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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ayahuasca's Message For Humanity

Humanity stands at a momentous crossroads, poised on the knife edge of a precipitous chasm.

In short, we are faced with a thorough-going Apocalypse. I don't shrink from saying that, even though I have been mocked by many for doing so, including by people I have known my entire life. There have even been threats against me and my well-being. Ten months ago I was so harshly abused that I was hospitalized for more than four months and have still to recover from the very grave harm to my body and being.

Let me briefly recapitulate for those who are new to my blog and thought.

In recent years I have warned of oncoming economic catastrophe.

I have warned about the dire effects of the Fukushima nuclear crisis, and of the nuclear industry in general..

I have warned of the perils of nuclear warfare, including the danger of possible, false flag nuclear attacks against American cities.

I have warned about a cunning, powerful, relentless Machine intelligence that is absolutely hostile to and destructive of humanity and this planet, and how it has insinuated itself into every aspect of human society and being.

I have written about the dangers of deforestation in the Amazon.

I have spoken out about the multi-facted, multi-dimensional dictatorship that is being set into place and harshly activated, step by step.

Can you say that I have been wrong? And yet, there are those who mock me, even as the old economic order collapses from its own runaway corruption, even as the radioactivity spewing from Fuksuhima bids fair to extinguish life in the Pacific Ocean, at a bare minimum, even as we see multiple high ranking officers in the American military's nuclear command structure being nearly simultaneously cashiered against a back drop of troubling rumors of nuclear weapons being moved about without authorization. And all of this in the context of the USSA government's open surveillance and espionage against ALL OF HUMANITY, amid extensive preparations for a massive crackdown against, and suppression of, the civilian population of the USSA as the evil control structure behind it all ratchets up its planetary subjugation agenda another notch or ten.

Lurking behind all of this is the The Machine that ayahuasca first called to my attention three years ago. The Machine uses everything -- individual people, organizations, institutions, technology, money, threats, inducements, praise, violence -- to further its long campaign for full-spectrum domination of humanity and this planet.

For a little idea of how far full-spectrum domination can extend, please ponder the exploded remnants of the planet that used to orbit between Mars and Jupiter, known by us as the Asteroid Belt, i.e., thousands of gigantic chunks of rock and nickel-iron core material that are all that is left of that destroyed planet.

I don't care if you believe what I have just said. The control mechanism of The Machine extends to clouding the minds of those whose home planet it would destroy. Wake up if you can.

Lest I forget, the destruction of the Amazon is also a part of The Machine's total domination plans. All it has to to is destroy 20% to 30% of the Earth's oxygen production capacity and the resident, dominant, oxygen-breathing species (us) will die en masse. Try getting along on 30% less oxygen. It will not be pleasant. But that is how much oxygen the vegetation in the Amazon region produces, so if the Amazon dies, you will too.

What are you doing about that?

What are you doing about the nuclear threat?

Now Then ...

Either we save the Amazon or we do not. Either we very quickly resolve the nuclear crisis at Fukushima, Japan or we do not. Either we rid the Earth of the nuclear arsenals or we do not. Either we establish a more equitable economic system or we do not. Either we bring to heel totalitarian organizations such as the NSA or we do not.

If we fail to do these things, then the future of this planet, if there even is a long-term future, will be grim beyond imagining.

Speaking of the very near future, I intend to issue a small book that will sell for just a few dollars. It will be easily readable and very affordable. I mean it to be widely read and discussed.  It won't be lengthy, and yet it will succinctly describe the message that the shamanic plant decoctions of the Upper Amazon region, ayahuasca and malicagua, have revealed to me in recent years.

The plant kingdom, that vast community that so many of us take for granted, does have something to say, does have a message of tremendous import for all of us in these perilous, defining times. The plants with whom we share this planet are awake, and how.

I am only a translator, one lone man on a journey of discovery like every other being on this planet. For whatever reason, and however we have jointly conspired to arrive at this momentous tipping point in our prolonged, joint sojourn on the Earth, we are now at the decisive momemt of Truth and Consequences.

The moment may last one year or ten or twenty, but it assuredly won't drag on for centuries or millennia. Things are happening faster now, on a grander scale, happening to people by the hundreds of millions and billions, more or less simultaneously.

That process will not stop. It will only intensify. How we deal with that, with everything that is occurring on our planet, defines us a species, and as individual members of a vast soul group, me no less than you.

I am only one man and yet I have something to say. The plants of the Amazon also have something to say.

Now is the time for any and all beings with something to say, to speak their mind, to reveal their underlying motives and show their overarching intentions. It's a grand game that we are caught up in and as the climax to the big spectacle descends upon us, it behooves those that care to demonstrate what they care about.

Those that do not care will also demonstrate what they do not care about by their silence and their inaction.

In their case, nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Further commentary in that regard is therefore superfluous.

My Present Situation

Those that have followed my travails of the past months know that I am struggling with three major issues simultaneously.

I am in an ongoing rehabilitation and recuperation phase that entails regaining the ability to walk normally. The assault I suffered on 29 December 2012 hurt me so badly that it landed me in the hospital for more than four months. To this day I have persistent damage in the tissues and nerves of my lower extremities that the doctors do not understand how to remedy. So I have forged ahead on my own with electrotherapy, nutritional supplements, massage, and a program of exercises that I independently pursue. The electrotherapy and the nutritional supplements cost money that I do not currently have.

