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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Farewell To Earth – The Long Good-bye

I haven't had the “big weep” yet, as one commenter on the site put it recently. But reality is sinking in, a day at a time. Everything has changed.

For more than half a century I have known this time was coming. And now it is finally here. The events at Fukushima are past sobering. The Pacific Ocean is dying. There is no gainsaying that.

And that augurs extremely ill for the rest of the planet and humanity. Humanity has sowed the nuclear wind and will presently reap the radioactive whirlwind.

In recent days I watched “On the Beach” for the first time, the 1959 film about the end of humanity due to apocalyptic nuclear warfare. The film came out the year after The Bone Lady visited me. Though I never saw the film until this week, I have known the basic plot since the day of The Bone Lady's visit when I had just turned three years old, in the early months of 1955. That is why I have repeatedly gone out on the nuclear missile silos, starting back in the early 1980s.

I wept at the end when Ava Gardner and Gregory Peck parted on the dock, knowing that they would never meet again. And I wept again when she went down to the sea to watch as Peck sailed away in his submarine and out of her life to certain death. I am still weeping as I write these words.

On the Beach - Part One

On The Beach - Part Two

I have drunk ayahuasca again recently, only to be shown the same vision  that ayahuasca has shown me multiple times since my arrival in Ecuador. It really wants me to grok what it is showing me, to wrap my head around it.

I will have something more to say about that in the little book I am putting together. Suffice it to say that my experience with ayahuasca so far has been, in the main, very disconcerting. Not at all what I had expected. I am mot sure what is going to happen next. We are up against very great evil, let me just say that.

You see, I have confronted death, again and again, every time I went up and over the security fences, and out on the launch lids of the nuclear missile silos to peacefully protest the nuclear horror. The military police always come for me with heavy, armed force. In North Dakota in 2010 I could hear the helicopters coming from miles away -- the whump-whump-whump of their rotors echoing out across the countryside and then I saw them coming on straight towards me, low and fast. They were coming for me, but they might as well have been coming for you too, for all of us, that's how deathly serious the nuclear technology is, all of it. The missiles, the bombs, the depleted uranium munitions, the nuclear power reactors, the uranium mines and mills. the nuclear waste. It's killing us all.

The whole nuclear chain of production and tecnology is destroying humanity, it is destroying this planet.

You may say that you are not involved, that none of that has anything to do with you, but it assuredly does. You are here, are you not?

Looking Death In The Face

I looked death in the face over and over during my months of hospitalization in the public hospitals here in Ecuador earlier this year. Truth to tell, I was almost killed myself back on 29 December 2012. It is only in recent months that I have come to terms with how close to death I came.

The first man I saw die was Don Julio, from Esmeraldas, over on the coast. Don Julio's was a solitary death in that there were no family members or friends present at the time of his exit from this world. In the weeks prior he suffered a great deal. He was an emaciated, skeletal, old Black man of 91 years. The flesh was rotting off his feet, and his internal organs were shutting down. Don Julio had come to the end of his days, but he fought like a lion, right up until the very end. In the wee hours of the morning he suffered the most, moaning and groaning and rolling from side to side in the bed. He would rear up into a half-sitting position in the dark, with the garish light from the sodium street light outside the window illuminating his grizzled face. He would look wildly at me, trying to make sense of who I was and what was happening to him. I would tell him, "Don't worry, Don Julio. Everything is O.K. Everything is going to be O.K.." And he would lie back down in the bed.

I could see that he was not long for this world.

And then one morning, as the dawn's first light broke over the Amazon and lit up the foothills of the Andes, Don Julio quietly slipped away. He was there one minute, and gone the next. One of the medical residents was making his rounds and had momentarily perched on the foot of my bed to talk with me. I mentioned to him that Don Julio had just died, that he was no longer breathing. He said, "Yeah, I noticed that."

A tremendous serenity reigned in the room.

A few minutes later a couple of nurse's assistants came to strip the corpse of Don Julio, clean his body and seal it in a body bag. Then they wheeled his corpse away to the morgue. And so it was that Don Julio left this world as he had entered, naked and anonymous. An immortal soul returned to the inscrutable immensity whence it came.

Don Andres died similarly, right at dawn. No family members were present at his death, either. I was looking right at him, and he just gave up the ghost. Just like that. The room was very tranquil and quiet. A doctor soon came and checked his vital signs. There was nothing.

A couple of hours later, as the rest of us were eating breakfast, two family members showed up and asked me where he was. It was a six man room, and my bed was directly across from his. I told them that he was in the morgue, that he had died at dawn.  They were naturally distraught. I assured them that his death had been very calm. He quietly slipped away. That was all there was to it. I expressed my condolences.

I watched another man die, in the same room, in the very same bed. His vital signs all flat lined. He was as dead as a door nail. I was looking right at him. The family members gathered around his bedside began wailing loudly. The commotion attracted the attention of a pint-sized, young medical resident who came running into the room. She quickly sized up the situation and jumped right up on the bed, straddled the dead man, who was as dead as you please, and began administering emergency resuscitation. She vigorously pounded and rhythmically thumped his chest. This went on for a few minutes.

All of a sudden the dead man came back to life. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. He started breathing again. His heart resumed beating.

