craft so low I had thought I could have hit it with a rock had I wanted to, not really but it was so low I could see the hull protrusions, and markings on the underbelly of the craft. It made a whirring sound as it went overhead, and it had rows of multiple lights along the starboard side I was seeing. I felt like they were port holes, and several rows of them. I could hardly see underneath to the port side, it was so wide. There were rows of big pipes underneath, which were orange, grey and blue, the full length of the craft.

As it passed overhead, I remember seeing the two rectangular exhaust drives, but as I think back I cannot recall if they were blue or a whitish orange. It’s been too many years I guess. The front of the craft was snub-nosed like a van in front. I looked up and could see what I assumed was the bridge that went all way across the craft. My thoughts at the time were loneliness at the thought they were relatives checking on us.

Did the U$$A Air Force notice these large craft that were plying the skies in the region after the missile silo blew up?

Of course they did!! They would have taken photos, radio, radiological, meteorological, radar and gravity readings, and more exotic instrument readings. They learned a lot, and withheld all of the information from the public.

I repeat: the Pentagon, the NSA, NASA and CIA, and the major aerospace companies know plenty about UFOs, E.T.s and also about parallel terrestrial, high-tech civilizations, both ancient and modern.

We are not home alone, and we are not the only show in town. I realize that it is hard to accept the idea of divergent, parallel, terrestrial Human civilizations that jointly occupy the planet with us, but I suspect that that may be an important part of the UFO puzzle that we will have to come to terms with. 

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