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Friday, May 13, 2011

Way Down Beneath The Moonless Mountains

Over the years people have often asked me to go further in my commentary on underground and underwater bases than I do in my books. They have asked me to tell what I really think is going on down there beneath our feet and beneath the sea.

In a nutshell, I believe it's a real zoo. I think we're living in Alice's Wonderland and that the “real” reality of what is happening on this planet is so indescribably bizarre that the average person would have a trembling, convulsing, spastic, nervous breakdown, were they to be suddenly confronted face to face with the stark truth of it all. Institutional religion, national governments, mandatory mind control programs, er, make that mandatory “school” attendance, television (mind) “programing,” popular culture (driven by mega-corporations) – all of that and more, exist to keep 99.999% of the sheeple from seeing the truth squarely, without flinching, and it is quite effective; the ordinary person is a propagandized (f)(t)ool, easily manipulated and controlled, and living in an artificially contrived fantasy world. I might add that large chunks of this artificially contrived fantasy world are on the verge of imminently having an abrupt confrontation of the very rudest sort with reality as it “really” is, but that's another story, for a rapidly approaching time.

What follows in the rest of this article is what I think. Take what I have written as seriously as you like. Or not. At the end of the day, what you think or don't think, or what I think or don't think, doesn't materially alter the objective, underlying facts of the matter. So here you go:

So-called “aliens” or “Extraterrestrials” or “ultra-dimensions” or whatever you want to call them are here. From what I have seen, heard, read, and been told and shown, there are multiple levels of reality on this planet and some of those levels are absolutely occupied by “aliens” or “Extraterrestrials” or “ultra-dimensionals.” These multiple levels of reality are physical, spiritual and also social. The military-industrial-espionage complex in the USA and elsewhere has effectively produced one or more parallel human societies on this planet, by using the super-secretive, very stealthy, social technology of extreme compartmentalization of unknown hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of seemingly ordinary human individuals, along with their often highly unusual lives, travels and activities, all very carefully and minutely disguised, concealed and camouflaged against easy or casual detection.

At their most secretive levels, certain dark factions of the so-called initiatic societies (Knights Templar, Masons, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Golden Dawn, Thule Society, and there are many, many others, including organizations whose names and activities remain unknown to the broader public) feed into and interlock with shadowy elements of this parallel social world. This highly secretive, parallel society that intermeshes almost unseen, and smoothly interfaces with the broader society, also serves as a means to seamlessly integrate certain aspects of various “alien” or “Extraterrestrial “or ultra-dimensional” groups' and individuals' activities into the wickedly evil agenda of the military-industrial-espionage complex and its unimaginably dark agenda of control, subjugation and exploitation of this entire planet and the human race for its own nefarious purposes. The foul nature of this agenda and its purpose is so indescribably hideous and ghastly that it staggers the imagination of any sane or empathic individual. The mentality behind this is satanic, psychopathic, pitiless, merciless and it tortures, kills, exploits and enslaves without compunction or remorse whatsoever.

This system makes fully witting and voluntary use of many old and powerful families, indeed these families are an eager part and parcel of a full-fledged gangster assault on humanity and the planet. Families such as the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Mellons, Bushes, Fords, Rothschilds, Windsors (House of Hanover), Saudis, Schiffs, Loebs, Warburgs, Lehmans and others interface at very highly secretive levels, in multiple ways, with this hidden, parallel social order and with the “zoo” of “alien”, “Extraterrestrial” and “ultra-dimensional” beings who have flocked to the planet. Have a look at Stanley Kubrick's last film, Eyes Wide Shut, for a glimpse into some of the inner workings of this parallel world. Note that what he depicts is just the first level. It gets far worse than that, unimaginably worse.

As I said, there are also multiple levels of physical reality, and the families, organizations, and various factions set forth above also interlock and interact with all of these various physical levels of reality. There are publicly unacknowledged physical realities in orbit, on and beneath the surface of the Moon and Mars, in the outer solar system, and right here on Earth, extending vertically down miles underground and undersea, and sprawling, as well, for miles laterally beneath the surface of the land and the seafloor. I go into much more detail about some of these things in my books, available from the links at the right hand sidebar, near the top of this blog. The technology is mind blowing, and at the end of the day, scientific and engineering breakthroughs have been discovered and held back from the masses of humanity, who have been deliberately dumbed down, made stupid and kept clueless, ignorant and in the dark, the better to be enslaved. The prominent families mentioned above have played a heavy role in the economic exploitation and enslavement of humanity, which is part and parcel of the activities of the military-industrial-espionage criminal syndicate and their ostensible “alien”, “Extraterrestrial”, “ultra-dimensional” allies or benefactors.

David Icke has probably drawn as good a bead on this as anyone. I would recommend his writings to anyone seeking to understand what is really happening on this planet. The writings of Anton Parks also merit attention in my view. Most of what he has written is to be found in French, so if you read French, great, if not, tant pis, though you can still get a good feel for his work by exploring the many pages that Gerry Zeitlin has translated into English at The Ages Of Uraš.

I strongly suspect that you can get a much better feel for what “real” reality is like by spending one week reading The Ages Of Uraš, than you could possibly derive from reading the New York Times, front to back, every day, for an entire century. There is an enormous galaxy out there, it is vastly ancient and huge, and the truth about our planet, our solar system, and that wider galaxy has been insidiously kept from us for thousands of years.

Time to shred the Veil into bits and pieces and get our first good, long overdue glimpses into what is behind the amnesiac curtain. No doubt it will be shocking and traumatic, because such an insult to the prevailing global paradigm that presently afflicts humanity, but sooner or later the pestilential boil that covers the nether parts of our commonweal will have to be lanced, or else we're done for. Better now than later, I reckon.