But a couple of days later his condition took a sharp turn for the worse, so the hospital released him to the custody of the family, in order that he could die at home. I heard later that he had died for good, three hours after arriving home.

The Death of the USSA Dollar and the Rise of Bitcoin

The Pacific Ocean and old men in ill health in the public hospitals of Ecuador are not the only ones dying. One of the things that is clear in this time of great change, incipient collapse and widespread death, is that the USSA dollar is rapidly losing its luster. As the dollar is increasingly besieged, a new asset, born of the cyber age, has surged to the fore. 


It's been around for a few years now, but in recent weeks its value has surged impressively, presumably because more and more people are fleeing the dollar, looking for other stores of wealth

And Max Keiser may be right. Bitcoin is increasing in value daily as I write these words. I do not know the upper limit of its value -- several hundreds of dollars per Bitcoin, thousands of dollars, tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per Bitcoin? More than that?

I cannot say for sure. No one can. The future is murky.

However, taking my cue from Max Keiser, he is certainly right that Bitcoin, as of now, is performing better than any other asset class in the markets.

So it is that I have had an idea about how to help us all out, at least a little bit (or maybe a lot?). Given that the USSA dollar is dying,  logically we necessarily need to transition away from the dollar, as it transitions away from us and increasingly loses any meaningful value. 

One of the possible ways to do that  is with Bitcoin. However, as Bitcoins have more and more value, they become increasingly more expensive to purchase and use as a store of value or a barter chip.

I was pondering this cold reality when I suddenly realized that, at least as of now, it is still possible to obtain modest amounts of Bitcoins for free, or nearly so. All that is needed is an Internet connection and a small, regular investment of time. 

It turns out that there are a variety of websites that offer small, fractional amounts of Bitcoin for viewing advertisements, videos, or simply repetitively filling out simple forms in order to obtain Bitcoin. 

I had no idea. But I do now.

I don't know who is ultimately behind Bitcoin. But the evidence suggests that it is the fruit of an anonymous, techie, international network with a more egalitarian attitude towards economics than the global, central banking cabal that is presently trashing the planet and enslaving humanity.

There are a lot of people with an Internet connection, free time and no job. If you can earn a Bitcoin or two, or even a fraction of one, and the dollar goes ka-blooey and Bitcoin rises in value, then you have something of value that you can parlay into food, land, housing, transportation, etc. via creative barter or exchange in whatever market follows Wall Street's upcoming collapse.

To start you need a Bitcoin address or digital “wallet.” You can get a wallet at Coinbase  or  Block Chain .

You can have as many wallets (addresses) as you like or need. Ten or one hundred. It's up to you. But make sure you guard your passwords and account access carefully. Hackers abound in the online environment. Your Bitcoin wallet is just like your online bank account, your ATM password or the physical wallet in your pocket or purse. You have to keep it secure from thieves.

Without further ado, here is a brief list of sites where you can sign up and earn small amounts of Bitcoin for free. Some of them you can visit multiple times per day, others just once per day. The key is to study each site's requirements and conditions and maximize your accumulation of Bitcoin. Note that in some cases, if you get referrals you can dramatically increase your take of Bitcoin. Make it a daily routine and you can accumulate your own Bitcoin stash for free. If Bitcloin increases greatly in value then even a fraction of a Bitcoin could be bartered for something of value, such as food, transportation (like maybe over an international border in a time of crisis), medical care, lodging, etc.

Here you go:

Earn 6% per month on your own BitCoin deposits, You also get referral commissions as follows: 2% monthly of total investment from 1st level referrals, 1% from 2nd level and 0.5% from 3rd level referrals! So it is to your advantage to put something in, and even better, to obtain your own referrals. (Please don't spam.)

Bit Visitor pays you to view advertisements that last 5 minutes each. You don't actually have to watch the ad the whole 5 minutes. When the ad finishes after 5 minutes, there is a little green tab that appears in the upper right hand corner that says “NEXT.” You have to click the “NEXT” tab to get paid your satoshis, and go on to the next 5 minute ad.

The “Bitcoin Faucet” needs no special registration. Just fill in your BitCoin wallet address and fill in the “captcha” text, then wait several seconds while the timer counts down until you request your BitCoins. When you accumulate 0.00005430 BTC you can cash out.

Here are some others.

Bitcoin Pytramid 

Tasks For Dollars  (has an option for paying out in BitCoins – complete simple tasks to earn points or BitCoins)

The following sites you can visit every 30 minutes. Enter your BitCoin address (wallet address) and then the “captcha code” and you will earn a small amount of BitCoin. There are 20 or so websites listed. Just click through to the individual sites and follow the simple instructions. Over a period of time you will earn a small amount of Bitcoin. Do it regularly and keep at it. It's free.

Coin Box

That's it. Regularly visit these sites and perform the simple steps required and you will accumulate Bitcoin. The amount depends entirely on you and your personal efforts. If you get some referrals  you can increase your rate of  Bitcoin accumulation. Simple and free.

I don't know the future of Bitcoin, but it is clear that the USSA dollar is dying. Something else will fill the void of its passing and for now  it looks like Bitcoin is poised to be that something else, or at least one of the something elses.