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Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's Open Season Now On Everyone: R.I.P. Miriam Carey

The mainstream news media in the USSA were fixated last week on the unsettling, very public assassination of young Miriam Carey in Washington, DC.

Of course, the crucial question is not so much what led Miriam Carey to act as she did, in going to Washington, DC, but what led the federal police to act as they did.

They cruelly executed an unarmed young woman, a young mother traveling with her infant child, who appeared to have done nothing more than take a wrong turn and who then failed to grovel on command when multiple police officers surrounded her car with weapons drawn and aimed directly at her. 

How did her car come to be where it was? It is said she “rammed" a White House "barricade," yet there is no damage to the front of the car, neither is the car at the White House. It looks to me that she may have simply made a wrong turn, and ended up surrounded by a swarm of cops near the Capitol building.

Be that as it may, the cops gunned her down when she fled from the menacing confrontation.

Translation: take a wrong turn in Washington, DC and you too can be road kill.


The police will kill you. Doesn't matter if you are unarmed. They'll just gun you down right there in the street.

The cops pulled her baby from the car and then immediately executed Miriam Carey. Or lynched her. You choose whatever word you like because we are dealing here with subhuman evil. It is just brute wickedness staring you in the face. That is the level to which (so-called) “law” enforcement in the USSA has descended.

Oh, it's a new day in America.

The news media are saying that the police investigation will focus on whether Miriam Carey had mental health issues that caused her to act as she did.


Shouldn't the investigation focus instead on whether the police who murdered her have mental health issues that predisposed them to kill a young woman in front of her infant daughter? Can you imagine the horrific emotional trauma to the child to have witnessed that?

As for Miriam Carey's reported belief that Barack Obama was stalking her, I would simply observe that this is actually not far from the truth. Indeed, the reality is far worse than that. In fact, the federal agencies that are under Barack Obama's direction, as chief executive officer of the USA government, are constantly monitoring ALL OF US.

Was Miriam Carey perhaps singled out for special surveillance by some agency and provoked into driving to Washington, DC? I do not know, but on one level she was certainly correct in thinking that she was being stalked.

WE ALL ARE. Me, you, everyone, all the time, everywhere. Edward Snowden's universal NSA espionage revelations of recent months have made that abundantly clear. Any time they want, the Feds cut someone out of the crowd and obliterate them.  Just because they can. Just because they have guns and badges.

Miriam Carey's mistake was that she took her concerns right to the source of the problem, and got summarily executed for her trouble.

So that is Miriam Carey's parting gift to us all.

To dramatically clarify that we are all considered to be potential dead meat by the Feds, to be mercilessly slaughtered right in the street without arrest, without charge or trial or a public hearing.

It's open season now.

On us.

Miriam Carey was one of us and heavily armed agents of the USSA government riddled her with bullets in front of her infant daughter.

That's the message. If the cops feel like it, they'll just kill you on the spot. They don't need no “steekin' arrest,” or trial or evidence or habeas corpus. They'll just f***ing take you out. We owe Miriam Carey a debt of gratitude for clarifying that for us.

We are considered as prey. And federal police agents have a license to hunt us down and kill us at their whim. The whole world is their “game park.”

It's all coming into real sharp focus.


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