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Friday, May 27, 2011

What's The Big Idea?

Don't ask me. Ask George Herbert Walker Bush, former president of the U.S.A. Government, who stated in his State of the Union Address of 29 January 1991:

“What is at stake is more than one small country; it is a big idea: a new world order ...”

And then he went on to blither-blather about peace, freedom, democracy, international understanding, & etc. ad nauseam, while simultaneously setting in motion policies that directly contravened the high principles that he claimed to hold dear. I certainly wasn't fooled by the deceitful machinations of this hollow creature masquerading as a human being, and neither was one of my longtime readers, Jerry Frelix, who recently e-mailed me one of his poems. I do believe that Mr. Frelix has put his poetical finger right on the money.

A Big Idea, by The Patriotic Poet (Jerry Frelix)

The Beast, the Destroyer, the Machine
Banking Influencing Government
International Drug Enforcement Agency
It’s about greed and impoverishment
Soon there will be no nations
The Great Work is nearing its end
It’s time to rearrange the mind of men

The wars are created from lies to deceive
Telling you we are fighting for peace
More arms, more soldiers, more police
It’s all happening to put our fears at ease
People are dieing to be fleeced
Don’t harm the oil and the meat
Getting the news from the TV
Surely they will inform the people of what’s to be
Just you watch and see

The hour of truth is at hand
When you get that midnight knock at the door
Will it be the so-called Man
How will you even the score
Do you know the master plan?
When all your freedoms are gone
Will you still have a home?
Off to the internment camps you will go
I do not want to say I told you so
Most of you will never know
Why your Nation has ceased to be
Look around and you will see

Wake up!
Open your eyes
Many are about to die
Don’t look to the sky
You should have been able to discern the Lie
This is what you should see
One Life, One Being
Don’t become fodder
Go within your Hearts
And find True Love and Order.

The Beast, the Destroyer, the Machine, says Mr. Frelix, and I could not agree more. That is what we are up against and it is ruthless and unrelenting.

That is why last year I traveled to nuclear missile silo H-8, just south of Parshall, North Dakota, in the Minot Air Force Base missile field to stage a nonviolent, peace demonstration. I issued the following statement to the press explaining my rationale for acting. I encourage you to click the link and read the whole thing:

Minot Manifesto

I spent 100 days in jail for my trouble. I had a trial in U.S. District Court in Minot, Minnesota where I was found “guilty” and released from jail with time served. I issued another statement to the news media the week before my trail.

A Serious Message From The Heart of America

But my sojourn began long before then. It was not the first time I had gone over the security fence onto a nuclear missile silo. Back in the early 1980s, in the Reagan years, I had also done the same thing, in the same way, for most of the same reasons, at nuclear missile silos in Arkansas and Missouri. I was also jailed for those alleged “crimes” against the state. In total, I have spent over a year and a half of my life incarcerated in 12 different jails and prisons, in five different states of the USA.

I always have gone alone over the fence onto the missile silos. Never have seen anyone else out there with me at the time. Truth to tell, out of the thousands and tens of thousands of people who read these blog entries of mine is there anyone at all, even one person, who would also put everything on the line to do something like that? Would risk their life, their livelihood, their freedom, their property – everything they have on a nonviolent roll of the dice so that the human race and this planet can have a future?

Indeed, I know a woman who recently told me that I am “one in a million,” and she was not too far wrong. I am one of the precious few people in this modern society who have gone out nonviolently on the nuclear missile silos to protest the hell and the horror that is deployed there.

And so we slide towards unmitigated catastrophe, because so many of us have been so cowardly when we should have and could have displayed bravery. So many of us have remained passive when we should have and could have acted. When we could have and should have spoken out, we remained silent. When we could have and should have arisen as one, we remained prone, supine. We meekly acquiesced, when we could have and should have refused to go along.

Long months before I traveled to North Dakota I went twice to Enchanted Rock in the Texas Hill Country, sacred to Native Americans in times long past, and stood alone atop the summit, all alone, with no one else around, and prayed to the spirit of the North American continent, explaining why I came and voicing my intent aloud, asking its understanding and blessing for what I was about to do, which understanding and blessing I did receive, and for which I am eternally grateful to the depths of my ever Loving Soul.

In the year before my peaceful actions on missile silo H-8 in North Dakota, I also stopped three times at the Toltec Mounds, in central Arkansas south of Little Rock, to pray and ask the blessing of the ancestral Native American spirits there, driving miles out of my way to walk barefoot in the grass and pray, even in the depths of winter when all was frozen and barren, but in the springtime too, and in the summer also, when no one else was there. The place was always practically deserted on the days that I visited. I had the mounds all to myself. All was very quiet, peaceful and still.

The day before I went to the missile silo I drove straight to the small town of Rugby, North Dakota which lies at the precise geographic heart of the North American continent. I prayed to the spirit of the continent and sought its blessing for what I was about to do. I had no conscious inkling at that time that I would be incarcerated in the Heart of American Correctional and Treatment Center in that same town a mere ten days later, brought there handcuffed and chained, under armed guard, as a prisoner of the state, criminally indicted and awaiting trial in United States Federal Court for the alleged crime of publicly objecting to preparation for global, thermonuclear warfare, and for having the fortitude to physically go over the security fence and onto a nuclear missile silo to register my personal vote of disagreement.

Nuclear missile silo H-8 lies on the territory of the Fort Berthold – Three Affiliated Tribes Reservation, not too far from Minot Air Force Base. Early on the morning of my demonstration I stopped on the far southeast side of the reservation at the Old Scouts Cemetery, where the slain Native American warriors who fought with U.S. Army General George Custer's troops against the Sioux are buried. I pulled over and said a brief prayer for the living and the dead, just to the north of the desolate and wind whipped north shore of Lake Sakakawea, right along North Dakota Route 1804. I saw no one else. Nothing could be heard but the sound of the wind.. I stopped and put on my crystal necklaces there, and draped a rainbow skein of multicolored yarn around my neck, with which to weave a new personal and societal narrative, said a final brief prayer, and drove directly to the nuclear missile silo and climbed over the fence.

I am particularly fond of Walela's rendition of the old revival song, Amazing Grace, sung in Cherokee.

Amazing Grace

I had this song in my heart all the way from the Toltec Mounds in Arkansas to Enchanted Rock in the Texas Hill Country and straight up the spine of North America, right up Highway 83, all the way to North Dakota, stopping again to pray in the Sand Hills of Nebraska just south of Valentine, and once more ask the blessing of the continent for what I was about to do.

Map of U.S. Route 83

If you had seen some of the things I have seen you would be on your knees right now with tears streaming down your face, fervently pleading and imploring the Universe for Divine intervention. Ever so much more than that, you would have come out on the missile silos right along with me, in your teeming thousands and tens of thousands. But you did not, not then, and not now either. In fact, a lot of you will not even trouble yourselves to read my two statements that I provide links for above. And even if you do start them, you will grow bored and not finish them. And so we draw ever nearer the edge of the abyss, out of sheer boredom, lethargy, intellectual laziness and weakness, individual cowardice and passive acquiescence to the pathetic status quo.

Click this link to see what the road I have traveled looks like. It is magnificently spare in its stark grandeur and not at all heavily trafficked as you can see.,_TX_IMG_1874.JPG

p.s. A final note: if you are financially able to purchase property and would like to transition out of wherever you may be and relocate to South America, please e-mail me at your earliest convenience: dr_samizdat1618 at Heavy events are going to be coming down in the coming months and years and if you are able to, and desire to establish a life in South America, right now is a propitious time to act. Serious inquiries only. Please don't waste my time and yours if you are not financially able to relocate, and prepared to act.