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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Drinking Mother Nature's Yummy Mommy Juice

“Just because I'm telling you this story doesn't mean I'm alive at the end of it. This could all be pre-recorded and I could be talking to you from the bottom of the ocean. Yeah, it's that kind of a story. Because things just got so out of control. But let's go back to where it started. Here, in paradise.“

These opening lines of the dialogue from Oliver Stone's 2012 film, "Savages,"  cut to the quick of our present pass. 

How did we ever get here? So out of control. On the verge of planetary, economic melt-down such as none of us have ever seen. On the verge of global warfare, quite possibly nuclear. On the edge of ecological melt-down, as we lose more and more of the Amazon and the other, large tropical forests, even as the Pacific Ocean is radioactively poisoned by the ongoing nuclear apocalypse at Fukushima, Japan.

As the world turns and lurches from crisis to crisis. An unending series of crises that defy resolution by the current bevy of world leaders, and that the vast bulk of humanity but dimly comprehends. 

How did this paradise planet on which we all took birth ever happen to descend into such a hellish concatenation of intransigent predicaments that admit of no easy issue, and perhaps no issue at all?

Enter Inanna and Associates From Elsewhere in the Galaxy

The available evidence suggests that there has been profound involvement in our history, intimate meddling of the worst sort  in the affairs of our species and our planet, if you will, by beings from other sectors of the galaxy who fancy themselves our masters and overlords. It is not far from the truth to say that they have a God complex. By terrestrial human standards they are very long-lived beings. They tinker with DNA at will, creating and annihilating species according to their whim. They employ weaponry that makes atomic bombs look like tinker toys. They geo-engineer planets. And they roam the recondite fastness of the infinite time-space corridors of the galactic vastness.

And they are as slippery as you may please. I mean they make Machiavelli look like a kindergarten, sandbox bully. Their mendaciousness is limitless. What I mean is that they lie, they are sly, covinous, not veridical, not truthful, not veracious, they speak out of both sides of their mouths, they are deceptive, deceitful, dishonest, collusive, evasive, cunning, too clever by half, perfidious, fork-tongued and treacherous.

For all I know, they secretly walk amongst us to the present day. Clearly something went very wrong on this world in remote antiquity and we have been suffering the consequences ever since. There is an auto-destructive burr somehow inserted way down deep in the fundamental fabric of our being, intricately embedded in the very warp and woof of our genetic code, with the result that things are not going well for us at all, no sir, no ma'am.

I don't presume to know all the reasons for that, all the terrestrial and galactic antecedents for how things came to be the way they are, and/or are not. Though I do believe that you could profitably read the following books and web pages and discover at least part of the truth of what has transpired on this planet, in this solar system and in this sector of the galaxy in the remote past, with profound, immediate implications for what is happening today.

Inanna Returns and Inanna Hyper-Luminal by V.S. Ferguson. Then there are The Chronicles of the Gírkù, by Anton Parks, part of the Ages of Uraš. Or you might peruse War in Heaven, by Kyle Griffith.

To say that this is mind-bending literature is a substantial understatement.. What it all amounts to is that there is an enormous, multi-dimensional, multi-level, interplanetary, galactic struggle or contest going on for the disposition of your soul! The only thing that will save you, me or anyone else is awareness, consciousness, soul maturity and psychic development. Those who remain ignorant, unaware, immature and susceptible to cultural, religious, political and social programming of whatever sort are highly vulnerable to predation by more powerful and cunning beings. That seems to be the order of the Universe. Free yourself if you can. It will take everything you have.

I also found parts of George Kassivalas' book, Our Universal Journey, to be very intriguing, especially the parts about the control matrix that dominates and suppresses the Earth, and the information about the Moon's past and creation, how it came to be in orbit about the Earth, why it is so desolate and how it is used to negatively control the Earth.

A lot of his material dovetails with the information in the books and web pages mentioned above. It also corresponds to an extent with some of the things that the shamanic plants, ayahuasca and malicagua, revealed to recent years, pertaining to the spirit world and The Machine intelligence that has this planet in its unrelenting, merciless, destructive grasp. As far as spirits are concerned, I now understand that they are always all around us, a great variety of them -- human, nonhuman, terrestrial, extraterrestrial, animal, plant, bird, etc. Some of my favorites are the tree spirits. I call them the tree-people. They are very peaceful, good natured, gentle and patient.

