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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hyper-Chatting The Bone Lady Up Her Space-Time Line

It was fifty-three years ago that The Bone Lady came calling on me, on an especially unforgettable spring day in the Virginia Tidewater in the late 1950s. I was just three years old, a sickly child whose physical survival was rather in question in those days, and I knew that.

But I survived my childhood maladies, and perhaps it was because of the dramatic entry of The Bone Lady into my life. By dramatic, I mean that she drilled and thrilled me right down to the marrow of the magical DNA wonderland that unimaginably surpasses all understanding. To this day, I cannot tell you who or what she is with any precision, other than to tell you that she is the most powerful conscious entity that I have personally encountered during my lifetime. Her presence before me on that day is without parallel in my experience. I could say that she represents the Divine Feminine, or is an Archangel, or a Demigoddess, is Queen of this Galactic Sector, or a manifestation of the Hindu goddess, Kali, or something or someone else along those lines, but in the final analysis I do not know who or what she really is or represents for sure, and so all I can tell you is that when she appeared to me that day that I referred to her as The Bone Lady.

Up on the roof, peering down over the edge of the rain gutter at me and piercing me to the quick with her gaze. Once in a rare howsomever I encounter a woman with a glimmering of The Bone Lady "je ne sais quoi" – but it's for sure something that you just cannot bottle and sell, and all attempts to do so sadly amount to crassly merchandising what you dare not brazenly vend on the open market, and so all such attempts end in tawdry and seedy objectification, instead of mystery grace and playful abandon, not to say, humble and controlled folly, as it were.

More than anything she gave me to know that things are not as they seem, oh, no, not at all.

Which reminds me that I recently happened to view a video of a young Mel Gibson, very ably playing Hamlet.

In Act 1. Scene V, William Shakespeare has Horatio to remark to Hamlet, who has been speaking with his father's ghost, “These are but wild and whirling words, my Lord,” only to remark even more forcefully a bit later, “O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!”

And if perchance you feel yourself a bit like Horatio at this point, I won't leave you twisting without recourse because Hamlet responds a short while later, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Which happens to be the bare bones truth. It's all so very peculiar and far stranger than most can tell or know or want to know. And yet that is how things are.

The Bone Lady tuned very deeply through me and I bless her so for such a thorough drilling and thrilling that still shivers my Loving Soul.

So it is that from a very early age I had the inner knowing that this time of toil and trouble was on its way. I always had the dark foreboding imprinted on my mortal mind that all was not as it outwardly seemed and that a most foul time lay ahead. In the late 1970s I met a man who remarked almost offhandedly one morning at breakfast that the Big Earth Changes would start to occur in about the year 2000. It was the first time I had heard anyone explicitly state this, but within seconds I understood the essential truth of what he said because it was consonant with my own inner knowing.

He was correct. We are now in the early 21st Century and the Big Earth Changes have started. Some of them are natural, some are unnatural and some are a combination of natural and unnatural causes. But make no mistake about it: The Big Earth Changes have begun and they will continue, and likely worsen in the coming months and years.

My books are a concomitant outward expression of my inner knowing, a natural up and out welling of some of the knowledge that I have been given and have found, inwardly and outwardly. Many of you who are now flocking to my blog postings by the tens of thousands come in search of information that you cannot and will never find in the mainstream news media, because the truth is not in them. So you turn elsewhere, and increasingly large numbers of you turn up here, following links, search engine inquiries, recommendations of friends and just pure, blind luck or happenstance. To those of you who are searching for more and better information than you will ever find in the mainstream mass media I can tell you that my writings represent an unusual data dump that can save you a lot of time and effort, as you triangulate and endeavor to negotiate and decipher the confusing signs of the times. I spent years of time and effort pulling together data and information that you can avail yourself of in mere hours. No doubt that is a fair exchange of value. Those who would like to read my writings can find my book links in the upper right column near the top of this post.

The main point I would make to you is that a dark, amnesiac veil has been thrown over this entire planet in order to completely enthrall the human race, as in: to place humanity into thralldom, to make thralls of thee and me, to bog us down in all encompassing peonage and somnorific forgetfulness.

Let me define the word thrall.

1. servant, slave, serf
2. person in moral or mental servitude
3. state of servitude or submission

The definition of the word, enthrall, thus is:

4. to hold or reduce to slavery
5. to captivate
6. to hold spellbound

So the next time a Hollywood feature film leaves you feeling completely “enthralled,” or held “spellbound,” please consider that that is exactly what has happened. You have, indeed, been bound by a spell, you are captivated, you are in thrall to an illusory control program of massive proportion and deceitfulness.

Hear me well: Hollywood is one of the major means that the dark magicians behind the myriad thrones of this world use to hold the entire planet and the human race under a dark, amnesiac veil of their pestilential contrivance.

