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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Ayahuasca Totalitarian Dictatorship Visions

Back in late 2010, when I came to Ecuador to pursue a shamanic vision quest, I did not know what to expect. I still don't!

I say that because drinking ayahuasca and malicagua has changed me and my perceptions a lot. I can't say that the shamanic path is for everyone. The plants themselves are not always easy. You could start with the taste of ayahuasca, which is positively dreadful. I have to brace myself every time I drink it. I can't stand it. Beyond the unpleasant taste it frequently can have a purgative effect, i.e., it may induce projectile vomiting and/or diarrhea. In my view, ignorant people who speak of addiction to ayahuasca simply do not know what they are talking about. I cannot imagine being addicted to it. It's not the kind of thing you do for a recreational high.

Beyond that, the visions and telepathic information that it can convey may at times be very unsettling. It has been said that ayahuasca doesn't necessarily give you what you want, but what you need. Or, I would add, maybe what it needs.

I bring that up because ayahuasca has repeatedly shown me the same vision, or thematically similar visions, over a period of more than three years. It is a hard vision of reality to accept. And yet it has shown it to me again and again.

At the outset, before first drinking ayahuasca, I had keenly anticipated having blissful visions of communion with Nature, of ancient Atlantis, visions of civilizations on other planets, the Egyptian pyramids, divine rapture, psychologically and emotionally integrative experiences, etc.

However, virtually none of that has been given to me. What I have seen, instead,  is far harder, harsh and alarming. In a word, we, humanity, and the Earth itself, are under a pitiless assault by an unrelenting, merciless, sort of predatory intelligence or vampiric Machine; in that it seems artificial and without a soul. It is vastly superficial and heartless, but endlessly devious, cunning and calculating and quite formidable. I do not know where it came from, or where or how it originated, but it is here. It has seamlessly intertwined and integrated itself into every aspect of our world and reality. It operates in the physical, 3-D world of our everyday life, and also on the astral level of what might be called the spirit world.

This Machine does not mean well. It has studied humanity and this world in detail, inside and out, and is systematically taking us down. I was shown that it actually preys on the subtle, vital, life juice of humans, so to speak. At an astral level, it siphons off people's life energy. I was shown this happening. I saw people's vital charge being sucked away, like cows being milked on a dairy farm. And I have seen the deadly, superficial system that this Machine has overlaid on this world and on humanity. I am no less susceptible to it than  you or anyone else. You see it everywhere. You might even liken The Machine to a deviously enticing but nevertheless fake reality template, that is fiendishly overlaid on real reality, so to speak, to lead humanity astray.

Hollywood. TV programming. Las Vegas. Wall Street. The City of London. Herzliyah. Langley. The Piscine. The BND. The Pentagon. The White House. The Vatican. Mecca. Jerusalem. Madison Avenue. Shopping Malls. Automobile showrooms. Big box retail stores. Credit cards. The corporate skyline of New York City and Hong Kong. The Fortune 1000 companies.  Nuclear power plants. Nuclear missiles. Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

All of this is part of the activity of The Machine on Earth and in human society.

Due to the power of modern mind control and mass programming of the public state of consciousness (or lack thereof) The Machine has made considerable headway. If things continue as they are for much longer, it will prevail and humanity and the Earth will have been decimated. Match point to The Machine, Wherever it comes from, and whoever or whatever created it and unleashed it on this solar system, it is a weapon par excellence.

Lorde Have Mercy

I have poked fun at a number of so-called "pop" stars recently, including:  Won't Someone Please "Just Burp Me Boy",  the ever distasteful "Gag Me Girl", the vapid "Bouncy Girl" and why not add the "Smiley Virus"?

They are certainly all way out of the league of the young singer Lorde, who does have musical talent and won a Grammy award recently, occasioning an acceptance speech that was immediately censored by USSA network TV. Click the link to read what she had to say.

Lorde's Censored Grammy Acceptance Speech

She has put her finger right on the pulse of the times, and that's why one of the most famous young women in the world, had to be censored. Her speech was digitally erased from mainstream, social reality, as if it never happened. Except it did.

The Red-White-and-Blue Hell Hole Bares Its Fangs

Paul Craig Roberts has written in recent days that:  "The Amerikan Stasi police state (is) staring us in the face."  Not to be outdone,  USSA Supreme Court Justice Scalia has said in recent weeks that internment camps could happen in the USSA in time of war.

To drive home the gravity of what is coming, the mainstream news media in recent days revealed that the USSA Army has constructed a fake city in Virginia that they practice shooting at. Funny, the "fake" city looks a lot like a generic town in the USSA. It's weird how that works out, isn't it?

All of this takes place in a rapidly evolving social and political context where:  "America's police are looking (and acting) more and more like the military."

And then -- surprise !! -- USSA Homeland Security just recently put out a purchase contract for 141,000 rounds of high-powered sniper ammo. Is this connected to FBI documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act that revealed plans to kill Occupy Movement leaders by targeted sniper fire?

Is the USSA government preparing to blow away a lot of people with "targeted sniper fire"? Is that why the DHS suddenly needs 141,000 rounds of sniper ammo?

Are the Feds planning to lock up a lot of people in detention camps? Is that why Justice Scalia is talking about internment camps in the USSA? Is the USSA government planning on initiating a big war? Is that why Jstice Scalia was talking about establishing internment camps in the context of a war time setting?

Are America's police looking and acting like a military force, because the intention is to impose martial law, or a police state, or military dictatorship in the USSA?

Transparent As a Pane of Glass

To me the answer to all these questions is "yes". It's transparently obvious to me. The totalitarian dictatorship that ayahuasca showed to me two years ago is being methodically set in place. It was a clear vision, like looking at a computer monitor. Current events are resembling more and more closely what I was shown. The USSA government is irretrievably wicked. Its agents will kill people. That's what the NDAA is all about. There won't be a trail of evidence or a trial. They'll just eliminate people.

If you need an image to bring it into focus, look at this photo of DHS ICE special agents training for a national security "emergency."  Does that not look ominous? Note that the American flag is conspicuously reversed. Get it?

As for the threat of a major, international war, it is real, and growing by the day. The USSA at present is clearly on a trajectory to a military confrontation with Russia, China, Syria and Iran and maybe more. The conflict may well go nuclear.

The threat of one or more spectacular, notorious "false flag" attacks to create a war panic is also very real.

My advice to anyone who is inclined to leave the USSA is to leave just as soon as you can feasibly manage it. Better to be a little bit early than a little bit too late. When the doors are slammed shut and the Feds are rounding people up, or using those 141,000 rounds of sniper ammo to liquidate people on their "watch lists", it will be too late.

Sometimes God helps those who help themselves.

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