It is my view that those who keep holding out hope for “alien” or “Extraterrestrial” disclosure by the mainstream power structure, and trumpeting that such disclosure is imminent, have either badly misread the nature of the game being played on this planet and in this solar system, or are either witting or unwitting dupes or lackeys of the mainstream power structure, or possibly all of that. The reality is that the spokespersons of the mainstream power structure are so craven and duplicitous as a species, and frankly so stupid that they could not find their own hind parts with a map, both hands and a flashlight. To imagine that these pathetic creatures could ever play any sort of meaningful, intelligent, not to say intelligible, role in a “disclosure” process beggars belief. If this is the case with the darkling underlings, how much more so with their satanic overlings.

Let me state this real plainly: you will not get or hear the truth from psychopathic, corporate-government shills or their masters. The truth is not in them. Period. End of that discussion.

Time travel technology does exist and it is stranger than 99.999% of humanity can or will believe, though it is highly unlikely that any of the so-called “time travelers” that have publicly come forth to date are the real deal. This technology is very tightly held and anyone who pops up saying that they work, or worked, on a super-duper-tip-top-secret-CIA-time-travel-program is blowing smoke. This activity is tightly, no, make that hermetically compartmentalized, but it does go on, and the USA is one of the most tightly controlled societies that have ever been devised in the entire history of this planet as a direct consequence, popular miscomprehension to the absolute contrary notwithstanding. And when I say it is hermetically sealed I don't mean to say merely that the security cordon around the program and technology is very tight, because the overarching acceptation that I have in mind is this:

hermetic: of or derived from Hermes Trismegistus and his lore; magical; alchemic hard to understand; obscure; Origin: from use in alchemy
(source: )

Which calls to mind:

“In 1951, The U.S. Constitution, U.S. Declaration of Independence and U.S. Bill of Rights were hermetically sealed with helium gas in glass cases housed in the U.S. National Archives in Washington, DC. In 2003, they were moved to new glass cases hermetically sealed with argon.”
(source: )

As I said, we are unfortunately deep into the weeds of Alice's Wonderland.

There does appear to be a sort of amnesiac veil, or time bubble, for want of better words, that keeps this planet cycling through repeated rounds of self-destruction and species-wide ignorance, with the masses of humanity prevented from seeing or knowing the truth about their own, profound insulation from the wider flow of galactic events, and realities on other worlds, or even, and maybe especially, on this world itself.

It would be a supposition of mine that many of the things taking place underground and undersea are so out of the ordinary as to partake of the realm of science fiction, and even there, of a brand of science fiction that so far exceeds what Hollywood has served up for popular consumption as to stagger the sensibilities of the masses, were they to be given a sudden clear view of what is occurring just beyond their collective ken.

Of course, there are the more or less publicly known activities that take place: mining of minerals, ores and hydrocarbons, data and archival storage, administrative and warehousing facilities, nuclear and conventional weapons storage and deployment, energy research and production, cutting edge scientific and engineering research, military command, control and communication bases, presidential bunkers, emergency government centers, organized religions' various vaults and bunkers, military warehouses and storage centers, and the like.

But what about other, even more secretive, esoteric and exotic facilities and programs? Here's just some of what seems to me is probably happening:

1) alien​/E.T. bases
2) joint alien-human bases
3) cloning and genetic engineering facilities, including human cloning and genetic hybridization
4) bio-weapons research and production facilities
5) clandestine prisons or slave colonies where humans are farmed, used, abused, exploited
6) narcotics warehouses for criminal syndicates and government agencies
7) clandestine mines for uranium, gold, whatever
8) mind boggling tunnel systems
9) time or dimensional travel bases
10) extra-planetary gates
11) relict human populations of Atlantean civilization
12) mining of archaeological and technological artifacts from previous high civilizations
13) headquarters for the hidden “Organization” that really administers this planet

And much more. Mind you, a very great deal of this will be modern, built within the last sixty years, or so. However, much else of it is of a hoary provenance, ancient beyond knowing, and, notwithstanding, yet in use. Whatever the U.S. Navy might have built beneath the Moonless Mountains, a mid-Pacific Ocean range of underwater sea mounts, I will leave to your imagination. The best I can do is to tell you that circa-1966 there was a U.S. Navy R&D team at China Lake, in California, laying the groundwork for manned, sub-sea bases, down beneath the seafloor in mid-ocean, capable of berthing large military submarines and their crews underwater, among other things, and the Moonless Mountains were one of the sites for a prospective U.S. Navy undersea base that popped up in my research.

All of this will have been kept cleverly concealed and hidden from the public, without their knowing, as they mindlessly gyrate to the rhythmic noise broadcast by MTV, or to the so-called “music” of some know-nothing, care-even-less, hip-hopper of an ignoramus, or watch the National Football League on television, or recite ridiculous religious pabulum at Sunday School, or punch the time clock at whatever dead end slave job at whatever MacCorporation they may still labor for, or ….. fill in the blank however you like.

But none of that really matters very much, because this entire planet and the human race in its totality is riding on the very cusp of being whipsawed and slammed like nobody's business. It will be such an utter and thorough thrashing, that over the next fifteen years, or so, it doesn't matter at all, not one tiny smidgeon, how much anyone believes me or doesn't believe me; the transformation in everything right across the board will be so entire in its completeness that any critics I may have will be either dead, devastated or stunned into abject silence and mute acquiescence to what people like me have to say.

Come ye who will, the Turning of the Age is upon us.

Oh, happy, happy day.


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