Magicians for thousands of years have used a magic wand to cast their spells. Many types of wood have been used, including that of the holly tree. Holly is the “whitest of all woods, was considered sacred by the druids, and played a part in the magic of the Greeks and Romans.”
(source: )

Holly wood is the “whitest” of all woods. Got that? It was used in Greek and Roman magic thousands of years ago, also by the Druids. What we have here is a massive control program that is high-tech, high finance and global, using the most advanced psy-op and mass advertising methods of Madison Avenue, employing and twisting the ancient use of “holy wood” or “holly wood” to the dark side, to subvert the entire human race and subjugate the planet. I am not the first, or only one, to make this sort of observation.

As Alan Watt explains:

“Hollywood is the magician's wand (holly-holy) which has been used to cast a spell on the unsuspecting public. Things or ideas which would otherwise be seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted into films in the realm of fantasy. When the viewer watches these films, his/her mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins. These same movies which are designed to program the average person, can give the discerning viewer a better understanding of the workings and the plan of the world agenda. 'Be-aware'.”
(source: )

As far as TV programming goes, I believe it is David Icke who has said, “Why do you think they call them television 'programs'?” News programs, soap opera programs, etc. When you watch a television program your mind is being programmed. That is why the shows are called “programs.”

These are words to the wise. Many who read this will already be aware of these things. But there will just as certainly be others who will right now have been exposed to these thoughts for the first time in their lives and who will begin to see that the whole planet has been programmed. The whole thing is like a giant Reality Show, like the movie, The Truman Show, starring Jim Carrey. It's scripted and controlled and manipulated, out the wazoo.

And so the scales will begin to tumble from their eyes, just like the MATRIX movie character, Neo, awakening to the reality and horror of the MATRIX control system, which quickly realizes that he has awakened and promptly begins to pull the connector cables from his spine and head that had him hardwired into the central system of illusion control, and then immediately flushes him from the system and into the vast overflowing sewers that underlay the sprawling MATRIX control structure.

Of course the dark MATRIX control structure exists, on multiple levels, inwardly and outwardly. And it is watching, monitoring and surveilling us all. I recently did a radio interview where the host asked me my thoughts about false flag, so-called “terrorist” attacks, such as the 9/11 attacks.

Before I could respond the line suddenly went dead. The plug was pulled on the international telephone call. We reestablished the connection and continued the interview and I believe I said that, of course, espionage agencies such as the CIA, the Mossad and British agencies MI-5 and MI-6 are behind many of these alleged “terrorist” attacks.

This has happened before when radio hosts have asked me questions that go to the nuts and bolts modus operandi of the MATRIX control system. I know it is hard to believe but enormous resources are expended by the MATRIX to corral and attempt to control every single person on this planet. The digital electronic systems that have been developed by major corporations, civil government and military agencies, and espionage organizations are mind boggling in their intrusive power, sophistication and capability to electronically monitor and manage the affairs of billions of humans, in many cases in real time.

As I said, my writings go where the mainstream news media do not, and if you purchase my books and read them (click on the links on the upper right sidebar) you will have a much better idea of what I am talking about when I say that an awful lot of the infrastructure for the MATRIX control system is in secret places underground. The NSA's cavernous levels of supercomputers, pancaked in layer after layer, going down and down and down, beneath Fort Meade in Laurel, Maryland, USA, are one example. The miles and miles of deep tunnels beneath the presidential retreat, Camp David, under Catoctin Mountain in northern Maryland, just off of Rte. 15, is another example. The enormous labyrinth deep beneath the White House in Washington, DC is yet another example.

And there are a great deal more facilities like that. If you don't have a lot of time to come up to speed on secret information, and you would like to know more than you do now, start with my Briefing book and then move on to the other books.

Really heavy things are going to be coming down on this planet. A lot of these events are going to be concentrated in the northern hemisphere, because that is where most of the land mass is and where most of the humans on this planet reside. It is also where most of the industrial facilities are located, and the vast majority of the nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons. Most major nations and commercial centers are in the northern hemisphere. For these reasons alone, what is coming will hammer the northern hemisphere especially hard.

A very small fraction of the tens of thousands of persons who read this blog will have the motivation, means and moxie to relocate from the northern hemisphere. If you are one of those persons and desire to purchase property in South America please e-mail me. World events are going to become more and more chaotic. The nuclear contamination from Japan is not going to vanish any time soon, and that assumes that it does not become worse, perhaps much worse, which I do not necessarily assume.

All else being equal, the southern hemisphere can be a safer place for those who exercise careful preparation and proceed intelligently. No matter where you are you have to live life, true enough, but if you would like to live in South America, and are financially able to do so now, please e-mail me.