Where the negative, destructive, deadly agenda of The Machine is concerned, look around. At Fukuhsima and Chernobyl, at the destruction of the great tropical forests, at the dying oceans, at the proliferation of chemicals in the food, at the genetic engineering and modification of more and more plants and animals, at the universal espionage of the NSA, at the dysfunctional global economic system, etc. The evidence for the predatory, parasitic Machine's destructive rampage across this planet and within humanity itself is plentiful and ubiquitous.

So How Do We Free Ourselves?

In my view, there are only a small handful of genuine paths. Unswerving, deep meditation is one path. This takes real dedication, most of all to oneself and the ability to look unflinchingly at the truth. Over time, you drill down, deeper and deeper, stripping away the falseness, penetrating through the cheap, superficial, plastic fraud of this matrix world, until you hit pay dirt and break through to a purer degree of perception and understanding. Not many people do that and that is why humanity is in the predicament it is.

Another way is through intelligent use of, or communication with hyper-conscious plants, the so-called entheogens. These are plants such as salvia divinorum, ayahuasca, malicagua, San Pedro, ibogaine, peyote, etc. I have used the first three, and have yet to consult the latter three. There are many others. These are just the six that occur to me right off the top of my head. 

For me, their great value has been to open me up to direct communication with the vast consciousness of the natural world, and to more fully acknowledge and embrace its fundamental spiritual character. There are multiple levels in the spiritual realms, and many different types of spirits. After physical death, your consciousness will depart this physical realm and you will be dealing, face to face, with one or more spiritual dimensions and their myriad denizens. To me, there is considerable value in familiarizing myself with the physically unseen realities that constantly surround us. You may pretend they do not exist, but I have seen otherwise, and once you begin to see how things actually are, it is not really possible to backtrack, and close your eyes to reality as it is, in its essence. 

I agree with Graham Hancock that humanity has lost its connection with Nature, with Mother Nature, if you will, with the Divine Feminine. Graham has posted a great deal of information about his experiences with ayahuasca to the Internet. Just do a word search on his name and ayahuasca to find his articles and videos. The entheogens, the hyper-conscious plants offer us a direct connection to the sacred, creative spirit or essence that underlies and informs the entire Universe. For whatever reason, we have lost or forgotten that connection, and this is perhaps the prime, contributing reason for or cause of our accelerating, self-destructive trajectory as a planetary species. Either we get back in touch with Mother Nature, in a major way and real soon, or we are done for. Because we are hurtling towards absolute disaster right now.

Like Graham Hancock, I also distinguish between the entheogens and so-called recreational drugs. There is no comparison between a synthetic substance, a chemically refined or processed compound, and the awareness of biological, hyper-conscious organisms, like the entheogenic plants. Beyond which, for me, ayahuasca, salvia divinorum, malicagua, etc. are not something that one does just for kicks or to see crazy sparkles, or whatever. If you are ready, willing and open to what they have to offer, they can show you the meta-code that underlies reality itself. They can directly show you the control matrix, the spirits, your own soul or deep emotional structure, your karma, anything you like -- or really don't like. They may show you your own personal "stuff," especially if you are oblivious to your own "stuff" and resist acknowledging it. The entheogens are extraordinarily deep, universally wise, intelligent and aware. And then on the physical level, ayahuasca, for instance, tastes so dreadfully awful that I cannot imagine anyone would ever develop an addiction to, or physical craving for it. From what I have read of ibogaine, its taste is also very unpalatable and nausea and vomit nducing.

I should also mention, while I think of it, that ibogaine also has the useful effect of dramatically ridding many people of addiction to alcohol, cocaine and other addictive substances. This frequently happens after ingesting ibogaine only once or twice. And the addictive hooks are gone. Ibogaine just takes them away. It hunts around inside a person and fixes whatever caused the addiction. It's a remarkable plant.

One of my readers is intending to visit an ibogaine clinic for just such a course of therapy. I wish him the very best in what should prove to be a richly rewarding voyage into the great, stupendous within of ibogaine and his own immortal soul.

See for example, Awakening In The Dream House.


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