I filed a criminal complaint against the shaman who so badly mistreated me and that process is now ongoing. I have already incurred thousands of dollars of legal fees to pursue justice and have thousands yet more to pay, before the legal process runs its course. Without legal representation my case will not receive a fair hearing, or perhaps not be heard at all. And I will not permit that. There are serious crimes occurring in the Amazon, including crimes by shamans, who should be the sacred ambassadors or go-betweens for humanity and Mother Nature, and yet so many criminally abuse their sacred position of trust. We can neither advance as a species, nor save the Amazon, if we do not deal with this fundamental problem. The only way to do that is to do the hard, difficult work, one person at a time, one situation at a time. That is how the global, human fabric is put together. So I have started where I am -- in Ecuador, in the Amazon, with one corrupt shaman who assaulted me. If one individual situation cannot be remedied, then how will the whole region be put to rights?

Simply to bring my case to trial, I urgently need a lump sum of  $1,750. Attorneys in Ecuador are like attorneys everywhere -- they work for payment, and I have to pay them.  My case is important, maybe even crucial, in that there is a great deal of crime in the Amazon, but very few people speak out or file criminal complaints for fear of reprisals by the criminal elements. It is like a mafia. If no one stands for justice, then there is no justice, and the crimes continue, unchallenged. So I am humbly asking for your help and I need it now.

Lastly, as many of you know, I have a decades-long record as a public, anti-nuclear activist, for which I have been jailed multiple times by the USSA government, including in Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, Texas and North Dakota.  I always acted nonviolently in my peace demonstrations on USSA Air Force nuclear missile silos and at USSA Navy bases where nuclear weapons are either stored or deployed. I have also been for many years a leading investigator and author on the topic of the many, secret, underground and underwater bases and tunnels created by the numerous, clandestine, compartmentalized, Black Operations of the Shadow Government, the occult, multi-trillion dollar MATRIX control structure that runs this planet.

Due to the increasingly repressive, harsh, police-state-nature of the USSA government, and given my background as a very public critic of its nuclear weapons programs, for which I have been repeatedly jailed,  and as a well-known investigator of clandestine, Black Operations projects I have formally requested political refuge in Ecuador. I promise you I will not be the only, or the last, American dissident to seek political refuge outside of the USSA. I take the provisions of the NDAA of 2012 and 2013 very seriously. They provide for the secret arrest, indefinite secret military detention and /or outright secret murder of anyone that the USSA security apparatus determines it must make disappear.

There is no way to know if you are on the "disappear" list. And so I have retained legal counsel here in Quito to assist me with my political refuge petition to the Ecuadorean government. I have to pay for that.

For all of these reasons, I am asking for your urgent assistance. I need a sum of $2,250  just in the near term to meet my legal fees. I am where I am, in the situation that I am in, because I spoke out when almost everyone else was silent. I nonviolently went out on the nuclear missile silos when so very few others did, a few Catholic priests and nuns, and almost no one else. And for that I have paid a heavy price. I self-identified as an opponent of the regime and its plans for nuclear Hell on Earth. I have foregone years of earnings, and acquired an FBI record as a political dissident, because I did what probably not one of my readers have done.

In that sense, I am your advocate, your representative. I acted when you did not. I paid a severe price for that, for being the odd man out. And yet the nuclear menace threatens us all with annihilation, me no less than you.

Equally with the assault by the shaman. I came to the Amazon region to see for myself what is happening, to learn directly from the ancient shamanic plants, to live there, to spend an extended block of time there, to immerse myself in what is happening. So I did that, and at the end of the day, I was deeply betrayed, profoundly harmed by the very one who should be helping, and teaching, but is instead harming and impeding. And I will have more to say about that, because much more needs to be said about it, or we are all done for. The Amazon is just that important, and if we are to save it, we absolutelty must put an end to the crimes of the region, inlcuding crimes against persons.

And no, I am not the only victim of serious crime in the Amazon, but it appears that I am, again, one of the comparative few willing to publicly stand up and address systematic wrong that threatens the broader human community on this planet.

I don't care overly much what anyone else thinks about that, either. Someone has to do it. I am here. I am on the scene. And I am willing.

But I cannot do it alone. I really do need your support and I am asking for it right now, especially as regards my legal fees for political refuge and for taking my assailant to trial. I was almost killed and I cannot permit that to go unchallenged. I have more work to do, important work.

If you are unable to directly involve yourself in direct, anti-nuclear activism, if you are unable to put your life on the line and risk repeated jail sentences, if you are unable to travel to or work in the Amazon and confront criminal injustice there, then please, if you are able, support one who has done these things and intends to do much more, and who comes to you now asking for your support.

Please-mail me at or you can  Skype me at richard.sauder333 (no, I am not a Free Mason) and I will inform you as to how to donate. I also do accept Bit Coin (BTC) in any amount, large or small.

My Bit Coin (BTC) address is: 1Dht92qEzCmvuLRKQD2MSJ1JdQ7rFRMVdA